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WikiProject Japan recognition: Barnsensu - Barnstar 2.0 - Barnstar of National Merit - Barnstar of National Honor
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BoNM - Japan Hires.png The Japan Barnstar of National Merit
This is a record of recipients of the Japan Barnstar of National Merit, given by consensus of WikiProject Japan participants and reserved for those who already have the Barnsensu and/or Barnstar 2.0 and have done an outstanding job improving and/or expanding Japan-related articles for at least two years. Once consensus to award this to an editor has been reached, the person who started the discussion should add an entry below. You can see the usage notes on the template page as well as the main project page.

Please place new recipients at the top of the list. Thanks!

Date awarded Recipient Comments included with award Awarded by
Mar 28, 2013 Bamse You've been successfully nominated for your amazing work on the main article National Treasures of Japan as well as all the related list files (listed below). I don't know exactly how much time you've spent spent on these articles, improving them, building them, and going through all the work for each of them in the featured list and topic processes; I'm sure it's in the high hundreds or even into the thousands of hours. You took all of these national treasure lists from creation to featured list status: archaeological materials, buildings (castles, residences, shrines, and temples), crafts (paintings, sculptures, swords, and others), writings (ancient documents, Chinese books, Japanese books, and others).

I think this has been one of the most significant Japan-related contributions in Wikipedia's existence, and has greatly increased the useful information to which readers of the encyclopedia have access. So, in congratulations and sincere thanks for all your hard work, WikiProject Japan hereby awards you the first Japan Barnstar of National Merit.