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This page provides conventions for the creation of locator maps (blank).

Usage: Locator maps (blank) are first create blank maps aiming to be derivated into several specific Locator maps, Areas maps, Historical maps, Exchange maps.

Creation: Locator maps (blank) are conveniently derivate from country or wider area Location maps. The map maker have to color the ocean, land, rivers, subject area, to the Locator maps conventional colours. Locator maps are very basic, and should not have, or have very few labels. Their aim is to show the geographical occupation in a wider context, not to explain this occupation.


Convention for locator maps.
Subject Colorimetry (RGB/hex)
Toponymes (names)
R:0 V:0 B:0
Major political borders. Country, state, and province borders.
R:160 V:128 B:112
Other minor political borders.
R:208 V:192 B:160
Territory of interest.
R:255 V:255 B:208
Surrounding territories.
R:247 V:211 B:170
Bodies of water, oceans or lakes.
R:158 V:199 B:243
Lake or ocean's coasts, rivers, if necessary.
R:24 V:33 B:222

Naming (upload):

  • File:{Subject name in English} locator map (blank).svg (for template map)

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