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Welcome to The Bund on Wikipedia Project's Wikipedia Task Force. The Bund on Wikipedia Project (דער בּונד אויף וויקיפעדיע פּראָיעקט) is a project that was established in order to create and edit pages about the Jewish Labour Bund, or Bund, on Wikipedia. Our Project seeks to assist professional and non-professional researchers of the Bund, as well as to preserve the memory and legacy of the Bund through Wikipedia. This Project/Task Force was established in August of 2009. Formally, it is a task force under WikiProject Judaism and WikiProject Organized Labour. Please see our website for more information.


The scope of this Task Force/Project includes everything that is related to the General Jewish Labour Bund. That includes people, publications, groups etc. There are no specific time periods included in this project's scope.


(Please list your specialties, interests etc.)

  1. User:Eliscoming1234, Founding Director of Project/Task Force.
  2. User:Malik Shabazz
  3. User:Pylambert, Electoral participation in interwar period (initiator of the French and Dutch wikipedia's Bund articles).
  4. User:Soman
  5. User:Volunteer Marek
  6. User:RolandR, General interest and support.
  7. User:bgocial
  8. User:Goldsztajn, Happy to help with imaging, graphics, maps.
  9. User:Chastra, Contributions on Bundist figures in the Russian socialist movement and the Russian Revolution.
  10. User:xsnerg1, Entries from my grandfather's diaries on joining the Bund, 'terrorist' actions, and organizing a strike -- eyewitness account of membership.

To Do List[edit]


Please add on to and update this list. Creating stubs is acceptable. When applicable, please use the YIVO standardization of Yiddish.


(In alphabetical order according to last name.)

  1. Raphael Abramovitch (Bund leader and leading Menshevik; several occurrences e.g. in [1])
  2. Isai Aizenshtat
  3. Asya Bik
  4. Lushek Blones
  5. Avrom "Abrasha" Chvoinik
  6. Esther Frumkin For more info. and here
  7. Laivik Hodes
  8. Helene Khatskels
  9. Moses Kligsberg
  10. Vladimir Kossowsky (Vladimir Kossovski) (1867-1941)
  11. Aleksandr Kremer
  12. Arkadi Kremer (1865-1935) (also father-in-law of the French-Ukrainian painter Isaac Dobrinsky)
  13. Pati Kremer For more info.
  14. Froim Lozer
  15. Vladka Meed
  16. Shlome Mendelson
  17. Beinish Michalewicz
  18. John (Yosef) Mill (Joseph-Shlomo Mil, 1870-1952, born in Ponevezh)
  19. Avrom Mutnik
  20. Anna Rozental For more info.
  21. Henekh Russ
  22. Matla Srednicki
  23. Bela Szapiro For more info.
  24. B. Vladeck


(Alphabetical order.)

  1. Bund Central Committee
  2. Central Yiddish School Organization
  3. Jewish Labour Bund, Inc.
  4. World Coordinating Committee of the Jewish Labour Bund (Include a list of its chairpersons and of its national chapters)
  5. Yidishe Arbeter-Froy (Feel free to create with alternative name)
  6. Vilna Group
  7. Ringen


(Alphabetical order.)

  1. Arbeter Sportler


  1. In Kamf
  2. Daloy Politseytext
  3. Barikadn
  4. Vakht Oyftext


In order of rough importance. Add on to and update this list.

  1. General Jewish Labour Bund Needs major expansion and references.
  2. Marek Edelman (Will be placed at Number 2 spot until expanded) Needs to expand mention of his invlolvement in the Bund with references. Including ones about his mothers involvement in the Bund.
  3. Tsukunft Needs major expansion and references.
  4. Sotsyalistishe Kinder Farband Needs expansion and references.
  5. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Needs to concretely mention the Bund's involvement.
  6. Szmul Zygielbojm Needs expansion.
  7. Arbeter-ring in Yisroel - Brith Haavoda
  8. Arbeiterstimme Needs major expansion and references.
  9. Arbeiter Fragen Needs major expansion and references.
  10. Social Democratic Bund Needs some expansion.
  11. Bernard Goldstein (Warsaw Uprising) Add more specific information.
  12. Hirsh Lekert Needs some expansion.
  13. Komtsukunft Needs major expansion.
  14. Communist Bund (Ukraine) Needs discussion, expansion and references.
  15. Kultur Lige Needs expansion.
  16. H. Leivick Needs to expand more upon his involvement in the Bund.
  17. Moishe Lewis Needs to expand more upon his involvement in the Bund.
  18. Jutrzenka Kraków Needs to expand upon associating with the Bund.
  19. Mikhail Liber Needs information about his pre-war life.
  20. Di Shvue Needs discussion and some expansion.
  21. For our freedom and yours Needs to mention Daniel Blatman's book.
  22. Jewish Combat Organization Almost silent at the moment on the role of the Bund.
  23. Dina Blond For more info.


Please add on to and update this list.

Created under Task Force[edit]

(In chronological order. Really needs to be updated.)

  1. Camp Hemshekh
  2. Sotsyalistishe Kinder Farband
  3. Di Shvue
  4. Communist Bund (Ukraine)
  5. Communist Bund (Russia)
  6. Noah Meisel
  7. General Jewish Labour Bund in Romania
  8. Bund (Bukovina)
  9. Communist Bund (Poland)
  10. Jewish Social Democratic Workers Association "Zukunft"
  11. Kultur Lige
  12. Folkstsaytung
  13. Vladimir Medem
  14. In Zaltsikn Yam
  15. Lodzer veker
  16. General Jewish Labour Bund in Latvia
  17. General Jewish Labour Bund in Poland
  18. Der yidisher arbeyter
  19. International Jewish Labor Bund
  20. Klain Bund
  21. General Jewish Labour Bund in Lithuania (stub)
  22. Bundism
  23. Moisei Rafes (stub)
  24. Mojżesz Gutman (stub)
  25. General Jewish Labour Bund in Belarus (see talk page)
  26. Michal Shuldenfrei
  27. Forojs
  28. Nowe Zycie
  29. Piotrkower Weker
  30. Wloclawker Weker
  31. Lubliner Sztyme
  32. Grodner Sztyme
  33. Lodzer Naje Folkscajtung
  34. Unser Gedank
  35. Foroys
  36. Unser Stimme
  37. Adrienne Cooper
  38. Aron Skrobek
  39. Tates, mames, kinderlekh
  40. Dina Blond

Created under Task Force, featured in DYK[edit]

(In chronological order. Lists articles that have appeared on the Wikipedia frontpage in the Did you know? section.)

  1. Kultur Lige
  2. Victor Alter
  3. Henrik Erlich
  4. Hirsh Lekert
  5. Michał Klepfisz
  6. Maurycy Orzech
  7. Sara Szweber
  8. Luba Blum-Bielicka
  9. Abrasza Blum
  10. Vladka Meed (not created by Task Force member)
Already Created[edit]
  1. S. Ansky
  2. Arbeiter Fragen
  3. Arbeiterstimme
  4. Camp Kinderland
  5. Simon Dubnow
  6. Marek Edelman
  7. Leon Feiner
  8. For our freedom and yours
  9. Mordechai Gebirtig
  10. General Jewish Labour Bund
  11. Bernard Goldstein (Warsaw Uprising)
  12. Komtsukunft
  13. Jewish Socialists' Group
  14. Jutrzenka Kraków
  15. Michał Klepfisz
  16. H. Leivick
  17. Moishe Lewis
  18. Mikhail Liber
  19. Julius Martov
  20. Morgnshtern
  21. Russian Social Democratic Labour Party
  22. Solomon Simon
  23. Tsukunft
  24. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
  25. Szmul Zygielbojm

Assessing quality and importance[edit]


On the Talk page of any Bund Task Force article, you can assess the quality of the article (Stub, Start, C, B, or A) by adding the parameter |class=Start (for example) to {{Bund Task Force}}. At this point, I doubt if we have any A or B articles.

In general, you shouldn't assess an article you've worked on. For more information about quality assessments, see this chart.


On the Talk page of any Bund Task Force article, you can assess the importance to this Task Force of the article (Top, High, Mid, Low) by adding the parameter |importance=Mid (for example) to {{Bund Task Force}}.

Keep in mind that you're assessing the importance of the topic to this Task Force, and not the encyclopedia. Hence General Jewish Labour Bund is rated as Top importance for this Task Force, High importance for WikiProject Organized Labour, and Low importance to WikiProject Latvia. Here is more information about importance.


The following table shows this Task Force's articles by quality and importance. As you can see, many of our articles haven't been assessed yet.



For every article, please add the appropriate categories.


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