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WikiProject Lutheranism
The Luther Rose, a personal seal made by Lazarus Spengler for Martin Luther. Luther considered the seal as an expression of his theology and faith, and has been widely adopted by Lutherans.
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Some Wikipedians have gathered together to improve the quality and organization of information on Wikipedia relating to Lutheranism. This page - and its related subpages - contain some suggestions for how to go about this task. If you are interested in helping but don't know where to begin, you can look at the "To-do list" below or the Project talk page. As always, please sign up as a participant so that we know who is helping.



This goal of this WikiProject is to improve quality of the information available on Wikipedia about Lutheranism. This includes articles on famous Lutherans, Lutheran churches, and Lutheran theology. It is a further goal of this Wikiproject to help to make this information as well-organized and accessible as possible. Most articles covered under the scope of this Project can be found in Category:Lutheranism and related sub-categories (see the category tree below).


Join the fun -- add yourself as a participant in WikiProject Lutheranism. Please sign using this format: {{user2|UserName}} for plain old users, {{admin|UserName}} for admins, and {{formeradmin|UserName}} for former admins. Participants will receive the Wikiproject Christianity newsletter automatically. To unsubscribe add yourself to the list here. Thank you.

Inactive participants[edit]

Helping out[edit]

Current To-Do List:[edit]

  1. Lutheranism articles in Draft: Current list is here.
  2. Invite new editors to be participants in the project.
  3. Category:Lutheranism and the sub-cats need some dedicated work (see talk page).
  4. Write a stub - or better yet a full article! - for one of the suggested articles or one of the articles found in other reference sources, but not here. A list of some such pages can be found here.
  5. Continue to check that {{WikiProject Lutheranism}} is on all relevant articles.
  6. Continue to re-check article importance & quality, and re-assess as necessary.
  7. Regularly review the recent changes in this project's articles for improvements, vandalism, and other changes.

Pictures to be added[edit]


If you happen to notice a great article in different language Wikipedia, list it here with a link to the original, and a note about the topic. We will then find translators as we need them (the German Wikipedia is probably not a bad place to look for some good Lutheranism articles). If you know of a German article you'd like someone else to translate, you can post it at Wikipedia:WikiProject Intertranswiki/German#Missing article directory, under either the Cultural, Buildings, Biography topics.

List articles that could be translated here:
  • Hermann Sasse has a small English article, while de:Hermann Sasse is over 1,000 words. The German one could be translated and added to the English article.
  • The following Lutheran Martyrs have articles in the German Wikipedia but lack articles in the English Wikipedia:
  • The following Lutheran women have articles in the German Wikipedia but lack articles in the English Wikipedia:

Article suggestions[edit]

Sometimes, you just have to find a nice, quiet place to settle in and get to work.

A good place to look for article ideas, and also articles to be translated, is the German-language Wikipedia, especially the Category Martin Luther and the Category Lutheranism. Another good place to look is the Wikiproject Lutheranism Prospectus.


Writings of Martin Luther[edit]

More articles are needed on the pivotal writings of Martin Luther, some suggestions:


16th and 17th Centuries[edit]
    • Anton Otto, played a role in the Antinomian controversy
    • Simon Musaeus, played a role in the Flacian controversy
    • (lacks a German article) Katharina Elizabeth – in 1698, Catholic village leaders of Radibor attempted to have her disciplined for attempted Lutheranization of the population.[2]
20th Century[edit]


Religious Communities[edit]

Lutheran Church Bodies[edit]

Articles on various Lutheran churches/denominations are needed, some suggestions:

Articles are needed for many of the synods of the ELCA and ELCIC

Lutheran Theology Journals[edit]

Pan-Lutheran Organizations[edit]

Sources for articles[edit]


For more, see our Assessment page.

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Christ lag in Todes Banden, BWV 4Felix MendelssohnGermanyHebron Church (Intermont, West Virginia)Johannes KeplerJohn CalvinMartin BucerMaximus the ConfessorNinety-five ThesesSwedish emigration to the United StatesThomas Cranmer

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Did You Know? Did you know? articles[edit]

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