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WikiProject Mauritania
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Welcome to the WikiProject Mauritania! This group was formed to better organize articles on Mauritania in a spirit of cooperation.


This group includes within its scope all articles related to Mauritania, its cities, geography, transportation, culture, history and so on. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Mauritania in a fair and accurate manner. All of these articles should be contained within the Category:Mauritania or one of its subcategories.

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Forgive me if this is in the wrong place, I do not know my way around Wikipedia and its protocols at all. I am alerting you to the fact that an article of interest to you (and you are marked as this article being relevant to you) is currently being debated for removal/merging. It is being argued (I believe wrongly) that the article is irrelevant and has no place in having its own page, so I do think someone from your group should keep an eye on the discussion on the talk page. They already merged the article today into another article without any discussion but I managed to get an admin to move it back again. Conversation has now started on the talk page and I think it is definitely something you will want to keep an eye on. Talk page here; Taurusthecat (talk) 14:27, 15 December 2015 (UTC)


If you haven't already done so, please also add your name to the members list of our parent Wikipedia:WikiProject Africa.

Members should also feel free to add {{User WikiProject Mauritania}} to their userpages to identify themselves as members of this group.

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In addition to posting your image requests on the list, on the talk page(s) of the subject(s), and on the Wikimedia Commons (Commons:Commons:Picture requests), please also post them at fr:Wikipédia:Atelier photographique on the French Wikipedia. If you do not know French, you can ask someone at fr:Wikipédia:Bistro_des_non-francophones/en to help you.


Please see {{AfricaProject}} for assessment information.

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