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Wikimedia Canada as part of the Global Education Program and in collaboration with Dr. Shankar, KIST Medical College of Nepal is working on organizing a half day workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal to discussion the significance of Wikipedia in medicine and how one becomes involved. Please post questions on the discussion page.

Date and venue[edit]

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This event will be held on 23.11.11 (Nov 23) (30th Kartik?) at 12.30 pm in lecture hall 2, IBMS building This will be followed by a hands on workshop in the computer lab, college library from 1.45 to 3.45 pm. Participants for the workshop are limited to twenty-five and is restricted to faculty and students of KIST Medical College. Faculty, students and others will be represented among the participants. To indicate your interest to participate kindly sign up at the sub heading sign up below. The final selection of participants will be done by Dr. Shankar who is coordinating the program and will reflect a mix of different participants.

Presenters are[edit]

  • Dr James Heilman, UBC Faculty of Medicine,Wikimedia Canada Board of Directors. He is an active editor and administrator on the English Wikipedia involved primarily with Wikiproject Medicine. He is one of the top 1000th most prolific editors of the English site by edit count[1] and has contributed hundreds of medical images over the previous 4 years. In 2009 he was involved with promoting and protecting Wikipedia's right to contain images in the public domain.[2] In 2011 in collaboration with 18 other medical editors he published a peer reviewed article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research calling upon his peers to join in as editors.[3][4]


For further details, contact Ravi Shankar "ravi dot dr dot shankar at gmail dot com"

Today's session[edit]

Dear Wikipedians we had a wonderful session with Dr. James. A few interesting issues were raised and resolved. Following this we had a workshop in the library computer room where James showed participants how to log in and create an account. Editing Wikipedia, searching for articles, quality of articles, referencing and other issues were covered. As there are only about 16000 articles in Nepali in Wikipedia there is a gigantic task for students and faculty. Ankit Rimal was actively involved in the session and seeks involvement of other interested people to generate and edit content for Wikipedia. Faculty can generate content for the WikiProject Medicine and can contribute towards quality assurance of articles. Thanks Regards Ravi

Signatures of participants[edit]


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