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Article naming[edit]

For station article naming conventions see Wikipedia:WikiProject London/Naming conventions#Transport.

Article format and structure[edit]

For general information on the formatting of articles see the Wikipedia manual of style.

Where appropriate, articles should have an infobox with an image. There are a number of standard infoboxes for use on the project's articles. For example:

  • A station article must include {{Infobox London station}} at the top and a succession box indicating the stations either side. Further guidance on station articles can be found at How to write about stations.
  • A line article must include {{Infobox TfL line}} at the top.
  • A rolling stock article must include {{Infobox Underground stock}} at the top.
  • Bus route articles must include {{Infobox UK Bus Route}} at the top.

A variety of navboxes are available for thematic linking of articles.

Portal link[edit]

Where an infobox containing a {{Portal frameless|London Transport}} link is not used (see below), {{Portal|London Transport}} should be included in the article to provide a direct link to the portal page, preferably in the See also section.


Images should be used to make the article interesting and should, ideally, illustrate information in the text. Over use of images will make the article look untidy, cluttered and messy and consideration should be given to the use of a gallery or a {{commonscat}} link to related images on Wikicommons.


All articles should be supported with cited references and a references section. For example, this is required as a minimum to provide references for the citations in the {{Infobox London station}} template.


All images (with the exception of the main infobox image) should have explanatory captions.

Tube Map[edit]


The full official Tube map and related maps may not be used as they are copyright of Transport for London. Sections of the map may be permissible in accordance with WP:fair use rules.

Safety Notice[edit]

Attention niels epting.svg
For safety reasons, you cannot take pictures in London Underground stations with flash cameras. This is because it may distract the driver or set off the fire alarm system. Tripods and related devices are also not permitted because of the cramped nature of the underground, people may trip over them. Pay attention to Transport for London guide lines at all times.