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Articles related to gaijin tarento (only entertainers like singers, actors, comedians, personalities, etc.) that need organizing, copyediting, sourcing, expansion, or a combination of these.

BoA - Thane Camus - Agnes Chan - Kent Derricott - Julie Dreyfus - Kent Gilbert - Vivian Hsu - Daniel Kahl - Bobby Ologun - Judy Ongg - Zomahoun Idossou Rufin - Janica Southwick - Dave Spector - Yinling - Yoon Son-ha - Younha - Reggie Bennett - Girolamo Panzetta - Patrick Harlan


Articles relating to gaijin tarento, that need to be created from scratch or translated from their equivalent Japanese Wikipedia articles.

High priority: Adogony Baudouin Euloge -
Medium priority: Florent Dabadie - Osuman Youla Sankhon -