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Landmark images is a workshop space for Wikipedia and Commons images. The goal here is to identify material that could become featured and prioritize it for improvement. Images selected for inclusion here should meet the following criteria:

  • Encyclopedic content: the image has inherent scholarly research value.
  • Intrinsic importance: the image documents a historic event, or is otherwise significant in ways that would be impractical to duplicate with other images.
  • Improvability: the image could become featured if it receives proper attention.

What is this about?[edit]

Images that don't get selected for featured picture consideration get thrown into general categories - a slush pile. A few of those overlooked images have real potential. They might become feature-worthy with better captioning or artifact cleanup or a higher quality scan.

How you can help[edit]

The landmark images workshop does four things and you can help with any of them.

Find free images[edit]

I've reviewed over 100,000 public domain images on Commons, Wikipedia, and elsewhere. Other good places to look include:

Please upload promising material to Commons or Wikipedia and add a thumbnail to this page. And if you find more useful online archives, add them to the list.


Search for images of inherent merit that either meet featured picture criteria or could get there. Comment on material already in the gallery. Help sort the wheat from the chaff. Overall, fewer than 1 in 1000 images I survey is even worth a second look. Far fewer than that get to FPC. For historic images, seek images that are outstanding examples of their type whenever possible.


Clean up artifacts and fibers, locate better versions of identical or similar files. When doing this I always save under a separate filename so that the original version remains available for research purposes.



Please leave word if your work here results in a featured picture!

Featured on Wikipedia[edit]

Featured on Commons[edit]

Ready for PPR and FPC[edit]

From here on down the page, you're at the workshop. Feel free to add, subtract, move, restore, or nominate.

Find a Home (Encyclopedic issues)[edit]

Address Artifacting[edit]

Higher Resolution Needed[edit]










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