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This page provides conventions for the creation of orthographic maps. Orthographic maps display a country (or set of countries) on a globe representation of the world. Like location maps, orthographic maps are very basic, and should have very few, if any, labels. Maps should be centred on the subject of interest.

Usage: These maps are often used in country infoboxes Template:Infobox Country to demonstrate where a country is in the world.

Where: These maps can be found on Wikimedia Commons, Grey-green_orthographic_projections_maps.

Tutorial: there (perl), or there


Convention for orthographic maps.
Subject Colorimetry (RGB/hex)
Toponyms (names)
R:0 V:0 B:0
Subject's area (country, province, state, etc.)  
R:52 V:{{{v}}} B:51
Subject border
R:51 V:{{{v}}} B:51
Other areas part of the same political unity
R:198 V:{{{v}}} B:189
Claimed uncontrolled areas
R:73 V:{{{v}}} B:70
Outside area
R:185 V:{{{v}}} B:185
Other borders
R:255 V:{{{v}}} B:255
Ocean, sea, lake
R:255 V:{{{v}}} B:255
Border of the globe
R:170 V:{{{v}}} B:170

Naming (upload):

  • File:{Country name in English} (orthographic projection).svg
  • Or possibly File:{ISO 3-letter Country code} orthographic.svg

Further needs:
Dimensions: 550x550 pixels.
Border of the globe: 1.5 pixels.
Latitude/longitude grid: .3 pixels in black with 77 in the transparency value.
Coasts and borders of countries: .3 pixels.
Legend: not needed.
Scale: not needed (since misleading). Scale is non-linear across the globe
Projections: Orthographic projection
Gradient: File:Orthographic gradient.svg


To identify where a country is with respect to other nearby countries that the viewer may know about.

History and current work[edit]

The first of these maps was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by User:Ssolbergj in 2008.

These conventions are from Commons:Grey-green_orthographic_projections_maps, although maps are not [yet] consistent in presentation style. Discuss proposed improvements.



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