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This project started to address the problem of unmaintained articles relating to KDE, it is a project to list and organize the articles that need work related to KDE, anyone should feel free to join and participate as the KDE articles are currently sub-standard.


  • To ensure that wikipedia can be used as an appropriate reference for KDE programs and technologies.
  • To ensure that wikipedia articles about KDE don't fall unmaintained or go obsolete.
  • To ensure that wikipedia articles about KDE are cited, NPOV and factually accurate.
  • To ensure that articles are created about new KDE technologies and release quickly and effectively.


To join the project just sign your name below.

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Here is a list of the articles that we should be maintaining, they are color coded to help identify weak articles.

Color Key[edit]

This is a quick key to help show what each color means for each article.

Color Description
Green Article is of good quality and does not need much improvement.
Yellow Article is good but could still be improved.
Red Article needs a lot of improvement.
Blue Article has not yet been written.

The ratings have been drawn up based on my quick scan through each article and are most likely flawed, feel free to change them if you disagree

Core articles[edit]

Article Description
KDE Main article about KDE
KDE 4 Upcoming releaseof KDE

KDE Applications[edit]

See also: List of KDE applications

Article Description
Adept Manager Download Manager/Installer
Akregator Aggregator
Amarok Audio player
digiKam Photo management
K3b CD and DVD authoring software
Kaffeine Media player
KAlarm Alarm scheduler
Kate Text editor
KDevelop IDE
KGet Download manager
KMail Email client
Konqueror Web browser
Konsole Terminal emulator
Kopete Instant messaging client
KPDF PDF viewer
KTorrent BitTorrent client
KView Image viewer
Noatun Media player
Konversation IRC Client
KWallet Credentials management application
KGPG Graphical gpg frontend
KParts KDE Component Framework
Filelight KDE graphical disk-space analyzer
KPilot Replacement for the Palm Desktop software.
KSnapshot Screen shot program

KDE Platform 4[edit]

These are currently in heavy development and change rapidly, their articles should be updated as new information becomes available. For this reason, the articles should not be judged as critically as other articles and needn't be as long, I do think however the green rating should be used sparingly as at the moment none of the articles are good enough and they tend to need constant updates as development furthers.

Article Description
Decibel Communication framework, telepathy + Tapioca I believe
Dolphin New file manager, replaces Konqueror for file managing
NEPOMUK-KDE Compliments Strigi, allows tagging of files with more information
Okular Document viewer, will replace KPDF, KGhostView, KFax, KFaxview and KDVI.
Oxygen New visual style
Phonon Multimedia API
Plasma Merges kicker, kdesktop and superkaramba into one program. Most notably for widgets
Quasar Quasar is dead
Solid Device integration framework
Sonnet Spell check
Strigi Desktop search

Good sources[edit]

Information about KDE related events and software can be found in these places

There is some overlap between planet KDE and KDE developers blog