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WikiProject Japan (Talk)

Founded: 18 March 2006
(11 years, 4 months and 8 days ago)
Articles: 57,892 (150 featured)



Welcome to the WikiProject Japan Music taskforce! The objective of this taskforce is to improve all of the Japanese music-related and "music in Japan"-related articles on Wikipedia. This includes traditional Japanese music as well as more recent additions to the field (enka, rock, J-pop, etc.) Our goal is to bring as many as possible of these articles up to Featured Article status, and you can help! Even if you can only spend a short time here and there working on the articles, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

The main article of this taskforce is Music of Japan. Everything else branches off from there.


This taskforce aims primarily at having a standard guidelines for Japanese music and related articles, categories, and templates.



Participant Primary areas of expertise Secondary areas of expertise Will help in other areas?
CurryTime7-24 Ryūkōka, gunka, shin min'yō, Japanese jazz, and Western-style classical music of the late Taishō and early Shōwa eras (1920 - 1945). Postwar kayōkyoku, enka, and rōkyoku (1945 - 1960-ish); video game and computer music from the 1980s - mid-1990s. Yes
Ginstar Classical music Festivals Yes
GreenRunner0 J-Metal Instruments ?
JanderVK Visual Kei 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wave (late 1980's - late 2000's) Japanoise electronic noise music; ie. Merzbow Yes
Kounagihishouka 90s/2000s J-pop/rock ? Yes
L337p4wn Jrock ? ?
Nihonjoe 1980s Jpop and Jrock ? Yes
SeventhHaido Jrock ? ?
TafelAnatomie Visual kei 2nd & 3rd waves Miscellaneous modern genres Yes
xfansd Metal, Rock, Punk, Visual kei ? ?
dissident93 Video game music Anime music No
Victor Lopes Rock/metal bands and their respective releases. Mainly Dir en grey, X Japan, B'z, Glay, Babymetal, Galneryus, Malice Mizer, Moi dix Mois. Pop music, anime music. Yes
mujakigenki Idol pop ? Yes
SymmetricalMegalomania J-Rock Shibuya-Kei, City Pop Yes

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