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Welcome to WikiProject North Korea! Some Wikipedians have formed a Project to improve and organise articles which relate to North Korea. We are dedicated to improving these articles and if you would like to help, please add your name to the participants!

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List of administrative divisions of North Korea[edit]

Administrative divisions of North Korea
  • Notes:
  • Sangwon redirects to Korean name, why?
  • Tokchon redirects to Sungri Motor Plant, which is inside the city. Redirect should be removed to make way for main article.
  • I've tried to stay consistent with Visviva's scheme for naming and disambiguation, except that I follow the current title for existing articles.
  • There may be more existing articles I've missed, because different naming schemes are used. If you find any, please change the wikilinks in this table.
  • I haven't checked for duplicate names between NK provinces. More disambig may be needed.
  • Helpful map of all second-level divs here [1].

North Korea / Template:Regions and administrative divisions of North Korea

  • Rasŏn Directly Governed City
  • Unknown: possibly Panmun county (kun)?
  • Unknown

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