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WikiProject Japan (Talk)

Founded: 18 March 2006
(11 years and 10 months ago)
Articles: 60,488 (153 featured)



Welcome to the WikiProject Japan Photo taskforce, set up to better organize the effort to obtain free photos for use in Japan-related articles.

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

Scope and goals[edit]

This project is designed to improving Japan-related articles on Wikipedia by including free photos in them in order to make them more interesting and effective. You can participate by uploading your pictures to Wikimedia Commons under the GFDL license or a similar free-use license. Uploading the images to Commons makes it possible for any Wikimedia project to use the images more easily.

Additionally, we want to move any properly licensed images being used on the Japanese Wikipedia to Commons to make them more useful and useable here.

Requested photographs in Japan[edit]


If you wish to participate, please add yourself to the following table. Simply edit this section, copy the commented-out section at the top of the table, paste it in alphabetical order by username, and fill it in. Please let the project know if you have any questions. Thank you for helping out!

Name Areas covered
7 Tokyo Metropolis (see contributions)
Amake Ehime Prefecture (especially the Nanyo and Chūyo regions; see contributions)
Bamse From Okinawa to Hokkaido, especially tourist places, architecture and festivals.
BilabialBoxing Saga Prefecture, and northern Kyūshū in general.
BrianAdler Kansai region, and insects endemic to Japan.
Fg2 Library of photos from all regions of Japan
Hirohisat Kanagawa Prefecture and Nara Prefecture (Lives in Hawaii, but lived in Japan for 6 years).
Hustvedt Aichi Prefecture, near Nagoya
MathieuMD I go back to Ishikawa Prefecture a few weeks every years.
Nihonjoe Hiroshima Prefecture (especially along the Geibi Line and in Hiroshima)
Occhanikov Tokyo Metropolis, especially the 23-ku region.
TakuyaMurata Wish to upload images from ja wikipedia
Tsumik Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo.
TafelAnatomie Tokyo area
Mlb japan Saitama and Tsukuba areas



To mark an article about Japan or a Japanese topic as needing a photo, please follow the directions in the documentation for the {{WikiProject Japan}} template.