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Things you can do
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edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Java/Things you can do:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Portal-specific to-do list (transcluded above --^)

Project-specific to-do list[edit]

Please take up the task by changing it from Pictogram voting comment.svg to Doing... with your initials, and then Yes check.svg Done if it was a one-time job.
(Items in bold are higher priority, items in italic are scheduled for moving to the Done things subpage)

    • Revise the Portal:Java texts for English correctness Yes check.svg Done. Intelligentsium
    • Ask for links on portal Linux Yes check.svg Done. AR
    • Put a request to get more specific traffic stats Yes check.svg Done. AR
    • Write a Java Book-class page, see Computing example; be warned there is already a Java book on Wikimedia and it's here Doing... ZeroOne
    • Organize Java content on Wikibooks Pictogram voting comment.svg
      • A broad search for possible untagged Java-related books is here (does not work)
    • Organize Java content on Wikiquote Pictogram voting comment.svg
      • Create a category like 'Java programming language' under Category:Technology Yes check.svg Done. AR
      • A broad search for possible untagged Java-related quotes is here
    • Organize Java content on Wiktionary Pictogram voting comment.svg (good luck these people are like dogs)
      • DO NOT create a category like 'Java programming language' under Category:Computer languages (removed by Wiktionary people)
      • Alternate solution is this, but needs a lot more work...
      • A broad search for possible untagged Java-related definitions is here (does not work)
    • Organize Java content on Wikisource Pictogram voting comment.svg
      • Create a category like 'Java programming language' under Category:Computers Yes check.svg Done. AR

The Java BIGTOP (BIG Tagging OPeration)[edit]

Note: We tried to automate this through AWB and that was a failure so far, so I guess we now move in the manual edit mode phase of the project as of... TODAY. --AlainR345Techno-Wiki-Geek 21:36, 21 March 2010 (UTC)


<!--beginning of article...-->

<!--add WHEN applicable (if the article is specifically about a piece of software)-->
{{Infobox software}}

<!--rest of article...-->

==See also==

<!--ADD always--> Pictogram voting comment.svg


<!--add WHEN applicable (if the article is not already quality-rated)-->

<!--ADD always-->
{{Java (Sun)}}

<!--add IF not present-->
[[Category:Java (platform)]] or a subcategory...


<!--Java class and importance parameters are to vary according to judgment...-->


{{WikiProject_Java|class=Start|importance=Mid}}                            Yes check.svg Done. AR


<!--add WHEN applicable (if specific tasks are to be done on article)-->


(see to_do talk page to contribute ideas)

"List/Tag/Assess/Write/Maintain", that's our motto here!...[edit]

(see Project Goals for the broad picture)

^-- Based on that last search, we did a list; please put Good, Bad or Unclear on each candidate (for inclusion in Java-related categories) below: Yes check.svg Done. VK

Done things[edit]

October 2009[edit]

At launch (October 26, 2009):

  • 1. Remove blinking warnings Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • 2. Enable {{auto archiving notice|bot=MiszaBot II|age=31}} on project talk page Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • 3. Short announcement of project/portal launch on: WikiProject_Java/Announcement and Portal:Java/News Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • 4. Move portal to permanent location Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • 5. Create Wikinews:Wikinews_Importer_Bot/Java Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • 6. Tag articles Java (platform) and Java (programming language) with {{Portal|Java}} Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • 7. Tag categories Java platform and Java programming language with {{Portal|Java}} Yes check.svg Done. AR

After launch:

  • Reference project on: WikiProject_Council/Directory/Science Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • Remove [[Category:Portals under construction]] on Portal Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • Ask for a link on project Computing Yes check.svg Done. LM
  • Ask for a link on project Computer science, Free software, Internet, Technology Yes check.svg Done. AR
  • Ask for reciprocal links on portals:
Portal:Contents/Portals/Technology and applied sciences Yes check.svg Done. LM

November 2009[edit]

December 2009[edit]

January 2010[edit]

February 2010[edit]

March 2010[edit]