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The Lithuania WikiProject is dedicated to creating a comprehensive, informative, and neutral guide to Lithuania for Wikipedia readers.


  1. To create standards, guidelines, and recommendations for how to better organize and structure articles related to Lithuanians and Lithuania.
  2. To provide editors with resources to assist them with their edits.
  3. To create, expand, and maintain articles related to Lithuania.
  4. To serve as the centralised place for all discussions related to Lithuania in Wikipedia.


Please add yourself ( {{ User | your_username }} ) if you are interested and want to join the project:

Zckjsrbn 20:58, 14 September 2014 (UTC)



Invitation template[edit]

{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Lithuania/Welcome LT}}

Flag-map of Lithuania.svg
Thank you for contributing to Lithuania related articles!

I have noticed your edits to Lithuania-related articles and thought you would like to join the Lithuania WikiProject. It is an attempt to better coordinate the efforts to Lithuania-related topics. You can read top 10 tips for a Lithuanian editor, ask a question, get updates on new articles, and figure out the best way you can help.

To stay informed you might want to add WikiProject page to your watchlist and sign up. We are open 24/7.

Collaboration Effort[edit]

Recognized content[edit]

Featured articles
Former featured articles
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A-Class articles
Good articles
Former good articles
Featured pictures
In the News articles
Main page featured articles
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Did you knows (DYKs)[edit]


For old news please take a look into news archive.

New articles related to Lithuania[edit]

This is the place to announce new articles related to Lithuania that you or someone else has recently created. Add new articles at the top of this list.

  • Tip: check here for an automated list of new articles that link to the Lithuania article.
  • Caution: This list does not include unwikified articles or articles that are Lithuania-related, but do not link to this article.
  • Tool: Wikipedia:Baltic States notice board has a section for new articles that are related to the three Baltic states.

Wikipedia:WikiProject Lithuania/New articles

Things to do[edit]

Article alerts[edit]

Articles for deletion

Proposed deletions

Categories for discussion

Templates for discussion


Mark all articles regarding Lithuania with this project template at an article talk page:

{{WikiProject Lithuania
|class  =  choices are: Stub, Start, C, B, GA, A, FA, NA (not applicable/non-article)
|importance = choices are: Top, High, Mid, Low, NA
|substub = choices are: yes. Leave blank if not applicable 
|dyk = choices are: yes. Leave blank if not applicable 
|comments = free text (can leave a signature)

For assessment criteria see assessment rules.

Complex articles and lists requested[edit]

For completed requests take a look into the archive.

  • Create more lists, that are easier to control than request lists
  • Categorize all subjects relating to Lithuania in appropriate categories
  • Enhance articles with infoboxes and other templates
  • Use/adopt other templates where needed
  • Upload free images from Lithuanian Wikipedia to Wikimedia Commons to further enhance Lithuania-related articles.
  • Fill this List of Lithuanians with already existing articles about people from Category:Lithuanian people


Cleanup listing for WikiProject Lithuania:

Translation required[edit]

Any help in translations of valuable/interesting articles from Lithuanian Wikipedia would be helpful. Please add requests by placing {{Expand Lithuanian}} on articles that need expansion. You might also help adding interwiki links to already existing articles. Note that translation is easiest way to make yourself familiar with editing Wikipedia in foreign language.


Article requests[edit]

Please add your requests here. Please divide the list into categories. For completed article requests take a look into the archive.







Articles that need attention[edit]

Add here articles that need attention (need wikifying, copyediting, references, expansion, etc.) Add a comment on what needs to be done.

Discussions regarding Lithuania[edit]

Add here links to pages where discussions are taking place. Add some comment on what the issue is.

Image requests[edit]

Add requests for images here. Describe what image you would like to see added. For completed image requests take a look into the archive.

Tools and resources[edit]


The following sources are available from subscription databanks for the time periods indicated. The specific format of material varies between citation, abstract, and full text format. If anyone wishes to obtain information from these sources, please send me an e-mail indicating your own e-mail address and either the specific subject of interest, or the title and dates of the sources of interest, and I will forward what I can find. John Carter (talk) 18:38, 13 February 2011 (UTC)

  • A&G Information Services (1999-2006)


A simple yet comprehensive tutorial would help a lot: I.E. - inline, general references


  • Most images are located on Commons.
  • Starting point for Lithuania-related images on commons: Category:Lithuania
  • For images on English Wikipedia, try this search.
  • Some good images are on Lithuanian wiki. Try looking there, but those images most likely will have to re-uploaded to commons.
  • If there is no image you want try Look for creative commons images. However, only Attribution License & Attribution-ShareAlike License are acceptable on Wikipedia. When uploading, don't forget to identify flickr users who took the pic!
    • Don't get confussed because Flickr also has something it calls "public image." That is not the same as copyright status.


Here are some Wikipedia conventions:

  • For main articles use this template: {{main|ARTICLE NAME}}
  • For related topics use this template: {{see also|ARTICLE NAME}}
  • Add a non-breaking space (   ) between a unit and the value (e.g. 25 [[kilometre|km]] renders as 25 km)
  • Use − for negative numbers
  • Wikify articles WP:WIKIFY


Stub templates[edit]

All stub templates and categories are maintained by WP:WSS. Please direct request for new stub templates / categories to WP:WSS/P instead of simply creating them. Going through WP:WSS ensures a consistent naming format and that the templates are listed the correct places. Both things help the stub sorters tremendously in their work. Thanks for your understanding.

Category tree[edit]

Main article Wikipedia:Categorization

The category tree is quite simple - you might explore it through category:Lithuania and its subcategories and sub sub categories. I've made some changes, to make it similar to other countries categories. IMO this is about enough, just some explanation is needed, and I might even write it in some time. They're quite easy to create - no request is needed.

Basic principle is to identify category properly - geography, history, education and so on. Then look into subcategories - maybe there is more precise category, not so general doe example Vytautas Magnus University should fit into category:Education in Lithuania, but more precise would be category:Universities in Lithuania, and also category:Education in Kaunas. category:History of Kaunas is also suitable for this article.

Multiple categories also can be used, where appropriate - for example Kūčios could be in category:Lithuanian cuisine (if section about food would be expanded) and category:Lithuanian traditions.

A bit more complicated is category:Lithuanian people - the principle is, that most of them go via category:Lithuanian people by occupation to precise occupation, for example category:Lithuanian architects. There are also a few subcategories - for example category:Lithuanian writers has subcategories category:Lithuanian poets and category:Lithuanian journalists.

Incomplete articles shoud be marked as an appropriate stub.

Useful links to other WikiProjects[edit]

... and so on by needed objects over here:

Wikipedia:List of WikiProjects

External links and tools[edit]

Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.