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Please note, this is an experimental system. Please suggest any improvements on the talkpage.

Many of the members of the LGBT WikiProject can speak more than one language. Many non-English wikis have good LGBT articles that can be used to improve our own coverage on that topic, particularly on people and events of that language. LGBT Translation exists to improve Wikipedia by breaking down our language barriers and preventing wasted efforts on duplicated articles. You may also find other translators at Wikipedia:Translators available.


Please add your name here if you have a good grasp of any language other than English:

  1. Svetalg (talk · contribs) — native speaker of Russian; fluent in German.
  2. Jeffpw (talk · contribs) — Fluent in Dutch.
  3. Gilliam (talk · contribs) — Fluent in German (as a foreign language)
  4. Dialecticas (talk · contribs) — Verbally fluent in Spanish; throw something my way and I'll work with it!
  5. Tiger Marc (talk · contribs) — I have basic fluency in German. Dieser Benutzer hat grundlegende Deutschkenntnisse.
  6. Boyau (talk · contribs) — Native speaker of Polish.
  7. OwenBlacker (talk · contribs) — Fluent in French
  8. GLGermann (talk · contribs) — Native speaker of German.
  9. Raystorm (talk · contribs) — Completely fluent in Spanish, no problem at all translating it and/or searching relevant Spanish references. Basic notions of French and Italian as well.
  10. Fabienne1 (talk · contribs) — French native speaker
  11. Antanta (talk · contribs) — Russian native speaker.
  12. Nield (talk · contribs) — Dutch native speaker
  13. Burnley (talk · contribs) - Experienced in translating German, French and Spanish
  14. Bearcat (talk · contribs) - Reasonably fluent in French.
  15. Alcarcalimo2364 (talk · contribs) - Experienced in translating German, aber ich kann nicht so gut sprechen!
  16. Carom (talk · contribs) - Experience translating in German, limited knowledge of Spanish
  17. Intesvensk (talk · contribs) - Swedish
  18. Garik (talk · contribs) - fluent in Welsh.
  19. Zigzig20s (talk · contribs) - native speaker of French
  20. A.Z. (talk · contribs) - Portuguese native speaker.
  21. Knorpel (talk · contribs) — Native speaker of Spanish and professional translator. I can translate from English, German and Portuguese into Spanish and Galician.
  22. Kbolino (talk · contribs) - French
  23. Ponyboy (talk · contribs) - near-native fluency in french. professional fr>en translator.
  24. Fshepinc (talk · contribs) -Fluent in Spanish (BA, MA, certified interpreter)
  25. Kyoko (talk · contribs) - resonably fluent in French, some Spanish too
  26. Pernishus (talk · contribs) - fluent in Russian and Ukrainian
  27. Ljpmn79 (talk · contribs) - Native Spanish speaker.
  28. bez_zatej (talk · contribs) - Native Russian, fluent English, good French, Esperanto, can comprehend Roman languages
  29. Splendor Blender (talk · contribs) - Native Speaker of Finnish
  30. Sesentaporminuto (talk · contribs) - nearly fluent in Spanish, intermediate knowledge of Japanese
  31. RachelBartlett (talk · contribs) - Native speaker of German, professional translator
  32. Cleduc (talk · contribs) - fluent in Spanish, good French.
  33. Iamandrewrice (talk · contribs) - Almost fluent in French.
  34. Aleta (talk · contribs) - Fairly fluent in French.
  35. Icarus of old (talk · contribs) - near-native fluency in German, and some Ndebele
  36. Cherryleaf (talk · contribs) - Native fluency in German and near-native in Danish.
  37. MYINchile 00:21, 19 August 2008 (UTC) - Native fluency in Spanish and broad knowledge of all the dialects, some French too.
  38. Keldvi (talk) - Native speaker of Hungarian
  39. Witlof (talk · contribs) - Native speaker of German, fluent in English, good knowledge of Dutch and French
  40. Theosony (talk · contribs) - Native speaker of Irish Gaelic, fluent in English
  41. Opgoth (talk · contribs) - Native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, fluent in English
  42. thebt (talk · contribs) - Good understanding of written spanish
  43. Orionsbelter (talk · contribs) - Good Norwegian, French - Fluent English
  44. Bxmuchacho (talk · contribs) - Native speaker of English, Caribbean Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese (the joys of a multinational family)
  45. Mylaterdays (talk · contribs) - Native speaker of Castilian Spanish. Fluent in English, French and Catalan.
  46. sandbergja (talk · contribs) - Good Russian and Spanish, native English
  47. Deisenbe (talk · contribs) - Native English speaker, expert level in written Spanish

Articles needing translation[edit]

German Wikipedia[edit]

  1. De:Patrick Rohr - Patrick Rohr

Dutch Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Tilburgse Kermis - Tilburgse Kermis

French Wikipedia[edit]

  1. fr:Germaine Beaulieu - Germaine Beaulieu, writer sourced in W.H. New
  2. fr:Paul Chamberland - Paul Chamberland, writer
  3. fr:René Richard Cyr - René Richard Cyr, actor
  4. fr:Michel Girouard - television personality in Quebec
  5. fr:Denis Langlois (réalisateur) - Denis Langlois (director), filmmaker (L'Escorte, Danny in the Sky)
  6. fr:Michel Lemieux - Michel Lemieux, performance artist
  7. fr:Guy Ménard - Guy Ménard
  8. fr:Diane Obomsawin - Diane Obomsawin, writer, animator
  9. fr:Pierre Samson - Pierre Samson, writer
  10. fr:Paul Toupin - Paul Toupin, writer
  11. fr:Josée Yvon - Josée Yvon, writer

Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

  1. es:Poesía homoerótica andalusí - Arabic homoerotic poetry from Al-Andalus
  2. es:Poesía homoerótica hispanohebrea - Jewish homoerotic poetry from Al-Andalus
I've got this one -- Sandbergja (talk) 11:00, 3 April 2013 (UTC)
  1. es:Primer movimiento homosexual - First homosexual movement
  2. es:Historia de la homosexualidad en Alemania - History of homosexuality in Germany
  3. es:Baile de invertidos - Cross dressing ball
  4. es:Cosme Pérez - Cosme Pérez
  5. es:Zezé - Zezé (novel)
  6. es:Un sueño de la razón - Un sueño de la razón
  7. es:Berkana (librería) - Berkana (bookstore)
  8. es:Plaza y monolito de la diversidad sexual - Sexual diversity monolith and square
  9. es:Alberto Mira - Alberto Mira
  10. es:Movimiento Español de Liberación Homosexual - Movimiento Español de Liberación Homosexual

Portuguese Wikipedia[edit]

  1. pt:Jalma Jurado - Jalma Jurado

Turkish Wikipedia[edit]

  1. tr:Siyah Pembe Üçgen - Black-Pink Triangle Izmir
  2. tr:ODTÜ-LGBT Dayanışması - METU-LGBT Solidarity
  3. tr:Ahmet Yıldız cinayeti - Ahmet Yıldız's murder
  4. tr:İstanbul LGBTT - Istanbul LGBTT
  5. tr:Pembe Hayat - Pink Life LGBTT Ankara
  6. tr:Lubunca - Lubunca
  7. tr:Hormonlu Domates - Hormonlu Domates
  8. tr:Türk sinemasında LGBT temaları - LGBT in Turkish cinema