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What follows is lists of articles which are found in other reference sources relating to this subject, basically included as per the titles of the articles in those works. There is a reasonable chance that the content here will not be included under the same titles, so any review of the list to determine where the content of those articles is placed would also help a great deal..

Histocial Dictionary of Lutheranism[edit]

Historical Dictionary of Lutheranism, 2nd edition, Gunther Gassman with Duane H. Larson and Mark W. Oldenburg, 2011, Scarecrow

Major articles[edit]

roughly 2 pages or more

Significant articles[edit]

2 pages to 3 paragraphs

Minor articles[edit]

1-2 paragraphs


Lutheranism by continent[edit]

Lutheranism by country for countries with more than 500,000 Lutherans[edit]

Lutheran Churches with over 500,000 members[edit]

Lutheran Churches of the World[edit]

Members of the Lutheran World Federation[edit]

Associated Member churches of the Lutheran World Federation[edit]

Recognized Congregations of the Lutheran World Federation[edit]

Other Lutheran bodies in infrequent contact with the Lutheran World Federation[edit]

Unknown affiliation[edit]