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WikiProject Lady Gaga
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Things you can do
  • Create project guidelines and lay the groundwork for the article assessment process.
  • Add project tags to related articles.
  • Start developing the articles by adding proper references, most of it are unreferenced.
  • Merge articles not worthy of their own namespace.

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information on articles related to Lady Gaga, and American singer and songwriter. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please see the talk page.


The scope of the project covers articles about Lady Gaga and her life and work. Included are also people and things directly related to — or who have achieved a significant part of their notability through their connection to Lady Gaga as an individual. All of these articles should be placed in the Category:Lady Gaga or one of its subcategories.

Assessment page[edit]

Wikipedia:WikiProject Lady Gaga/Assessment – Get your article assessed here!!!!

New article results[edit]

LadyGagaSearchResult - Automated results on possible new Lady Gaga articles (updates weekly)


Wikipedia:WikiProject Lady Gaga/Barnstars - for Lady Gaga-related barnstars and awards.

Most popular pages[edit]

This is a list of pages in the scope of Wikipedia:WikiProject Lady Gaga along with pageviews.

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Period: 2017-04-01 to 2017-04-30. Total views: 1,642,458

Updated on: 20:19, 4 May 2017 (UTC)

Rank Page title Views Views per day (average) Assessment Importance Link to pageviews tool
1 Lady Gaga 406,173 14,005  GA   Top  Link
2 The Cure (song) 132,168 4,557 C-Class article C   Low  Link
3 American Horror Story: Roanoke 122,967 4,240 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
4 American Horror Story: Hotel 91,601 3,158 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
5 Joanne (album) 81,992 2,827 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
6 Lady Gaga discography 69,601 2,400 Featured list FL   Top  Link
7 Million Reasons 57,010 1,965 C-Class article C   Low  Link
8 Joanne World Tour 46,013 1,586 C-Class article C   Low  Link
9 Bad Romance 28,439 980  GA   High  Link
10 Machete Kills 28,284 975 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
11 Artpop 23,877 823 B-Class article B   High  Link
12 The Fame 23,473 809  GA   High  Link
13 Born This Way (album) 22,086 761 B-Class article B   High  Link
14 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 20,445 705 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
15 The Fame Monster 19,898 686 B-Class article B   High  Link
16 Just Dance (song) 19,490 672  GA   High  Link
17 Poker Face (Lady Gaga song) 17,899 617  GA   High  Link
18 Perfect Illusion 17,059 588  GA   Low  Link
19 A Star Is Born (2018 film) 16,139 556 Start-Class article Start   Mid  Link
20 Born This Way (song) 14,823 511  GA   High  Link
21 Cheek to Cheek (album) 14,089 485  GA   Mid  Link
22 Telephone (song) 12,037 415  GA   High  Link
23 List of songs recorded by Lady Gaga 12,021 414 Featured list FL   High  Link
24 Nature Boy 11,638 401  GA   Low  Link
25 Alejandro (song) 10,831 373  GA   High  Link
26 Judas (Lady Gaga song) 10,339 356  GA   Mid  Link
27 You and I (Lady Gaga song) 9,809 338  GA   Mid  Link
28 ArtRave: The Artpop Ball 9,579 330  GA   Mid  Link
29 John Wayne (song) 9,495 327 Start-Class article Start   High  Link
30 Born This Way Ball 9,267 319 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
31 Lady Gaga's meat dress 9,197 317  GA   High  Link
32 Applause (Lady Gaga song) 8,911 307  GA   High  Link
33 The Monster Ball Tour 8,624 297  GA   High  Link
34 Paparazzi (Lady Gaga song) 8,558 295  GA   High  Link
35 Lady Starlight 8,216 283 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
36 Til It Happens to You 7,853 270  GA   Mid  Link
37 Do What U Want 7,587 261  GA   Mid  Link
38 List of awards and nominations received by Lady Gaga 7,290 251 Featured list FL   High  Link
39 The Edge of Glory 7,115 245  GA   Mid  Link
40 The Lady Is a Tramp 7,088 244 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
41 Anything Goes (Cole Porter song) 6,630 228 C-Class article C   Low  Link
42 G.U.Y. 6,594 227  GA   Mid  Link
43 Dive Bar Tour 6,376 219 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
44 Lady Gaga videography 5,754 198 Featured list FL   Top  Link
45 A-Yo (Lady Gaga song) 5,486 189 C-Class article C   Low  Link
46 LoveGame 5,358 184  GA   Mid  Link
47 Cheek to Cheek Tour 5,340 184 C-Class article C   Low  Link
48 Super Bowl LI halftime show 5,317 183 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
49 Devil's Night (American Horror Story) 5,183 178 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
50 Marry the Night 5,010 172  GA   Mid  Link
51 The Remix (Lady Gaga album) 4,542 156  GA   Low  Link
52 Joanne (Lady Gaga song) 4,348 149 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
53 I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby 4,330 149 C-Class article C   Low  Link
54 Scheiße (song) 4,299 148  GA   Low  Link
55 Born This Way: The Remix 4,091 141  GA   Low  Link
56 A Very Gaga Holiday 4,048 139  GA   Low  Link
57 Video Phone (song) 4,017 138  GA   Mid  Link
58 3-Way (The Golden Rule) 3,949 136 C-Class article C   Low  Link
59 The Cherrytree Sessions (Lady Gaga EP) 3,935 135  GA   Low  Link
60 Born This Way: The Collection 3,846 132  GA   Low  Link
61 Dance in the Dark 3,800 131  GA   Mid  Link
62 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 3,693 127  GA   Low  Link
63 Hitmixes 3,681 126  GA   Low  Link
64 ArtRave 3,650 125  GA   Low  Link
65 Lady Gaga Live at Roseland Ballroom 3,629 125  GA   Low  Link
66 Sexxx Dreams 3,578 123  GA   Low  Link
67 Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga 3,547 122  GA   Low  Link
68 The Fame Ball Tour 3,207 110  GA   Mid  Link
69 Checking In (American Horror Story) 3,071 105 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
70 Chillin (Wale song) 2,818 97  GA   Low  Link
71 Venus (Lady Gaga song) 2,668 92  GA   Low  Link
72 Lisa Goes Gaga 2,605 89  GA   Low  Link
73 Born This Way Foundation 2,331 80 C-Class article C   Mid  Link
74 Dope (Lady Gaga song) 2,205 76  GA   Low  Link
75 Haus of Gaga 1,920 66 Start-Class article Start   Mid  Link
76 Be Our Guest (American Horror Story) 1,843 63 Stub-Class article Stub   Low  Link
77 Lady Gaga Fame 1,773 61 B-Class article B   Low  Link
78 List of Lady Gaga live performances 1,761 60 Featured list FL   High  Link
79 Teeth (song) 1,751 60  GA   Low  Link
80 Speechless (Lady Gaga song) 1,700 58  GA   Low  Link
81 The Ten Commandments Killer 1,695 58 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
82 Born This Way (Glee) 1,692 58  GA   Low  Link
83 Hair (Lady Gaga song) 1,650 56  GA   Low  Link
84 Americano (song) 1,616 55 C-Class article C   Low  Link
85 Chutes and Ladders (American Horror Story) 1,452 50 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
86 Flicker (American Horror Story) 1,436 49 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
87 Battle Royale (American Horror Story) 1,402 48 Stub-Class article Stub   Low  Link
88 Theatricality 1,297 44  GA   Low  Link
89 Perform This Way 1,282 44 C-Class article C   Low  Link
90 Aura (song) 1,234 42  GA   Low  Link
91 Room 33 1,227 42 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
92 Government Hooker 1,214 41  GA   Low  Link
93 Monster (Lady Gaga song) 1,208 41  GA   Low  Link
94 Room Service (American Horror Story) 1,198 41 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
95 Gypsy (Lady Gaga song) 1,190 41  GA   Low  Link
96 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich 1,180 40  GA   Low  Link
97 Mommy (American Horror Story) 1,175 40 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
98 She Wants Revenge (American Horror Story) 1,158 39 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
99 So Happy I Could Die 1,140 39  GA   Low  Link
100 Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden 1,069 36  GA   Mid  Link
101 Swine (song) 1,043 35  GA   Low  Link
102 Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular 1,022 35  GA   Low  Link
103 Chapter 2 (American Horror Story) 986 34 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
104 She Gets Revenge 983 33 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
105 Artpop (song) 979 33  GA   Low  Link
106 Chapter 3 (American Horror Story) 966 33 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
107 Chapter 4 (American Horror Story) 885 30 Stub-Class article Stub   Low  Link
108 Christmas Tree (Lady Gaga song) 728 25  GA   Low  Link
109 Electric Chapel 707 24  GA   Low  Link
110 Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek Live! 696 24  GA   Low  Link
111 Gaga (plant) 683 23 C-Class article C   Low  Link
112 Eau de Gaga 651 22 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
113 A Very Gaga Thanksgiving 444 15  GA   Low  Link
114 Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson 379 13  GA   Low  Link
115 The Last Days of Disco Stick 307 10 Start-Class article Start   Low  Link
116 Hypnotico 273 9  GA   Low  Link
117 Lady Gaga: Queen of Pop 256 8  GA   Low  Link
118 TechHaus Volantis 232 8 B-Class article B   Low  Link
119 Invading My Mind 194 6  GA   Low  Link
120 ARTPOP 170 5  NA   NA  Link
121 Joanne Trattoria Cookbook 137 4 C-Class article C   Low  Link
122 Artpop (Lady Gaga album) 116 4  NA   NA  Link
123 Million Reasons (Lady Gaga song) 109 3  NA   NA  Link
124 Black Jesus + Amen Fashion 46 1  NA   NA  Link
125 John Wayne (Lady Gaga song) 43 1  NA   NA  Link
126 Lady Gaga on Twitter 36 1  NA   NA  Link
127 Come to Mama (Lady Gaga song) 33 1  NA   NA  Link
128 Room in My Heart 27 0  NA   NA  Link
129 Hey Girl (Lady Gaga song) 25 0  NA   NA  Link
130 Artpop (album) 18 0  NA   NA  Link
131 Sex Dreams (Lady Gaga song) 14 0  NA   NA  Link
132 Ayo (Lady Gaga song) 13 0  NA   NA  Link
133 Sinner's Prayer (Lady Gaga song) 10 0  NA   NA  Link
134 Red and Blue (EP) 10 0  NA   NA  Link
135 Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga Live 8 0  NA   NA  Link
136 Artpop (2013 album) 6 0  NA   NA  Link
137 Perfect Illusion (song) 6 0  NA   NA  Link
138 Dancing in Circles (Lady Gaga song) 6 0  NA   NA  Link
139 Lady Gaga as gay icon 5 0  NA   NA  Link
140 Dancin' in Circles (Lady Gaga song) 5 0  NA   NA  Link
141 Sexxx Dreams (Lady Gaga song) 4 0  NA   NA  Link
142 Stache (song) 4 0  NA   NA  Link
143 Tara Savelo 4 0  NA   NA  Link
144 Album Release Party with Lady Gaga 3 0  NA   NA  Link
145 Just Another Day (Lady Gaga song) 3 0  NA   NA  Link
146 Intel X Haus of Gaga 2 0  NA   NA  Link
147 Diamond Heart (Lady Gaga song) 1 0  NA   NA  Link
148 ARTPOP (2013 Album) 0 0  NA   NA  Link


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B-Class article The Fame Monster
Good article "Bad Romance"
Good article "Alejandro"
Good article "Monster"
Good article "Speechless"
Good article "Dance in the Dark"
Good article "Telephone"
Good article "So Happy I Could Die"
Good article "Teeth"
Good article The Fame
Good article Fame Kills: Starring Kanye West and Lady Gaga
Good article The Monster Ball Tour
Good article Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden
Good article Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson
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Good article "Scheiße"
Good article "Electric Chapel"
Good article "You and I"
Good article "The Edge of Glory"
Good article Born This Way: The Remix
Good article Born This Way: The Collection
B-Class article Born This Way Ball
Good article A Very Gaga Thanksgiving
Good article A Very Gaga Holiday
Good article "Born This Way" (Glee)
C-Class article Born This Way Foundation
C-Class article "Perform This Way"
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B-Class article Artpop
Good article "Aura"
Good article "Venus"
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Good article "Do What U Want"
Good article "Artpop"
Good article "Swine"
Good article "Dope"
Good article "Gypsy"
Good article "Applause"
Good article ArtRave: The Artpop Ball
Good article ArtRave
B-Class article TechHaus Volantis
Good article Lady Gaga Live at Roseland Ballroom
Good article Lady Gaga and the Muppets Holiday Spectacular
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6 articles
C-Class article Joanne
C-Class article "A-Yo"
Start-Class article "Joanne"
Stub-Class article "John Wayne"
Good article "Perfect Illusion"
C-Class article "Million Reasons"
Stub-Class article Dive Bar Tour
Start-Class article Joanne World Tour
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13 articles
Featured list Lady Gaga discography
Good article The Fame
Good article The Cherrytree Sessions
Good article Hitmixes
B-Class article The Fame Monster
Good article The Remix
B-Class article Born This Way
Good article Born This Way: The Remix
Good article Born This Way: The Collection
Good article A Very Gaga Holiday
B-Class article Artpop
Good article Cheek to Cheek
C-Class article Joanne
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8 articles
Featured list Filmography
Start-Class article The Zen of Bennett
C-Class article Katy Perry: Part of Me
C-Class article Machete Kills
C-Class article Muppets Most Wanted
C-Class article Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Stub-Class article Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer
Start-Class article A Star Is Born
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C-Class article American Horror Story: Hotel

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<ref>Joedough, p23</ref>[2]

Reusing a reference:

<ref name="somewebsite">[ Some Website]</ref>[3] Second use<ref name="somewebsite"/>[3]


The citations are displayed by placing a <references/> tag at the bottom of the article.

  1. ^ Author, Book, ISBN, page number
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