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Scouting is working with the WikiProject Long Island official newsletter. Set it up like below when you add your name and info to the list. Note: You must be listed on the members list in order to scout. Scouting is not for everyone. It is a very hard task. Think twice before you scout. Although, we welcome all hard-working editors on the job.

| {{User|USERNAME}}
| (What specialties you have or can do in scouting) 
| (How often you are able to scout)
| (Are you an administrator or not?)
| (optional comments)
User Scouting Specialties How often can Scout Admin Comments (optional)
Nothing444 everything, including New York Islanders, of course Everyday Maybe someday Lets go islanders!
--RyRy5 talk Everything sometimes for this wikiproject Not yet I'm a manager scout for the Red Sox WikiProject. I'm also the founder there.
Sinclair34 (talk · contribs) History; Open to suggestion Weekly No Looking forward to contributing! Thanks!
 Barkjo Good at history; ask me; fairly good at Wikipedia Just ask me; I'll be on everyday. Nope Hope I can help lots!
UNSC Luke 1021 (talk · contribs) Native Long Islander Whenever needed Not yet... I know this WikiProject is dead, so I don't know why I'm adding to it; Ask me anything! I live on Long Island and can try to answer any question about Long Island or NYC!