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Here are some tasks you can do for WikiProject Law:
  • Factual verification needed
    • The Doctrine of the General Talking Pictures Case - please check this new article for conformity to Wikipedia style
    • Doug Anthony All Stars. This article makes reference to two bans, of a book and an album by this comedy / variety group, in the UK circa 1989-1990, with both resulting in court cases. Are there any UK lawyers out there who might locate citations for these court cases, and perhaps include key quotes from judgements in the WP article? hamiltonstone (talk) 22:39, 15 February 2009 (UTC)
  • Current law articles on peer review
  • Reopened assessment department
    • The assessment department has been defunct but now has been reopened with various glitches fixed. There are still a few minor improvements needed and are discussed on the talk page of the assessment department.
    • Input on the assessment scheme from members of this WikiProject are needed to reach a consensus on whether to adopt C-class or not - currently, there is no consensus.
  • Answer requests for comments