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  • NEW! The meaning of all this is that the 'startup' phase of the Java project is finished. The project now switches to its 'mature' phase. I encourage you to put your name in the todo page after one of the remaining Pictogram voting comment.svg tasks. You can also aim to be Coordinator if you so desire. (2010-05-13)
  • Great day kids! All 1482 Java pages are now importance-assessed. From now on, let's increase article quality! (2010-05-11)
  • We reached another important milestone: all 1450 Java pages are now quality-assessed. Let's finish importance assessment! (2010-04-25)
  • Hello guys and dolls, good news! Our second Cleanup listing is now available. So, no more excuses for laziness, let's get to work, all of us... (2010-03-24)
  • Totally awesome news! Our project was featured in this edition (2010-03-08) of the Wikipedia Signpost (2010-03-09)
  • Big news again, we now have 300 images within the project scope with more to come soon! (2010-03-02)
  • Last month ranking stats for the WikiProject Java articles is here. (2010-02-01)
  • Current monthly ranking stats for the WikiProject Java articles is here. (2010-01-01)
  • Hello guys and dolls, good news! Our first meaningful Cleanup listing is now available. (2009-12-11)
  • Hello everybody! Now that we are at least 5 members, we are able to officialize this thing. Don't you think it would be great if each one of us proudly displayed his membership by placing the Java Userbox on its user (or talk) page... (2009-10-23)
  • Hi supporters of the WikiProject Java! And thanks for your support. Now that we are more than 5 supporters, I gather from the Wikipedia guidelines that we CAN proceed with the groundwork, for releasing the project and portal in the open soon. To that effect, we would appreciate it very much if you could copy your name in the List of participants page. (2009-10-23)
  • All members of WikiProject Java are urged to install the Centralized Announcement System on their talk page. (2009-10-23)