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1,4-Dioxin 10/90 gap 100K Genome Project 1976 Philadelphia Legionnaires' disease outbreak 1993 Four Corners hantavirus outbreak 1998 United States listeriosis outbreak 1q21.1 deletion syndrome 2003 Midwest monkeypox outbreak 2005 South Wales E. coli O157 outbreak 2006 North American E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in spinach 2009 Chinese lead poisoning scandal 2009 flu pandemic 2009 flu pandemic in Asia 2009 flu pandemic in Brazil 2009 flu pandemic in Canada 2009 flu pandemic in India 2009 flu pandemic in Spain 2009 flu pandemic in Taiwan 2009 flu pandemic in the United States 2009 flu pandemic tables 2009 flu pandemic vaccine 2012 Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus outbreak 2014 Democratic Republic of the Congo Ebola virus outbreak 3-M syndrome 5-HT2c receptor agonist 5-alpha-reductase deficiency 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor 7+3 (chemotherapy) A Clinical Lesson at the Salpêtrière AA amyloidosis ABC (medicine) ABVD ACE inhibitor ACTH stimulation test ADE (chemotherapy) AFP-L3 AIDS-related complex AIDS-related lymphoma AIDSVAX ALPSA lesion ASA physical status classification system ATC code N02 AV nodal reentrant tachycardia Aagenaes syndrome Abdominal aortic aneurysm Abdominal distension Abdominal mass Abdominal obesity Abdominal pregnancy Abdominal thrusts Abdominal trauma Abdominal ultrasonography Abdominal wall defect Abdominoperineal resection Abdominoplasty Abdul Gaffar Billoo Abietic acid dermatitis Ablation of atrial fibrillation Abnormal posturing Abortifacient Abortion Abortion and mental health Absence seizure Absolute neutrophil count Absolute risk reduction Abstinence, be faithful, use a condom Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi Academic health science centre Acalculia Acamprosate Acanthamoeba infection Acantholysis Acantholytic dyskeratotic epidermal nevus Acanthoma Acanthoma fissuratum Acanthosis nigricans Acariasis Acceptable daily intake Accessory auricle Accessory spleen Accommodation (eye) Accommodation reflex Accommodative convergence Accountable care organization Acephalgic migraine Acephaly Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor Achalasia Achilles tendinitis Achilles tendon rupture Achlorhydria Acholia Achondroplasia Achromatopsia Acid-fast Acidosis Acinar adenocarcinoma Acinetobacter baumannii Acne aestivalis Acne conglobata Acne cosmetica Acne fulminans Acne keloidalis nuchae Acne mechanica Acne medicamentosa Acne miliaris necrotica Acne necrotica Acne scarring Acne with facial edema Acneiform eruption Acorns Children's Hospice Acoustic shock Acquired C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency Acquired brain injury Acquired disorder Acquired generalized lipodystrophy Acquired hemolytic anemia Acquired perforating dermatosis Acquired progressive lymphangioma Acral arteriolar ectasia Acral fibrokeratoma Acral keratoderma Acral lentiginous melanoma Acral nevus Acral persistent papular mucinosis Acroangiodermatitis Acrocyanosis Acrodermatitis Acrogeria Acrokeratoelastoidosis of Costa Acrokeratosis paraneoplastica of Bazex Acrokeratosis verruciformis Acromegaly Acronyms in healthcare Acroosteolysis Acrospiroma Actinic cheilitis Actinic elastosis Actinic granuloma Actinic prurigo Actinomycetoma Activated carbon Activated clotting time Activated protein C resistance Activation syndrome Active immunization Activin and inhibin Acupuncture Acute abdomen Acute alcohol intoxication Acute aortic syndrome Acute arterial ischemic disorder Acute assessment unit Acute basophilic leukemia Acute biphenotypic leukaemia Acute bronchitis Acute care Acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis Acute fatty liver of pregnancy Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy Acute intermittent porphyria Acute interstitial pneumonitis Acute kidney injury Acute liver failure Acute lung injury Acute medicine Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia Acute monocytic leukemia Acute motor axonal neuropathy Acute myeloblastic leukemia Acute myelomonocytic leukemia Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis Acute pancreatitis Acute pericarditis Acute proliferative glomerulonephritis Acute promyelocytic leukemia Acute prostatitis Acute radiation syndrome Acute respiratory distress syndrome Acute severe asthma Acute stress reaction Acute toxicity Acute uric acid nephropathy Acyl CoA dehydrogenase Adaptation to extrauterine life Adaptive immune system Added sugar Adderall Addison's disease Adducted thumbs syndrome Adenitis Adeno-associated virus Adenocarcinoma Adenoid cystic carcinoma Adenoid hypertrophy Adenoma Adenoma sebaceum Adenomyoma Adenomyosis Adenosine monophosphate deaminase deficiency type 1 Adenosquamous lung carcinoma Adenovirus vaccine Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder Adipose tissue Adiposogenital dystrophy Adjuvant Adrenal adenoma Adrenal insufficiency Adrenal tumor Adrenalectomy Adrenergic bronchodilator Adrenergic storm Adrenergic urticaria Adrenocortical carcinoma Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma Adult blaschkitis Adult daycare center Adult diaper Adult type of generalized eruption of cutaneous mastocytosis Advance health care directive Advanced Pediatric Life Support Advanced cardiac life support Advanced life support Adverse effect Adverse effects of fluoroquinolones Adverse event Adverse reaction to biologic agents Aeromonas infection Aerosol burn Affective spectrum Afferent nerve fiber African blackwood dermatitis African histoplasmosis African tick bite fever Afterimage Against medical advice Agalactia Age adjustment Age and female fertility Age of onset Agenesis of the corpus callosum Aggressive NK-cell leukemia Aggressive digital papillary adenocarcinoma Aggressive infantile fibromatosis Aging and society Aging brain Aging movement control Aging-associated diseases Agnosia Agonal respiration Agoraphobia Agrammatism Agranulocytosis Air embolism Air ioniser Air medical services Airborne disease Airsickness Airway obstruction Akathisia Akinetic mutism Alanine transaminase Alastrim Albert Sabin Albinism–deafness syndrome Albuminuria Alcohol abuse Alcohol and cardiovascular disease Alcohol and human physiology Alcohol dependence Alcohol detoxification Alcohol flush reaction Alcohol intoxication Alcohol-related brain damage Alcohol-related dementia Alcoholic hepatitis Alcoholic liver disease Alcoholic lung disease Alcoholic polyneuropathy Aldosterone-to-renin ratio Alendronic acid Alertness Alexia (condition) Alezzandrini syndrome Alfred Adler Alglucosidase alfa Alkalosis Alkylating antineoplastic agent Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Allergic conjunctivitis Allergic contact dermatitis Allergic inflammation Allergic reactions to anaesthesia Allergy to cats Allied health professions Allochiria Allodynia Alloimmunity Allopathic medicine Allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome Allorecognition Allotransplantation Alogia Alopecia areata Alopecia mucinosa Alopecia neoplastica Alopecia totalis Alopecia universalis Alpers' disease Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency Alpha-fetoprotein Alpha-gal allergy Alphacoronavirus Alphavirus infection Alpins method of astigmatism analysis Alport syndrome Altered level of consciousness Alternariosis Alternating hemiplegia Alternative cancer treatments Altitude sickness Aluminium phosphide poisoning Alveolar capillary dysplasia Alveolar lung disease Alveolar pressure Alveolitis Alzheimer's disease organizations Alzheimer's disease research Amaurosis fugax Ambe Amblyopia Ambulance Ambulatory blood pressure Ambulatory care Ambulatory phlebectomy Amebiasis cutis Amelanotic melanoma Amelogenesis imperfecta Amenorrhoea American tick bite fever Aminoaciduria Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase deficiency porphyria Amiodarone Amniotic band constriction Amniotic fluid Amniotomy Amodiaquine Amoebic liver abscess Amoxapine Amphetamine Ampicillin/flucloxacillin Amputation Amsterdam criteria Amyloid purpura Amyloidosis Amyotrophy Anabolic steroid Anacusis Anaerobic infection Anaesthesia for ocular surgery Anaesthetic vaporizer Anagen effluvium Anal cancer Anal fissure Anal fistula Analeptic Analgesic nephropathy Anaphia Anaplasia Anaplastic thyroid cancer Anaplastology Anasarca Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System Anatomical pathology Anatomical theatre Andes virus Androgen Androgen deficiency Androgen replacement therapy Androgen-dependent condition Androgen-induced hermaphroditism Andrology Andropause Anembryonic gestation Anemia of chronic disease Anemia of prematurity Anemic infarct Anencephaly Anesthesia awareness Anesthesiologist Anesthetic Anetoderma Aneurysm of heart Aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva Angella D. Ferguson Angelman syndrome Angina bullosa haemorrhagica Angina pectoris Angiocardiography Angiodysplasia Angioedema Angiofibroma Angiography Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma Angiokeratoma Angioleiomyoma Angiolipoleiomyoma Angiolipoma Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia Angioma Angioma serpiginosum Angiomyolipoma Angiopathy Angiostasis Angiostrongyliasis Angiotensin II receptor antagonist Angular cheilitis Animal bite Animal-type melanoma Aniseikonia Anismus Anisochromasia Anisometropia Ankyloglossia Ankylosing spondylitis Ankylosis Annals of Epidemiology Annular elastolytic giant-cell granuloma Annular erythema of infancy Annular pustular psoriasis Anoikis Anomalous pulmonary venous connection Anomic aphasia Anonychia Anopsia Anorchia Anorectal anomalies Anorectal disorder Anorectal varices Anorgasmia Anosmia Anosognosia Anotia Anovulation Anoxia Ant venom Antagonism (chemistry) Antenatal depression Antenatal steroid Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion Anterior cingulate Anterior horn disease Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy Anterior lobe Anterior nuclear group Anterior spinal artery syndrome Anterior triangle of the neck Anthelmintic Anthrax Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed Anthrax vaccines Anthropometry Anthroponotic disease Anti-cardiolipin antibodies Anti-dsDNA antibodies Anti-gliadin antibodies Anti-inflammatory Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody Anti-nuclear antibody Anti-thymocyte globulin Anti-transglutaminase antibodies Antibiotic candidiasis Antibiotic synergy Antibiotic use in livestock Antibiotic-associated diarrhea Anticarcinogen Anticipatory grief Anticoagulant Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome Antidepressant discontinuation syndrome Antidepressants and suicide risk Antidiuretic Antiflatulent Antifungal Antigen Antigonadotropin Antihemorrhagic Antihypertensive drug Antileukemic drug Antileukotriene agents Antimalarial medication Antimetabolite Antimotility agent Antineoplastic resistance Antiphospholipid syndrome Antiplatelet drug Antiprotozoal Antipyretic Antiserum Antisialagogue Antisocial personality disorder Antitoxin Antivenom Anti–citrullinated protein antibody Anuria Anxiogenic Aortic aneurysm Aortic dissection Aortic rupture Aortic stenosis Aortic valve replacement Aortic valvuloplasty Aortocaval compression syndrome Aortoenteric fistula Aortography Aortoiliac occlusive disease Apgar score Aphakia Aphasia Aphasiology Apheresis Aphonia Aplasia cutis congenita Aplastic anemia Apnea Apnea of prematurity Apneustic centre Apocrine gland carcinoma Apocrine nevus Apolipoprotein B deficiency Aponeurotic fibroma Apothecaries Act 1815 Apparent leukonychia Apparent mineralocorticoid excess syndrome Appendectomy Appendix cancer Appetite Approved drug Apraxia Apraxia of speech Aquadynia Aquarium granuloma Arachnoid cyst Arachnoid cysts Arachnoiditis Arbovirus Arcanobacterium haemolyticum infection Arch support Archibald McIndoe Areca nut Aretaeus of Cappadocia Arformoterol Argon plasma coagulation Ariboflavinosis Aripiprazole Armodafinil Arnold Martin Katz Arnold–Chiari malformation Aromatase excess syndrome Arousal Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia Arsenic contamination of groundwater Arsenic poisoning Arsenical keratosis Artemisinin Arterial blood Arterial blood gas Arterial catheter Arterial embolism Arterial insufficiency Arterial insufficiency ulcer Arterial stiffness Arterial tree Arteriolosclerosis Arteriosclerosis obliterans Arteriovenous fistula Arteriovenous malformation Arteriovenous oxygen difference Arteritis Arthralgia Arthrocentesis Arthrodesis Arthrofibrosis Arthrogram Arthrogryposis–renal dysfunction–cholestasis syndrome Arthropathy Arthroplasty Arthropod assault Arthropod bites and stings Articular cartilage damage Articular cartilage injuries Articular cartilage repair Artificial cardiac pacemaker Artificial heart Artificial heart valve Artificial induction of immunity Artificial insemination Artificial kidney Artificial lung Artificial organ Artificial pancreas Artificial rupture of membranes Artificial skin Artificial tears Artificial urinary sphincter Asbestos-related diseases Ascariasis Ascending cholangitis Ascites Asepsis Aseptic meningitis Aseptic technique Asherman's syndrome Aspartame controversy Aspergilloma Aspergillosis Aspermia Asphyxia Aspiration pneumonia Aspirin-induced asthma Asplenia Assessment of suicide risk Assisted living Assisted suicide Associative visual agnosia Asteroid hyalosis Asthenia Astrocytoma Asymmetric periflexural exanthem of childhood Asymptomatic carrier Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis Asynclitic birth Ataxia Ataxia telangiectasia Ataxic cerebral palsy Atelectasis Atherectomy Atheroma Athlete's foot Athletic taping Athletic trainer Atonic seizure Atopy Atresia Atrial fibrillation Atrial flutter Atrial septal defect Atrial tachycardia Atrichia with papular lesions Atrioventricular block Atrioventricular fistula Atrioventricular septal defect Atrophic connective tissue panniculitis Atrophic gastritis Atrophic vaginitis Atrophodermia vermiculata Attention Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder controversies Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder management Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder predominantly inattentive Attention restoration theory Atypical depression Atypical ductal hyperplasia Atypical facial pain Atypical fibroxanthoma Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome Atypical lichen myxedematosus Atypical pneumonia Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor Atypical trigeminal neuralgia Atypical tuberous myxedema Audiometry Auditory brainstem implant Auditory brainstem response Auditory cortex Auditory neuropathy Auditory processing disorder Auditory system Auditory verbal agnosia Augmentation pharyngoplasty Aura (symptom) Auscultation Auscultatory gap Austin Flint murmur Autism and memory Autism spectrum Autism therapies Autistic enterocolitis Autistic savant Autoeczematization Autoerotic fatality Autoimmune encephalitis Autoimmune estrogen dermatitis Autoimmune heart disease Autoimmune hemolytic anemia Autoimmune hepatitis Autoimmune pancreatitis Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis Automated whole-breast ultrasound Automatic behavior Automatic exposure control Automobile safety Autonomic dysreflexia Autorefractor Autoregulation Autoscopy Autosensitization dermatitis Autosplenectomy Autotransplantation Auxology Avascular necrosis Avitaminosis Avoidant personality disorder Avulsion fracture Avulsion injury Axotomy Azathioprine Azoospermia Azotemia B symptoms B vitamins B-cell leukemia B-cell lymphoma B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia BMI1 BRCA1 Babesiosis Baboon syndrome Baby colic Baby walker Bacillary angiomatosis Bacillary dysentery Back brace Back injury Background radiation equivalent time Bacterial flora Bacterial pneumonia Bacteriuria Bag valve mask Bahrain Red Crescent Society Bailey Ashford Bainbridge reflex Baker's cyst Baker's itch Balamuthia infection Balance disorder Balanitis Balanitis plasmacellularis Balanitis xerotica obliterans Baldness Ballistic trauma Balloon cell nevus Balsalazide Banana equivalent dose Banding (medical) Barbotage Bare-metal stent Barefoot doctor Barefoot running Bariatrics Barium follow-through Barium meal Barium swallow Barodontalgia Barostriction Barotrauma Barrett's esophagus Barrier contraception Bart syndrome Barthel scale Bartonella rochalimae Bartonellosis Bart–Pumphrey syndrome Basal body temperature Basal electrical rhythm Basal ganglia Basal ganglia disease Basaloid follicular hamartoma Basic life support Basic metabolic panel Basophil cell Basophil granulocyte Batten disease Beare–Stevenson cutis gyrata syndrome Beating heart cadaver Beck Depression Inventory Becker's muscular dystrophy Bed bug Bed bug infestation Bed management Bee sting Beeturia Behavioral addiction Behavioral health Behavioral neurology Behavioural genetics Behcet's disease Bell's palsy Bell's phenomenon Belmont Report Bencyclane Beneficence (ethics) Benign cephalic histiocytosis Benign fibrous histiocytoma Benign hypertension Benign infantile epilepsy Benign melanocytic nevus Benign neonatal hemangiomatosis Benign nephrosclerosis Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Benign symmetric lipomatosis Benignity Bennett's fracture Benzodiazepine misuse Benzodiazepine overdose Bergmeister's papilla Beriberi Berlin's edema Berylliosis Beryllium granuloma Beta thalassemia Beta-Amanitin Bethesda system Bevacizumab Bezold–Jarisch reflex Bicarbonate buffering system Bicornuate uterus Bier spots Bifemelane Bifid rib Bile acid Bile acid sequestrant Biliary atresia Biliary colic Biliary pruritus Biliary reflux Biliary tract cancer Bilirubin Bilirubinuria Billroth I Billroth II Bimalleolar fracture Bimatoprost BioSense Bioaccumulation Biobreeding rat Biochemistry of Alzheimer's disease Bioethics Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy Bioinformatics Biological agent Biological aspects of fluorine Biological determinism Biological inheritance Biological psychiatry Biological timeline of radiation poisoning Biomarker (medicine) Biomedical engineering Biomedical model Biomedical sciences Biomedical scientist Biomedical tissue Biomesh Biomolecular complex Biomonitoring Biomphalaria Biopharmaceutics Biophysical profile Biopsychiatry controversy Bioptics (device) Bioptics (surgery) Biosocial theory Biot's respiration Biotin Bipolar I disorder Bipolar II disorder Bipolar disorder in children Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified Bipolar spectrum Birdshot chorioretinopathy Birth attendant Birth control in Africa Birth trauma (physical) Birth weight Birthing center Bisoctrizole Bisphenol A Bisphosphonate Bivalirudin Bjork–Shiley valve Black Death Black eye Black heel and palm Black piedra Black pox Blackout (alcohol-related amnesia) Bladder augmentation Bladder sphincter dyssynergia Bladder stone Blalock–Taussig shunt Blanch (medical) Blaschko's lines Blast injury Blastic NK cell lymphoma Blastocystosis Blastoma Blastomycosis Blastomycosis-like pyoderma Blau syndrome Bleeding time Blennorrhea Blepharitis Blepharophyma Blepharoplasty Blind experiment Blind loop syndrome Blister Blister beetle dermatitis Blistering distal dactylitis Bloating Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome Blood alcohol content Blood bank Blood blister Blood cell Blood film Blood flow Blood gas Blood glucose monitoring Blood lancet Blood lead level Blood phobia Blood plasma Blood product Blood proteins Blood substitute Blood sugar Blood urea nitrogen Blood-borne disease Blood-oxygen-level dependent Bloodletting Bloodmobile Bloody show Bloom–Richardson grading system Blue field entoptic phenomenon Blue nails Blue nevus Blueberry muffin baby Blunt splenic trauma Blunted affect Blurred vision Board certification Bodily harm Bodo Otto Body adiposity index Body contouring Body dysmorphic disorder Body fat percentage Body fat redistribution syndrome Body mass index Body odor Body substance isolation Body-focused repetitive behavior Bohr equation Boil Boil-water advisory Bolivian hemorrhagic fever Bolus (medicine) Bone Bone age Bone conduction Bone cyst Bone decalcification Bone disease Bone grafting Bone healing Bone marrow failure Bone marrow suppression Bone pain Bone pathology Bone scintigraphy Bone tumor Bone wax Bonnet–Dechaume–Blanc syndrome Booster dose Boot (medical) Borderline intellectual functioning Borderline lepromatous leprosy Borderline leprosy Borderline tuberculoid leprosy Bornholm disease Boromycin Borrelia burgdorferi Boston exanthem disease Boston keratoprosthesis Boswellia Botanical drug Botfly Botryomycosis Botulinum toxin Boutonneuse fever Boutonniere deformity Bovine papular stomatitis Bovine spongiform encephalopathy Bowel infarction Bowel obstruction Bowel resection Bowel-associated dermatosis–arthritis syndrome Bowenoid papulosis Bowman's capsule Boxer's fracture Boyle's machine Brace (orthopaedic) Brachial plexus injury Brachial plexus lesion Brachioplasty Brachioradial pruritus Brachytherapy Bradypnea Brain abscess Brain biopsy Brain function Brain herniation Brain implant Brain ischemia Brain metastasis Brain stem death Brainstem glioma Brainstem stroke syndrome Brain–computer interface Branchial cleft cyst Brazilian hemorrhagic fever Bread loafing Breakthrough bleeding Breakthrough infection Breast Cancer Alliance Breast MRI Breast augmentation Breast biopsy Breast cancer chemotherapy Breast cancer classification Breast cyst Breast disease Breast duct endoscopy Breast eczema Breast engorgement Breast enlargement supplement Breast implant Breast implant controversy Breast milk Breast prostheses Breast reconstruction Breast reduction Breast self-examination Breast surgery Breast-conserving surgery Breastfeeding Breastfeeding and HIV Breastfeeding difficulties Breath carbon monoxide Breath test Breathing Breech birth Brenner tumour Brighton Collaboration Brill–Zinsser disease Brimonidine/timolol Bristleworm sting Bristol-Myers Squibb British Approved Name Brodmann area 1 Brodmann area 17 Brodmann area 2 Brodmann area 23 Brodmann area 24 Brodmann area 25 Brodmann area 3 Brodmann area 32 Brodmann area 35 Brodmann area 41 Brodmann area 42 Bromism Bromoderma Bronchial hyperresponsiveness Bronchiolitis Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia Bronchoalveolar lavage Bronchoconstriction Bronchogenic cyst Bronchography Bronchopneumonia Bronchopulmonary dysplasia Bronchoscopy Bronchospasm Brooke–Fordyce syndrome Broström procedure Brown atrophy of the heart Brown tumor Brown-Séquard syndrome Brucellosis Brugada syndrome Brunelli procedure Bruxism Bubble CPAP Bubble hair deformity Bubo Bubonic plague Buccal fat extraction Buddy wrapping Budd–Chiari syndrome Buffalopox Bulbar palsy Bulbar urethral necrosis Bullous drug reaction Bullous impetigo Bullous keratopathy Bullous lymphedema Bullous pemphigoid Bullous small vessel vasculitis Bullying in medicine Bumper fracture Bundle branch block Bundle of His Bundled payment Bunion Buphthalmos Buprenorphine Burkitt's lymphoma Burn center Burping Bursectomy Bursitis Burst fracture Burst suppression Buschke–Ollendorff syndrome Butcher's wart Buteyko method Butriptyline Butterfly closure Butyric acid By Reason of Insanity Bypass surgery CA-125 CADASIL syndrome CD30+ cutaneous T-cell lymphoma CEPP CHILD syndrome CHOP CLARITY CMF (chemotherapy) CREST syndrome CT pulmonary angiogram CT scan Caduceus as a symbol of medicine Caesarean delivery on maternal request Caitlin Raymond International Registry Calcaneal spur Calcific tendinitis Calcinosis Calcinosis cutis Calcium Calcium channel blocker toxicity Caliber persistent artery Caliciviridae Calorie restriction Calorimetry Camila Krysicka Janniger Camisa disease Campylobacteriosis Camurati–Engelmann disease Canadian Thoracic Society Canavan disease Cancer and nausea Cancer bacteria Cancer cluster Cancer epigenetics Cancer immunology Cancer immunotherapy Cancer of unknown primary origin Cancer pain Cancer registry Cancer screening Cancer signs and symptoms Cancer staging Cancer stem cell Cancer stem cells Cancer support group Cancer survivor Cancer syndrome Cancer vaccine Cancer-related fatigue Candida dubliniensis Candidal intertrigo Candidal onychomycosis Candidid Cannabidiol Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome Cannon A waves Cannula Cansema Canthaxanthin Cantú syndrome Capillary aneurysms Capillary hemangioma Capillary refill Capitation (healthcare) Capsulorhexis Capsulotomy Caput medusae Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae Carbon dioxide laser Carbon stain Carcinoembryonic antigen Carcinogen Carcinoid Carcinoid syndrome Carcinoma Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma Carcinoma in situ Carcinosarcoma Carcinosis Cardiac PET Cardiac action potential Cardiac amyloidosis Cardiac asthma Cardiac fibrosis Cardiac glycoside Cardiac imaging Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging perfusion Cardiac monitoring Cardiac resynchronization therapy Cardiac shunt Cardiac stress test Cardiac surgeon Cardiac syndrome X Cardiac tamponade Cardiogenic shock Cardiology Cardiology diagnostic tests and procedures Cardiomegaly Cardiomyoplasty Cardioplegia Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation Cardiorenal syndrome Cardiothoracic anesthesiology Cardiotocography Cardiovascular pathology Cardioversion Carditis Carl von Rokitansky Carlos Blacker Carney complex Carol Remmer Angle Carotenosis Carotid artery dissection Carotid artery stenosis Carotid endarterectomy Carotid stenting Carotid triangle Carotid ultrasonography Carotid-cavernous fistula Carotidynia Carphologia Carpometacarpal osteoarthritis Case report Case-control study Castleman's disease Casualty (person) Cat-scratch disease Catalepsy Catamenial epilepsy Cataplexy Catarrh Catastrophic illness Catastrophic injury Catatonia Catecholamine Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia Cath lab Caul Cauliflower ear Causalgia Causes of autism Causes of cancer pain Causes of mental disorders Causes of schizophrenia Causes of seizures Causes of transsexualism Caustic pencil Cauterization Cavernous sinus thrombosis Cavernous venous malformation Caviar tongue Cavitation (biology) Cefalexin Celecoxib Cell therapy Cellular fibroadenoma Cellulite Cellulitis Centipede bite Centor criteria Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia Central facial palsy Central nervous system Central nervous system cavernous hemangioma Central nervous system depression Central neurogenic hyperventilation Central retinal artery occlusion Central retinal vein occlusion Central serous retinopathy Central sleep apnea Central tolerance Central venous pressure Centrifugal abdominal lipodystrophy Centrofacial lentiginosis Cephalic disorder Cephalic presentation Cephalopelvic disproportion Cephalosporin Cephamycin Cerebellar hemispheres Cerebellar nuclei Cerebellar stroke syndrome Cerebellopontine angle syndrome Cerebral amyloid angiopathy Cerebral angiography Cerebral arteriovenous malformation Cerebral atherosclerosis Cerebral atrophy Cerebral circulation Cerebral contusion Cerebral dysgenesis–neuropathy–ichthyosis–keratoderma syndrome Cerebral edema Cerebral gigantism Cerebral hemorrhage Cerebral hypoxia Cerebral infarction Cerebral laceration Cerebral malaria Cerebral salt-wasting syndrome Cerebral shunt Cerebral vasculitis Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis Cerebroside Cerebrospinal fluid leak Certified diabetes educator Cervarix Cervical agenesis Cervical cancer staging Cervical cap Cervical cerclage Cervical conization Cervical dilation Cervical dysplasia Cervical ectropion Cervical fracture Cervical incompetence Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia Cervical motion tenderness Cervical mucus plug Cervical polyp Cervical pregnancy Cervical spinal stenosis Cervical spine disorder Cervicectomy Cervicitis Cetirizine Chadwick's sign Chain of survival Chalazion Chance fracture Chancre Chancroid Channelopathy Charcot arthropathy Charcot–Bouchard aneurysm Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease Chargemaster Charley horse Cheek reconstruction Cheilitis Cheiralgia paresthetica Chelation therapy Chemical burn Chemical colitis Chemical eye injury Chemical imbalance Chemical peel Chemical synapse Chemoimmunotherapy Chemoprophylaxis Chemoradiotherapy Chemosis Chemotherapy regimen Chemotherapy-induced acral erythema Chemotherapy-induced hyperpigmentation Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting Chest injury Chest physiotherapy Chest radiograph Chest tube Chevron nail Cheyne–Stokes respiration Chiari malformation Chiasmal syndrome Chief Medical Officer Chikungunya Chilblain lupus erythematosus Child abuse Child and adolescent psychiatry Child bone fracture Child development Child euthanasia Child mortality Child sexuality Child-on-child sexual abuse Childbirth positions Childbirth-related posttraumatic stress disorder Childhood absence epilepsy Childhood cataract Childhood disintegrative disorder Childhood tumor syndrome Children's Depression Inventory Children's hospital Chills Chin augmentation Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders Chiroplasty Chiropractic Chiropractic controversy and criticism Chiropractic education Chlamydia trachomatis Chlorcyclizine Chlormadinone acetate Chlorprothixene Choking game Cholangiocarcinoma Cholangiography Cholemia Cholera vaccine Cholestasis Cholestatic pruritus Cholesteatoma Cholesterolosis of gallbladder Cholestyramine Cholinergic urticaria Chondroblastoma Chondrocalcinosis Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis Chondrodysplasia punctata Chondroid lipoma Chondroitinase treatment Chondroma Chondromalacia patellae Chondroplasty Chondrosarcoma Chorditis Chorea Chorea (disambiguation) Chorea gravidarum Choriocarcinoma Chorionic villus sampling Choroid plexus tumor Christiaan Barnard Chromesthesia Chromobacteriosis infection Chromobacterium Chromoblastomycosis Chromonychia Chromosomal translocation Chromosome abnormality Chromosome instability syndrome Chronic Somogyi rebound Chronic actinic dermatitis Chronic bacterial prostatitis Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency Chronic condition Chronic endothelial injury hypothesis Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment Chronic functional abdominal pain Chronic gastritis Chronic granulomatous disease Chronic hallucinatory psychosis Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy Chronic liver disease Chronic mountain sickness Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia Chronic pain syndrome Chronic pancreatitis Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Chronic recurrent erysipelas Chronic scar keratosis Chronic toxicity Chronic traumatic encephalopathy Chronic undermining burrowing ulcer Chronic venous insufficiency Chronic vesiculobullous hand eczema Chronic wound Churg–Strauss syndrome Chylothorax Chyluria Cicatricial alopecia Cicatricial pemphigoid Cicely Pearl Blair Ciliated cyst of the vulva Ciliopathy Ciliospinal reflex Cimino fistula Cinoxacin Circadian rhythm Circadian rhythm sleep disorder Circulatory collapse Circumcision Circumostomy eczema Cladribine Clanging Classification of mental disorders Classification of obesity Claude's syndrome Claudication Clay-shoveler fracture Clear cell acanthoma Clear-cell sarcoma Clearance (medicine) Clearing the cervical spine Cleft hand Clerkship (medicine) Climacteric (human) Clinic Clinical audit Clinical biologist Clinical biophysics Clinical chemistry Clinical clerkship Clinical governance Clinical neurochemistry Clinical neurophysiology Clinical neuropsychology Clinical nutrition Clinical officer Clinical pathology Clinical peer review Clinical pharmacy Clinical research Clinical research ethics Clinical significance Clinical study report Clinical surveillance Clinical trial Clitoral hood Clitoral hood reduction Clitoridectomy Clitoromegaly Clitoroplasty Clobazam Clobetasone Clonal seborrheic keratosis Clonus Clostridium perfringens Clotting time Clouding of consciousness Clouston's hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia Clubbed thumb Cluster B personality disorders Cluster headache Co-phenotrope Coagulation screen Coagulation testing Coalworker's pneumoconiosis Coarctation of the aorta Cobb syndrome Cocaine intoxication Coccidioidomycosis Coccygectomy Coccyx fracture Cochrane Collaboration Coffee ground vomiting Cognition Cognitive deficit Cognitive emotional behavioral therapy Cognitive neuroscience of dreams Cognitive neuroscience of visual object recognition Cohort study Coinfection Coitus interruptus Cold abscess Cold agglutinin disease Cold compression therapy Cold pressor test Cold sensitivity Cold urticaria Colectomy Colic Coliform index Colitis Collagenous colitis Collagenous fibroma Collapse (medical) Collapsed vein Collateralization College health Colon cancer staging Colonic polypectomy Colonic polyps Color blindness Colorado tick fever Colorectal surgery Colostomy Colpocleisis Colposcopy Coma blister Combat stress reaction Combination therapy Combined drug intoxication Combined hyperlipidemia Combined injectable contraceptive Combined intracavernous injection and stimulation test Combined rapid anterior pituitary evaluation panel Combined small-cell lung carcinoma Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia Combitube Comby sign Comedo extraction Comedocarcinoma Commando Operation Common seborrheic keratosis Common variable immunodeficiency Commotio cordis Communication disorder Community mental health service Community-acquired pneumonia Comorbidity Comparison of MD and DO in the United States Comparison of birth control methods Compartment syndrome Compensatory hyperhidrosis Complete circumferential peripheral and deep margin assessment Complex partial seizure Complex partial status epilepticus Complex post-traumatic stress disorder Complex regional pain syndrome Compliance (physiology) Complication (medicine) Complications of diabetes mellitus Complications of traumatic brain injury Comprehensive metabolic panel Compulsive behavior Computational human phantom Computed radiography Computed tomography angiography Computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis Computed tomography of the heart Computer vision syndrome Computer-aided diagnosis Computer-assisted surgery Computer-induced medical problems Conception device Concha bullosa Concomitant drug Condoms, needles, and negotiation Conduct disorder Conduction aphasia Condylomata lata Cone beam computed tomography Cone dystrophy Confabulation Confidentiality Conflict of interest in the health care industry Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Congenital amputation Congenital anomalies of the genitalia Congenital cartilaginous rest of the neck Congenital cataract Congenital cutaneous candidiasis Congenital cytomegalovirus infection Congenital erosive and vesicular dermatosis Congenital hypertrophy of the lateral fold of the hallux Congenital hypothyroidism Congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma Congenital lip pit Congenital malformations of the dermatoglyphs Congenital melanocytic nevus Congenital muscular dystrophy Congenital myasthenic syndrome Congenital myopathy Congenital nephrotic syndrome Congenital onychodysplasia of the index fingers Congenital rubella syndrome Congenital self-healing reticulohistiocytosis Congenital smooth muscle hamartoma Congenital syphilis Conjoined twins Conjugate vaccine Connective tissue disease Connective tissue nevus Conrad Brunner (physician) Conradi–Hünermann syndrome Consciousness Consensual response Consequences of the Black Death Conservation medicine Constitutional growth delay Constraint-induced movement therapy Constrictive pericarditis Construct validity Contact immunity Contact lens Contact stomatitis Contact tracing Contagious disease Contaminated haemophilia blood products Contiguous gene syndrome Continuing medical education Continuous hyperthermic peritoneal perfusion Continuous integrated triage Continuous mandatory ventilation Continuous spontaneous ventilation Continuous wound infiltration Contraceptive patch Contraceptive security Contraceptive sponge Contraction alkalosis Contraction stress test Contracture Contraindication Contrast bath therapy Contrast medium Contrast-enhanced ultrasound Control of ventilation Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation Controversy surrounding psychiatry Conventional insulinotherapy Conversion disorder Coolie itch Cooling vest Coombs test Copper in health Copra itch Copropraxia Copycat suicide Coral cut Coral dermatitis Cordotomy Core temperature Cormack-Lehane classification system Corn (medicine) Corneal abrasion Corneal dystrophy (human) Corneal ectatic disorders Corneal endothelium Corneal hydrops Corneal keratocyte Corneal pachymetry Corneal transplantation Corneocyte Corneodermatoosseous syndrome Cornu ammonis Coronal plane Coronary artery aneurysm Coronary artery dissection Coronary artery ectasia Coronary care unit Coronary flow reserve Coronary steal Coronary thrombosis Coronary vasospasm Coronavirinae Corpectomy Corpus luteum cyst Corrective lens Cortef Cortical deafness Cortical spreading depression Cortical stimulation mapping Corticobasal degeneration Corticosteroid Cortisol awakening response Costochondritis Cosyntropin Cotard delusion Cotton wool spots Cough reflex Counterfeit medicines online Counterregulatory hormone Coup contrecoup injury Course (medicine) Couvelaire uterus Cover test Cowden syndrome Cowpox Cox maze procedure Coxa valga Coxa vara Coxsackie A virus Coxsackie B virus Crackles Cradle cap Cramp Cranial nerve examination Craniofacial abnormality Craniofacial prosthesis Craniofacial surgery Craniopharyngioma Cranioschisis Craniosynostosis Craniosynostosis–anal anomalies–porokeratosis syndrome Crazy cat lady syndrome Cretinism Cri du chat Cricoid pressure Cricoidectomy Cricothyrotomy Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever Critical care nursing Critical illness polyneuropathy Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency Critical limb ischemia Crohn's disease Cromoglicic acid Cross-matching Cross-tolerance Crossing the Quality Chasm Crotamiton Crus cerebri Crush syndrome Crutch Cryoablation Cryofibrinogenemia Cryofibrinogenemic purpura Cryoglobulinemic purpura Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis Cryonics Cryosupernatant Cryosurgery Cryotherapy Cryptococcosis Cryptococcus Cryptococcus neoformans Cryptogenic disease Cryptogenic organizing pneumonitis Cryptomenorrhea Cryptosporidium parvum Crystal arthropathy Cubic centimetre Culdocentesis Culdoscope Culdoscopy Cultural competence in health care Culture-bound syndrome Cumulative trauma disorder Cure Curettage Curling's ulcer Currarino syndrome Cushing's disease Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma Cutaneous Pasteurella hemolytica infection Cutaneous Streptococcus iniae infection Cutaneous T cell lymphoma Cutaneous actinomycosis Cutaneous ciliated cyst Cutaneous columnar cyst Cutaneous diphtheria infection Cutaneous endometriosis Cutaneous focal mucinosis Cutaneous group B streptococcal infection Cutaneous larva migrans Cutaneous leishmaniasis Cutaneous lupus mucinosis Cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia Cutaneous manifestations of sarcoidosis Cutaneous meningioma Cutaneous myxoma Cutaneous perforating disorders Cutaneous sinus of dental origin Cutaneous small-vessel vasculitis Cutis rhomboidalis nuchae Cutis verticis gyrata Cyanide poisoning Cyanotic heart defect Cyclic neutropenia Cyclic vomiting syndrome Cyclosporiasis Cyst Cystectomy Cystercosis Cystic fibrosis Cystic hygroma Cystic lymphatic malformation Cystica profunda Cysticercosis Cysticercosis cutis Cystocele Cystography Cystolithotripsy Cysts of the jaws Cytokine storm Cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus infection Cytomegalovirus retinitis Cytopathology Cytopenia Cytotherapy (journal) Cytotoxicity Czermak-Hering test DAM (chemotherapy) DAT (chemotherapy) DDT DHAP (chemotherapy) DNA condensation DNA error DNA profiling DNA repair-deficiency disorder DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course) DPT-MPH DRESS syndrome DSM-5 Dacryoadenitis Danaparoid Dance and health Dance therapy Dandy–Walker syndrome Dapsone Darier's disease Dasatinib Datura David Aaron Kessler Daytrana De Garengeot's hernia De Quervain syndrome DeSanctis–Cacchione syndrome Dead arm syndrome Deafblindness Death anxiety (psychology) Death certificate Debridement Debulking Decidualization Deciduous teeth Declaration of Geneva Declaration of Helsinki Decompensation Decompression sickness Deep brain stimulation Deep hypothermic circulatory arrest Deep water blackout Deformity Degenerative disc disease Degloving Deinstitutionalisation Dejerine–Sottas disease Delayed blister Delayed milestone Delayed onset muscle soreness Delayed sleep phase disorder Deletion (genetics) Delivery after previous Caesarean section Delusion Delusional parasitosis Dematiaceous Dementia praecox Demodex mite bite Demyelinating disease Dendritic cell Dengue shock syndrome Dengue vaccine Dengue virus Dental assistant Dental dam Dental emergency Dental fear Dental implant Dental surgery Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy Depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate Depression (mood) Depressive Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Depressive personality disorder Depressogenic Dermabrasion Dermal cylindroma Dermal dendrocyte hamartoma Dermatitis gangrenosa Dermatitis herpetiformis Dermatitis repens Dermatofibrosarcoma Dermatomyositis Dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis Dermatopathology Dermatophagia Dermatophytid Dermatophytosis Dermatoscopy Dermatosis papulosa nigra Dermatothlasia Dermoid cyst Descriptive psychiatry Desensitization (medicine) Desiccated thyroid extract Desmin-related myofibrillar myopathy Desmoplastic melanoma Desmoplastic trichoepithelioma Desquamation Desquamative gingivitis Development and discovery of SSRI drugs Development of the reproductive system Developmental coordination disorder Developmental disability Developmental dysfluency Developmental regression Dexamethasone suppression test Dexmedetomidine Dextro-Transposition of the great arteries Dextroamphetamine DiGeorge syndrome Diabetes control and complications trial Diabetes insipidus Diabetes management software Diabetes mellitus and pregnancy Diabetic angiopathy Diabetic bulla Diabetic cardiomyopathy Diabetic cheiroarthropathy Diabetic coma Diabetic dermadrome Diabetic dermopathy Diabetic diet Diabetic foot Diabetic foot ulcer Diabetic hypoglycemia Diabetic ketoacidosis Diabetic nephropathy Diabetic neuropathy Diabetic retinopathy Diagnosis code Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS Diagnosis of exclusion Diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy Diagnosis of malaria Diagnosis of schizophrenia Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood Diagnostic test Dialysis adequacy Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome Diaper candidiasis Diaphragm (contraceptive) Diaphragmatic rupture Diarrhea in developing regions Diascopy Diastasis recti Diastasis symphysis pubis Diastolic heart murmur Diatrizoic acid Dicoumarol Dienestrol Diet and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Diet and cancer Diet and obesity Dietary fiber Diethylstilbestrol Dieting Dietitian Differential diagnosis Diffuse alveolar damage Diffuse axonal injury Diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis Diffuse infantile fibromatosis Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Diffuse myelinoclastic sclerosis Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis Diffuse panbronchiolitis Diffuse sclerosis Diffusing capacity Digenea Digestive system neoplasm Digital mammography Digital subtraction angiography Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency Dihydrotachysterol Dilated cardiomyopathy Dilated fundus examination Dilated pore Dilation and curettage Dilation and evacuation Diltiazem Dimetacrine Dioctophyme renale Diphenhydramine Diphtheria vaccine Diphyllobothriasis Diphyllobothrium Diplegia Direct DNA damage Direct primary care DirectHit Disability-adjusted life year Disarticulation Disaster medicine Discectomy Discitis Discoid lupus erythematosus Discovery and development of non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors Discredited HIV/AIDS origins theories Discrete papular lichen myxedematosus Disease burden Disease management (health) Disease model of addiction Disease mongering Disease registry Disease surveillance Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug Diseases of the foot Disfigurement Dislocated shoulder Dislocation of hip Dislocation of jaw Disordered eating Disorders of consciousness Disorders of sex development Dispensing chemist Displacement (orthopedic surgery) Dissecting cellulitis of the scalp Dissection Dissection (medical) Disseminate and recurrent infundibulofolliculitis Disseminated coccidioidomycosis Disseminated herpes zoster Disseminated intravascular coagulation Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis Dissociation (psychology) Dissociative disorder Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified Dissociative identity disorder Distal 18q- Distal hereditary motor neuropathies Distal radius fracture Distal renal tubular acidosis Distal subungual onychomycosis Distorted vision Distraction osteogenesis Distress (medicine) Distributive shock Diuresis Diurnal enuresis Diverticulosis Diving disorders Dobrava-Belgrade virus Docetaxel Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Doctor–patient relationship Dogger Bank itch Dolichocephaly Dolichol kinase deficiency Dolichostenomelia Domestic violence Domestic violence and pregnancy Donabedian model Donepezil Door-to-balloon Dopamine Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency Dopamine dysregulation syndrome Dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia Dopamine reuptake inhibitor Dopamine system Dopamine transporter Doping in sport Doppler echocardiography Dor procedure Dorsal nexus Dorzolamide/timolol Dose (biochemistry) Dose-volume histogram Dose–response relationship Dosing Doucas and Kapetanakis pigmented purpura Doula Down syndrome Doxepin Doxorubicin Doxylamine Drain (surgery) Drawer test Dressing (medical) Drooling Drop attack Drug allergy Drug delivery to the brain Drug detoxification Drug discovery Drug fraud Drug intolerance Drug of last resort Drug overdose Drug policy Drug withdrawal Drug-induced QT prolongation Drug-induced amnesia Drug-induced angioedema Drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia Drug-induced hyperthermia Drug-induced keratoderma Drug-induced lipodystrophy Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Drug-induced nail changes Drug-induced nonautoimmune hemolytic anemia Drug-induced pigmentation Drug-induced pruritus Drug-induced pseudolymphoma Drug-induced purpura Drug-induced thrombocytopenic purpura Drug-induced urticaria Drug-related gingival hyperplasia Dry drowning Dry toilet Dual diagnosis Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry Dubin–Johnson syndrome Duchenne muscular dystrophy Duct ectasia of breast Ductal carcinoma in situ Duffy antigen system Dukes' disease Dunnigan familial partial lipodystrophy Duodenal cancer Dupuytren's contracture Dust pneumonia Dutasteride Dutasteride/tamsulosin Duverney fracture Dwarfism Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI Dynamic psychiatry Dysarthria Dysautonomia Dyscalculia Dyschromatosis symmetrica hereditaria Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria Dysdiadochokinesia Dysesthesia Dysfunctional uterine bleeding Dysgeusia Dysgraphia Dyskaryosis Dyskinesia Dyslipidemia Dysmelia Dysmenorrhea Dysmetria Dysmetropsia Dysosmia Dyspareunia Dysphonia Dysplastic nail Dysplastic nevus Dysplastic nevus syndrome Dysthanasia Dysthymia Dystonia Dystrophic calcification Dystrophic calcinosis cutis Dysuria E chart ELISA EPOCH (chemotherapy) ESHAP Eales disease Ear disease Ear drop Ear eczema Early goal-directed therapy Early postnatal hospital discharge Early prostate cancer antigen-2 Early warning score Early-onset Alzheimer's disease Eating disorder Eating disorder not otherwise specified Eating recovery Ebastine Ebola virus epidemic in Liberia Ebullism Ecchymosis Eccrine angiomatous hamartoma Eccrine carcinoma Eccrine mucinosis Eccrine nevus Echinococcosis Echinococcus Echinostoma Echinostoma revolutum Echocardiography Echolalia Echovirus Economic epidemiology Ecthyma Ecthyma gangrenosum Ectodermal dysplasia Ectodermal dysplasia with corkscrew hairs Ectopia (medicine) Ectopic pacemaker Ectopic pancreas Eczema herpeticum Eczema vaccinatum Eczematid-like purpura of Doucas and Kapetanakis Edema Edema blister Edivoxetine Edwards syndrome Efavirenz/emtricitabine/tenofovir Effect of oxygen on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Effective dose (radiation) Effects and aftermath of rape Effects of cannabis Effects of high altitude on humans Effects of long-term benzodiazepine use Effects of nuclear explosions on human health Efferent nerve fiber Egg allergy Egg donation Ego-dystonic sexual orientation Ehlers–Danlos syndrome Ehrlichiosis Ehrlichiosis ewingii infection Eisenmenger's syndrome Elaine Jaffe Elastic bandage Elastofibroma dorsi Elastography Elastosis perforans serpiginosa Elder abuse Elective Elective caesarean section Elective surgery Electric acoustic stimulation Electric shock Electrical brain stimulation Electrical burn Electrical impedance myography Electrical impedance tomography Electroanalgesia Electrocardiography in myocardial infarction Electroconvulsive therapy Electrocorticography Electrodermal activity Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Electromagnetic radiation and health Electromyography Electron therapy Electroneuronography Electronic cigarette Electronic health record Electronic medical record Electronic prescribing Electropalatography Electrophysiology study Electrosurgery Electrotherapy Electrotrichogenesis Elejalde syndrome Elephantiasis Elephantiasis nostras Elevated alpha-fetoprotein Elevated transaminases Elimination diet Elixir Elizabeth Blackwell Medal Emaciation Embolism Embolization Embryo quality Embryo transfer Embryology Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma Emergency Bandage Emergency department Emergency medical services Emergency psychiatry Emergency tourniquet Emerging infectious disease Emotional detachment Emotional dysregulation Emotional lateralization Empirical treatment Empty calorie Empty nose syndrome Empyema Enanthem Encephalitis Encephalocele Encephalopathy Enchondroma Encopresis End-diastolic volume End-of-life care Endarterectomy Endemic (epidemiology) Endobronchial blocker Endocannabinoid system Endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis Endocarditis Endocervical curettage Endocrine gland neoplasm Endocrine pathology Endocrine surgery Endodermal sinus tumor Endodontic therapy Endoluminal capsule monitoring Endolymphatic sac tumor Endometrial biopsy Endometrial cancer Endometrial hyperplasia Endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia Endometriosis of ovary Endometritis Endomicroscopy Endophthalmitis Endoscopic nasopharyngectomy Endoscopic stenting Endoscopic ultrasound Endoscopic vessel harvesting Endotheliitis Endovascular aneurysm repair Endovascular coiling Endovascular surgery Endovenous laser treatment Enema Enkephalinase inhibitor Enoxaparin sodium Enteritis Enterobiasis Enterocolitis Enterolith Enteropathy Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma Enterovirus 71 Enthesis Enthesitis Enthesopathy Entomophthoramycosis Enucleation of the eye Enuresis Environmental dependency syndrome Environmental exogenous hormones Environmental factor Environmental health Environmental toxicants and fetal development Enzyme replacement therapy Eosinophilia Eosinophilia–myalgia syndrome Eosinophilic cellulitis Eosinophilic esophagitis Eosinophilic folliculitis Eosinophilic granuloma Eosinophilic pustular folliculitis of infancy Eosinophilic ulcer of the oral mucosa Eosinophilic vasculitis Ependymoma Epicanthic fold Epicanthoplasty Epidemic model Epidemiological surveillance Epidemiology Epidemiology and Infection Epidemiology of bed bugs Epidemiology of cancer Epidemiology of childhood obesity Epidemiology of herpes simplex Epidemiology of metabolic syndrome Epidemiology of motor vehicle collisions Epidermal nevus syndrome Epidermoid cyst Epidermolysis bullosa Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita Epidermolysis bullosa simplex Epidermolytic acanthoma Epididymitis Epidural abscess Epidural administration Epidural blood patch Epidural hematoma Epidural steroid injection Epigastric hernia Epigenetics Epigenetics of schizophrenia Epiglottitis Epilepsy surgery Epilepsy syndromes Epileptic spasms Epileptogenesis Epiphysiodesis Epiploic appendagitis Epiretinal membrane Episiotomy Episodic dyscontrol syndrome Epithelial dysplasia Epithelial–mesenchymal transition Epithelioid cell histiocytoma Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma Epithelioma Epithelioma cuniculatum Epley maneuver Epstein–Barr virus vaccine Epulis Epulis fissuratum Equestrian perniosis Equianalgesic Equilibrioception Eradication of infectious diseases Erb's palsy Erethism Ergogenic aid Ergotism Erisipela de la costa Ernst Finger Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica Erosive pustular dermatitis of the scalp Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis Erysipelas Erysipeloid Erysipeloid of Rosenbach Erythema Erythema annulare centrifugum Erythema dyschromicum perstans Erythema elevatum diutinum Erythema gyratum repens Erythema multiforme Erythema multiforme major Erythema multiforme minor Erythema toxicum neonatorum Erythrocyanosis crurum Erythrocyte aggregation Erythrocyte fragility Erythrocyte sedimentation rate Erythroderma Erythrodermic mastocytosis Erythrokeratodermia variabilis Erythrokeratodermia with ataxia Erythromelanosis follicularis faciei et colli Erythroplakia Erythroplasia of Queyrat Erythropoiesis Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent Erythropoietic porphyria Erythropoietin Erythrotelangiectatic rosacea Escherichia coli O104:H4 Escherichia coli O157:H7 Escitalopram Esophageal atresia Esophageal candidiasis Esophageal disease Esophageal food bolus obstruction Esophageal motility study Esophageal pH monitoring Esophageal speech Esophageal stricture Esophageal varices Esophagectomy Esophagitis Esotropia Essential dermatitis Essential hypertension Essential medicines Essential nutrient Essential tremor Essure Esther Chapa Estradiol acetate Estradiol cypionate Estradiol dipropionate Estradiol enanthate Estradiol undecylate Estradiol valerate Estratest Estriol Estrogen ester Eszopiclone Ethadione Ethanol Etiology (medicine) European Organisation for Rare Diseases Euthyroid Euthyroid sick syndrome Evanescent (dermatology) Evans syndrome Evidence-based practice Evocative/suppression testing Evoked potential Evolutionary medicine Ewing family of tumors Ewing's sarcoma Exanthem Exanthematic pustular psoriasis Excess ovarian androgen release syndrome Exchange transfusion Excited delirium Excoriated acne Excoriation disorder Executive dysfunction Executive functions Executive system Exercise hypertension Exercise intolerance Exercise prescription Exercise trends Exercise urticaria Exercise-associated muscle cramps Exercise-induced nausea Exfoliation (cosmetology) Exhalation Exhaled nitric oxide Exisulind Exocytosis (dermatopathology) Exomedicine Exophthalmometer Exophthalmos Exoskeleton Exostosis Expanded access Experimental pathology Exploratory laparotomy Exploratory surgery Expressive aphasia Expressive language disorder Extended cycle combined hormonal contraceptive Extended-spectrum penicillin Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis External beam radiotherapy External fixation External urine collection device Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy Extracutaneous mastocytoma Extraesophageal reflux disease Extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type Extranuclear inheritance Extrapyramidal system Extraskeletal chondroma Exudate Exudative hyponychial dermatitis Eye disease Eye drop Eye injuries during general anaesthesia Eye injury Eye surgery Eyeglass prescription Eyelid dermatitis Eyepatch Ezetimibe FCM (chemotherapy) FLAG (chemotherapy) FM (chemotherapy) FODMAP FOLFOX FOSB Fabella sign Face transplant Facet joint injection Facet syndrome Facial cleft Facial feminization surgery Facial nerve nucleus Facial nerve paralysis Facial trauma Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy Factitial lymphedema Factitious dermatitis Factor VIII Faecalibacterium Failed back syndrome Fall prevention Falling (accident) Fallopian tube cancer Falls in older adults False memory syndrome False pregnancy Familial Mediterranean fever Familial adenomatous polyposis Familial atrial fibrillation Familial dysautonomia Familial dysbetalipoproteinemia Familial hypercholesterolemia Familial hypertriglyceridemia Familial myxovascular fibromas Familial partial lipodystrophy Familial progressive hyperpigmentation Family history (medicine) Family medicine Fanconi syndrome Farber disease Farmer's lung Farmyard pox Fascial hernia Fasciculation Fasciitis Fasciolopsiasis Fasciotomy Fatty liver Fatty-acid metabolism disorder Favid Favre–Racouchot syndrome Fear of falling Feather pillow dermatitis Febrile neutropenia Febrile neutrophilic dermatosis Febrile seizure Fecal bacteriotherapy Fecal coliform Fecal fat test Fecal impaction Fecal incontinence Fecal occult blood Fecal-oral route Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (Russia) Fee-for-service Feeding disorder Felbinac Female athlete triad Female condom Female genital mutilation Female genital prolapse Female infertility Female sexual arousal disorder Feminine essence concept of transsexuality Feminization (biology) Femoral acetabular impingement Femoral hernia Femtosecond laser for cataract surgery Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra Ferritin Fertility awareness Fertility medication Fertility preservation Fertility testing Fertility tourism Fertiloscope Fetal heartbeat bill Fetal hydantoin syndrome Fetal intervention Fetal movement Fetal scalp blood testing Fetal surgery Fetal viability Fetoscopy Fetus in fetu Fever of unknown origin Fiberscope Fibrate Fibrillary astrocytoma Fibrillation Fibrin ring granuloma Fibrinoid necrosis Fibrinolysis Fibrinolysis syndrome Fibroadenoma Fibrocalculous pancreatopathy Fibrochondrogenesis Fibrocystic breast changes Fibrofolliculoma Fibroma Fibroma of tendon sheath Fibromatosis Fibromatosis colli Fibromuscular dysplasia Fibrous hamartoma of infancy Fibrous papule of the nose Fibular hemimelia Fiddler's neck Field hospital Fields Virology Fifth disease Filgrastim Fine-needle aspiration Finnish heritage disease First Nations and diabetes First aid room First arch syndrome First pass effect Fissure of the nipple Fistula Fistulotomy Fitzpatrick scale Fixation (surgical) Fixed drug reaction Flail chest Flap (surgery) Flash pulmonary edema Flat feet Flatline Flatulence Flea-borne spotted fever Flexner Report Flinders Island spotted fever Floater Flocculonodular lobe Florid cutaneous papillomatosis Flu season Flu-like syndrome Fludarabine Fludrocortisone Fludroxycortide Fluid balance Fluid replacement Fluocinolone acetonide Fluorescein Fluorescent lamps and health Fluoride therapy Fluoride toxicity Fluoroscopy Flushing (physiology) Flying squirrel typhus Focal and diffuse brain injury Focal dermal hypoplasia Focal dystonia Focal fatty liver Focal neurologic signs Focal nodular hyperplasia Focal palmoplantar and gingival keratosis Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis Focus of infection Focused assessment with sonography for trauma Folate deficiency Folic acid Follicle-stimulating hormone Follicular atrophoderma Follicular cyst of ovary Follicular hybrid cyst Follicular lymphoma Follicular phase Follicular thyroid cancer Folliculitis Folliculitis decalvans Folliculitis nares perforans Folliculosebaceous cystic hamartoma Folliculosebaceous-apocrine hamartoma Fontan procedure Fontanelle Food contaminant Food fortification Food neophobia Food pyramid (nutrition) Foot care Foot deformity Footballer's ankle Footspeed Foramen ovale (heart) Forceps Forceps in childbirth Foreign body Forensic pathology Forensic psychiatry Forensic toxicology Forequarter amputation Forrest classification Four Big Pollution Diseases of Japan Four corner fusion Fourth ventricle Fox–Fordyce disease Fractional flow reserve Fractional sodium excretion Fracture blister Fragile X syndrome Fragility fracture Frailty syndrome Frances Tustin Franceschetti–Klein syndrome François-Joseph Double Free flap Free flap breast reconstruction Free market healthcare Free water clearance Free-living Amoebozoa infection Free-radical theory of aging Freiberg disease Fremitus Frenectomy Frequent urination Fresh frozen plasma Friction blister Friction burn Friedreich's ataxia Frontal fibrosing alopecia Frontal lobe disorder Frontal lobe epilepsy Frontal lobe injury Frontotemporal dementia Frozen section procedure Fructose malabsorption Fruit allergy Fuchs' dystrophy Fugue state Functional disorder Functional endoscopic sinus surgery Functional gastrointestinal disorder Functional magnetic resonance imaging Functional murmur Functional specialization (brain) Functional spinal unit Functional symptom Fungal folliculitis Fungal keratitis Fungal meningitis Fungal pneumonia Fungemia Funny current Fusariosis Fusion beat Futile medical care GVD (chemotherapy) Gabapentin Gait abnormality Galactocele Galactorrhea hyperprolactinemia Gallbladder cancer Gallbladder disease Gallbladder polyp Gallium 67 scan Galli–Galli disease Gallop rhythm Galvanic urticaria Gamasoidosis Gamekeeper's thumb Gamma camera Ganglioglioma Ganglion cyst Garlic allergy Garrod's pad Gas gangrene Gas mask Gastrectomy Gastric antral vascular ectasia Gastric distension Gastric dumping syndrome Gastric erosion Gastric lavage Gastric lymphoma Gastric outlet obstruction Gastric varices Gastrocolic reflex Gastrocutaneous syndrome Gastroenterology Gastroenterostomy Gastroesophageal reflux disease Gastrointestinal bleeding Gastrointestinal neuroectodermal tumor Gastrointestinal pathology Gastrointestinal perforation Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Gastrojejunocolic fistula Gastroparesis Gastropexy Gastrostomy Gate control theory of pain Gateway drug theory Gaucher's disease Gefarnate GemOx Gender dysphoria Gender-bias in medical diagnosis Gene duplication Gene expression profiling in cancer General anaesthetic General medical examination General surgery Generalised epilepsy Generalized eruptive histiocytoma Generalized erythema Generalized essential telangiectasia Generalized granuloma annulare Generalized hyperhidrosis Generalized lentiginosis Generalized lymphadenopathy Generalized pustular psoriasis Generalized trichoepithelioma Generalized vaccinia Genetic counseling Genetic determinism Genetic discrimination Genetic screen Genetically modified bacteria Genetics of Down syndrome Genetics of aging Genioglossus advancement Genital examination Genital leiomyoma Genital schistosomiasis Genitourinary medicine Genitourinary system Genodermatosis Genome-wide association study Genomics Genu recurvatum Genu varum Geographic tongue Geotrichosis Geriatric psychiatry Geriatric trauma Geriatrics Germ cell tumor Germ theory of disease Germinal center B-cell like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Germinoma Gerstmann's syndrome Gestational age Gestational choriocarcinoma Gestational hypertension Getting the wind knocked out of you Gianotti–Crosti syndrome Giant axonal neuropathy with curly hair Giant cell arteritis Giant cell lichenoid dermatitis Giant condyloma acuminatum Giant solitary trichoepithelioma Giant-cell arteritis Giant-cell carcinoma of the lung Giant-cell glioblastoma Giant-cell reticulohistiocytoma Giant-cell tumor of bone Giant-cell tumor of the tendon sheath Giardia lamblia Giardiasis Gibbus deformity Giggle incontinence Gingival enlargement Gingival fibroma Gingival fibromatosis with hypertrichosis Gingivitis Glanders Glandular metaplasia Glandular rosacea Glasses Glatiramer acetate Glaucoma surgery Glenn procedure Glial scar Glioblastoma multiforme Glioma Gliomatosis cerebri Global burden of disease Globalization and disease Globe (human eye) Globoid cell leukodystrophy Globose nucleus Globus pharyngis Glomangiosarcoma Glomectomy Glomerulation Glomeruloid hemangioma Glomerulonephritis Glomerulonephrosis Glomerulopathy Glossary of alternative medicine Glossary of clinical research Glossary of communication disorders Glossary of diabetes Glossary of psychiatry Glossectomy Glucagon Glucagon rescue Glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism Glucose test Glucose tolerance test Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency Gluteal gait Gluten-free diet Gluten-related disorders Gluten-sensitive idiopathic neuropathies Glycated hemoglobin Glycemia Glycemic index Glycosuria Gnathophyma Gnathostomiasis Goitre Goitrogen Gold salts Gold standard (test) Golden hour (medicine) Goldwater rule Gonadarche Gonadoblastoma Gonadotropin Gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist Gonadotropin-releasing hormone insensitivity Gonioscopy Gonococcemia Gonorrhea Good Samaritan law Goodpasture syndrome Goose bumps Gougerot–Blum syndrome Grading (tumors) Grading of the tumors of the central nervous system Grady straps Graft-versus-host disease Graham-Little syndrome Grain entrapment Grain itch Gram-negative folliculitis Gram-negative rosacea Gram-negative toe web infection Granular parakeratosis Granulation tissue Granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor Granuloma Granuloma annulare in HIV disease Granuloma faciale Granuloma gluteale infantum Granuloma inguinale Granuloma multiforme Granulomatosis with polyangiitis Granulomatous amoebic encephalitis Granulomatous facial dermatitis Granulomatous prostatitis Granulomatous slack skin Granulosa cell tumour Granulosis rubra nasi Gratification disorder Graves' disease Graves' ophthalmopathy Gravidity and parity Gray matter heterotopia Gray zone lymphoma Gray's Anatomy Great Plague of London Great ape research ban Greater trochanteric pain syndrome Green nail syndrome Green nails Green prescription Greenstick fracture Greyout Grief Griscelli syndrome type 2 Griscelli syndrome type 3 Grisel's syndrome Grocer's itch Groshong line Ground glass opacity Group B streptococcal infection Group JK corynebacterium sepsis Growing pains Growth chart Growth factor receptor inhibitor Growth failure Growth hormone deficiency Growth hormone treatment Guaifenesin Guanethidine Guidelines for human subject research Guillain–Barré syndrome Gulf War syndrome Gunther disease Gustatory hyperhidrosis Gut flora Guttate psoriasis Gutter oil Gynaecology Gynecologic hemorrhage Gynecologic oncology Gynography Gynoroentgenology Gyrus HAIR-AN syndrome HAZWOPER HELLP syndrome HFE hereditary haemochromatosis HIV and men who have sex with men HIV blood screening HIV disease-related drug reaction HIV superinfection HIV-associated lipodystrophy HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder HIV-associated pruritus HIV/AIDS in Asia HIV/AIDS in Botswana HIV/AIDS in Europe HIV/AIDS in Guyana HIV/AIDS in India HIV/AIDS in Swaziland HIV/AIDS in Taiwan HIV/AIDS in Uganda HTLV-1 associated myelopathy Haber syndrome Habit cough Habit reversal training Haemophilia Haemophilia A Haemophilia B Haemophilia C Haemophilus ducreyi Haemophilus influenzae cellulitis Haemophilus meningitis Haim–Munk syndrome Hair analysis Hair casts Hair disease Hair follicle nevus Hair loss Hair transplantation Hairy cell leukemia Hairy leukoplakia Hairy palms and soles Half and half nails Halitosis Haller index Hallervorden-Spatz disease Hallucination Halogen acne Halogenoderma Haltlose personality disorder Hanaoka Seishū Hand eczema Hand surgery Hand transplantation Hand washing Hand, foot and mouth disease Hand–Schüller–Christian disease Hangover Hantavirus Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome Hapalonychia Harada–Ito procedure Harlequin color change Harm reduction Harold Frost Harpist's finger Hartmann's operation Harvey mannequin Hashimoto's thyroiditis Haycocknema perplexum Hazardous drugs Head and neck cancer Head injury Headache attributed to a substance or its withdrawal Healing Health Advocate Health Reimbursement Account Health advocacy Health aspects of Down syndrome Health assessment Health campaign Health care in Canada Health care in Colombia Health care in Israel Health care in Kosovo Health care in Poland Health care reform debate in the United States Health care reform in the United States Health communication Health department Health education Health effects from noise Health in Afghanistan Health in Angola Health in Brazil Health in Guyana Health in Italy Health in Japan Health in Laos Health in South Korea Health in Zimbabwe Health indicator Health insurance Health insurance cooperative Health insurance mandate Health intervention Health issues in athletics Health literacy Health marketing Health physics Health psychology Health risks of professional dance Health science Health system Health systems by country Health threat from cosmic rays Healthcare Information For All Healthcare and the LGBT community Healthcare in England Healthcare in Georgia (country) Healthcare in Italy Healthcare in Malawi Healthcare in Scotland Healthcare in Senegal Healthcare in Somalia Healthcare in South Africa Healthcare in Tanzania Healthcare in the Netherlands Healthcare inequality Healthcare rationing in the United States Healthcare reform in China Healthcare-associated pneumonia Healthy diet Healthy eating pyramid Hearing aid Hearing loss with craniofacial syndromes Heart Heart block Heart cancer Heart rate Heart septal defect Heart sounds Heart valve repair Heart–lung transplant Heat edema Heat illness Heat intolerance Heat stroke Heat syncope Heat therapy Heat urticaria Heat-based contraception Heck's disease Hedonic hunger Heel stick wound Heerfordt's syndrome Heidelberg test Heinrich Adolf Gottron Heinz body Helicobacter cellulitis Heller myotomy Helmet removal (sports) Helminthiasis Helminths Hemangioblast Hemangioblastoma Hemangioma Hemangiopericytoma Hemangiosarcoma Hemarthrosis Hematemesis Hematidrosis Hematocele Hematologic disease Hematology Hematoma Hematoma block Hematometra Hematopoietic stem cell Hematopoietic ulcer Hematosalpinx Hemicorporectomy Hemicrania continua Hemifacial spasm Hemihyperplasia–multiple lipomatosis syndrome Hemihypesthesia Hemimotor neglect Hemiparesis Hemipelvectomy Hemiplegia Hemofiltration Hemoglobinopathy Hemoglobinuria Hemolysis Hemolytic anemia Hemolytic disease of the newborn Hemolytic-uremic syndrome Hemoperfusion Hemoperitoneum Hemopneumothorax Hemopoietic growth factors Hemorheology Hemorrhagic infarct Hemoscrotum Hemosiderin hyperpigmentation Hemothorax Hemotoxin Henoch–Schönlein purpura Henry Heimlich Heparin necrosis Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia Hepatectomy Hepatic encephalopathy Hepatic veno-occlusive disease Hepatitis B in China Hepatitis B vaccine Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis C vaccine Hepatitis C virus Hepatitis D Hepatitis E Hepatocellular adenoma Hepatocyte Hepatology Hepatomegaly Hepatorenal syndrome Hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma Hepatotoxicity Heptabarb Hereditary angioedema Hereditary breast–ovarian cancer syndrome Hereditary diffuse leukoencephalopathy with spheroids Hereditary gelsolin amyloidosis Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer Hereditary progressive mucinous histiocytosis Hereditary sclerosing poikiloderma Heredofamilial amyloidosis Heritability of autism Hermann Werner Siemens Hernia repair Herodicus Heroic measure Herpangina Herpes B virus Herpes genitalis Herpes gladiatorum Herpes labialis Herpes simplex keratitis Herpes simplex virus Herpes zoster ophthalmicus Herpesviral meningitis Herpetic whitlow Heterologous vaccine Hibernoma Hiccup Hidradenitis Hidradenocarcinoma Hidrocystoma High ankle sprain High dependency unit High frequency ventilation High fructose corn syrup High fructose corn syrup and health High-altitude cerebral edema High-density lipoprotein High-dose chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant High-flow therapy High-frequency ventilation High-functioning autism High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia High-intensity focused ultrasound High-resolution computed tomography Hildreth's sign Hip arthroscopy Hip dysplasia Hip pointer Hip replacement Hip resurfacing Hippocampal sclerosis Hirschsprung's disease Hispanic paradox Histidinemia Histoid leprosy Histology Histopathology Histoplasmosis History and culture of breastfeeding History and naming of human leukocyte antigens History of dermatology History of health care reform in the United States History of herbalism History of hypertension History of malaria History of neuraxial anesthesia History of pain theory History of pathology History of poison History of poliomyelitis History of psychiatric institutions History of psychosurgery History of smallpox History of tuberculosis History of virology Histrionic personality disorder Holdsworth fracture Holoprosencephaly Homans sign Home birth Home hemodialysis Homeopathy Homicidal ideation Homing (hematopoietic) Homologous chromosome Homonymous hemianopsia Honest broker Hook nail Hookworm infection Hookworm vaccine Hoople (mobility aid) Hori's nevus Hormonal therapy (oncology) Hormone replacement therapy Hormone replacement therapy (female-to-male) Hormone replacement therapy (male-to-female) Hormone therapy Horner's syndrome Horseshoe kidney Hospital bed Hospital furunculosis Hospital medicine Hospital-acquired pneumonia Hot comb alopecia Hot flash Hot tub folliculitis Hounsfield scale House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic How Doctors Think Howell–Jolly body Human behaviour genetics Human blood group systems Human body temperature Human body weight Human coronavirus 229E Human coronavirus HKU1 Human coronavirus OC43 Human cytomegalovirus Human herpesvirus 6 Human herpesvirus 7 Human iron metabolism Human milk bank Human monocytotropic ehrlichiosis Human parainfluenza viruses Human pathogen Human reproduction Human skeletal changes due to bipedalism Human subject research Human trypanosomiasis Humerus fracture Humoral immunity Hunan hand syndrome Hunter syndrome Hurler–Scheie syndrome Hutchinson's sign Hutchinson's teeth Hyaline arteriolosclerosis Hyalohyphomycosis Hyaluronidase deficiency Hybrid cardiac surgery Hybrid coronary revascularization Hydranencephaly Hydroa vacciniforme Hydrocarbon keratosis Hydrocele Hydrocele testis Hydrocephalus Hydrochlorothiazide Hydroid dermatitis Hydromorphone Hydropic swell Hydropneumothorax Hydrops fetalis Hydrosalpinx Hydrothorax Hydroxyethyl starch-induced pruritus Hydroxyurea dermopathy Hygiene hypothesis Hymenorrhaphy Hyper IgM syndrome Hyper-IgM syndrome type 1 Hyperacusis Hyperalgesia Hyperammonemia Hyperandrogenism Hypercalcaemia Hypercalciuria Hypercapnia Hyperchloremic acidosis Hypercoagulability in pregnancy Hypercortisolism Hyperdynamic circulation Hyperdynamic precordium Hyperemesis gravidarum Hyperestrogenism Hyperfibrinolysis Hypergammaglobulinemia Hyperglycemia Hypergonadism Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism Hypergymnasia Hyperhidrosis Hypericum perforatum Hyperinflation therapy Hyperinsulinemia Hyperinsulinism Hyperkalemia Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis Hyperkeratotic cutaneous capillary-venous malformation Hyperkeratotic hand dermatitis Hyperkinesia Hypermetabolism Hypermobility (joints) Hyperosmia Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state Hyperosmolar syndrome Hyperoxia test Hyperparathyroidism Hyperphosphatemia Hyperpituitarism Hyperplasia Hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis Hyperpnea Hyperprolactinaemia Hyperprolactinemic SAHA syndrome Hypersalivation Hypersensitivity pneumonitis Hypersthenuria Hypertensive disease of pregnancy Hypertensive emergency Hypertensive encephalopathy Hypertensive nephropathy Hypertensive retinopathy Hyperthermia Hyperthermia therapy Hyperthyroidism Hyperthyroxinemia Hypertrichosis Hypertrichosis cubiti Hypertrichosis simplex of the scalp Hypertriglyceridemia Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Hypertrophic scar Hypertrophy Hypertrophy of breast Hyperuricemia Hyperventilation Hyperventilation syndrome Hypervitaminosis Hypervitaminosis A Hypervolemia Hypnagogia Hypnotic Hypoactive sexual desire disorder Hypoadrenia Hypoalbuminemia Hypoaldosteronism Hypoalgesia Hypoallergenic Hypobetalipoproteinemia Hypocalcaemia Hypocapnia Hypocholesterolemia Hypochromic anemia Hypoesthesia Hypoestrogenism Hypofrontality Hypogammaglobulinemia Hypogonadism Hypokalemia Hypokalemic periodic paralysis Hypolipidemic agent Hypolipoproteinemia Hypomagnesemia Hypomania Hypomenorrhea Hypoparathyroidism Hypophosphatemia Hypopigmentation Hypopituitarism Hypoplasia Hypoplastic left heart syndrome Hypopyon Hypospadias Hypospermia Hypothalamic disease Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis Hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis Hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis Hypothermia Hypotrichosis Hypotrichosis–acro-osteolysis–onychogryphosis–palmoplantar keratoderma–periodontitis syndrome Hypotrichosis–lymphedema–telangiectasia syndrome Hypovitaminosis A Hypovolemia Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction Hysteresivity Hysterosalpingography Hysteroscopy Hysterotomy Hysterotomy abortion Hystrix-like ichthyosis–deafness syndrome I-cell disease ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases ICD-10 Chapter III: Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism ICD-10 Chapter IV: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases ICD-10 Chapter IX: Diseases of the circulatory system ICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioural disorders ICD-10 Chapter VI: Diseases of the nervous system ICD-10 Chapter VII: Diseases of the eye, adnexa ICD-10 Chapter X: Diseases of the respiratory system ICD-10 Chapter XI: Diseases of the digestive system ICD-10 Chapter XII: Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue ICD-10 Chapter XIII: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue ICD-10 Chapter XIV: Diseases of the genitourinary system ICD-10 Chapter XIX: Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes ICD-10 Chapter XV: Pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium ICD-10 Chapter XVI: Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period ICD-10 Chapter XVII: Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities ICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings ICD-10 Chapter XX: External causes of morbidity and mortality ICD-10 Chapter XXI: Factors influencing health status and contact with health services ICD-10 Procedure Coding System ICE (chemotherapy) ICHD classification and diagnosis of migraine ILO Classification IMEP (chemotherapy) IPEX syndrome IPPA IUD with copper IUD with progestogen Ian Donald Iatrogenesis Iatrogenic calcinosis cutis Ibuprofen brand names Ice-cream headache Ichthyoallyeinotoxism Ichthyosis Ichthyosis acquisita Ichthyosis bullosa of Siemens Ichthyosis hystrix Ichthyosis linearis circumflexa Ichthyosis prematurity syndrome Ichthyosis with confetti Ictal Ictal headache Id reaction Idiopathic CD4+ lymphocytopenia Idiopathic childhood occipital epilepsy of Gastaut Idiopathic eruptive macular pigmentation Idiopathic facial aseptic granuloma Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis Idiopathic hypersomnia Idiopathic interstitial pneumonia Idiopathic intracranial hypertension Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis Idiopathic scrotal calcinosis Idiopathic short stature Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura Idiopathy Idiosyncrasy Idiosyncratic drug reaction IgA pemphigus IgA vasculitis IgG4-related disease Ignaz Semmelweis Ileal conduit urinary diversion Ileitis Ileocecal valve Ileostomy Ileus Illness Image-guided surgery Imaging agent Imatinib Imiglucerase Immersion foot syndromes Immune disorder Immune dysregulation Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome Immune system Immune tolerance Immunodeficiency Immunodeficiency with hyperimmunoglobulin M Immunofixation Immunogenicity Immunology Immunoproliferative disorder Immunostimulant Immunosuppression Immunosuppressive drug Immunotherapy Immunotoxin Impact of alcohol on aging Impacted wisdom teeth Impaired fasting glucose Impaired glucose tolerance Imperforate anus Imperforate hymen Impetigo Impetigo herpetiformis Impingement syndrome Implant (medicine) Implant failure Implantation (human embryo) Implanted cardiac resynchronization device Impulse control disorder In silico clinical trials In vitro fertilisation Inactivated vaccine Inappropriate sinus tachycardia Inborn error of metabolism Inborn errors of steroid metabolism Incentive spirometer Incest between twins Incidence (epidemiology) Incidental findings Incidentaloma Incision and drainage Incisional hernia Inclusion body myositis Incontinentia pigmenti achromians Incubation period Indeloxazine Indeterminate cell histiocytosis Index case Index of HIV/AIDS-related articles Index of trauma & orthopaedics articles Indian childhood cirrhosis Indiana pouch Indication (medicine) Induced coma Induced menopause Induced pluripotent stem cell Indusium griseum Inequality in disease Infant Infant respiratory distress syndrome Infant vision Infanticide Infantile acne Infantile acropustulosis Infantile digital fibromatosis Infantile hemangiopericytoma Infantile myofibromatosis Infantile spasms Infantile speech Infantile systemic hyalinosis Infantilism (physiological disorder) Infarction Infection in childcare Infectious causes of cancer Infectivity Inferior alveolar nerve anaesthesia Inferior colliculus Inferior petrosal sinus sampling Inferior temporal cortex Inferior vena cava syndrome Infertility in polycystic ovary syndrome Infibulation Infiltration (medical) Infiltration analgesia Inflammatory arthritis Inflammatory bowel disease Inflammatory breast cancer Inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour Inflammatory myopathy Influenza A virus Influvac Informed assent Informed consent Informed refusal Infrapatellar bursitis Infundibulum Infusion Therapy Infusion pump Ingestion Ingrid Scheffer Ingrown hair Ingrown nail Inguinal hernia Inguinal lymphadenopathy Inguinal orchiectomy Inhalation Inhalational anaesthetic Inherited patterned lentiginosis in black people Injectable filler Injection site reaction Injury Injury prevention Ink spot lentigo Inoculation Inpatient care Insanity Insect sting allergy Instillation abortion Institutional review board Instruments used in anesthesiology Instruments used in cardiology Instruments used in dermatology Instruments used in endocrinology Instruments used in gastroenterology Instruments used in general medicine Instruments used in general surgery Instruments used in medical laboratories Instruments used in microbiology Instruments used in obstetrics and gynecology Instruments used in oncology Instruments used in pathology Instruments used in physical medicine and rehabilitation Instruments used in plastic surgery Instruments used in preventive medicine Instruments used in radiology Instruments used in toxicology Instruments used in urology Insulin analog Insulin glargine Insulin glulisine Insulin pump Insulin tolerance test Integration disorder Intellectual disability Intensive care unit Intensive insulinotherapy Intention tremor Inter-rater reliability Intercalated seizure Intercollegiate MRCS syllabus Intercostal nerve block Interferon Interferon gamma release assay Interictal Interleukin Interleukin 24 Intermittent claudication Intermittent explosive disorder Intermittent hair–follicle dystrophy Intermittent mandatory ventilation Internal carotid artery Internal decapitation Internal fixation Internal hernia International Classification of Diseases for Oncology International Classification of Headache Disorders International Classification of Primary Care International Health Regulations International Journal of Epidemiology International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation International Nonproprietary Name International Orthoptic Association International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Internet addiction disorder Internuclear ophthalmoplegia Interpersonal psychotherapy Intersection syndrome Intersex Intersex surgery Interstitial cystitis Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis Interstitial granulomatous drug reaction Interstitial lung disease Interstitial nephritis Interstitial pregnancy Intertriginous Interventional pain management Interventional radiology Interventional ultrasonography Interventionism (medicine) Intervertebral disc annuloplasty Intervertebral disc disorder Intestinal atresia Intestinal infectious diseases Intestinal parasite Intestinal permeability Intestinal pseudoobstruction Intoxicative inhalant Intra-amniotic infection Intra-aortic balloon pump Intracranial aneurysm Intracranial hemorrhage Intracranial hypertension syndrome Intracranial hypotension Intracranial pressure Intractable pain Intradermal spindle cell lipoma Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm Intraductal papilloma Intramuscular injection Intraocular pressure Intraoperative blood salvage Intraparenchymal hemorrhage Intraperitoneal injection Intrastromal corneal ring segments Intrathecal administration Intrathecal pump Intratubular germ cell neoplasia Intrauterine epidermal necrosis Intrauterine growth restriction Intrauterine hypoxia Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma Intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia Intravascular volume status Intravenous pyelogram Intravenous regional anesthesia Intravenous therapy Intraventricular block Intraventricular hemorrhage Intrinsic factor Intrinsic immunity Introduction to genetics Intrusive thought Intussusception (medical disorder) Invasive blood pressure Invasive carcinoma of no special type Invasive lobular carcinoma Invasiveness of surgical procedures Inverse psoriasis Inverse ratio ventilation Inverted follicular keratosis Inverted nipple Invisible disability Involuntary commitment Involution (medicine) Involutional lipoatrophy Involutional melancholia Iodinated contrast Iodine deficiency Iodixanol Iododerma Iofetamine (123I) Iprindole Irbesartan Iridodialysis Iridology Irish Thoracic Society Iritis Iron deficiency Iron metallic discoloration Iron overload Iron supplement Irregular menstruation Irritability Irritable male syndrome Irritant contact dermatitis Irritant diaper dermatitis Irritant folliculitis Irritated seborrheic keratosis Irritation Irvine-Gass syndrome Irving Gottesman Ischemic colitis Islet cell transplantation Isolated 17,20-lyase deficiency Isolated primary immunoglobulin M deficiency Isolation (health care) Isosporiasis Isotretinoin Isradipine Isthmicoma Itai-itai disease Itch Itchy red bump disease Iterative reconstruction Ivor Royston Jactatio capitas nocturna Jaffe reaction Jaffe–Campanacci syndrome James Leonard Corning James Parkinson Jammed finger Janet Niven Janus kinase 3 deficiency Japanese encephalitis Japanese spotted fever Jasminum officinale Jaundice Jean-Louis-Marc Alibert Jellyfish dermatitis Jet injector Jewish medicine John E. Fogarty International Center Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Johnson–McMillin syndrome Joint dysfunction Joint effusion Joint stiffness Jonathan Hutchinson Journal of Clinical Epidemiology Junctional epidermolysis bullosa (medicine) Junctional nevus Junctional rhythm Justice (ethics) Juvenile hyaline fibromatosis Juvenile idiopathic arthritis Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy Juvenile plantar dermatosis Juvenile xanthogranuloma Juxtaglomerular cell tumor K. B. Hedgewar Kairo cancer Kamino bodies Kang cancer Kangri cancer Kangri ulcer Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus Karyotype Karōshi Kathryn Zoon Katrina cough Kava Kawasaki disease Ked itch Kegel exercise Kehr's sign Kell antigen system Keloid Keratin 5 Keratin implantation cyst Keratinizing metaplasia Keratinocyte Keratitis Keratitis–ichthyosis–deafness syndrome Keratoconjunctivitis Keratoconjunctivitis sicca Keratoconus Keratocyst Keratoderma Keratoderma climactericum Keratolytic winter erythema Keratomileusis Keratosis Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans Keratosis linearis with ichthyosis congenital and sclerosing keratoderma syndrome Keratosis pilaris Keratosis pilaris atrophicans Keratosis pilaris atrophicans faciei Keratosis punctata of the palmar creases Kerion Keshan disease Ketoacidosis Ketoconazole Ketogenic diet Ketonuria Ketosis Ketosis-prone diabetes Khyphoplasty Kidney disease Kidney tumour Kikuchi disease Kinaesthetics Kinking hair Kinsbourne syndrome Klatskin tumor Klinefelter syndrome Klippel Feil syndrome Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome Knee cartilage replacement therapy Knee effusion Knee examination Knee osteoarthritis Knee taping Knockout mouse Knuckle pads Koch's postulates Koenen's tumor Koilonychia Konzo Koro (medicine) Korsakoff's syndrome Kraurosis vulvae Kurt Julius Isselbacher Kuru Kyphoplasty Kyphoscoliosis Kyphosis Kyrle disease König's syndrome LIG4 syndrome LOLAVHESLIT Labial fusion Labiaplasty Labor induction Labored breathing Lacosamide Lacquer dermatitis Lactic acidosis Lacunar stroke Laennec's cirrhosis Lamar Soutter Lambda Beta Society Lambert–Eaton myasthenic syndrome Lamellar ichthyosis Laminectomy Laminopathy Laminoplasty Laminotomy Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Language center Language delay Language disorder Lansoprazole Lanugo Laparoscopic surgery Laparoscopy Laparotomy Lapatinib Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the lung Large granular lymphocytic leukemia Large plaque parapsoriasis Large-cell acanthoma Large-cell lymphoma Larva currens Laryngeal cancer Laryngeal papillomatosis Laryngeal tube Laryngectomy Laryngitis Laryngomalacia Laryngoonychocutaneous syndrome Laryngopharyngeal reflux Laryngoscopy Laryngospasm Laryngotracheal stenosis Laser blended vision Laser hair removal Laser lithotripsy Laser medicine Lassa fever Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults Latent tuberculosis Lateral inhibition Lateral internal sphincterotomy Lateral nucleus Lateralization of brain function Latex allergy Latrodectism Lattice degeneration Laudanum Laugier–Hunziker syndrome Lazaretto Le Fort fracture of skull Leaky gut Learning disabilities Learning problems in childhood cancer Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy Leech bite Left atrial appendage occlusion Left atrial enlargement Left shift (medicine) Left ventricular hypertrophy Left ventricular thrombus Legg–Calvé–Perthes disease Legius syndrome Leiner's disease Leiomyoma Leiomyosarcoma Lelis syndrome Length of stay Lennert lymphoma Lentigo maligna Lentigo simplex Lenz–Majewski syndrome Leopold's maneuvers Lepidopterism Lepirudin Lepromatous leprosy Leptospirosis Leschke syndrome Lesch–Nyhan syndrome Lesion Lethal acantholytic epidermolysis bullosa Lethal dose Letterer–Siwe disease Leukapheresis Leukemia cutis Leukemid Leukemoid reaction Leukocoria Leukocyte adhesion molecule deficiency Leukocyte esterase Leukocytosis Leukoderma Leukodystrophy Leukoedema Leukopenia Leukoplakia Leukoplakia with tylosis and esophageal carcinoma Leukopoiesis Leukoreduction Leukorrhea Leukostasis Leukotriene receptor antagonist-associated Churg–Strauss syndrome Lev's disease Levator ani syndrome Levo-Transposition of the great arteries Levomethadone Lewy body dementia Liaison psychiatry Libby Zion Law Lichen aureus Lichen myxedematosus Lichen planus Lichen ruber moniliformis Lichen sclerosus Lichen scrofulosorum Lichen simplex chronicus Lichen spinulosus Lichen striatus Lichen verrucosus et reticularis Lichenoid eruption Lichenoid trikeratosis Life expectancy Life extension Life support Lifestyle medicine Ligamentous laxity Light therapy Lightheadedness Lightning burn Likelihood ratios in diagnostic testing Limb infarction Limb lengthening methods Limb–mammary syndrome Limited symptom attack Limp Linea nigra Linear IgA bullous dermatosis Linear and whorled nevoid hypermelanosis Linear atrophoderma of Moulin Linear focal elastosis Linear no-threshold model Linear verrucous epidermal nevus Lip lift Lipase inhibitors Lipedema Lipedematous alopecia Lipid hypothesis Lipid profile Lipid storage disorder Lipidology Lipoatrophia annularis Lipoatrophia semicircularis Lipoatrophic diabetes Lipoatrophy Lipoblastoma Lipoblastomatosis Lipodermatosclerosis Lipodystrophy Lipohyalinosis Lipohypertrophy Lipolysis Lipoma Lipomatosis Lipoprotein Lipoprotein lipase deficiency Lipoprotein(a) Liposarcoma Liposome Liposuction Liquid-based cytology Lisdexamfetamine Lisfranc injury Lisp Lissencephaly List of -ectomies List of -otomies List of HIV/AIDS cases and deaths registered by region List of ICD-9 codes List of ICD-9 codes 001–139: infectious and parasitic diseases List of ICD-9 codes 140–239: neoplasms List of ICD-9 codes 240–279: endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, and immunity disorders List of ICD-9 codes 280–289: diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs List of ICD-9 codes 290–319: mental disorders List of ICD-9 codes 320–359: diseases of the nervous system List of ICD-9 codes 360–389: diseases of the sense organs List of ICD-9 codes 390–459: diseases of the circulatory system List of ICD-9 codes 460–519: diseases of the respiratory system List of ICD-9 codes 520–579: diseases of the digestive system List of ICD-9 codes 580–629: diseases of the genitourinary system List of ICD-9 codes 630–679: complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium List of ICD-9 codes 680–709: diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue List of ICD-9 codes 710–739: diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue List of ICD-9 codes 740–759: congenital anomalies List of ICD-9 codes 760–779: certain conditions originating in the perinatal period List of ICD-9 codes 780–799: symptoms, signs, and ill-defined conditions List of ICD-9 codes 800–999: injury and poisoning List of ICD-9 codes E and V codes: external causes of injury and supplemental classification List of OMIM disorder codes List of West Nile virus outbreaks List of abbreviations for diseases and disorders List of abbreviations for medical organisations and personnel List of abbreviations used in medical prescriptions List of adrenergic drugs List of benzodiazepines List of bones of the human skeleton List of cancer mortality rates in the United States List of causes of shortness of breath List of childhood diseases and disorders List of clinically important bacteria List of conditions associated with café au lait macules List of conditions treated with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation List of congenital disorders List of contact allergens List of countries by infant mortality rate List of countries by life expectancy List of countries by total health expenditure (PPP) per capita List of cutaneous conditions associated with increased risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer List of cutaneous conditions caused by mutations in keratins List of cutaneous conditions caused by problems with junctional proteins List of cutaneous neoplasms associated with systemic syndromes List of dental abnormalities associated with cutaneous conditions List of diseases (0–9) List of diseases (A) List of diseases (B) List of diseases (C) List of diseases (D) List of diseases (E) List of diseases (F) List of diseases (G) List of diseases (H) List of diseases (I) List of diseases (J) List of diseases (K) List of diseases (L) List of diseases (N) List of diseases (O) List of diseases (P) List of diseases (R) List of diseases (S) List of diseases (T) List of diseases (U) List of diseases (V) List of diseases (W) List of diseases (X) List of diseases (Y) List of disorders List of emergency medicine courses List of epidemics List of first female physicians by country List of forms of alternative medicine List of genes mutated in cutaneous conditions List of genes mutated in pigmented cutaneous lesions List of health departments and ministries List of health scares List of healthcare occupations List of hepato-biliary diseases List of herbs with known adverse effects List of histologic stains that aid in diagnosis of cutaneous conditions List of human disease case fatality rates List of human diseases associated with infectious pathogens List of human leukocyte antigen alleles associated with cutaneous conditions List of human parasitic diseases List of immunofluorescence findings for autoimmune bullous conditions List of important publications in medicine List of inclusion bodies that aid in diagnosis of cutaneous conditions List of ineffective cancer treatments List of infections of the central nervous system List of infectious diseases List of infectious diseases causing flu-like syndrome List of instruments used in anatomy List of instruments used in forensics List of instruments used in microbiological sterilization and disinfection List of instruments used in ophthalmology List of instruments used in otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery List of keratins expressed in the human integumentary system List of local anesthetics List of medical abbreviations: 0–9 List of medical abbreviations: A List of medical abbreviations: B List of medical abbreviations: C List of medical abbreviations: D List of medical abbreviations: Do-not-use list List of medical abbreviations: E List of medical abbreviations: F List of medical abbreviations: G List of medical abbreviations: H List of medical abbreviations: I List of medical abbreviations: J List of medical abbreviations: K List of medical abbreviations: L List of medical abbreviations: Latin abbreviations List of medical abbreviations: M List of medical abbreviations: N List of medical abbreviations: O List of medical abbreviations: P List of medical abbreviations: Q List of medical abbreviations: S List of medical abbreviations: T List of medical abbreviations: U List of medical abbreviations: V List of medical abbreviations: W List of medical abbreviations: X List of medical abbreviations: Y List of medical abbreviations: Z List of medical schools in Indonesia List of medical schools in Pakistan List of medical schools in South Korea List of medical schools in the Caribbean List of medical schools in the United Kingdom List of medical symptoms List of medication withdrawn from the market List of mental disorders List of mental health occupations List of microbiota species of the lower reproductive tract of women List of micronutrients List of migrating cutaneous conditions List of mites associated with cutaneous reactions List of oncogenic bacteria List of orthopedic implants List of parasites of humans List of pathologists List of phobias List of physicians List of poisonous plants List of radiographic findings associated with cutaneous conditions List of signs and symptoms of diving disorders List of skeletal disorders List of spiders associated with cutaneous reactions List of systemic diseases with ocular manifestations List of target antigens in pemphigoid List of target antigens in pemphigus List of terms of lung size and activity List of types of malnutrition List of vaccine ingredients List of verrucous carcinoma subtypes List of voice disorders List of xanthoma variants associated with hyperlipoproteinemia subtypes Listener fatigue Listeriosis Lists of diseases Lists of nutrition topics Lithium (medication) Lithotomy Lithotomy position Little League elbow Live attenuated influenza vaccine Live vector vaccine Livedo racemosa Livedo reticularis Livedoid dermatitis Liver abscess Liver biopsy Liver dialysis Liver failure Liver fluke Liver function tests Liver regeneration Liver transplantation Liver tumor Livor mortis Lizard bite Lloyd-Davies position Loa loa filariasis Lobar pneumonia Lobectomy Lobomycosis Lobular carcinoma Lobular carcinoma in situ Local anesthesia Local anesthetic Local anesthetic nerve block Local gigantism Local hormone Localized disease Localized granuloma annulare Localized heat contact urticaria Localized lichen myxedematosus Localized lipodystrophy Localized pustular psoriasis Lochia Locked twins Locomotor ataxia Lofepramine Logopenic progressive aphasia Loin pain hematuria syndrome London Ambulance Service Long QT syndrome Long-acting beta-adrenoceptor agonist Long-term depression Long-term effects of cannabis Long-term nonprogressor Longevity Longitudinal erythronychia Loop mark Loose anagen syndrome Lordosis Losartan Losartan/hydrochlorothiazide Lothian birth-cohort studies Lovastatin Low residue diet Low-carbohydrate diet Low-protein diet Low-threshold treatment programs Lower anterior resection Lower gastrointestinal bleeding Lower limbs venous ultrasonography Lown–Ganong–Levine syndrome Lowry–MacLean syndrome Loxoscelism Lucid interval Ludwig's angina Luis Agote Lujo virus Lumbar disc disease Lumbar provocative discography Lumbar spinal stenosis Lumbar-peritoneal shunt Lumpectomy Lunatic Lung abscess Lung cancer staging Lung cancer surgery Lung cancer susceptibility Lung transplantation Lung tumor Lung volumes Lupoid rosacea Lupus band test Lupus erythematosus Lupus erythematosus panniculitis Lupus miliaris disseminatus faciei Lupus nephritis Lupus pernio Lupus vulgaris Lurasidone Luteinizing hormone Luxating patella Lycopenemia Lyme disease controversy Lyme disease microbiology Lymph node biopsy Lymphadenectomy Lymphadenopathy Lymphangiogenesis Lymphangioma Lymphangioma circumscriptum Lymphangiosarcoma Lymphangitis Lymphangitis carcinomatosa Lymphatic disease Lymphatic filariasis Lymphedema Lymphedema praecox Lymphedema–distichiasis syndrome Lymphoblast Lymphocytopenia Lymphocytosis Lymphoepithelioma Lymphogram Lymphogranuloma venereum Lymphohemangioma Lymphoid leukemia Lymphoma cutis Lymphomatoid granulomatosis Lymphopoiesis Lymphoproliferative disorders Lymphotherapy Lynestrenol Lysergic acid diethylamide Lysosomal storage disease Löffler's syndrome Löfgren syndrome MALT lymphoma MBL deficiency MChip MDMA MDMA/Effects of MDMA on the human body talk page MD–PhD MINE (chemotherapy) MIRA procedure MMR vaccine controversy MMRV vaccine Macrencephaly Macrobiotic diet Macrocephaly Macrocheilia Macrocytic anaemia Macrocytic anemia Macrocytosis Macroglobulinemia Macroglossia Macrophage activation syndrome Macropsia Macula of retina Macular degeneration Macular edema Maculopapular rash Madarosis Maffucci syndrome Maggot therapy Magnesium citrate Magnetic resonance imaging burn Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain Magnetic resonance neurography Magnetic seizure therapy Magnetoencephalography Maintenance therapy Majeed syndrome Majocchi's disease Mal morando Malabsorption Malaise Malakoplakia Malalignment of the nail plate Malaria vaccine Male contraceptive Male infertility Male rape Male-pattern hair loss Malignancy Malignant acrospiroma Malignant hyperthermia Malignant mixed tumor Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour Malignant pilomatricoma Malignant rhabdoid tumour Malignant transformation Malingering Malingering of posttraumatic stress disorder Mallet finger Mallory–Weiss syndrome Malnutrition in India Malum perforans Mammaplasty Mammillary bodies Managed care Management of Crohn's disease Management of Parkinson's disease Management of acute coronary syndrome Management of atrial fibrillation Management of borderline personality disorder Management of cancer Management of chronic headaches Management of dehydration Management of depression Management of dyslexia Management of hair loss Management of heart failure Management of multiple sclerosis Management of prostate cancer Management of schizophrenia Management of ulcerative colitis Manchester operation Mandibular advancement splint Mandibular fracture Mandibuloacral dysplasia Mania Mansonella perstans Mansonelliasis Mantle cell lymphoma Mantoux test Manual placenta removal Manual therapy Marasmus Marburg virus disease March fracture Marcus Gunn phenomenon Marcus Welby, M.D. Marfan syndrome Marginal zone B-cell lymphoma Marie Unna hereditary hypotrichosis Marinesco–Sjögren syndrome Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome Marshall syndrome Marshall–White syndrome Marsupialization Mary Amdur Mary Verghese Masked depression Mass effect (medicine) Mast cell leukemia Master of Surgery Mastitis Mastocytosis Mastodynia Mastoidectomy Mastoiditis Mastopexy Maternal autoimmune bullous disease Maternal death Maternal hypothyroidism Maternal near miss Maternity hospital Matilde Rodríguez Cabo Mauriac syndrome Max Marcuse Maxilla Maxillomandibular advancement Maximum tolerated dose McCune–Albright syndrome McCusick syndrome McDonald criteria McKusick–Kaufman syndrome Measles vaccine Mechanical ventilation in emergencies Mechanisms of schizophrenia Mechanography Meckel's diverticulum Meconium Meconium aspiration syndrome Meconium peritonitis Medial geniculate body Medial knee injuries Medial nucleus Median arcuate ligament syndrome Median lethal dose Median nail dystrophy Median nerve palsy Median raphe cyst Median rhomboid glossitis Mediastinal lymphadenopathy Mediastinal tumor Mediastinitis Mediastinoscopy Medicaid Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America Medical analysis of circumcision Medical assistant Medical billing Medical cannabis Medical certificate Medical consensus Medical definition of death Medical degree Medical device Medical direction Medical education Medical education in Australia Medical education in the United Kingdom Medical education in the United States Medical emergency Medical encyclopedia Medical equipment Medical fetishism Medical food Medical gas therapy Medical genetics Medical ghostwriter Medical glove Medical guideline Medical history Medical home Medical imaging Medical instruments and implants Medical journalism Medical jurisprudence Medical laboratory Medical laboratory scientist Medical law Medical library Medical license Medical malpractice Medical marijuana card Medical microbiology Medical model Medical model of disability Medical monitor Medical necessity Medical neutrality Medical observation Medical physics Medical practice Medical prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms Medical procedure Medical radiography Medical record Medical research Medical research related to low-carbohydrate diets Medical resident work hours Medical restraint Medical robot Medical school Medical school in the United States Medical sign Medical social work Medical software Medical statistics Medical students' disease Medical tattoo Medical terminology Medical test Medical thermometer Medical tourism Medical translation Medical tricorder Medical ventilator Medicalization Medically indigent adult Medically unexplained physical symptoms Medical–industrial complex Medication overuse headache Medication phobia Medication-induced hyperlipoproteinemia Medicinal plants Medicine in China Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Mediterranean diet Medullary breast carcinoma Medullary carcinoma of the breast Medullary cystic kidney disease Medullary pyramids Medullary thyroid cancer Medulloblastoma Meesmann corneal dystrophy Megacolon Megaduodenum Megaesophagus Megalencephaly Megaloblastic anemia Megaureter Megestrol acetate Meige lymphedema Meigs' syndrome Melancholic depression Melanin Melanizing agents Melanoacanthoma Melanocyte Melanocytic nevus Melanocytic oral lesion Melanocytic tumors of uncertain malignant potential Melanoma with features of a Spitz nevus Melanoma-associated leukoderma Melanonychia Melanosis coli Melanosome Melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy Melasma Melatonin Melena Melioidosis Membranous aplasia cutis Membranous glomerulonephritis Memory Memory disorder Men who have sex with men Menarche Mendelson's syndrome Meningeal syphilis Meningioma Meningism Meningococcal disease Meningoencephalitis Meniscal cartilage replacement therapy Menometrorrhagia Menotropin Menstrual disorder Menstrual extraction Menstruation Mental breakdown Mental confusion Mental disorders diagnosed in childhood Mental health care in South Africa Mental health tribunal Mental status examination Meralgia paraesthetica Mercer protocol Mercury granuloma Mesalazine Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis Mesencephalic duct Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma Mesenchyme Mesenteric ischemia Mesoamerican nephropathy Meta-analysis Metabolic acidosis Metabolic alkalosis Metabolic bone disease Metabolically healthy obesity Metacarpus Metachromatic leukodystrophy Metageria Metal fume fever Metaplasia Metapramine Metastability in the brain Metastasectomy Metastatic breast cancer Metastatic calcinosis cutis Metastatic carcinoma Metastatic liver disease Metenolone enanthate Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis Methitural Methotrexate Methotrexate-induced papular eruption Methylphenidate Metophyma Metoprolol Metroplasty Metrorrhagia Miasma theory Michael Maier Microalbuminuria Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia Microangiopathy Microbicides for sexually transmitted diseases Microbiology Microcephaly lymphoedema chorioretinal dysplasia Microchip implant (human) Microcystic adnexal carcinoma Microcystic lymphatic malformation Microcytic anemia Microcytosis Micrognathism Microhematuria Micrometastasis Microneurography Micropenis Microphthalmia Microphthalmia–dermal aplasia–sclerocornea syndrome Micropsia Microscopic colitis Microscopy Microsporidiosis Microstimulation Microsurgery Microvascular decompression Microvenular hemangioma Microwave ablation Microwave burn Middle back pain Middle cerebral artery syndrome Midline cervical cleft Midline nevus flammeus Midodrine Migraine-associated vertigo Migralepsy Mike Mandarino Mild cognitive impairment Milia en plaque Milia-like calcinosis Miliaria Miliary tuberculosis Military hospital Milium (dermatology) Milker's nodule Millard–Gubler syndrome Miller Fisher syndrome Millipede burn Milrinone Milwaukee brace Minamata disease Minaprine Mineral deficiency Mineral dust airway disease Minimal residual disease Minimally conscious state Minimally invasive cardiac surgery Minimally invasive spine surgery Minimaze procedure Minor depressive disorder Minor physical anomalies Minoxidil Miosis Mirrored-self misidentification Mismatch repair cancer syndrome Misoprostol Missouri Lyme disease Mitochondrial disease Mitochondrial donation Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy Mitochondrial myopathy Mitochondrial toxicity MitraClip Mitral insufficiency Mitral valve annuloplasty Mitral valve repair Mitral valve stenosis Mittelschmerz Mixed anxiety-depressive disorder Mixed connective tissue disease Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder Mixed state (psychiatry) Mixed tension migraine Mixed tumor Mixed-field agglutination Mobile phone radiation and health Mobility aid Modafinil Modes of mechanical ventilation Modified vaccinia Ankara Mohs surgery Molar pregnancy Mold health issues Molecular diagnostics Molecular pathology Molluscum contagiosum Molluscum dermatitis Mondini dysplasia Mongolian spot Monilethrix Monkeypox Monkeypox virus Monoamine neurotransmitter Monoamine reuptake inhibitor Monoamniotic twins Monoarthritis Monochorionic twins Monochromacy Monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis Monoclonal antibody Monoclonal antibody therapy Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance Monocular vision Monocytic leukemia Monocytosis Monomelic amyotrophy Monongahela virus Mononuclear phagocyte system Monoplegia Monorchism Monostotic fibrous dysplasia Montelukast Montreal procedure Mood congruence Mood disorder Mood stabilizer Mood swing Morgue Morning sickness Morphea Morphine Morsicatio buccarum Mortal wound Mortality rate Morton's neuroma Mosquito Motion sickness Motivation for rape Motor control Motor coordination Motor disorder Motor nucleus for the trigeminal nerve Motor skill Mouth and genital ulcers with inflamed cartilage syndrome Mouth ulcer Movement disorder Moyamoya disease Moynahan syndrome Mucinosis Mucinous carcinoma Mucinous nevus Mucinous tumor Mucopolysaccharidoses Mucopolysaccharidosis Mucormycosis Mucosal Immunology (journal) Mucosal immunology Mucosal lentigines Mucosal melanoma Mucositis Muir–Torre syndrome Muju virus Mukamel syndrome Mulberry molar Mule spinners' cancer Multicenter trial Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis Multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria Multifocal atrial tachycardia Multifocal lymphangioendotheliomatosis Multifocal motor neuropathy Multinodular goitre Multinucleate cell angiohistocytoma Multiple birth Multiple chemical sensitivity Multiple cutaneous leiomyoma Multiple endocrine neoplasia Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2b Multiple familial trichoepithelioma Multiple hamartoma syndrome Multiple minute digitate hyperkeratosis Multiple morbidities Multiple myeloma Multiple of the median Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome Multiple pterygium syndrome Multiple sclerosis signs and symptoms Multiple system atrophy Multisensory integration Mumps vaccine Munchausen by Internet Munchausen syndrome by proxy Murine typhus Muscle atrophy Muscle biopsy Muscle contraction Muscle tissue Muscle tone Muscle weakness Muscular dystrophy Muscular triangle Musculoskeletal disorder Musculoskeletal injury Mushroom poisoning Music-specific disorders Muteness Myasthenia gravis Mycetoma Mycobacterium africanum Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare infection Mycobacterium haemophilum Mycobacterium kansasii Mycobacterium tuberculosis Mycoplasma genitalium Mycoplasma hominis Mycoplasma hominis infection Mycosis Mycosis fungoides Mydriasis Myelitis Myelodysplastic syndrome Myelofibrosis Myelography Myeloma protein Myelopathy Myeloproliferative neoplasm Myerson's sign Myiasis Myleofibrosis Myocardial bridge Myocardial contractility Myocardial infarction complications Myocardial infarction diagnosis Myocardial perfusion imaging Myocardial rupture Myocardial scarring Myocardiodystrophy Myocarditis Myoclonic epilepsy Myoclonus Myofascial pain syndrome Myofascial trigger point Myoma Myopathy Myopericarditis Myopia Myopic crescent Myositis Myotherapy Myotomy Myotubular myopathy Myringotomy Myxedema Myxedematous psychosis Myxoid lipoblastoma Myxoma Myxomatous degeneration Médecins Sans Frontières Ménière's disease Möbius syndrome Müller's maneuver Müllerian agenesis N-Acetylserotonin N-terminal prohormone of brain natriuretic peptide NHS primary care trust NIH classification of headaches NMDA receptor antagonist Nabothian cyst Naegele's rule Naegeli–Franceschetti–Jadassohn syndrome Naftidrofuryl Nagayama's spots Nager acrofacial dysostosis Nail biting Nail disease Named patient programs Nanomedicine Nanotoxicology Napkin psoriasis Narcolepsy Narcotherapy Narcotic Narcotic dermopathy Narrative medicine Nasal EPAP Nasal breathing Nasal cavity Nasal fracture Nasal glioma Nasal septal abscess Nasal septal hematoma Nasal septum deviation Nasal septum perforation Nasal spray Nasogastric intubation Nasolacrimal duct cyst Nasopharyngeal airway Nasopharynx cancer Natalizumab National Board for Respiratory Care National Center for Biotechnology Information National Center for Research Resources National Health Service (England) National Hip Fracture Database National Human Genome Research Institute National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences National Institute of General Medical Sciences National Institute of Mental Health National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders National Institute on Drug Abuse National Institutes of Health National Lung Screening Trial National University Health System Natural childbirth Natural cycle in vitro fertilization Natural history of disease Natural killer cell Natural skin care Naxos syndrome Nazi human experimentation Nebulizer Neck dissection Neck pain Necklace of Venus Necrobiosis lipoidica Necrobiotic xanthogranuloma Necrolytic acral erythema Necrolytic migratory erythema Necrosis Necrotizing enterocolitis Necrotizing fasciitis Needle exchange programme Needlestick injury Negative pressure ventilator Negative relative accommodation Negative room pressure Neglected tropical diseases Neisseria meningitidis Nematode dermatitis Neonatal acne Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia Neonatal bowel obstruction Neonatal cholestasis Neonatal conjunctivitis Neonatal hepatitis Neonatal herpes simplex Neonatal ichthyosis–sclerosing cholangitis syndrome Neonatal intensive care unit Neonatal jaundice Neonatal lupus erythematosus Neonatal meningitis Neonatal resuscitation Neonatal sepsis Neonatal stroke Neonatal tetanus Neonatal toxic shock-like exanthematous disease Neonatal withdrawal Neonaticide Neopallium Neoplasms of the nailbed Neoplastic meningitis Neovascularization Nephrectomy Nephritis Nephrocalcinosis Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis Nephrology Nephronophthisis Nephropathia epidemica Nephropexy Nephroptosis Nephrosis Nephrostomy Nephrotomy Nephrotoxicity Nerve agent Nerve biopsy Nerve block Nerve compression syndrome Nerve conduction study Nerve injury Nerve plexus Nerve sheath tumor Nervous system neoplasm Nervous tissue Netherton syndrome NeuVax Neural correlates of consciousness Neural facilitation Neural fibrolipoma Neural pathway Neuralgia Neurectomy Neuroblastoma Neuroborreliosis Neurocysticercosis Neurodegeneration Neurodegenerative disease Neurodevelopmental disorder Neurodiversity Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the cervix Neuroethics Neurofibrillary tangle Neurofibroma Neurofibromatosis Neurofibromatosis type 3 Neurofibromatosis type 4 Neurofibromatosis type I Neurofibromatosis type II Neurogastroenterology Neurogenic bladder dysfunction Neurogenic claudication Neurogenic shock Neuroimaging Neuroimmunology Neurointerventional surgery Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Neurological disorder Neurological reparative therapy Neurolytic block Neuroma Neuroma cutis Neuromuscular disease Neuromuscular-blocking drug Neuromusculoskeletal Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis Neuronal migration disorder Neurooncology Neuropathia mucinosa cutanea Neuropathic arthropathy Neuropathic pain Neuropathology Neuropeptide Neurophysiology Neuropsychiatry Neuroregeneration Neurorehabilitation Neuroscience in space Neurosis Neurosurgery Neurothekeoma Neurotic excoriations Neurotmesis Neurotology Neurotoxicity Neutral lipid storage disease Neutropenia Neutrophil granulocyte Neutrophil immunodeficiency syndrome Neutrophilia Neutrophilic dermatosis of the dorsal hands Neutrophilic eccrine hidradenitis Neutrophilic lobular panniculitis Never events Nevoid hypertrichosis Nevoid melanoma Nevus anemicus Nevus cell Nevus comedonicus Nevus comedonicus syndrome Nevus depigmentosus Nevus flammeus nuchae Nevus lipomatosus superficialis Nevus of Ito Nevus of Ota Nevus oligemicus Nevus psiloliparus Nevus sebaceous Nevus spilus Nevus unius lateris New daily persistent headache Newborn screening Newborn transport Nexplanon Nezelof syndrome Niacin Nicoderm Nicolau–Balus syndrome Nicorette Nicotine Nicotine gum Nicotine patch Night eating syndrome Night sweats Night terror Nigro protocol Nils Kock Nilutamide Nintendo thumb Nipple discharge Nisoldipine Nissen fundoplication Nitpicking Nitric oxide Nitrogen narcosis Nitrogen washout Nitrous oxide 50%-oxygen 50% Nitroxazepine Njolstad syndrome NmVac4-A/C/Y/W-135 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Nocardiosis Nocebo Nociception Nocturnal dialysis Nodular fasciitis Nodular lichen myxedematosus Nodular melanoma Nodular sclerosis Nodular vasculitis Nodule (medicine) Nodules–eosinophilia–rheumatism–dermatitis–swelling syndrome Nodulosis–arthropathy–osteolysis syndrome Noise pollution Noma (disease) Noma neonatorum Nomenclature of mechanical ventilation Non islet hypoglycemic cell tumor Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder Non-Hodgkin lymphoma Non-Mendelian inheritance Non-X histiocytosis Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Non-communicable disease Non-epileptic seizure Non-gonococcal urethritis Non-heart-beating donation Non-invasive intracranial pressure measurement methods Non-involuting congenital hemangioma Non-mycosis fungoides CD30− cutaneous large T-cell lymphoma Non-progressive late-onset linear hemifacial lipoatrophy Non-rapid eye movement sleep Non-rebreather mask Non-surgical liposuction Non-surgical rhinoplasty Non-surgical spinal decompression Noncicatricial alopecia Nonsyndromic deafness Nontuberculous mycobacteria Nonvenereal endemic syphilis Nonverbal learning disorder Noonan syndrome Noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant Norepinephrine releasing agent Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor Norfenefrine Norgestrienone Normethadone Normochromic anemia Normocytic anemia Normolipoproteinemic xanthomatosis Normophosphatemic familial tumoral calcinosis Norovirus GII.4 Sydney Norplant North Asian tick typhus Nortriptyline Norwood procedure Nose-picking Nosebleed Nosology Nosophobia Notalgia paresthetica Notching of the ribs Notifiable disease Nuchal cord Nuchal scan Nuclear sclerosis Nucleus lentiformis Null cell Number needed to vaccinate Nuremberg Code Nursemaid's elbow Nursing ethics Nursing home care Nursing shortage Nuss procedure Nutcracker esophagus Nutcracker syndrome Nutrient Nutrient enema Nutrition and pregnancy Nutrition transition Nutritional deficiency eczema NuvaRing Nyctalopia Nystagmus Oath of Maimonides Obdormition Obesity hypoventilation syndrome Obesity paradox Obesity-associated morbidity Obetrol Obsessive–compulsive disorder Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder Obsessive–compulsive spectrum Obstetric labor complication Obstetric medicine Obstetric transition Obstetrical hemorrhage Obstructed defecation Obstructed labour Obstructive lung disease Obstructive purpura Obstructive sleep apnea Obturator hernia Obturator sign Occipital cryoneurolysis Occipital nerve stimulation Occipital neuralgia Occipital triangle Occupational acne Occupational and Environmental Medicine Occupational asthma Occupational disease Occupational injury Occupational injustice Occupational lung disease Occupational medicine Occupational therapist Occupational therapy Octreotide scan Ocular dysmetria Ocular hypertension Ocular ischemic syndrome Ocular myasthenia Ocular prosthesis Ocular rosacea Ocular tremor Oculocerebrocutaneous syndrome Oculomotor nerve Oculomotor nerve palsy Odds ratio Odonto–tricho–ungual–digital–palmar syndrome Odynophagia Off-pump coronary artery bypass Office of Science Education Ohtahara syndrome Oil acne Old age and driving Olecranon bursitis Olecranon fracture Olfaction Olfactory nerve Oligoarthritis Oligoastrocytoma Oligodendroglioma Oligohydramnios Oligomenorrhea Oligospermia Oliguria Oliver–McFarlane syndrome Olivopontocerebellar atrophy Olsalazine Omalizumab Omphalitis of newborn Omphalocele Omphalomesenteric duct cyst Oncofertility Oncogene Oncogenomics Oncophage Oncovirus Oneirophrenia Online pharmacy laws in India Onychauxis Onychoatrophy Onychogryphosis Onycholysis Onychomadesis Onychomatricoma Onychomycosis Onychophosis Onychoptosis defluvium Onychorrhexis Onychoschizia Onychotillomania Oocyte cryopreservation Oophoritis Open aortic surgery Open defecation Open lung ventilation Operating room management Operating theater Operation United Assistance Ophiasis Ophthalmia Ophthalmia nodosa Ophthalmic pathology Ophthalmoscopy Opioid Opioid antagonist Opioid replacement therapy Opioid-induced hyperalgesia Opipramol Opisthorchis viverrini Opsoclonus Optic neuritis Optic neuropathy Optic papillitis Optical coherence tomography Optokinetic reflex Optometry Oral administration Oral allergy syndrome Oral and maxillofacial pathology Oral and maxillofacial surgery Oral candidiasis Oral contraceptive formulations Oral contraceptive pill Oral florid papillomatosis Oral hygiene Oral medicine Oral melanosis Oral mucocele Oral myology Oral submucous fibrosis Orbital lymphoma Orbital x-ray Orchiectomy Orchiopexy Orchitis Orderly Organ harvesting Organ of Corti Organ perforation Organic brain syndrome Organic dust toxic syndrome Organomegaly Organophosphate poisoning Ormeloxifene Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency Orofacial granulomatosis Orofacial myological disorders Orofacial pain Oromandibular dystonia Oropharyngeal airway Oropharyngeal cancer Oropharyngeal dysphagia Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas Orotic aciduria Orphan patient Orphanet Orthodromic Orthopedic cast Orthopnea Orthoptics Orthostatic headache Orthostatic hypotension Orthostatic purpura Ortolani test Oscar (therapy cat) Oscar Liebreich Oscillopsia Oseltamivir Osmotherapy Osseointegration Osteitis fibrosa cystica Osteitis pubis Osteoblastoma Osteochondritis dissecans Osteochondrodysplasia Osteochondroma Osteochondrosis Osteofibrous dysplasia Osteogenesis imperfecta Osteoid osteoma Osteoimmunology Osteolysis Osteoma Osteoma cutis Osteomalacia Osteomyelitis Osteonecrosis of the jaw Osteopathia striata Osteopenia Osteophyte Osteosarcoma Osteotomy Ostium primum atrial septal defect Otoacoustic emission Otophyma Otorhinolaryngology Otoscope Outbreak Outline of autism Outline of medicine Outline of nutrition Outline of trauma & orthopedics Outpatient surgery Ovarian apoplexy Ovarian follicle atresia Ovarian tissue cryopreservation Over-the-counter drug Overactive bladder Overlap syndrome Overmedication Overnutrition Overscreening Overuse syndrome Ovulation induction Ovum Oxabolone cipionate Oxaliplatin Oxycodone Oxycodone/aspirin Oxygen mask Oxygen saturation (medicine) Oxygen therapy Oxygen toxicity Oxytocin P wave (electrocardiography) PAMI PANDAS PARAMOUNT trial PET-CT PRA Health Sciences PUVA keratosis PUVA lentigines PUVA-induced acrobullous dermatosis Pacemaker failure Pacemaker syndrome Pachyderma Pachydermatous eosinophilic dermatitis Pachydermodactyly Pacifier Package insert Packed red blood cells Paclitaxel Paederus dermatitis Paediatric radiology Paget's disease of bone Paget's disease of the breast Pagetoid reticulosis Pagophagia Pain and pleasure Pain disorder Pain management Pain scale Pain stimulus Pain tolerance Painful bruising syndrome Painful fat herniation Palatal cysts of the newborn Palatal lift prosthesis Palatal obturator Palatine tonsil Palifermin Palilalia Palinopsia Paliperidone Palisaded encapsulated neuroma Palisaded neutrophilic and granulomatous dermatitis Palliative sedation Palmomental reflex Palmoplantar ectodermal dysplasia Palmoplantar hyperhidrosis Palmoplantar keratoderma Palpation Palpitations Palsy Panayiotopoulos syndrome Pancoast tumor Pancreas divisum Pancreas transplantation Pancreatectomy Pancreatic abscess Pancreatic disease Pancreatic mass Pancreatic pleural effusion Pancreatic pseudocyst Pancreaticoduodenectomy Pancrelipase Pancytopenia Panic disorder Panniculitis Papillary adenocarcinoma Papillary eccrine adenoma Papillary hidradenoma Papillary thyroid cancer Papillary tumors of the pineal region Papilloma Papillomatosis cutis carcinoides Papillon–Lefèvre syndrome Papillorenal syndrome Pappataci fever Papular eruption of blacks Papular mucinosis Papular mucinosis of infancy Papular purpuric gloves and socks syndrome Papular xanthoma Papule Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji Papulonecrotic tuberculid Papulopustular rosacea Paracelsus Paracentesis Paracetamol brand names Paracetamol toxicity Paracoccidioidomycosis Paradoxical embolism Paradoxical reaction Paraganglioma Paragonimiasis Parakeratosis pustulosa Paralysis Paralytic shellfish poisoning Paramedic Paramethadione Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration Paraneoplastic disease Paraneoplastic keratoderma Paraneoplastic pemphigus Paraneoplastic syndrome Paranoid social cognition Paraovarian cyst Paraphimosis Paraphrenia Paraplegia Paraproctitis Paraproteinemia Parapsoriasis Parasitemia Parasitic disease Parasitic pneumonia Parasitic twin Parasomnia Parasuicide Parathyroid adenoma Parathyroidectomy Paratyphoid fever Paraventricular nucleus Paresis Paresthesia Pargyline Parkes Weber syndrome Parkinson plus syndrome Parkinsonism Parotitis Paroxetine Paroxysmal attack Paroxysmal dyskinesia Paroxysmal hand hematoma Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea Paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity Paroxysmal tachycardia Partial anterior circulation infarct Partial hospitalization Partial ileal bypass surgery Partial unilateral lentiginosis Participatory medicine Particle therapy Paruresis Passive immunity Passive leg raising test Passive-aggressive behavior Pastia's lines Patch-type granuloma annulare Patella fracture Patellar tendinitis Patellar tendon rupture Patellofemoral pain syndrome Patent ductus arteriosus Pathergy Pathogenesis Pathogenic bacteria Pathogenic microbes Pathogenicity Pathologic nystagmus Pathological laughing and crying Pathological staging Pathology as a medical specialty Pathophysiology Pathophysiology of multiple sclerosis Patient Group Directions Patient UK Patient abuse Patient advocacy Patient portal Patient satisfaction Patient-centered care Patient-controlled analgesia Patrick's test Pauci-immune Paul Tessier Pearl Index Peat fire cancer Peau d'orange Pectus carinatum Pectus excavatum Pediatric acquired brain injury Pediatric endocrinology Pediatric gastroenterology Pediatric intensive care unit Pediatric massage Pediatric ophthalmology Pediatric plastic surgery Pediatric schizophrenia Pediatric stroke Pediatric surgery Pediatric trauma Pediatric urology Pediculicide Pediculosis Pediculosis corporis Pediculosis pubis Pedophilia Peduncular hallucinosis Peeling skin syndrome Pefloxacin Pel-Ebstein fever Peliosis hepatis Pellagra Pellucid marginal degeneration Pelopsia Pelvic congestion syndrome Pelvic examination Pelvic floor dysfunction Pelvic fracture Pelvic girdle pain Pelvic inflammatory disease Pelvic kidney Pelvic pain Pelvic tumor Pemphigoid Pemphigoid nodularis Pemphigus Pemphigus erythematosus Pemphigus foliaceus Pemphigus herpetiformis Pemphigus vegetans Pemphigus vulgaris Pen needles Penectomy Penetrating head injury Penetrating trauma Penicilliosis Penile cancer Penile discharge Penile prosthesis Penis transplantation Penrose drain Pentostatin Pentosuria Penumbra (medicine) Per Giertsen Perception Percussion (medicine) Percutaneous coronary intervention Percutaneous discectomy Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography Percutaneous umbilical cord blood sampling Percutaneous vertebroplasty Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine Perforated eardrum Perforated ulcer Perforating calcific elastosis Perforating folliculitis Perforating granuloma annulare Perforator flaps Perfume intolerance Perfusion Perfusion scanning Perianal candidiasis Perianal cellulitis Pericardial effusion Pericardiectomy Pericardiocentesis Perichondritis Pericoronitis Perifollicular fibroma Perifollicular mucinosis Perinatal asphyxia Perinatal gangrene of the buttock Perinatal mortality Perinatal period Perineal hernia Perineal massage Perineurium Periodic breathing Periodic fever syndrome Periodic limb movement disorder Periodic paralysis Periodontal abscess Periodontitis Perioperative Perioperative medicine Perioperative mortality Perioral dermatitis Periorbital cellulitis Periorbital dermatitis Periorbital hyperpigmentation Periorificial dermatitis Peripartum cardiomyopathy Peripheral T-cell lymphoma Peripheral T-cell lymphoma not otherwise specified Peripheral edema Peripheral nerve injury Peripheral neuropathy Peripheral tolerance Peripheral vascular examination Peripheral venous catheter Peripherally inserted central catheter Peritomy Peritoneal dialysis Peritoneal equilibration test Peritoneal mesothelioma Peritonitis Perlman syndrome Pernicious anemia Peroxisomal disorder Persecutory delusion Perseveration Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome Persistent adrenarche syndrome Persistent edema of rosacea Persistent genital arousal disorder Persistent vegetative state Personality development disorder Personality disorder Personality disorder not otherwise specified Personalized medicine Perspiration Pertussis vaccine Pervasive developmental disorders Petechia Phaeohyphomycosis Phage therapy Phakic intraocular lens Phakomatosis Phakomatosis pigmentokeratotica Phakomatosis pigmentovascularis Phalen maneuver Phantom limb Phantom pain Phantosmia Pharmaceutical fraud Pharmaceutical industry in India Pharmaceutical marketing Pharmacodiagnostic testing Pharmacogenetics Pharmacogenomics Pharmacognosy Pharmacometabolomics Pharmacotherapy Pharmacotoxicology Pharyngeal flap surgery Pharyngeal reflex Phenethylamine Phenoperidine Phenoxyethanol Phenprocoumon Phensuximide Phenylbutazone Pheochromocytoma Philosophy of healthcare Phlebitis Phlebolith Phlebologist Phlebothrombosis Phlegm Phlegmasia alba dolens Phlegmasia cerulea dolens Phobia Phocomelia Pholcodine Phonocardiogram Phoropter Phosphate nephropathy Phosphene Phospho soda Photic sneeze reflex Photoaging Photodermatitis Photodermatosis Photodynamic therapy Photokeratitis Photoleukomelanodermatitis of Kobori Photopheresis Photopic vision Photorefractive keratectomy Photorejuvenation Photosensitive drug reaction Photosensitivity Photosensitivity with HIV infection Phototherapeutic keratectomy Phototoxic tar dermatitis Phototoxicity Phyllodes tumor Phylloid hypomelanosis Phymatous rosacea Physical dependence Physical disorder Physical fitness Physical medicine and rehabilitation Physical therapy Physical therapy education Physical urticaria Physician dispensing Physician supply Physiologic nystagmus Physiological anisocoria Phytoestrogens Phytophotodermatitis Phytosterol Pica (disorder) Piebaldism Piedra Pigeon toe Pigment dispersion syndrome Pigmentatio reticularis faciei et colli Pigmentation disorder Pigmented hairy epidermal nevus syndrome Pigmented purpuric dermatosis Pigmented spindle cell nevus Pigmented villonodular synovitis Pigmented wart Pilar sheath acanthoma Pili annulati Pili bifurcati Pili multigemini Pili pseudoannulati Pili torti Pilocytic astrocytoma Piloleiomyoma Pilomatricoma Pilonidal cyst Pimple Pincer nails Pinch mark Pinealectomy Pinta (disease) Pioglitazone Pipotiazine Piquerism Piriform cortex Piriformis syndrome Pirisudanol Piritramide Pit latrine Pituitary adenoma Pituitary apoplexy Pituitary disease Pituitary tumour Pityriasis Pityriasis alba Pityriasis amiantacea Pityriasis lichenoides chronica Pityriasis rosea Pityriasis rotunda Pityrosporum folliculitis Pivagabine Pivot joint Placebo Placebo-controlled study Placenta Placenta accreta Placenta praevia Placental abruption Placental expulsion Placental insufficiency Plagiocephaly Plague (disease) Planned Parenthood Plantar wart Plasma cell Plasma cell gingivitis Plasma osmolality Plasma renin activity Plasmacytoma Plasmacytosis Plasmapheresis Plasmoacanthoma Plasmodium knowlesi Plasmodium malariae Plasmodium vivax Plate-like osteoma cutis Platelet storage pool deficiency Platensimycin Platonychia Platybasia Playa de Oro virus Pleomorphic T-cell lymphoma Pleomorphic adenoma Pleomorphic fibroma Pleomorphic lipoma Pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma Plethysmograph Pleural empyema Pleurisy Pleurodesis Plexiform fibrohistiocytic tumor Plexopathy Plica neuropathica Plummer's nail Pneumatocele Pneumaturia Pneumocephalus Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine Pneumoconiosis Pneumocystis pneumonia Pneumocystosis Pneumonectomy Pneumonic plague Pneumonitis Pneumonolysis Pneumopericardium Pneumoperitoneum Pneumotactic centre Pneumovax 23 Poikiloderma of Civatte Poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans Point of care Point-of-care genetic testing Poison control center Poland syndrome Polio vaccine Poliomyelitis eradication Poliovirus Poly drug use Polyarteritis nodosa Polyarthritis Polychromasia Polycystic kidney disease Polycythemia Polycythemia vera Polydactyly Polydipsia Polyembryoma Polyestradiol phosphate Polyhydramnios Polymicrogyria Polymorphous light eruption Polymyalgia rheumatica Polymyositis Polymyxin B Polyneuropathy Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia Polyp (medicine) Polypill Polyploid Polypoid melanoma Polypropylene breast implants Polyradiculoneuropathy Polysomnography Polysomy Polysubstance dependence Polytrauma Polyuria Pomade acne Ponderal index Ponseti method Poor ovarian reserve Poor posture Poorly differentiated thyroid cancer Porencephaly Porokeratosis Porokeratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus Port (medical) Portacaval shunt Portal hypertension Portal hypertensive gastropathy Portal vein thrombosis Portal venous pressure Portuguese man-of-war dermatitis Position (obstetrics) Positional alcohol nystagmus Positional plagiocephaly Positive airway pressure Positive and negative predictive values Positive end-expiratory pressure Positron emission tomography Positron emission tomography–magnetic resonance imaging Post stroke depression Post viral cerebellar ataxia Post-LASIK ectasia Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome Post-anesthesia care unit Post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment Post-concussion syndrome Post-exposure prophylaxis Post-intensive care syndrome Post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis Post-lingual deafness Post-polio syndrome Post-thrombotic syndrome Post-traumatic amnesia Post-traumatic epilepsy Post-traumatic seizure Post-vaccination follicular eruption Post-viral cough Post-viral fatigue syndrome Postcardiotomy syndrome Postcholecystectomy syndrome Postcoital test Postencephalitic trophic ulcer Posterior cerebral artery syndrome Posterior cingulate Posterior circulation infarct Posterior cortical atrophy Posterior cruciate ligament Posterior cruciate ligament injury Posterior ischemic optic neuropathy Posterior lobe Posterior parietal cortex Posterior rami syndrome Posterior triangle of the neck Posterior urethral valve Posterolateral knee injuries Postherpetic neuralgia Postictal state Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation Postinflammatory hypopigmentation Postinflammatory lymphedema Postmortem studies Postoperative cognitive dysfunction Postoperative hematoma Postoperative nausea and vomiting Postpartum bleeding Postpartum period Postpartum psychosis Postpartum thyroiditis Postperfusion syndrome Postprandial Postprandial dip Postprandial glucose test Postterm pregnancy Postural drainage Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome Potassium binder Potassium iodide Pott disease Pott's fracture Pott's puffy tumor Pouchitis Powder (substance) Pox party Prader–Willi syndrome Pragmatic language impairment Pramocaine Pre-conception counseling Pre-existing condition Pre-exposure prophylaxis Pre-hospital ultrasound Preanesthetic assessment Preauricular sinus and cyst Precancerous condition Precocious puberty Precursor B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia Precursor T-lymphoblastic lymphoma Prediabetes Predictive medicine Prednicarbate Prednisolone Prednylidene Pregnant patients' rights Prelingual deafness Preload (cardiology) Premastication Premature atrial contraction Premature ejaculation Premature heart beat Premature ovarian failure Premature ventricular contraction Premedication Premenstrual water retention Prenatal and perinatal psychology Prenatal care Prenatal perception Prenatal sex discernment Preoperational anxiety Preoperative care Preoperative fasting Prepatellar bursitis Prepubertal hypertrichosis Presacral space Presbycusis Prescription costs Presentation (obstetrics) Presenting Pressure alopecia Pressure ulcer Pressure urticaria Presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome Presyncope Prevalence Prevalence of circumcision Prevalence of mental disorders Preventable causes of death Prevention (medical) Prevention of dementia Prevention of diabetes mellitus type 2 Prevention of migraines Prevention of viral hemorrhagic fever Preventive analgesia Preventive mastectomy Priapism Primary aldosteronism Primary and secondary brain injury Primary care Primary central nervous system lymphoma Primary cutaneous adenoid cystic carcinoma Primary cutaneous amyloidosis Primary cutaneous aspergillosis Primary cutaneous coccidioidomycosis Primary cutaneous histoplasmosis Primary cutaneous immunocytoma Primary cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma Primary effusion lymphoma Primary fibrinogenolysis Primary gonococcal dermatitis Primary hyperoxaluria Primary hyperparathyroidism Primary immunodeficiency Primary inoculation tuberculosis Primary juvenile glaucoma Primary lateral sclerosis Primary mediastinal B-cell lymphoma Primary ovarian insufficiency Primary peritoneal carcinoma Primary progressive aphasia Primary pulmonary coccidioidomycosis Primary pulmonary histoplasmosis Primary sclerosing cholangitis Primary sensory areas Primary sensory cortex Primary somatosensory cortex Primary systemic amyloidosis Primary tumor Primary tumors of the heart Primary ventricular fibrillation Primary visual cortex Primitive neuroectodermal tumor Prinzmetal's angina Prion Prion diseases Prion pruritus Prism correction Pro re nata Proarrhythmia Probiotic Procaine blockade Procalcitonin Procedure code Proctalgia fugax Proctitis Proctocolectomy Progeria Progeroid syndromes Progestin-induced virilisation Progestogen-only pill Prognosis Progressive bulbar palsy Progressive disease Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis Progressive macular hypomelanosis Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy Progressive muscular atrophy Progressive nodular histiocytoma Progressive nodular histiocytosis Progressive nonfluent aphasia Progressive osseous heteroplasia Progressive symmetric erythrokeratodermia Progressive systemic sclerosis Progressive vaccinia Projectional radiography Prolactinoma Prolapse Prolene Proliferating angioendotheliomatosis Proliferating epidermoid cyst Proliferating trichilemmal cyst Prolonged exposure therapy Prolymphocytic leukemia Promazine Pronator teres syndrome Prone ventilation Prophylaxis Proscillaridin Prosopagnosia Prospect Hill virus Prostaglandin E1 Prostate biopsy Prostate brachytherapy Prostate cancer screening Prostatectomy Prostatic congestion Prostatitis Prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem treatment Protamine sulfate Protease inhibitor (pharmacology) Proteases (medical and related uses) Protein Protein (nutrient) Protein contact dermatitis Protein losing enteropathy Proteinuria Proteopathy Proteus syndrome Proteus-like syndrome Protothecosis Protozoan infection Protriptyline Proximal femoral focal deficiency Proximal renal tubular acidosis Proximal subungual onychomycosis Prurigo Prurigo gestationis Prurigo nodularis Prurigo pigmentosa Prurigo simplex Pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy Pruritic papular eruption of HIV disease Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy Pruritus ani Pruritus scroti Pruritus vulvae Pseudarthrosis Pseudo-Cushing's syndrome Pseudoacanthosis nigricans Pseudoallergy Pseudoanaphylaxis Pseudoaneurysm Pseudoathetosis Pseudobulbar affect Pseudobulbar palsy Pseudocowpox Pseudocyst Pseudocyst of the auricle Pseudodiarrhea Pseudodysphagia Pseudoepitheliomatous keratotic and micaceous balanitis Pseudofolliculitis barbae Pseudolymphoma Pseudomelanoma Pseudomonal pyoderma Pseudomonas hot-foot syndrome Pseudomonas infection Pseudopelade of Brocq Pseudoporphyria Pseudorabies Pseudothrombophlebitis Pseudotumor cerebri Pseudovaginal perineoscrotal hypospadias Pseudoverrucous papules and nodules Pseudoxanthoma elasticum Psoas sign Psoriatic arthritis Psoriatic erythroderma Psoriatic nails Psychasthenia Psychiatric and mental health nursing Psychiatric assessment Psychiatric casualty Psychiatric disorders of childbirth Psychiatric hospital Psychiatric intensive-care unit Psychiatric medication Psychiatric pharmacy Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner Psychiatrist Psychiatry Psychoactive drug Psychoanalysis Psychoeducation Psychogenic amnesia Psychogenic disease Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures Psychogenic pruritus Psychological effects of Internet use Psychological trauma Psychologist Psychomotor agitation Psychomotor retardation Psychoneuroendocrinology Psychoneuroimmunology Psychoorganic syndrome Psychosexual disorder Psychosomatic medicine Psychotherapy Psychotic depression Psychotomimetic Psychotropic alkylamines Pterygium Pterygium (conjunctiva) Pterygium inversum unguis Pterygium unguis Ptosis (breasts) Ptosis (eyelid) PubMed Pubarche Puberty Puberty blocker Public Health Emergency of International Concern Public health genomics Public health insurance option Publication bias Publicly funded health care Pudendal anesthesia Puerperal infections Puerperal mastitis Puestow procedure Pulicosis Pulled hamstring Pulling boat hands Pulmonary angiography Pulmonary artery catheter Pulmonary aspiration Pulmonary atresia Pulmonary carcinoid tumour Pulmonary circulation Pulmonary compliance Pulmonary consolidation Pulmonary contusion Pulmonary edema Pulmonary fibrosis Pulmonary function testing Pulmonary heart disease Pulmonary hematoma Pulmonary hemorrhage Pulmonary hygiene Pulmonary hypertension Pulmonary hypoplasia Pulmonary insufficiency Pulmonary interstitial emphysema Pulmonary laceration Pulmonary pathology Pulmonary rehabilitation Pulmonary scientist Pulmonary sequestration Pulmonary shunt Pulmonary surfactant Pulmonary talcosis Pulmonary thrombectomy Pulmonary valve stenosis Pulmonary volutrauma Pulmonic regurgitation Pulmonology Pulsatile insulin Pulse Pulse oximeter Pulseless electrical activity Pulsus paradoxus Puncta pruritica Punctate epithelial erosions Pure hair-nail type ectodermal dysplasia Pure tone audiometry Purohit-Blaivas Staging System Purple glove syndrome Purpura Purpura fulminans Purpura of the nail bed Purpura secondary to clotting disorders Purpuric agave dermatitis Purtscher's retinopathy Pus Pustular bacterid Pustulosis Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris Putamen Pyaemia Pyelectasis Pyelonephritis Pyeloplasty Pylephlebitis Pyloric stenosis Pyoderma faciale Pyomyositis Pyonephrosis Pyostomatitis vegetans Pyramidal tract Pyromania Pyuria Q fever Qalyub virus Quackery Quadriceps tendon rupture Quadrichrome vitiligo Quality of life Quantitative trait locus Quarantine Quaternary prevention Queensland tick typhus Quinapril/hydrochlorothiazide Quingestanol acetate Quinupramine R-HDAC RASopathy RTS,S Rabeprazole Rabies testing Rabies vaccine Rachischisis Racine stages Racquet nail Radial artery puncture Radial dysplasia Radial head fracture Radial neuropathy Radiation burn Radiation enteropathy Radiation treatment planning Radiation-induced cancer Radiation-induced lung injury Radiation-induced thyroiditis Radical mastectomy Radical perineal prostatectomy Radical retropubic prostatectomy Radical surgery Radicular pain Radiculopathy Radio frequency nerve lesioning Radioactive iodine uptake test Radioactive tracer Radioallergosorbent test Radiocontrast agent Radiofrequency ablation Radiographer Radioimmunoassay Radiologic sign Radiopharmacology Radiosurgery Ramos-Arroyo syndrome Ramsay Hunt syndrome type II Ramón Carrillo Random glucose test Randomized controlled trial Range of motion Rapacuronium Rape Rape kit Rapid eye movement sleep Rapid growing mycobacterium Rapid urease test Rapidly involuting congenital hemangioma Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis Rapp–Hodgkin syndrome Rapunzel syndrome Rare disease Rash Rashkind balloon atrial septostomy Rasmussen syndrome Rasmussen's aneurysm Rat-bite fever Rate of infusion Raw foodism Raynaud's phenomenon Re-entry ventricular arrhythmia Reactional keratosis Reactive angioendotheliomatosis Reactive arthritis Reactive attachment disorder Reactive lymphocyte Reactive neutrophilic dermatoses Reactive perforating collagenosis Read code Rearrest Rebound diuresis Rebound effect Receptive aphasia Recommended maximum intake of alcoholic beverages Reconstructive surgery Recovered-memory therapy Recovery approach Recovery from blindness Recrudescence Rectal examination Rectal foreign body Rectal microbicide Rectal prolapse Rectal tenesmus Rectocele Rectoscope Rectovaginal fistula Rectovestibular fistula Rectus sheath hematoma Recurrent corneal erosion Recurrent miscarriage Recurrent palmoplantar hidradenitis Recurrent toxin-mediated perineal erythema Red blood cell indices Red lunulae Red reflex Red-eye effect Redout Reed–Sternberg cell Refeeding syndrome Reference dose Reference range Reference ranges for blood tests Reference values Referred itch Referred pain Reflex asystolic syncope Reflex seizure Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome Reflux nephropathy Refractive error Refractive surgery Refrigerator mother theory Refsum disease Refsum's disease Regional anaesthesia Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist Regression (medicine) Regulatory T cell Rehabilitation in spinal cord injury Rejuvenation (aging) Relapse Relapsing fever Relapsing linear acantholytic dermatosis Relapsing polychondritis Relationship obsessive–compulsive disorder Relative risk reduction Relative value unit Relief of Fevers Remyelination Renal artery stenosis Renal biopsy Renal cell carcinoma Renal colic Renal cortical necrosis Renal cyst Renal ectopia Renal ischemia Renal osteodystrophy Renal papillary necrosis Renal pathology Renal sympathetic denervation Renal vein thrombosis Renin René Favaloro Repetitive strain injury Repetitive stress injury Replantation Repressed memory Reproductive endocrinology and infertility Reproductive surgery Reproductive system disease Residency (medicine) Residential care Residential treatment center Respect for persons Respiratory acidosis Respiratory alkalosis Respiratory disease Respiratory distress Respiratory examination Respiratory failure Respiratory minute volume Respiratory rate Respiratory tract infection Respiratory tract neoplasm Respite care Restenosis Restless legs syndrome Restrictive cardiomyopathy Restrictive dermopathy Restrictive lung disease Restylane Resusci Anne Resuscitator Retching Reticular erythematous mucinosis Reticular pigmented anomaly of the flexures Reticulate acropigmentation of Kitamura Reticulated seborrheic keratosis Reticulocytopenia Reticulocytosis Reticulohistiocytoma Reticulohistiocytosis Retiform parapsoriasis Retinal degeneration (rhodopsin mutation) Retinal detachment Retinal haemorrhage Retinal migraine Retinitis Retinitis pigmentosa Retinoscopy Retired husband syndrome Retractor (medical) Retrobulbar block Retrognathism Retrograde amnesia Retrograde ejaculation Retrograde infection Retrograde pyelogram Retrograde ureteral Retroperistalsis Retroperitoneal fibrosis Retroperitoneal hemorrhage Retrospective diagnosis Retrosplenial cortex Retroverted uterus Rett syndrome Return of results Return of spontaneous circulation Reuptake Revascularization Reverse quarantine Reverse tolerance Reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A Revesz syndrome Review of systems Revision weight loss surgery Reward system Reye syndrome Rh blood group system Rhabdomyolysis Rhabdomyoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Rhagades Rheum Rheumatism Rheumatoid factor Rheumatoid lung disease Rheumatoid neutrophilic dermatitis Rheumatoid nodule Rheumatoid nodulosis Rheumatoid pleuritis Rheumatoid vasculitis Rheumatology Rhinology Rhinoplasty Rhinoscleroma Rhinosporidiosis Rhinovirus Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata Rhizotomy Rhonchi Rhythmic movement disorder Rhytidectomy Rib fracture Rib removal Rich focus Ricin Rickets Rickettsia aeschlimannii infection Rickettsialpox Rickettsiosis Riedel's thyroiditis Riehl melanosis Rifapentine Rift Valley fever Riggs' disease Right axis deviation Right to die Right ventricular hypertrophy Rigor mortis Rinne test Risk factor Risk factors for breast cancer Risk factors in pregnancy Risus sardonicus Ritalin class action lawsuits Rizatriptan Road traffic safety Robert Guthrie Robert Maitland O'Reilly Robertsonian translocation Robot-assisted surgery Rockall score Rocky Mountain spotted fever Rod of Asclepius Rolandic epilepsy Rolando fracture Rolipram Rombo syndrome Root canal Rorschach test Rorschach test/top business Rosacea Rosacea conglobata Rosenthal–Kloepfer syndrome Roseola Roseola vaccinia Rosiglitazone Ross River fever Ross procedure Rosuvastatin Rotator cuff tear Roth's spot Rourke Baby Record Route of administration Roux-en-Y anastomosis Rowell's syndrome Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine Royal College of Physicians Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Royal College of Psychiatrists Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Rubella Rubella vaccine Rubeosis iridis Rud syndrome Rumination syndrome Rumpel–Leede sign Runner's rump Rupture of membranes Ruptured spleen Russell's sign S100A10 SAHA syndrome SFTS virus ST depression ST segment ST2 cardiac biomarker STD testing Saber shin Sack–Barabas syndrome Sacral anterior root stimulator Sacral nerve stimulator Sacrococcygeal teratoma Sacrohysteropexy Sacroiliac joint dysfunction Saddle anesthesia Saddle nose Saddle sore Sadistic personality disorder Safety of electronic cigarettes Safety pharmacology Safety syringe Sagittal plane Saint Louis encephalitis Salicylate sensitivity Salicylate testing Saline (medicine) Saline flush Saliva testing Salivary gland neoplasm Salivary gland–like carcinoma of the lung Salmonellosis Salpingectomy Salpingitis Salpingoophorectomy Salvage therapy Sanatorium Sangassou virus Sanitary napkin Saphena varix Sarah Murnaghan lung transplant controversy Sarcoidosis Sarcoma botryoides Sarcomatoid carcinoma Sarcomatoid carcinoma of the lung Sarcopenia Saree cancer Saturated fat Savant syndrome Say syndrome Scabies Scalding Scalp dysesthesia Scalp pruritus Scalp reconstruction Scalp–ear–nipple syndrome Scaphoid fracture Scapular fracture Schaeffer's sign Scheie syndrome Schick test Schilling test Schimmelpenning syndrome Schinzel–Giedion syndrome Schistosoma haematobium Schistosoma japonicum Schistosomiasis (skin symptoms) Schizoaffective disorder Schizoid personality disorder Schizophrenia and smoking Schizophreniform disorder Schola Medica Salernitana School health and nutrition services School health education School nursing Schwannoma Schöpf–Schulz–Passarge syndrome Sciatic nerve injury Scientific medicine Scintigraphy Scintimammography Scleral buckle Scleral lens Sclerema neonatorum Scleritis Scleroderma Scleroderma-like reaction to taxanes Scleromyositis Sclerosing lymphangitis Sclerotherapy Sclerotic fibroma Scombroid food poisoning Scope of practice Scorpion sting Scotoma Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine Scrambler therapy Scrapie Scratch dermatitis Scrofuloderma Scrotodynia Scrotoplasty Scrub typhus Scrupulosity Scurvy Sea anemone dermatitis Sea urchin injury Sea-blue histiocytosis Seabather's eruption Seafood allergy Sealpox Seasickness Seaweed dermatitis Sebaceoma Sebaceous adenoma Sebaceous cyst Sebaceous hyperplasia Sebaceous nevus syndrome Seboacanthoma Seborrheic keratosis with squamous atypia Seborrheic-like psoriasis Seborrhoeic dermatitis Second-impact syndrome Secondary cutaneous CD30+ large-cell lymphoma Secondary cutaneous amyloidosis Secondary hyperparathyroidism Secondary hypertension Secondary lymphedema Secondary sclerosing cholangitis Secondary systemic amyloidosis Sedation Sedative Sedentary lifestyle Segmental resection Segond fracture Seizure threshold Seizure types Selective immunoglobulin A deficiency Selegiline Selenium deficiency Self care Self-diagnosis Self-esteem Self-harm Self-healing juvenile cutaneous mucinosis Self-healing papular mucinosis Self-inflicted wound Self-medication Semantic dementia Semen analysis Semen collection Semen cryopreservation Seminoma Senile Senile pruritus Senning procedure Sensation (fiction) Sense Sensitivity and specificity Sensorineural hearing loss Sensory ataxia Sensory maps Sensory nerve Sensory processing Sensory substitution Sensory system Senter syndrome Sentinel loop Sentinel lymph node Seoul virus Septal myectomy Septal panniculitis Septic arthritis Septic embolism Septic shock Septic thrombophlebitis Septicemic plague Septo-optic dysplasia Septoplasty Sequela Sequential compression device Sequential high-dose chemotherapy Serenic Seroconversion Seroma Serositis Serosorting Serostatus Serotonin syndrome Serotonin system Serotonin–norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor Serotonin–norepinephrine–dopamine reuptake inhibitor Serotype Serous cystic neoplasms Serous fluid Serous tumour Serpiginous Sertoli–Leydig cell tumour Sertraline Serum iron Serum sickness Serum sickness-like reaction Serum-ascites albumin gradient Setleis syndrome Seton stitch Severe combined immunodeficiency Sex after pregnancy Sex cord–gonadal stromal tumour Sex differences in medicine Sex linkage Sex reassignment surgery Sex reassignment surgery (female-to-male) Sex reassignment surgery (male-to-female) Sex selection Sex steroid Sexology Sexual activity during pregnancy Sexual anhedonia Sexual arousal disorder Sexual dysfunction Sexual headache Sexual health clinic Sexual infantilism Sexual intercourse Sexual maturation disorder Sexual medicine Sexual motivation and hormones Sexual orientation and medicine Sexual reproduction Sgarbossa's criteria Shaken baby syndrome Shallow breathing Shallow water blackout Sham surgery Shawl scrotum Sheehan's syndrome Shell nail syndrome Shellfish poisoning Shift work sleep disorder Shigellosis Shiitake mushroom dermatitis Shin splints Shivering Shoe insert Short QT syndrome Short bowel syndrome Shoulder arthritis Shoulder presentation Shoulder problem Shoulder replacement Shoulder surgery Shunt (medical) Shwachman–Diamond syndrome Sialography Sialolithiasis Sick building syndrome Sick cell syndrome Sick sinus syndrome Sickle cell nephropathy Sickle cell trait Sickness behavior Sideroblastic anemia Sigmoidoscopy Signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS Signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease Silent sinus syndrome Silica granuloma Silicone granuloma Silver–Russell syndrome Simian foamy virus Simple interrupted stitch Simple partial seizure Simple-type schizophrenia Sims' position Simulation for Therapy Simvastatin Sin Nombre virus Single-payer health care Sinoatrial arrest Sinoatrial block Sinus bradycardia Sinus pericranii Sinus tachycardia Sinusoidal hemangioma Sitosterolemia Situational strength Sixth nerve palsy Sjögren's syndrome Sjögren–Larsson syndrome Skeletal fluorosis Skeletal survey Ski sickness Skin allergy test Skin and skin structure infection Skin biopsy Skin dimple Skin flora Skin fragility syndrome Skin grafting Skin pop scar Skin track Skull fracture Sleep Sleep and breathing Sleep and metabolism Sleep hygiene Sleep medicine Sleep onset Sleep sex Sleep state misperception Sleep study Sleeve gastrectomy Sloan letters Slow virus Slow-wave sleep Sluggish cognitive tempo Small for gestational age Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth Small intestine cancer Small plaque parapsoriasis Small-blue-round-cell tumor Small-cell melanoma Smallpox vaccine Smoke inhalation Smokeless tobacco Smoker's face Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the United States Smoking and pregnancy Smooth pursuit Snake venom Snapping hip syndrome Sneddon's syndrome Sniffing (behavior) Sniffle Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation Social determinants of health Social determinants of health in poverty Social determinants of obesity Social history of viruses Social insurance Social psychiatry Socialized medicine Sociogenic illness Sociological illness Sociology of health and illness Soft tissue injury Soft tissue pathology Soft-tissue laser surgery Soft-tissue sarcoma Soil-transmitted helminthiasis Soiling Solar erythema Solar purpura Solar retinopathy Solar urticaria Solitary cutaneous leiomyoma Solitary mastocytoma Solitary neurofibroma Solitary pulmonary nodule Solitary trichoepithelioma Somatic evolution in cancer Somatization disorder Somatosensory amplification Somnolence Somnology Somnoplasty Song control system Soochong virus Soot tattoo Sore throat Sotos syndrome Source amnesia Source document Southeast Asian ovalocytosis Sowda Soy allergy Spaghetti plot Spanish National Health System Sparganosis Spasm Spasmodic dysphonia Spasmodic torticollis Spasmofen Spastic diplegia Spasticity Specific dynamic action Speculoscopy Speculum (medical) Speech and language impairment Speech delay Speech disorder Speech-language pathology Sperm bank Sperm donation Sperm granuloma Sperm sorting Spermarche Spermatocele Spermatogenesis arrest Spermaturia Spermicide Sphenoid wing meningioma Spherocytosis Sphygmomanometer Spica splint Spider bite Spinal adjustment Spinal anaesthesia Spinal cord compression Spinal cord stimulator Spinal cord tumors Spinal curvature Spinal decompression Spinal dysfunction Spinal enthesopathy Spinal manipulation Spinal muscular atrophies Spinal precautions Spinal shock Spinal stenosis Spinal tumor Spindle cell lipoma Spiradenoma Spiral computed tomography Spiral fracture Spirometra erinaceieuropaei Spirometry Splenectomy Splenic disease Splenic infarction Splenic lymphoma with villous lymphocytes Splenic marginal zone lymphoma Splenomegaly Splint (medicine) Splinter hemorrhage Spondylitis Spondyloarthropathy Spondylodiscitis Spondylolisthesis Spondylolysis Spondylosis Spongiosis Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak Spontaneous remission Sports hypnosis Sports medicine Sports-related traumatic brain injury Spotted lunulae Sprained ankle Sputum culture Squamous intraepithelial lesion Squamous metaplasia St. Vincent Declaration Stabbing Staining of the nail plate Standardized uptake value Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People Stanford V Stapedectomy Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B Staphylococcal infection Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Staphylococcus aureus Staphylococcus haemolyticus Staphylococcus saprophyticus Stapled hemorrhoidopexy Stargardt disease Stasis dermatitis Statis papillomatosis Status dystonicus Status epilepticus Stauffer syndrome Steatocystoma multiplex Steatocystoma simplex Steatohepatitis Steatorrhea Steeple sign Stem cell transplantation for articular cartilage repair Stenosing tenosynovitis Stenosis Step-by-step description of hemodialysis Stercoral perforation Stercoral ulcer Stereotypic movement disorder Sterilization (medicine) Sternal cleft Sternal fracture Steroid acne Steroid diabetes Steroid folliculitis Steroid rosacea Steroid-induced osteoporosis Stertor Stevens–Johnson syndrome Stewart–Treves syndrome Stiff skin syndrome Stiff-person syndrome Stillbirth Stimming Stimulant maintenance Stimulant psychosis Stimulation Stingray injury Stippled nails Stoma (medicine) Stomach disease Stomatitis Stomatitis nicotina Stomatoplasty Stool guaiac test Stop TB Partnership Strabismus Strabismus surgery Straight leg raise Strain (injury) Straitjacket Stranger anxiety Strangury Stratified squamous epithelium Streff syndrome Strength training Strephosymbolia Streptococcal intertrigo Streptococcus Stress fracture Stress hormone Stress hyperglycemia Stress incontinence Stress ulcer Stretch marks Stretch reflex Stretta procedure Striae atrophicans Striae distensae Striae gravidarum Striate keratoderma String sign Striped field mouse Stroke recovery Strongyloidiasis Structured intermittent therapy Strychnine Strychnine poisoning Stucco keratosis Study 329 Stunted growth Stupor Sturge–Weber syndrome Stuttering Stye Sub-internship Subacromial bursitis Subacute bacterial endocarditis Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus Subacute lymphocytic thyroiditis Subacute myelo-optic neuropathy Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis Subarachnoid hemorrhage Subclavian steal syndrome Subclavian triangle Subclinical infection Subconjunctival hemorrhage Subcortical ischemic depression Subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma Subcutaneous abscess Subcutaneous emphysema Subcutaneous granuloma annulare Subcutaneous injection Subdural empyema Subdural hematoma Subepidermal calcified nodule Subgenual area 25 Subglottic stenosis Subgroup analysis Subinvolution Submandibular triangle Submucosal plexus Suboccipital triangle Subspecialty Substance abuse Substance-induced psychosis Substance-related disorder Subungual hematoma Sucking blister Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy Sudden unexpected death syndrome Suicide crisis Suicide intervention Sulcoplasty Sulfonamide (medicine) Sulfonamide hypersensitivity syndrome Sulfuric acid poisoning Sulzberger–Garbe syndrome Sunovion Superfecundation Superficial acral fibromyxoma Superficial granulomatous pyoderma Superficial pustular folliculitis Superficial spreading melanoma Superficial thrombophlebitis Superinfection Superior mesenteric artery syndrome Superior oblique myokymia Superior sagittal sinus Superior salivatory nucleus Superior vena cava syndrome Supernumerary kidney Supernumerary nipple Supernumerary nipples–uropathies–Becker's nevus syndrome Supernumerary phantom limb Supertaster Support group Supracondylar humerus fracture Suprapubic cystostomy Supraventricular tachycardia Surface epithelial-stromal tumor Surfactant therapy Surfer's ear Surfer's knots Surfer's myelopathy Surgeon Surgery simulator Surgical anastomosis Surgical emergency Surgical incision Surgical lubricant Surgical management of fecal incontinence Surgical margin Surgical mask Surgical oncology Surgical pathology Surgical positions Surgical scissors Surgical suture Surgical tape Surgical treatment of ingrown toenails Surrogate markers Surviving Sepsis Campaign Susceptible individual Sushruta Suture (joint) Suvorexant Swan neck deformity Sweet's syndrome-like dermatosis Swelling (medical) Swimmer's itch Swine influenza Swinging-flashlight test Sycosis vulgaris Symblepharon Symmetric seronegative polyarthritis Sympathetic ophthalmia Symphysiotomy Symptom Symptomatic treatment Syncope (medicine) Syncope (phonology) Syndactyly Syndemic Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion Syndrome of subjective doubles Synesthesia Synkinesis Synovectomy Synovial sarcoma Synovitis Syphilid Syringe Syringobulbia Syringocystadenoma papilliferum Syringofibroadenoma Syringoma Syringomyelia Systematic review Systematized epidermal nevus Systemic candidiasis Systemic disease Systemic inflammation Systemic inflammatory response syndrome Systemic scleroderma Systemic-onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis Systolic heart murmur Sézary disease T cell T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia T-cell leukemia T-cell lymphoma T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia T-tubule TA-CD TEDMED TGN1412 TNF receptor associated periodic syndrome TNM staging system TOFI TORCH complex Tabes dorsalis Table of modes of mechanical ventilation Tachycardia-dependent bundle branch block Tachycardia-induced cardiomyopathy Tachylalia Tachypnea Taenia saginata Taenia solium Taeniasis Tailor's bunion Takayasu's arteritis Takotsubo cardiomyopathy Talk:1,4-Dioxin Talk:10/90 gap Talk:100K Genome Project Talk:1976 Philadelphia Legionnaires' disease outbreak Talk:1993 Four Corners hantavirus outbreak Talk:1998 United States listeriosis outbreak Talk:1q21.1 deletion syndrome Talk:2003 Midwest monkeypox outbreak Talk:2005 South Wales E. coli O157 outbreak Talk:2006 North American E. coli O157:H7 outbreak in spinach Talk:2009 Chinese lead poisoning scandal Talk:2009 flu pandemic Talk:2009 flu pandemic in Asia Talk:2009 flu pandemic in Brazil Talk:2009 flu pandemic in Canada Talk:2009 flu pandemic in India Talk:2009 flu pandemic in Spain Talk:2009 flu pandemic in Taiwan Talk:2009 flu pandemic in the United States Talk:2009 flu pandemic tables Talk:2009 flu pandemic vaccine Talk:2012 Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus outbreak Talk:2014 Democratic Republic of the Congo Ebola virus outbreak Talk:3-M syndrome Talk:5-HT2c receptor agonist Talk:5-alpha-reductase deficiency Talk:5-alpha-reductase inhibitor Talk:7+3 (chemotherapy) Talk:A Clinical Lesson at the Salpêtrière Talk:AA amyloidosis Talk:ABC (medicine) Talk:ABVD Talk:ACE inhibitor Talk:ACTH stimulation test Talk:ADE (chemotherapy) Talk:AFP-L3 Talk:AIDS-related complex Talk:AIDS-related lymphoma Talk:AIDSVAX Talk:ALPSA lesion Talk:ASA physical status classification system Talk:ATC code N02 Talk:AV nodal reentrant tachycardia Talk:Aagenaes syndrome Talk:Abdominal aortic aneurysm Talk:Abdominal distension Talk:Abdominal mass Talk:Abdominal obesity Talk:Abdominal pregnancy Talk:Abdominal thrusts Talk:Abdominal trauma Talk:Abdominal ultrasonography Talk:Abdominal wall defect Talk:Abdominoperineal resection Talk:Abdominoplasty Talk:Abdul Gaffar Billoo Talk:Abietic acid dermatitis Talk:Ablation of atrial fibrillation Talk:Abnormal posturing Talk:Abortifacient Talk:Abortion Talk:Abortion and mental health Talk:Absence seizure Talk:Absolute neutrophil count Talk:Absolute risk reduction Talk:Abstinence, be faithful, use a condom Talk:Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi Talk:Academic health science centre Talk:Acalculia Talk:Acamprosate Talk:Acanthamoeba infection Talk:Acantholysis Talk:Acantholytic dyskeratotic epidermal nevus Talk:Acanthoma Talk:Acanthoma fissuratum Talk:Acanthosis nigricans Talk:Acariasis Talk:Acceptable daily intake Talk:Accessory auricle Talk:Accessory spleen Talk:Accommodation (eye) Talk:Accommodation reflex Talk:Accommodative convergence Talk:Accountable care organization Talk:Acephalgic migraine Talk:Acephaly Talk:Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor Talk:Achalasia Talk:Achilles tendinitis Talk:Achilles tendon rupture Talk:Achlorhydria Talk:Acholia Talk:Achondroplasia Talk:Achromatopsia Talk:Acid-fast Talk:Acidosis Talk:Acinar adenocarcinoma Talk:Acinetobacter baumannii Talk:Acne aestivalis Talk:Acne conglobata Talk:Acne cosmetica Talk:Acne fulminans Talk:Acne keloidalis nuchae Talk:Acne mechanica Talk:Acne medicamentosa Talk:Acne miliaris necrotica Talk:Acne necrotica Talk:Acne scarring Talk:Acne with facial edema Talk:Acneiform eruption Talk:Acorns Children's Hospice Talk:Acoustic shock Talk:Acquired C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency Talk:Acquired brain injury Talk:Acquired disorder Talk:Acquired generalized lipodystrophy Talk:Acquired hemolytic anemia Talk:Acquired perforating dermatosis Talk:Acquired progressive lymphangioma Talk:Acral arteriolar ectasia Talk:Acral fibrokeratoma Talk:Acral keratoderma Talk:Acral lentiginous melanoma Talk:Acral nevus Talk:Acral persistent papular mucinosis Talk:Acroangiodermatitis Talk:Acrocyanosis Talk:Acrodermatitis Talk:Acrogeria Talk:Acrokeratoelastoidosis of Costa Talk:Acrokeratosis paraneoplastica of Bazex Talk:Acrokeratosis verruciformis Talk:Acromegaly Talk:Acronyms in healthcare Talk:Acroosteolysis Talk:Acrospiroma Talk:Actinic cheilitis Talk:Actinic elastosis Talk:Actinic granuloma Talk:Actinic prurigo Talk:Actinomycetoma Talk:Activated carbon Talk:Activated clotting time Talk:Activated protein C resistance Talk:Activation syndrome Talk:Active immunization Talk:Activin and inhibin Talk:Acupuncture Talk:Acute abdomen Talk:Acute alcohol intoxication Talk:Acute aortic syndrome Talk:Acute arterial ischemic disorder Talk:Acute assessment unit Talk:Acute basophilic leukemia Talk:Acute biphenotypic leukaemia Talk:Acute bronchitis Talk:Acute care Talk:Acute cutaneous lupus erythematosus Talk:Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis Talk:Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Talk:Acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis Talk:Acute fatty liver of pregnancy Talk:Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis Talk:Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis Talk:Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy Talk:Acute intermittent porphyria Talk:Acute interstitial pneumonitis Talk:Acute kidney injury Talk:Acute liver failure Talk:Acute lung injury Talk:Acute medicine Talk:Acute megakaryoblastic leukemia Talk:Acute monocytic leukemia Talk:Acute motor axonal neuropathy Talk:Acute myeloblastic leukemia Talk:Acute myelomonocytic leukemia Talk:Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis Talk:Acute pancreatitis Talk:Acute pericarditis Talk:Acute proliferative glomerulonephritis Talk:Acute promyelocytic leukemia Talk:Acute prostatitis Talk:Acute radiation syndrome Talk:Acute respiratory distress syndrome Talk:Acute severe asthma Talk:Acute stress reaction Talk:Acute toxicity Talk:Acute uric acid nephropathy Talk:Acyl CoA dehydrogenase Talk:Adaptation to extrauterine life Talk:Adaptive immune system Talk:Added sugar Talk:Adderall Talk:Addison's disease Talk:Adducted thumbs syndrome Talk:Adenitis Talk:Adeno-associated virus Talk:Adenocarcinoma Talk:Adenoid cystic carcinoma Talk:Adenoid hypertrophy Talk:Adenoma Talk:Adenoma sebaceum Talk:Adenomyoma Talk:Adenomyosis Talk:Adenosine monophosphate deaminase deficiency type 1 Talk:Adenosquamous lung carcinoma Talk:Adenovirus vaccine Talk:Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder Talk:Adipose tissue Talk:Adiposogenital dystrophy Talk:Adjuvant Talk:Adrenal adenoma Talk:Adrenal insufficiency Talk:Adrenal tumor Talk:Adrenalectomy Talk:Adrenergic bronchodilator Talk:Adrenergic storm Talk:Adrenergic urticaria Talk:Adrenocortical carcinoma Talk:Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma Talk:Adult blaschkitis Talk:Adult daycare center Talk:Adult diaper Talk:Adult type of generalized eruption of cutaneous mastocytosis Talk:Advance health care directive Talk:Advanced Pediatric Life Support Talk:Advanced cardiac life support Talk:Advanced life support Talk:Adverse effect Talk:Adverse effects of fluoroquinolones Talk:Adverse event Talk:Adverse reaction to biologic agents Talk:Aeromonas infection Talk:Aerosol burn Talk:Affective spectrum Talk:Afferent nerve fiber Talk:African blackwood dermatitis Talk:African histoplasmosis Talk:African tick bite fever Talk:Afterimage Talk:Against medical advice Talk:Agalactia Talk:Age adjustment Talk:Age and female fertility Talk:Age of onset Talk:Agenesis of the corpus callosum Talk:Aggressive NK-cell leukemia Talk:Aggressive digital papillary adenocarcinoma Talk:Aggressive infantile fibromatosis Talk:Aging and society Talk:Aging brain Talk:Aging movement control Talk:Aging-associated diseases Talk:Agnosia Talk:Agonal respiration Talk:Agoraphobia Talk:Agrammatism Talk:Agranulocytosis Talk:Air embolism Talk:Air ioniser Talk:Air medical services Talk:Airborne disease Talk:Airsickness Talk:Airway obstruction Talk:Akathisia Talk:Akinetic mutism Talk:Alanine transaminase Talk:Alastrim Talk:Albert Sabin Talk:Albinism–deafness syndrome Talk:Albuminuria Talk:Alcohol abuse Talk:Alcohol and cardiovascular disease Talk:Alcohol and human physiology Talk:Alcohol dependence Talk:Alcohol detoxification Talk:Alcohol flush reaction Talk:Alcohol intoxication Talk:Alcohol-related brain damage Talk:Alcohol-related dementia Talk:Alcoholic hepatitis Talk:Alcoholic liver disease Talk:Alcoholic lung disease Talk:Alcoholic polyneuropathy Talk:Aldosterone-to-renin ratio Talk:Alendronic acid Talk:Alertness Talk:Alexia (condition) Talk:Alezzandrini syndrome Talk:Alfred Adler Talk:Alglucosidase alfa Talk:Alkalosis Talk:Alkylating antineoplastic agent Talk:Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis Talk:Allergic conjunctivitis Talk:Allergic contact dermatitis Talk:Allergic inflammation Talk:Allergic reactions to anaesthesia Talk:Allergy to cats Talk:Allied health professions Talk:Allochiria Talk:Allodynia Talk:Alloimmunity Talk:Allopathic medicine Talk:Allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome Talk:Allorecognition Talk:Allotransplantation Talk:Alogia Talk:Alopecia areata Talk:Alopecia mucinosa Talk:Alopecia neoplastica Talk:Alopecia totalis Talk:Alopecia universalis Talk:Alpers' disease Talk:Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency Talk:Alpha-fetoprotein Talk:Alpha-gal allergy Talk:Alphacoronavirus Talk:Alphavirus infection Talk:Alpins method of astigmatism analysis Talk:Alport syndrome Talk:Altered level of consciousness Talk:Alternariosis Talk:Alternating hemiplegia Talk:Alternative cancer treatments Talk:Altitude sickness Talk:Aluminium phosphide poisoning Talk:Alveolar capillary dysplasia Talk:Alveolar lung disease Talk:Alveolar pressure Talk:Alveolitis Talk:Alzheimer's disease organizations Talk:Alzheimer's disease research Talk:Amaurosis fugax Talk:Ambe Talk:Amblyopia Talk:Ambulance Talk:Ambulatory blood pressure Talk:Ambulatory care Talk:Ambulatory phlebectomy Talk:Amebiasis cutis Talk:Amelanotic melanoma Talk:Amelogenesis imperfecta Talk:Amenorrhoea Talk:American tick bite fever Talk:Aminoaciduria Talk:Aminolevulinic acid dehydratase deficiency porphyria Talk:Amiodarone Talk:Amniotic band constriction Talk:Amniotic fluid Talk:Amniotomy Talk:Amodiaquine Talk:Amoebic liver abscess Talk:Amoxapine Talk:Amphetamine Talk:Ampicillin/flucloxacillin Talk:Amputation Talk:Amsterdam criteria Talk:Amyloid purpura Talk:Amyloidosis Talk:Amyotrophy Talk:Anabolic steroid Talk:Anacusis Talk:Anaerobic infection Talk:Anaesthesia for ocular surgery Talk:Anaesthetic vaporizer Talk:Anagen effluvium Talk:Anal cancer Talk:Anal fissure Talk:Anal fistula Talk:Analeptic Talk:Analgesic nephropathy Talk:Anaphia Talk:Anaplasia Talk:Anaplastic thyroid cancer Talk:Anaplastology Talk:Anasarca Talk:Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System Talk:Anatomical pathology Talk:Anatomical theatre Talk:Andes virus Talk:Androgen Talk:Androgen deficiency Talk:Androgen replacement therapy Talk:Androgen-dependent condition Talk:Androgen-induced hermaphroditism Talk:Andrology Talk:Andropause Talk:Anembryonic gestation Talk:Anemia of chronic disease Talk:Anemia of prematurity Talk:Anemic infarct Talk:Anencephaly Talk:Anesthesia awareness Talk:Anesthesiologist Talk:Anesthetic Talk:Anetoderma Talk:Aneurysm of heart Talk:Aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva Talk:Angella D. Ferguson Talk:Angelman syndrome Talk:Angina bullosa haemorrhagica Talk:Angina pectoris Talk:Angiocardiography Talk:Angiodysplasia Talk:Angioedema Talk:Angiofibroma Talk:Angiography Talk:Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma Talk:Angiokeratoma Talk:Angioleiomyoma Talk:Angiolipoleiomyoma Talk:Angiolipoma Talk:Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia Talk:Angioma Talk:Angioma serpiginosum Talk:Angiomyolipoma Talk:Angiopathy Talk:Angiostasis Talk:Angiostrongyliasis Talk:Angiotensin II receptor antagonist Talk:Angular cheilitis Talk:Animal bite Talk:Animal-type melanoma Talk:Aniseikonia Talk:Anismus Talk:Anisochromasia Talk:Anisometropia Talk:Ankyloglossia Talk:Ankylosing spondylitis Talk:Ankylosis Talk:Annals of Epidemiology Talk:Annular elastolytic giant-cell granuloma Talk:Annular erythema of infancy Talk:Annular pustular psoriasis Talk:Anoikis Talk:Anomalous pulmonary venous connection Talk:Anomic aphasia Talk:Anonychia Talk:Anopsia Talk:Anorchia Talk:Anorectal anomalies Talk:Anorectal disorder Talk:Anorectal varices Talk:Anorgasmia Talk:Anosmia Talk:Anosognosia Talk:Anotia Talk:Anovulation Talk:Anoxia Talk:Ant venom Talk:Antagonism (chemistry) Talk:Antenatal depression Talk:Antenatal steroid Talk:Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion Talk:Anterior cingulate Talk:Anterior horn disease Talk:Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy Talk:Anterior lobe Talk:Anterior nuclear group Talk:Anterior spinal artery syndrome Talk:Anterior triangle of the neck Talk:Anthelmintic Talk:Anthrax Talk:Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed Talk:Anthrax vaccines Talk:Anthropometry Talk:Anthroponotic disease Talk:Anti-cardiolipin antibodies Talk:Anti-dsDNA antibodies Talk:Anti-gliadin antibodies Talk:Anti-inflammatory Talk:Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody Talk:Anti-nuclear antibody Talk:Anti-thymocyte globulin Talk:Anti-transglutaminase antibodies Talk:Antibiotic candidiasis Talk:Antibiotic synergy Talk:Antibiotic use in livestock Talk:Antibiotic-associated diarrhea Talk:Anticarcinogen Talk:Anticipatory grief Talk:Anticoagulant Talk:Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome Talk:Antidepressant discontinuation syndrome Talk:Antidepressants and suicide risk Talk:Antidiuretic Talk:Antiflatulent Talk:Antifungal Talk:Antigen Talk:Antigonadotropin Talk:Antihemorrhagic Talk:Antihypertensive drug Talk:Antileukemic drug Talk:Antileukotriene agents Talk:Antimalarial medication Talk:Antimetabolite Talk:Antimotility agent Talk:Antineoplastic resistance Talk:Antiphospholipid syndrome Talk:Antiplatelet drug Talk:Antiprotozoal Talk:Antipyretic Talk:Antiserum Talk:Antisialagogue Talk:Antisocial personality disorder Talk:Antitoxin Talk:Antivenom Talk:Anti–citrullinated protein antibody Talk:Anuria Talk:Anxiogenic Talk:Aortic aneurysm Talk:Aortic dissection Talk:Aortic rupture Talk:Aortic stenosis Talk:Aortic valve replacement Talk:Aortic valvuloplasty Talk:Aortocaval compression syndrome Talk:Aortoenteric fistula Talk:Aortography Talk:Aortoiliac occlusive disease Talk:Apgar score Talk:Aphakia Talk:Aphasia Talk:Aphasiology Talk:Apheresis Talk:Aphonia Talk:Aplasia cutis congenita Talk:Aplastic anemia Talk:Apnea Talk:Apnea of prematurity Talk:Apneustic centre Talk:Apocrine gland carcinoma Talk:Apocrine nevus Talk:Apolipoprotein B deficiency Talk:Aponeurotic fibroma Talk:Apothecaries Act 1815 Talk:Apparent leukonychia Talk:Apparent mineralocorticoid excess syndrome Talk:Appendectomy Talk:Appendix cancer Talk:Appetite Talk:Approved drug Talk:Apraxia Talk:Apraxia of speech Talk:Aquadynia Talk:Aquarium granuloma Talk:Arachnoid cyst Talk:Arachnoid cysts Talk:Arachnoiditis Talk:Arbovirus Talk:Arcanobacterium haemolyticum infection Talk:Arch support Talk:Archibald McIndoe Talk:Areca nut Talk:Aretaeus of Cappadocia Talk:Arformoterol Talk:Argon plasma coagulation Talk:Ariboflavinosis Talk:Aripiprazole Talk:Armodafinil Talk:Arnold Martin Katz Talk:Arnold–Chiari malformation Talk:Aromatase excess syndrome Talk:Arousal Talk:Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia Talk:Arsenic contamination of groundwater Talk:Arsenic poisoning Talk:Arsenical keratosis Talk:Artemisinin Talk:Arterial blood Talk:Arterial blood gas Talk:Arterial catheter Talk:Arterial embolism Talk:Arterial insufficiency Talk:Arterial insufficiency ulcer Talk:Arterial stiffness Talk:Arterial tree Talk:Arteriolosclerosis Talk:Arteriosclerosis obliterans Talk:Arteriovenous fistula Talk:Arteriovenous malformation Talk:Arteriovenous oxygen difference Talk:Arteritis Talk:Arthralgia Talk:Arthrocentesis Talk:Arthrodesis Talk:Arthrofibrosis Talk:Arthrogram Talk:Arthrogryposis–renal dysfunction–cholestasis syndrome Talk:Arthropathy Talk:Arthroplasty Talk:Arthropod assault Talk:Arthropod bites and stings Talk:Articular cartilage damage Talk:Articular cartilage injuries Talk:Articular cartilage repair Talk:Artificial cardiac pacemaker Talk:Artificial heart Talk:Artificial heart valve Talk:Artificial induction of immunity Talk:Artificial insemination Talk:Artificial kidney Talk:Artificial lung Talk:Artificial organ Talk:Artificial pancreas Talk:Artificial rupture of membranes Talk:Artificial skin Talk:Artificial tears Talk:Artificial urinary sphincter Talk:Asbestos-related diseases Talk:Ascariasis Talk:Ascending cholangitis Talk:Ascites Talk:Asepsis Talk:Aseptic meningitis Talk:Aseptic technique Talk:Asherman's syndrome Talk:Aspartame controversy Talk:Aspergilloma Talk:Aspergillosis Talk:Aspermia Talk:Asphyxia Talk:Aspiration pneumonia Talk:Aspirin-induced asthma Talk:Asplenia Talk:Assessment of suicide risk Talk:Assisted living Talk:Assisted suicide Talk:Associative visual agnosia Talk:Asteroid hyalosis Talk:Asthenia Talk:Astrocytoma Talk:Asymmetric periflexural exanthem of childhood Talk:Asymptomatic carrier Talk:Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis Talk:Asynclitic birth Talk:Ataxia Talk:Ataxia telangiectasia Talk:Ataxic cerebral palsy Talk:Atelectasis Talk:Atherectomy Talk:Atheroma Talk:Athlete's foot Talk:Athletic taping Talk:Athletic trainer Talk:Atonic seizure Talk:Atopy Talk:Atresia Talk:Atrial fibrillation Talk:Atrial flutter Talk:Atrial septal defect Talk:Atrial tachycardia Talk:Atrichia with papular lesions Talk:Atrioventricular block Talk:Atrioventricular fistula Talk:Atrioventricular septal defect Talk:Atrophic connective tissue panniculitis Talk:Atrophic gastritis Talk:Atrophic vaginitis Talk:Atrophodermia vermiculata Talk:Attention Talk:Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder controversies Talk:Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder management Talk:Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder predominantly inattentive Talk:Attention restoration theory Talk:Atypical depression Talk:Atypical ductal hyperplasia Talk:Atypical facial pain Talk:Atypical fibroxanthoma Talk:Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome Talk:Atypical lichen myxedematosus Talk:Atypical pneumonia Talk:Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor Talk:Atypical trigeminal neuralgia Talk:Atypical tuberous myxedema Talk:Audiometry Talk:Auditory brainstem implant Talk:Auditory brainstem response Talk:Auditory cortex Talk:Auditory neuropathy Talk:Auditory processing disorder Talk:Auditory system Talk:Auditory verbal agnosia Talk:Augmentation pharyngoplasty Talk:Aura (symptom) Talk:Auscultation Talk:Auscultatory gap Talk:Austin Flint murmur Talk:Autism and memory Talk:Autism spectrum Talk:Autism therapies Talk:Autistic enterocolitis Talk:Autistic savant Talk:Autoeczematization Talk:Autoerotic fatality Talk:Autoimmune encephalitis Talk:Autoimmune estrogen dermatitis Talk:Autoimmune heart disease Talk:Autoimmune hemolytic anemia Talk:Autoimmune hepatitis Talk:Autoimmune pancreatitis Talk:Autoimmune progesterone dermatitis Talk:Automated whole-breast ultrasound Talk:Automatic behavior Talk:Automatic exposure control Talk:Automobile safety Talk:Autonomic dysreflexia Talk:Autorefractor Talk:Autoregulation Talk:Autoscopy Talk:Autosensitization dermatitis Talk:Autosplenectomy Talk:Autotransplantation Talk:Auxology Talk:Avascular necrosis Talk:Avitaminosis Talk:Avoidant personality disorder Talk:Avulsion fracture Talk:Avulsion injury Talk:Axotomy Talk:Azathioprine Talk:Azoospermia Talk:Azotemia Talk:B symptoms Talk:B vitamins Talk:B-cell leukemia Talk:B-cell lymphoma Talk:B-cell prolymphocytic leukemia Talk:BMI1 Talk:BRCA1 Talk:Babesiosis Talk:Baboon syndrome Talk:Baby colic Talk:Baby walker Talk:Bacillary angiomatosis Talk:Bacillary dysentery Talk:Back brace Talk:Back injury Talk:Background radiation equivalent time Talk:Bacterial flora Talk:Bacterial pneumonia Talk:Bacteriuria Talk:Bag valve mask Talk:Bahrain Red Crescent Society Talk:Bailey Ashford Talk:Bainbridge reflex Talk:Baker's cyst Talk:Baker's itch Talk:Balamuthia infection Talk:Balance disorder Talk:Balanitis Talk:Balanitis plasmacellularis Talk:Balanitis xerotica obliterans Talk:Baldness Talk:Ballistic trauma Talk:Balloon cell nevus Talk:Balsalazide Talk:Banana equivalent dose Talk:Banding (medical) Talk:Barbotage Talk:Bare-metal stent Talk:Barefoot doctor Talk:Barefoot running Talk:Bariatrics Talk:Barium follow-through Talk:Barium meal Talk:Barium swallow Talk:Barodontalgia Talk:Barostriction Talk:Barotrauma Talk:Barrett's esophagus Talk:Barrier contraception Talk:Bart syndrome Talk:Barthel scale Talk:Bartonella rochalimae Talk:Bartonellosis Talk:Bart–Pumphrey syndrome Talk:Basal body temperature Talk:Basal electrical rhythm Talk:Basal ganglia Talk:Basal ganglia disease Talk:Basaloid follicular hamartoma Talk:Basic life support Talk:Basic metabolic panel Talk:Basophil cell Talk:Basophil granulocyte Talk:Batten disease Talk:Beare–Stevenson cutis gyrata syndrome Talk:Beating heart cadaver Talk:Beck Depression Inventory Talk:Becker's muscular dystrophy Talk:Bed bug Talk:Bed bug infestation Talk:Bed management Talk:Bee sting Talk:Beeturia Talk:Behavioral addiction Talk:Behavioral health Talk:Behavioral neurology Talk:Behavioural genetics Talk:Behcet's disease Talk:Bell's palsy Talk:Bell's phenomenon Talk:Belmont Report Talk:Bencyclane Talk:Beneficence (ethics) Talk:Benign cephalic histiocytosis Talk:Benign fibrous histiocytoma Talk:Benign hypertension Talk:Benign infantile epilepsy Talk:Benign melanocytic nevus Talk:Benign neonatal hemangiomatosis Talk:Benign nephrosclerosis Talk:Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Talk:Benign symmetric lipomatosis Talk:Benignity Talk:Bennett's fracture Talk:Benzodiazepine misuse Talk:Benzodiazepine overdose Talk:Bergmeister's papilla Talk:Beriberi Talk:Berlin's edema Talk:Berylliosis Talk:Beryllium granuloma Talk:Beta thalassemia Talk:Beta-Amanitin Talk:Bethesda system Talk:Bevacizumab Talk:Bezold–Jarisch reflex Talk:Bicarbonate buffering system Talk:Bicornuate uterus Talk:Bier spots Talk:Bifemelane Talk:Bifid rib Talk:Bile acid Talk:Bile acid sequestrant Talk:Biliary atresia Talk:Biliary colic Talk:Biliary pruritus Talk:Biliary reflux Talk:Biliary tract cancer Talk:Bilirubin Talk:Bilirubinuria Talk:Billroth I Talk:Billroth II Talk:Bimalleolar fracture Talk:Bimatoprost Talk:BioSense Talk:Bioaccumulation Talk:Biobreeding rat Talk:Biochemistry of Alzheimer's disease Talk:Bioethics Talk:Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy Talk:Bioinformatics Talk:Biological agent Talk:Biological aspects of fluorine Talk:Biological determinism Talk:Biological inheritance Talk:Biological psychiatry Talk:Biological timeline of radiation poisoning Talk:Biomarker (medicine) Talk:Biomedical engineering Talk:Biomedical model Talk:Biomedical sciences Talk:Biomedical scientist Talk:Biomedical tissue Talk:Biomesh Talk:Biomolecular complex Talk:Biomonitoring Talk:Biomphalaria Talk:Biopharmaceutics Talk:Biophysical profile Talk:Biopsychiatry controversy Talk:Bioptics (device) Talk:Bioptics (surgery) Talk:Biosocial theory Talk:Biot's respiration Talk:Biotin Talk:Bipolar I disorder Talk:Bipolar II disorder Talk:Bipolar disorder in children Talk:Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified Talk:Bipolar spectrum Talk:Birdshot chorioretinopathy Talk:Birth attendant Talk:Birth control in Africa Talk:Birth trauma (physical) Talk:Birth weight Talk:Birthing center Talk:Bisoctrizole Talk:Bisphenol A Talk:Bisphosphonate Talk:Bivalirudin Talk:Bjork–Shiley valve Talk:Black Death Talk:Black eye Talk:Black heel and palm Talk:Black piedra Talk:Black pox Talk:Blackout (alcohol-related amnesia) Talk:Bladder augmentation Talk:Bladder sphincter dyssynergia Talk:Bladder stone Talk:Blalock–Taussig shunt Talk:Blanch (medical) Talk:Blaschko's lines Talk:Blast injury Talk:Blastic NK cell lymphoma Talk:Blastocystosis Talk:Blastoma Talk:Blastomycosis Talk:Blastomycosis-like pyoderma Talk:Blau syndrome Talk:Bleeding time Talk:Blennorrhea Talk:Blepharitis Talk:Blepharophyma Talk:Blepharoplasty Talk:Blind experiment Talk:Blind loop syndrome Talk:Blister Talk:Blister beetle dermatitis Talk:Blistering distal dactylitis Talk:Bloating Talk:Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome Talk:Blood alcohol content Talk:Blood bank Talk:Blood blister Talk:Blood cell Talk:Blood film Talk:Blood flow Talk:Blood gas Talk:Blood glucose monitoring Talk:Blood lancet Talk:Blood lead level Talk:Blood phobia Talk:Blood plasma Talk:Blood product Talk:Blood proteins Talk:Blood substitute Talk:Blood sugar Talk:Blood urea nitrogen Talk:Blood-borne disease Talk:Blood-oxygen-level dependent Talk:Bloodletting Talk:Bloodmobile Talk:Bloody show Talk:Bloom–Richardson grading system Talk:Blue field entoptic phenomenon Talk:Blue nails Talk:Blue nevus Talk:Blueberry muffin baby Talk:Blunt splenic trauma Talk:Blunted affect Talk:Blurred vision Talk:Board certification Talk:Bodily harm Talk:Bodo Otto Talk:Body adiposity index Talk:Body contouring Talk:Body dysmorphic disorder Talk:Body fat percentage Talk:Body fat redistribution syndrome Talk:Body mass index Talk:Body odor Talk:Body substance isolation Talk:Body-focused repetitive behavior Talk:Bohr equation Talk:Boil Talk:Boil-water advisory Talk:Bolivian hemorrhagic fever Talk:Bolus (medicine) Talk:Bone Talk:Bone age Talk:Bone conduction Talk:Bone cyst Talk:Bone decalcification Talk:Bone disease Talk:Bone grafting Talk:Bone healing Talk:Bone marrow failure Talk:Bone marrow suppression Talk:Bone pain Talk:Bone pathology Talk:Bone scintigraphy Talk:Bone tumor Talk:Bone wax Talk:Bonnet–Dechaume–Blanc syndrome Talk:Booster dose Talk:Boot (medical) Talk:Borderline intellectual functioning Talk:Borderline lepromatous leprosy Talk:Borderline leprosy Talk:Borderline tuberculoid leprosy Talk:Bornholm disease Talk:Boromycin Talk:Borrelia burgdorferi Talk:Boston exanthem disease Talk:Boston keratoprosthesis Talk:Boswellia Talk:Botanical drug Talk:Botfly Talk:Botryomycosis Talk:Botulinum toxin Talk:Boutonneuse fever Talk:Boutonniere deformity Talk:Bovine papular stomatitis Talk:Bovine spongiform encephalopathy Talk:Bowel infarction Talk:Bowel obstruction Talk:Bowel resection Talk:Bowel-associated dermatosis–arthritis syndrome Talk:Bowenoid papulosis Talk:Bowman's capsule Talk:Boxer's fracture Talk:Boyle's machine Talk:Brace (orthopaedic) Talk:Brachial plexus injury Talk:Brachial plexus lesion Talk:Brachioplasty Talk:Brachioradial pruritus Talk:Brachytherapy Talk:Bradypnea Talk:Brain abscess Talk:Brain biopsy Talk:Brain function Talk:Brain herniation Talk:Brain implant Talk:Brain ischemia Talk:Brain metastasis Talk:Brain stem death Talk:Brainstem glioma Talk:Brainstem stroke syndrome Talk:Brain–computer interface Talk:Branchial cleft cyst Talk:Brazilian hemorrhagic fever Talk:Bread loafing Talk:Breakthrough bleeding Talk:Breakthrough infection Talk:Breast Cancer Alliance Talk:Breast MRI Talk:Breast augmentation Talk:Breast biopsy Talk:Breast cancer chemotherapy Talk:Breast cancer classification Talk:Breast cyst Talk:Breast disease Talk:Breast duct endoscopy Talk:Breast eczema Talk:Breast engorgement Talk:Breast enlargement supplement Talk:Breast implant Talk:Breast implant controversy Talk:Breast milk Talk:Breast prostheses Talk:Breast reconstruction Talk:Breast reduction Talk:Breast self-examination Talk:Breast surgery Talk:Breast-conserving surgery Talk:Breastfeeding Talk:Breastfeeding and HIV Talk:Breastfeeding difficulties Talk:Breath carbon monoxide Talk:Breath test Talk:Breathing Talk:Breech birth Talk:Brenner tumour Talk:Brighton Collaboration Talk:Brill–Zinsser disease Talk:Brimonidine/timolol Talk:Bristleworm sting Talk:Bristol-Myers Squibb Talk:British Approved Name Talk:Brodmann area 1 Talk:Brodmann area 17 Talk:Brodmann area 2 Talk:Brodmann area 23 Talk:Brodmann area 24 Talk:Brodmann area 25 Talk:Brodmann area 3 Talk:Brodmann area 32 Talk:Brodmann area 35 Talk:Brodmann area 41 Talk:Brodmann area 42 Talk:Bromism Talk:Bromoderma Talk:Bronchial hyperresponsiveness Talk:Bronchiolitis Talk:Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia Talk:Bronchoalveolar lavage Talk:Bronchoconstriction Talk:Bronchogenic cyst Talk:Bronchography Talk:Bronchopneumonia Talk:Bronchopulmonary dysplasia Talk:Bronchoscopy Talk:Bronchospasm Talk:Brooke–Fordyce syndrome Talk:Broström procedure Talk:Brown atrophy of the heart Talk:Brown tumor Talk:Brown-Séquard syndrome Talk:Brucellosis Talk:Brugada syndrome Talk:Brunelli procedure Talk:Bruxism Talk:Bubble CPAP Talk:Bubble hair deformity Talk:Bubo Talk:Bubonic plague Talk:Buccal fat extraction Talk:Buddy wrapping Talk:Budd–Chiari syndrome Talk:Buffalopox Talk:Bulbar palsy Talk:Bulbar urethral necrosis Talk:Bullous drug reaction Talk:Bullous impetigo Talk:Bullous keratopathy Talk:Bullous lymphedema Talk:Bullous pemphigoid Talk:Bullous small vessel vasculitis Talk:Bullying in medicine Talk:Bumper fracture Talk:Bundle branch block Talk:Bundle of His Talk:Bundled payment Talk:Bunion Talk:Buphthalmos Talk:Buprenorphine Talk:Burkitt's lymphoma Talk:Burn center Talk:Burping Talk:Bursectomy Talk:Bursitis Talk:Burst fracture Talk:Burst suppression Talk:Buschke–Ollendorff syndrome Talk:Butcher's wart Talk:Buteyko method Talk:Butriptyline Talk:Butterfly closure Talk:Butyric acid Talk:By Reason of Insanity Talk:Bypass surgery Talk:CA-125 Talk:CADASIL syndrome Talk:CD30+ cutaneous T-cell lymphoma Talk:CEPP Talk:CHILD syndrome Talk:CHOP Talk:CLARITY Talk:CMF (chemotherapy) Talk:CREST syndrome Talk:CT pulmonary angiogram Talk:CT scan Talk:Caduceus as a symbol of medicine Talk:Caesarean delivery on maternal request Talk:Caitlin Raymond International Registry Talk:Calcaneal spur Talk:Calcific tendinitis Talk:Calcinosis Talk:Calcinosis cutis Talk:Calcium Talk:Calcium channel blocker toxicity Talk:Caliber persistent artery Talk:Caliciviridae Talk:Calorie restriction Talk:Calorimetry Talk:Camila Krysicka Janniger Talk:Camisa disease Talk:Campylobacteriosis Talk:Camurati–Engelmann disease Talk:Canadian Thoracic Society Talk:Canavan disease Talk:Cancer and nausea Talk:Cancer bacteria Talk:Cancer cluster Talk:Cancer epigenetics Talk:Cancer immunology Talk:Cancer immunotherapy Talk:Cancer of unknown primary origin Talk:Cancer pain Talk:Cancer registry Talk:Cancer screening Talk:Cancer signs and symptoms Talk:Cancer staging Talk:Cancer stem cell Talk:Cancer stem cells Talk:Cancer support group Talk:Cancer survivor Talk:Cancer syndrome Talk:Cancer vaccine Talk:Cancer-related fatigue Talk:Candida dubliniensis Talk:Candidal intertrigo Talk:Candidal onychomycosis Talk:Candidid Talk:Cannabidiol Talk:Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome Talk:Cannon A waves Talk:Cannula Talk:Cansema Talk:Canthaxanthin Talk:Cantú syndrome Talk:Capillary aneurysms Talk:Capillary hemangioma Talk:Capillary refill Talk:Capitation (healthcare) Talk:Capsulorhexis Talk:Capsulotomy Talk:Caput medusae Talk:Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae Talk:Carbon dioxide laser Talk:Carbon stain Talk:Carcinoembryonic antigen Talk:Carcinogen Talk:Carcinoid Talk:Carcinoid syndrome Talk:Carcinoma Talk:Carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma Talk:Carcinoma in situ Talk:Carcinosarcoma Talk:Carcinosis Talk:Cardiac PET Talk:Cardiac action potential Talk:Cardiac amyloidosis Talk:Cardiac asthma Talk:Cardiac fibrosis Talk:Cardiac glycoside Talk:Cardiac imaging Talk:Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging Talk:Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging perfusion Talk:Cardiac monitoring Talk:Cardiac resynchronization therapy Talk:Cardiac shunt Talk:Cardiac stress test Talk:Cardiac surgeon Talk:Cardiac syndrome X Talk:Cardiac tamponade Talk:Cardiogenic shock Talk:Cardiology Talk:Cardiology diagnostic tests and procedures Talk:Cardiomegaly Talk:Cardiomyoplasty Talk:Cardioplegia Talk:Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation Talk:Cardiorenal syndrome Talk:Cardiothoracic anesthesiology Talk:Cardiotocography Talk:Cardiovascular pathology Talk:Cardioversion Talk:Carditis Talk:Carl von Rokitansky Talk:Carlos Blacker Talk:Carney complex Talk:Carol Remmer Angle Talk:Carotenosis Talk:Carotid artery dissection Talk:Carotid artery stenosis Talk:Carotid endarterectomy Talk:Carotid stenting Talk:Carotid triangle Talk:Carotid ultrasonography Talk:Carotid-cavernous fistula Talk:Carotidynia Talk:Carphologia Talk:Carpometacarpal osteoarthritis Talk:Case report Talk:Case-control study Talk:Castleman's disease Talk:Casualty (person) Talk:Cat-scratch disease Talk:Catalepsy Talk:Catamenial epilepsy Talk:Cataplexy Talk:Catarrh Talk:Catastrophic illness Talk:Catastrophic injury Talk:Catatonia Talk:Catecholamine Talk:Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia Talk:Cath lab Talk:Caul Talk:Cauliflower ear Talk:Causalgia Talk:Causes of autism Talk:Causes of cancer pain Talk:Causes of mental disorders Talk:Causes of schizophrenia Talk:Causes of seizures Talk:Causes of transsexualism Talk:Caustic pencil Talk:Cauterization Talk:Cavernous sinus thrombosis Talk:Cavernous venous malformation Talk:Caviar tongue Talk:Cavitation (biology) Talk:Cefalexin Talk:Celecoxib Talk:Cell therapy Talk:Cellular fibroadenoma Talk:Cellulite Talk:Cellulitis Talk:Centipede bite Talk:Centor criteria Talk:Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia Talk:Central facial palsy Talk:Central nervous system Talk:Central nervous system cavernous hemangioma Talk:Central nervous system depression Talk:Central neurogenic hyperventilation Talk:Central retinal artery occlusion Talk:Central retinal vein occlusion Talk:Central serous retinopathy Talk:Central sleep apnea Talk:Central tolerance Talk:Central venous pressure Talk:Centrifugal abdominal lipodystrophy Talk:Centrofacial lentiginosis Talk:Cephalic disorder Talk:Cephalic presentation Talk:Cephalopelvic disproportion Talk:Cephalosporin Talk:Cephamycin Talk:Cerebellar hemispheres Talk:Cerebellar nuclei Talk:Cerebellar stroke syndrome Talk:Cerebellopontine angle syndrome Talk:Cerebral amyloid angiopathy Talk:Cerebral angiography Talk:Cerebral arteriovenous malformation Talk:Cerebral atherosclerosis Talk:Cerebral atrophy Talk:Cerebral circulation Talk:Cerebral contusion Talk:Cerebral dysgenesis–neuropathy–ichthyosis–keratoderma syndrome Talk:Cerebral edema Talk:Cerebral gigantism Talk:Cerebral hemorrhage Talk:Cerebral hypoxia Talk:Cerebral infarction Talk:Cerebral laceration Talk:Cerebral malaria Talk:Cerebral salt-wasting syndrome Talk:Cerebral shunt Talk:Cerebral vasculitis Talk:Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis Talk:Cerebroside Talk:Cerebrospinal fluid leak Talk:Certified diabetes educator Talk:Cervarix Talk:Cervical agenesis Talk:Cervical cancer staging Talk:Cervical cap Talk:Cervical cerclage Talk:Cervical conization Talk:Cervical dilation Talk:Cervical dysplasia Talk:Cervical ectropion Talk:Cervical fracture Talk:Cervical incompetence Talk:Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia Talk:Cervical motion tenderness Talk:Cervical mucus plug Talk:Cervical polyp Talk:Cervical pregnancy Talk:Cervical spinal stenosis Talk:Cervical spine disorder Talk:Cervicectomy Talk:Cervicitis Talk:Cetirizine Talk:Chadwick's sign Talk:Chain of survival Talk:Chalazion Talk:Chance fracture Talk:Chancre Talk:Chancroid Talk:Channelopathy Talk:Charcot arthropathy Talk:Charcot–Bouchard aneurysm Talk:Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease Talk:Chargemaster Talk:Charley horse Talk:Cheek reconstruction Talk:Cheilitis Talk:Cheiralgia paresthetica Talk:Chelation therapy Talk:Chemical burn Talk:Chemical colitis Talk:Chemical eye injury Talk:Chemical imbalance Talk:Chemical peel Talk:Chemical synapse Talk:Chemoimmunotherapy Talk:Chemoprophylaxis Talk:Chemoradiotherapy Talk:Chemosis Talk:Chemotherapy regimen Talk:Chemotherapy-induced acral erythema Talk:Chemotherapy-induced hyperpigmentation Talk:Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting Talk:Chest injury Talk:Chest physiotherapy Talk:Chest radiograph Talk:Chest tube Talk:Chevron nail Talk:Cheyne–Stokes respiration Talk:Chiari malformation Talk:Chiasmal syndrome Talk:Chief Medical Officer Talk:Chikungunya Talk:Chilblain lupus erythematosus Talk:Child abuse Talk:Child and adolescent psychiatry Talk:Child bone fracture Talk:Child development Talk:Child euthanasia Talk:Child mortality Talk:Child sexuality Talk:Child-on-child sexual abuse Talk:Childbirth positions Talk:Childbirth-related posttraumatic stress disorder Talk:Childhood absence epilepsy Talk:Childhood cataract Talk:Childhood disintegrative disorder Talk:Childhood tumor syndrome Talk:Children's Depression Inventory Talk:Children's hospital Talk:Chills Talk:Chin augmentation Talk:Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders Talk:Chiroplasty Talk:Chiropractic Talk:Chiropractic controversy and criticism Talk:Chiropractic education Talk:Chlamydia trachomatis Talk:Chlorcyclizine Talk:Chlormadinone acetate Talk:Chlorprothixene Talk:Choking game Talk:Cholangiocarcinoma Talk:Cholangiography Talk:Cholemia Talk:Cholera vaccine Talk:Cholestasis Talk:Cholestatic pruritus Talk:Cholesteatoma Talk:Cholesterolosis of gallbladder Talk:Cholestyramine Talk:Cholinergic urticaria Talk:Chondroblastoma Talk:Chondrocalcinosis Talk:Chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis Talk:Chondrodysplasia punctata Talk:Chondroid lipoma Talk:Chondroitinase treatment Talk:Chondroma Talk:Chondromalacia patellae Talk:Chondroplasty Talk:Chondrosarcoma Talk:Chorditis Talk:Chorea Talk:Chorea (disambiguation) Talk:Chorea gravidarum Talk:Choriocarcinoma Talk:Chorionic villus sampling Talk:Choroid plexus tumor Talk:Christiaan Barnard Talk:Chromesthesia Talk:Chromobacteriosis infection Talk:Chromobacterium Talk:Chromoblastomycosis Talk:Chromonychia Talk:Chromosomal translocation Talk:Chromosome abnormality Talk:Chromosome instability syndrome Talk:Chronic Somogyi rebound Talk:Chronic actinic dermatitis Talk:Chronic bacterial prostatitis Talk:Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency Talk:Chronic condition Talk:Chronic endothelial injury hypothesis Talk:Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment Talk:Chronic functional abdominal pain Talk:Chronic gastritis Talk:Chronic granulomatous disease Talk:Chronic hallucinatory psychosis Talk:Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy Talk:Chronic liver disease Talk:Chronic mountain sickness Talk:Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis Talk:Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia Talk:Chronic pain syndrome Talk:Chronic pancreatitis Talk:Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome Talk:Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis Talk:Chronic recurrent erysipelas Talk:Chronic scar keratosis Talk:Chronic toxicity Talk:Chronic traumatic encephalopathy Talk:Chronic undermining burrowing ulcer Talk:Chronic venous insufficiency Talk:Chronic vesiculobullous hand eczema Talk:Chronic wound Talk:Churg–Strauss syndrome Talk:Chylothorax Talk:Chyluria Talk:Cicatricial alopecia Talk:Cicatricial pemphigoid Talk:Cicely Pearl Blair Talk:Ciliated cyst of the vulva Talk:Ciliopathy Talk:Ciliospinal reflex Talk:Cimino fistula Talk:Cinoxacin Talk:Circadian rhythm Talk:Circadian rhythm sleep disorder Talk:Circulatory collapse Talk:Circumcision Talk:Circumostomy eczema Talk:Cladribine Talk:Clanging Talk:Classification of mental disorders Talk:Classification of obesity Talk:Claude's syndrome Talk:Claudication Talk:Clay-shoveler fracture Talk:Clear cell acanthoma Talk:Clear-cell sarcoma Talk:Clearance (medicine) Talk:Clearing the cervical spine Talk:Cleft hand Talk:Clerkship (medicine) Talk:Climacteric (human) Talk:Clinic Talk:Clinical audit Talk:Clinical biologist Talk:Clinical biophysics Talk:Clinical chemistry Talk:Clinical clerkship Talk:Clinical governance Talk:Clinical neurochemistry Talk:Clinical neurophysiology Talk:Clinical neuropsychology Talk:Clinical nutrition Talk:Clinical officer Talk:Clinical pathology Talk:Clinical peer review Talk:Clinical pharmacy Talk:Clinical research Talk:Clinical research ethics Talk:Clinical significance Talk:Clinical study report Talk:Clinical surveillance Talk:Clinical trial Talk:Clitoral hood Talk:Clitoral hood reduction Talk:Clitoridectomy Talk:Clitoromegaly Talk:Clitoroplasty Talk:Clobazam Talk:Clobetasone Talk:Clonal seborrheic keratosis Talk:Clonus Talk:Clostridium perfringens Talk:Clotting time Talk:Clouding of consciousness Talk:Clouston's hidrotic ectodermal dysplasia Talk:Clubbed thumb Talk:Cluster B personality disorders Talk:Cluster headache Talk:Co-phenotrope Talk:Coagulation screen Talk:Coagulation testing Talk:Coalworker's pneumoconiosis Talk:Coarctation of the aorta Talk:Cobb syndrome Talk:Cocaine intoxication Talk:Coccidioidomycosis Talk:Coccygectomy Talk:Coccyx fracture Talk:Cochrane Collaboration Talk:Coffee ground vomiting Talk:Cognition Talk:Cognitive deficit Talk:Cognitive emotional behavioral therapy Talk:Cognitive neuroscience of dreams Talk:Cognitive neuroscience of visual object recognition Talk:Cohort study Talk:Coinfection Talk:Coitus interruptus Talk:Cold abscess Talk:Cold agglutinin disease Talk:Cold compression therapy Talk:Cold pressor test Talk:Cold sensitivity Talk:Cold urticaria Talk:Colectomy Talk:Colic Talk:Coliform index Talk:Colitis Talk:Collagenous colitis Talk:Collagenous fibroma Talk:Collapse (medical) Talk:Collapsed vein Talk:Collateralization Talk:College health Talk:Colon cancer staging Talk:Colonic polypectomy Talk:Colonic polyps Talk:Color blindness Talk:Colorado tick fever Talk:Colorectal surgery Talk:Colostomy Talk:Colpocleisis Talk:Colposcopy Talk:Coma blister Talk:Combat stress reaction Talk:Combination therapy Talk:Combined drug intoxication Talk:Combined hyperlipidemia Talk:Combined injectable contraceptive Talk:Combined intracavernous injection and stimulation test Talk:Combined rapid anterior pituitary evaluation panel Talk:Combined small-cell lung carcinoma Talk:Combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia Talk:Combitube Talk:Comby sign Talk:Comedo extraction Talk:Comedocarcinoma Talk:Commando Operation Talk:Common seborrheic keratosis Talk:Common variable immunodeficiency Talk:Commotio cordis Talk:Communication disorder Talk:Community mental health service Talk:Community-acquired pneumonia Talk:Comorbidity Talk:Comparison of MD and DO in the United States Talk:Comparison of birth control methods Talk:Compartment syndrome Talk:Compensatory hyperhidrosis Talk:Complete circumferential peripheral and deep margin assessment Talk:Complex partial seizure Talk:Complex partial status epilepticus Talk:Complex post-traumatic stress disorder Talk:Complex regional pain syndrome Talk:Compliance (physiology) Talk:Complication (medicine) Talk:Complications of diabetes mellitus Talk:Complications of traumatic brain injury Talk:Comprehensive metabolic panel Talk:Compulsive behavior Talk:Computational human phantom Talk:Computed radiography Talk:Computed tomography angiography Talk:Computed tomography of the abdomen and pelvis Talk:Computed tomography of the heart Talk:Computer vision syndrome Talk:Computer-aided diagnosis Talk:Computer-assisted surgery Talk:Computer-induced medical problems Talk:Conception device Talk:Concha bullosa Talk:Concomitant drug Talk:Condoms, needles, and negotiation Talk:Conduct disorder Talk:Conduction aphasia Talk:Condylomata lata Talk:Cone beam computed tomography Talk:Cone dystrophy Talk:Confabulation Talk:Confidentiality Talk:Conflict of interest in the health care industry Talk:Congenital adrenal hyperplasia Talk:Congenital amputation Talk:Congenital anomalies of the genitalia Talk:Congenital cartilaginous rest of the neck Talk:Congenital cataract Talk:Congenital cutaneous candidiasis Talk:Congenital cytomegalovirus infection Talk:Congenital erosive and vesicular dermatosis Talk:Congenital hypertrophy of the lateral fold of the hallux Talk:Congenital hypothyroidism Talk:Congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma Talk:Congenital lip pit Talk:Congenital malformations of the dermatoglyphs Talk:Congenital melanocytic nevus Talk:Congenital muscular dystrophy Talk:Congenital myasthenic syndrome Talk:Congenital myopathy Talk:Congenital nephrotic syndrome Talk:Congenital onychodysplasia of the index fingers Talk:Congenital rubella syndrome Talk:Congenital self-healing reticulohistiocytosis Talk:Congenital smooth muscle hamartoma Talk:Congenital syphilis Talk:Conjoined twins Talk:Conjugate vaccine Talk:Connective tissue disease Talk:Connective tissue nevus Talk:Conrad Brunner (physician) Talk:Conradi–Hünermann syndrome Talk:Consciousness Talk:Consensual response Talk:Consequences of the Black Death Talk:Conservation medicine Talk:Constitutional growth delay Talk:Constraint-induced movement therapy Talk:Constrictive pericarditis Talk:Construct validity Talk:Contact immunity Talk:Contact lens Talk:Contact stomatitis Talk:Contact tracing Talk:Contagious disease Talk:Contaminated haemophilia blood products Talk:Contiguous gene syndrome Talk:Continuing medical education Talk:Continuous hyperthermic peritoneal perfusion Talk:Continuous integrated triage Talk:Continuous mandatory ventilation Talk:Continuous spontaneous ventilation Talk:Continuous wound infiltration Talk:Contraceptive patch Talk:Contraceptive security Talk:Contraceptive sponge Talk:Contraction alkalosis Talk:Contraction stress test Talk:Contracture Talk:Contraindication Talk:Contrast bath therapy Talk:Contrast medium Talk:Contrast-enhanced ultrasound Talk:Control of ventilation Talk:Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation Talk:Controversy surrounding psychiatry Talk:Conventional insulinotherapy Talk:Conversion disorder Talk:Coolie itch Talk:Cooling vest Talk:Coombs test Talk:Copper in health Talk:Copra itch Talk:Copropraxia Talk:Copycat suicide Talk:Coral cut Talk:Coral dermatitis Talk:Cordotomy Talk:Core temperature Talk:Cormack-Lehane classification system Talk:Corn (medicine) Talk:Corneal abrasion Talk:Corneal dystrophy (human) Talk:Corneal ectatic disorders Talk:Corneal endothelium Talk:Corneal hydrops Talk:Corneal keratocyte Talk:Corneal pachymetry Talk:Corneal transplantation Talk:Corneocyte Talk:Corneodermatoosseous syndrome Talk:Cornu ammonis Talk:Coronal plane Talk:Coronary artery aneurysm Talk:Coronary artery dissection Talk:Coronary artery ectasia Talk:Coronary care unit Talk:Coronary flow reserve Talk:Coronary steal Talk:Coronary thrombosis Talk:Coronary vasospasm Talk:Coronavirinae Talk:Corpectomy Talk:Corpus luteum cyst Talk:Corrective lens Talk:Cortef Talk:Cortical deafness Talk:Cortical spreading depression Talk:Cortical stimulation mapping Talk:Corticobasal degeneration Talk:Corticosteroid Talk:Cortisol awakening response Talk:Costochondritis Talk:Cosyntropin Talk:Cotard delusion Talk:Cotton wool spots Talk:Cough reflex Talk:Counterfeit medicines online Talk:Counterregulatory hormone Talk:Coup contrecoup injury Talk:Course (medicine) Talk:Couvelaire uterus Talk:Cover test Talk:Cowden syndrome Talk:Cowpox Talk:Cox maze procedure Talk:Coxa valga Talk:Coxa vara Talk:Coxsackie A virus Talk:Coxsackie B virus Talk:Crackles Talk:Cradle cap Talk:Cramp Talk:Cranial nerve examination Talk:Craniofacial abnormality Talk:Craniofacial prosthesis Talk:Craniofacial surgery Talk:Craniopharyngioma Talk:Cranioschisis Talk:Craniosynostosis Talk:Craniosynostosis–anal anomalies–porokeratosis syndrome Talk:Crazy cat lady syndrome Talk:Cretinism Talk:Cri du chat Talk:Cricoid pressure Talk:Cricoidectomy Talk:Cricothyrotomy Talk:Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever Talk:Critical care nursing Talk:Critical illness polyneuropathy Talk:Critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency Talk:Critical limb ischemia Talk:Crohn's disease Talk:Cromoglicic acid Talk:Cross-matching Talk:Cross-tolerance Talk:Crossing the Quality Chasm Talk:Crotamiton Talk:Crus cerebri Talk:Crush syndrome Talk:Crutch Talk:Cryoablation Talk:Cryofibrinogenemia Talk:Cryofibrinogenemic purpura Talk:Cryoglobulinemic purpura Talk:Cryoglobulinemic vasculitis Talk:Cryonics Talk:Cryosupernatant Talk:Cryosurgery Talk:Cryotherapy Talk:Cryptococcosis Talk:Cryptococcus Talk:Cryptococcus neoformans Talk:Cryptogenic disease Talk:Cryptogenic organizing pneumonitis Talk:Cryptomenorrhea Talk:Cryptosporidium parvum Talk:Crystal arthropathy Talk:Cubic centimetre Talk:Culdocentesis Talk:Culdoscope Talk:Culdoscopy Talk:Cultural competence in health care Talk:Culture-bound syndrome Talk:Cumulative trauma disorder Talk:Cure Talk:Curettage Talk:Curling's ulcer Talk:Currarino syndrome Talk:Cushing's disease Talk:Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma Talk:Cutaneous Pasteurella hemolytica infection Talk:Cutaneous Streptococcus iniae infection Talk:Cutaneous T cell lymphoma Talk:Cutaneous actinomycosis Talk:Cutaneous ciliated cyst Talk:Cutaneous columnar cyst Talk:Cutaneous diphtheria infection Talk:Cutaneous endometriosis Talk:Cutaneous focal mucinosis Talk:Cutaneous group B streptococcal infection Talk:Cutaneous larva migrans Talk:Cutaneous leishmaniasis Talk:Cutaneous lupus mucinosis Talk:Cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia Talk:Cutaneous manifestations of sarcoidosis Talk:Cutaneous meningioma Talk:Cutaneous myxoma Talk:Cutaneous perforating disorders Talk:Cutaneous sinus of dental origin Talk:Cutaneous small-vessel vasculitis Talk:Cutis rhomboidalis nuchae Talk:Cutis verticis gyrata Talk:Cyanide poisoning Talk:Cyanotic heart defect Talk:Cyclic neutropenia Talk:Cyclic vomiting syndrome Talk:Cyclosporiasis Talk:Cyst Talk:Cystectomy Talk:Cystercosis Talk:Cystic fibrosis Talk:Cystic hygroma Talk:Cystic lymphatic malformation Talk:Cystica profunda Talk:Cysticercosis Talk:Cysticercosis cutis Talk:Cystocele Talk:Cystography Talk:Cystolithotripsy Talk:Cysts of the jaws Talk:Cytokine storm Talk:Cytomegalovirus Talk:Cytomegalovirus infection Talk:Cytomegalovirus retinitis Talk:Cytopathology Talk:Cytopenia Talk:Cytotherapy (journal) Talk:Cytotoxicity Talk:Czermak-Hering test Talk:DAM (chemotherapy) Talk:DAT (chemotherapy) Talk:DDT Talk:DHAP (chemotherapy) Talk:DNA condensation Talk:DNA error Talk:DNA profiling Talk:DNA repair-deficiency disorder Talk:DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course) Talk:DPT-MPH Talk:DRESS syndrome Talk:DSM-5 Talk:Dacryoadenitis Talk:Danaparoid Talk:Dance and health Talk:Dance therapy Talk:Dandy–Walker syndrome Talk:Dapsone Talk:Darier's disease Talk:Dasatinib Talk:Datura Talk:David Aaron Kessler Talk:Daytrana Talk:De Garengeot's hernia Talk:De Quervain syndrome Talk:DeSanctis–Cacchione syndrome Talk:Dead arm syndrome Talk:Deafblindness Talk:Death anxiety (psychology) Talk:Death certificate Talk:Debridement Talk:Debulking Talk:Decidualization Talk:Deciduous teeth Talk:Declaration of Geneva Talk:Declaration of Helsinki Talk:Decompensation Talk:Decompression sickness Talk:Deep brain stimulation Talk:Deep hypothermic circulatory arrest Talk:Deep water blackout Talk:Deformity Talk:Degenerative disc disease Talk:Degloving Talk:Deinstitutionalisation Talk:Dejerine–Sottas disease Talk:Delayed blister Talk:Delayed milestone Talk:Delayed onset muscle soreness Talk:Delayed sleep phase disorder Talk:Deletion (genetics) Talk:Delivery after previous Caesarean section Talk:Delusion Talk:Delusional parasitosis Talk:Dematiaceous Talk:Dementia praecox Talk:Demodex mite bite Talk:Demyelinating disease Talk:Dendritic cell Talk:Dengue shock syndrome Talk:Dengue vaccine Talk:Dengue virus Talk:Dental assistant Talk:Dental dam Talk:Dental emergency Talk:Dental fear Talk:Dental implant Talk:Dental surgery Talk:Dentatorubral-pallidoluysian atrophy Talk:Depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition Talk:Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate Talk:Depression (mood) Talk:Depressive Disorder Not Otherwise Specified Talk:Depressive personality disorder Talk:Depressogenic Talk:Dermabrasion Talk:Dermal cylindroma Talk:Dermal dendrocyte hamartoma Talk:Dermatitis gangrenosa Talk:Dermatitis herpetiformis Talk:Dermatitis repens Talk:Dermatofibrosarcoma Talk:Dermatomyositis Talk:Dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis Talk:Dermatopathology Talk:Dermatophagia Talk:Dermatophytid Talk:Dermatophytosis Talk:Dermatoscopy Talk:Dermatosis papulosa nigra Talk:Dermatothlasia Talk:Dermoid cyst Talk:Descriptive psychiatry Talk:Desensitization (medicine) Talk:Desiccated thyroid extract Talk:Desmin-related myofibrillar myopathy Talk:Desmoplastic melanoma Talk:Desmoplastic trichoepithelioma Talk:Desquamation Talk:Desquamative gingivitis Talk:Development and discovery of SSRI drugs Talk:Development of the reproductive system Talk:Developmental coordination disorder Talk:Developmental disability Talk:Developmental dysfluency Talk:Developmental regression Talk:Dexamethasone suppression test Talk:Dexmedetomidine Talk:Dextro-Transposition of the great arteries Talk:Dextroamphetamine Talk:DiGeorge syndrome Talk:Diabetes control and complications trial Talk:Diabetes insipidus Talk:Diabetes management software Talk:Diabetes mellitus and pregnancy Talk:Diabetic angiopathy Talk:Diabetic bulla Talk:Diabetic cardiomyopathy Talk:Diabetic cheiroarthropathy Talk:Diabetic coma Talk:Diabetic dermadrome Talk:Diabetic dermopathy Talk:Diabetic diet Talk:Diabetic foot Talk:Diabetic foot ulcer Talk:Diabetic hypoglycemia Talk:Diabetic ketoacidosis Talk:Diabetic nephropathy Talk:Diabetic neuropathy Talk:Diabetic retinopathy Talk:Diagnosis code Talk:Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS Talk:Diagnosis of exclusion Talk:Diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy Talk:Diagnosis of malaria Talk:Diagnosis of schizophrenia Talk:Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood Talk:Diagnostic test Talk:Dialysis adequacy Talk:Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome Talk:Diaper candidiasis Talk:Diaphragm (contraceptive) Talk:Diaphragmatic rupture Talk:Diarrhea in developing regions Talk:Diascopy Talk:Diastasis recti Talk:Diastasis symphysis pubis Talk:Diastolic heart murmur Talk:Diatrizoic acid Talk:Dicoumarol Talk:Dienestrol Talk:Diet and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Talk:Diet and cancer Talk:Diet and obesity Talk:Dietary fiber Talk:Diethylstilbestrol Talk:Dieting Talk:Dietitian Talk:Differential diagnosis Talk:Diffuse alveolar damage Talk:Diffuse axonal injury Talk:Diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis Talk:Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis Talk:Diffuse infantile fibromatosis Talk:Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Talk:Diffuse myelinoclastic sclerosis Talk:Diffuse neonatal hemangiomatosis Talk:Diffuse panbronchiolitis Talk:Diffuse sclerosis Talk:Diffusing capacity Talk:Digenea Talk:Digestive system neoplasm Talk:Digital mammography Talk:Digital subtraction angiography Talk:Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency Talk:Dihydrotachysterol Talk:Dilated cardiomyopathy Talk:Dilated fundus examination Talk:Dilated pore Talk:Dilation and curettage Talk:Dilation and evacuation Talk:Diltiazem Talk:Dimetacrine Talk:Dioctophyme renale Talk:Diphenhydramine Talk:Diphtheria vaccine Talk:Diphyllobothriasis Talk:Diphyllobothrium Talk:Diplegia Talk:Direct DNA damage Talk:Direct primary care Talk:DirectHit Talk:Disability-adjusted life year Talk:Disarticulation Talk:Disaster medicine Talk:Discectomy Talk:Discitis Talk:Discoid lupus erythematosus Talk:Discovery and development of non-nucleoside reverse-transcriptase inhibitors Talk:Discredited HIV/AIDS origins theories Talk:Discrete papular lichen myxedematosus Talk:Disease burden Talk:Disease management (health) Talk:Disease model of addiction Talk:Disease mongering Talk:Disease registry Talk:Disease surveillance Talk:Disease-modifying antirheumatic drug Talk:Diseases of the foot Talk:Disfigurement Talk:Dislocated shoulder Talk:Dislocation of hip Talk:Dislocation of jaw Talk:Disordered eating Talk:Disorders of consciousness Talk:Disorders of sex development Talk:Dispensing chemist Talk:Displacement (orthopedic surgery) Talk:Dissecting cellulitis of the scalp Talk:Dissection Talk:Dissection (medical) Talk:Disseminate and recurrent infundibulofolliculitis Talk:Disseminated coccidioidomycosis Talk:Disseminated herpes zoster Talk:Disseminated intravascular coagulation Talk:Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis Talk:Dissociation (psychology) Talk:Dissociative disorder Talk:Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified Talk:Dissociative identity disorder Talk:Distal 18q- Talk:Distal hereditary motor neuropathies Talk:Distal radius fracture Talk:Distal renal tubular acidosis Talk:Distal subungual onychomycosis Talk:Distorted vision Talk:Distraction osteogenesis Talk:Distress (medicine) Talk:Distributive shock Talk:Diuresis Talk:Diurnal enuresis Talk:Diverticulosis Talk:Diving disorders Talk:Dobrava-Belgrade virus Talk:Docetaxel Talk:Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Talk:Doctor–patient relationship Talk:Dogger Bank itch Talk:Dolichocephaly Talk:Dolichol kinase deficiency Talk:Dolichostenomelia Talk:Domestic violence Talk:Domestic violence and pregnancy Talk:Donabedian model Talk:Donepezil Talk:Door-to-balloon Talk:Dopamine Talk:Dopamine beta hydroxylase deficiency Talk:Dopamine dysregulation syndrome Talk:Dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia Talk:Dopamine reuptake inhibitor Talk:Dopamine system Talk:Dopamine transporter Talk:Doping in sport Talk:Doppler echocardiography Talk:Dor procedure Talk:Dorsal nexus Talk:Dorzolamide/timolol Talk:Dose (biochemistry) Talk:Dose-volume histogram Talk:Dose–response relationship Talk:Dosing Talk:Doucas and Kapetanakis pigmented purpura Talk:Doula Talk:Down syndrome Talk:Doxepin Talk:Doxorubicin Talk:Doxylamine Talk:Drain (surgery) Talk:Drawer test Talk:Dressing (medical) Talk:Drooling Talk:Drop attack Talk:Drug allergy Talk:Drug delivery to the brain Talk:Drug detoxification Talk:Drug discovery Talk:Drug fraud Talk:Drug intolerance Talk:Drug of last resort Talk:Drug overdose Talk:Drug policy Talk:Drug withdrawal Talk:Drug-induced QT prolongation Talk:Drug-induced amnesia Talk:Drug-induced angioedema Talk:Drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia Talk:Drug-induced hyperthermia Talk:Drug-induced keratoderma Talk:Drug-induced lipodystrophy Talk:Drug-induced lupus erythematosus Talk:Drug-induced nail changes Talk:Drug-induced nonautoimmune hemolytic anemia Talk:Drug-induced pigmentation Talk:Drug-induced pruritus Talk:Drug-induced pseudolymphoma Talk:Drug-induced purpura Talk:Drug-induced thrombocytopenic purpura Talk:Drug-induced urticaria Talk:Drug-related gingival hyperplasia Talk:Dry drowning Talk:Dry toilet Talk:Dual diagnosis Talk:Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry Talk:Dubin–Johnson syndrome Talk:Duchenne muscular dystrophy Talk:Duct ectasia of breast Talk:Ductal carcinoma in situ Talk:Duffy antigen system Talk:Dukes' disease Talk:Dunnigan familial partial lipodystrophy Talk:Duodenal cancer Talk:Dupuytren's contracture Talk:Dust pneumonia Talk:Dutasteride Talk:Dutasteride/tamsulosin Talk:Duverney fracture Talk:Dwarfism Talk:Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI Talk:Dynamic psychiatry Talk:Dysarthria Talk:Dysautonomia Talk:Dyscalculia Talk:Dyschromatosis symmetrica hereditaria Talk:Dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria Talk:Dysdiadochokinesia Talk:Dysesthesia Talk:Dysfunctional uterine bleeding Talk:Dysgeusia Talk:Dysgraphia Talk:Dyskaryosis Talk:Dyskinesia Talk:Dyslipidemia Talk:Dysmelia Talk:Dysmenorrhea Talk:Dysmetria Talk:Dysmetropsia Talk:Dysosmia Talk:Dyspareunia Talk:Dysphonia Talk:Dysplastic nail Talk:Dysplastic nevus Talk:Dysplastic nevus syndrome Talk:Dysthanasia Talk:Dysthymia Talk:Dystonia Talk:Dystrophic calcification Talk:Dystrophic calcinosis cutis Talk:Dysuria Talk:E chart Talk:ELISA Talk:EPOCH (chemotherapy) Talk:ESHAP Talk:Eales disease Talk:Ear disease Talk:Ear drop Talk:Ear eczema Talk:Early goal-directed therapy Talk:Early postnatal hospital discharge Talk:Early prostate cancer antigen-2 Talk:Early warning score Talk:Early-onset Alzheimer's disease Talk:Eating disorder Talk:Eating disorder not otherwise specified Talk:Eating recovery Talk:Ebastine Talk:Ebola virus epidemic in Liberia Talk:Ebullism Talk:Ecchymosis Talk:Eccrine angiomatous hamartoma Talk:Eccrine carcinoma Talk:Eccrine mucinosis Talk:Eccrine nevus Talk:Echinococcosis Talk:Echinococcus Talk:Echinostoma Talk:Echinostoma revolutum Talk:Echocardiography Talk:Echolalia Talk:Echovirus Talk:Economic epidemiology Talk:Ecthyma Talk:Ecthyma gangrenosum Talk:Ectodermal dysplasia Talk:Ectodermal dysplasia with corkscrew hairs Talk:Ectopia (medicine) Talk:Ectopic pacemaker Talk:Ectopic pancreas Talk:Eczema herpeticum Talk:Eczema vaccinatum Talk:Eczematid-like purpura of Doucas and Kapetanakis Talk:Edema Talk:Edema blister Talk:Edivoxetine Talk:Edwards syndrome Talk:Efavirenz/emtricitabine/tenofovir Talk:Effect of oxygen on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Talk:Effective dose (radiation) Talk:Effects and aftermath of rape Talk:Effects of cannabis Talk:Effects of high altitude on humans Talk:Effects of long-term benzodiazepine use Talk:Effects of nuclear explosions on human health Talk:Efferent nerve fiber Talk:Egg allergy Talk:Egg donation Talk:Ego-dystonic sexual orientation Talk:Ehlers–Danlos syndrome Talk:Ehrlichiosis Talk:Ehrlichiosis ewingii infection Talk:Eisenmenger's syndrome Talk:Elaine Jaffe Talk:Elastic bandage Talk:Elastofibroma dorsi Talk:Elastography Talk:Elastosis perforans serpiginosa Talk:Elder abuse Talk:Elective Talk:Elective caesarean section Talk:Elective surgery Talk:Electric acoustic stimulation Talk:Electric shock Talk:Electrical brain stimulation Talk:Electrical burn Talk:Electrical impedance myography Talk:Electrical impedance tomography Talk:Electroanalgesia Talk:Electrocardiography in myocardial infarction Talk:Electroconvulsive therapy Talk:Electrocorticography Talk:Electrodermal activity Talk:Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Talk:Electromagnetic radiation and health Talk:Electromyography Talk:Electron therapy Talk:Electroneuronography Talk:Electronic cigarette Talk:Electronic health record Talk:Electronic medical record Talk:Electronic prescribing Talk:Electropalatography Talk:Electrophysiology study Talk:Electrosurgery Talk:Electrotherapy Talk:Electrotrichogenesis Talk:Elejalde syndrome Talk:Elephantiasis Talk:Elephantiasis nostras Talk:Elevated alpha-fetoprotein Talk:Elevated transaminases Talk:Elimination diet Talk:Elixir Talk:Elizabeth Blackwell Medal Talk:Emaciation Talk:Embolism Talk:Embolization Talk:Embryo quality Talk:Embryo transfer Talk:Embryology Talk:Embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma Talk:Emergency Bandage Talk:Emergency department Talk:Emergency medical services Talk:Emergency psychiatry Talk:Emergency tourniquet Talk:Emerging infectious disease Talk:Emotional detachment Talk:Emotional dysregulation Talk:Emotional lateralization Talk:Empirical treatment Talk:Empty calorie Talk:Empty nose syndrome Talk:Empyema Talk:Enanthem Talk:Encephalitis Talk:Encephalocele Talk:Encephalopathy Talk:Enchondroma Talk:Encopresis Talk:End-diastolic volume Talk:End-of-life care Talk:Endarterectomy Talk:Endemic (epidemiology) Talk:Endobronchial blocker Talk:Endocannabinoid system Talk:Endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis Talk:Endocarditis Talk:Endocervical curettage Talk:Endocrine gland neoplasm Talk:Endocrine pathology Talk:Endocrine surgery Talk:Endodermal sinus tumor Talk:Endodontic therapy Talk:Endoluminal capsule monitoring Talk:Endolymphatic sac tumor Talk:Endometrial biopsy Talk:Endometrial cancer Talk:Endometrial hyperplasia Talk:Endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia Talk:Endometriosis of ovary Talk:Endometritis Talk:Endomicroscopy Talk:Endophthalmitis Talk:Endoscopic nasopharyngectomy Talk:Endoscopic stenting Talk:Endoscopic ultrasound Talk:Endoscopic vessel harvesting Talk:Endotheliitis Talk:Endovascular aneurysm repair Talk:Endovascular coiling Talk:Endovascular surgery Talk:Endovenous laser treatment Talk:Enema Talk:Enkephalinase inhibitor Talk:Enoxaparin sodium Talk:Enteritis Talk:Enterobiasis Talk:Enterocolitis Talk:Enterolith Talk:Enteropathy Talk:Enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma Talk:Enterovirus 71 Talk:Enthesis Talk:Enthesitis Talk:Enthesopathy Talk:Entomophthoramycosis Talk:Enucleation of the eye Talk:Enuresis Talk:Environmental dependency syndrome Talk:Environmental exogenous hormones Talk:Environmental factor Talk:Environmental health Talk:Environmental toxicants and fetal development Talk:Enzyme replacement therapy Talk:Eosinophilia Talk:Eosinophilia–myalgia syndrome Talk:Eosinophilic cellulitis Talk:Eosinophilic esophagitis Talk:Eosinophilic folliculitis Talk:Eosinophilic granuloma Talk:Eosinophilic pustular folliculitis of infancy Talk:Eosinophilic ulcer of the oral mucosa Talk:Eosinophilic vasculitis Talk:Ependymoma Talk:Epicanthic fold Talk:Epicanthoplasty Talk:Epidemic model Talk:Epidemiological surveillance Talk:Epidemiology Talk:Epidemiology and Infection Talk:Epidemiology of bed bugs Talk:Epidemiology of cancer Talk:Epidemiology of childhood obesity Talk:Epidemiology of herpes simplex Talk:Epidemiology of metabolic syndrome Talk:Epidemiology of motor vehicle collisions Talk:Epidermal nevus syndrome Talk:Epidermoid cyst Talk:Epidermolysis bullosa Talk:Epidermolysis bullosa acquisita Talk:Epidermolysis bullosa simplex Talk:Epidermolytic acanthoma Talk:Epididymitis Talk:Epidural abscess Talk:Epidural administration Talk:Epidural blood patch Talk:Epidural hematoma Talk:Epidural steroid injection Talk:Epigastric hernia Talk:Epigenetics Talk:Epigenetics of schizophrenia Talk:Epiglottitis Talk:Epilepsy surgery Talk:Epilepsy syndromes Talk:Epileptic spasms Talk:Epileptogenesis Talk:Epiphysiodesis Talk:Epiploic appendagitis Talk:Epiretinal membrane Talk:Episiotomy Talk:Episodic dyscontrol syndrome Talk:Epithelial dysplasia Talk:Epithelial–mesenchymal transition Talk:Epithelioid cell histiocytoma Talk:Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma Talk:Epithelioma Talk:Epithelioma cuniculatum Talk:Epley maneuver Talk:Epstein–Barr virus vaccine Talk:Epulis Talk:Epulis fissuratum Talk:Equestrian perniosis Talk:Equianalgesic Talk:Equilibrioception Talk:Eradication of infectious diseases Talk:Erb's palsy Talk:Erethism Talk:Ergogenic aid Talk:Ergotism Talk:Erisipela de la costa Talk:Ernst Finger Talk:Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica Talk:Erosive pustular dermatitis of the scalp Talk:Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis Talk:Erysipelas Talk:Erysipeloid Talk:Erysipeloid of Rosenbach Talk:Erythema Talk:Erythema annulare centrifugum Talk:Erythema dyschromicum perstans Talk:Erythema elevatum diutinum Talk:Erythema gyratum repens Talk:Erythema multiforme Talk:Erythema multiforme major Talk:Erythema multiforme minor Talk:Erythema toxicum neonatorum Talk:Erythrocyanosis crurum Talk:Erythrocyte aggregation Talk:Erythrocyte fragility Talk:Erythrocyte sedimentation rate Talk:Erythroderma Talk:Erythrodermic mastocytosis Talk:Erythrokeratodermia variabilis Talk:Erythrokeratodermia with ataxia Talk:Erythromelanosis follicularis faciei et colli Talk:Erythroplakia Talk:Erythroplasia of Queyrat Talk:Erythropoiesis Talk:Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent Talk:Erythropoietic porphyria Talk:Erythropoietin Talk:Erythrotelangiectatic rosacea Talk:Escherichia coli O104:H4 Talk:Escherichia coli O157:H7 Talk:Escitalopram Talk:Esophageal atresia Talk:Esophageal candidiasis Talk:Esophageal disease Talk:Esophageal food bolus obstruction Talk:Esophageal motility study Talk:Esophageal pH monitoring Talk:Esophageal speech Talk:Esophageal stricture Talk:Esophageal varices Talk:Esophagectomy Talk:Esophagitis Talk:Esotropia Talk:Essential dermatitis Talk:Essential hypertension Talk:Essential medicines Talk:Essential nutrient Talk:Essential tremor Talk:Essure Talk:Esther Chapa Talk:Estradiol acetate Talk:Estradiol cypionate Talk:Estradiol dipropionate Talk:Estradiol enanthate Talk:Estradiol undecylate Talk:Estradiol valerate Talk:Estratest Talk:Estriol Talk:Estrogen ester Talk:Eszopiclone Talk:Ethadione Talk:Ethanol Talk:Etiology (medicine) Talk:European Organisation for Rare Diseases Talk:Euthyroid Talk:Euthyroid sick syndrome Talk:Evanescent (dermatology) Talk:Evans syndrome Talk:Evidence-based practice Talk:Evocative/suppression testing Talk:Evoked potential Talk:Evolutionary medicine Talk:Ewing family of tumors Talk:Ewing's sarcoma Talk:Exanthem Talk:Exanthematic pustular psoriasis Talk:Excess ovarian androgen release syndrome Talk:Exchange transfusion Talk:Excited delirium Talk:Excoriated acne Talk:Excoriation disorder Talk:Executive dysfunction Talk:Executive functions Talk:Executive system Talk:Exercise hypertension Talk:Exercise intolerance Talk:Exercise prescription Talk:Exercise trends Talk:Exercise urticaria Talk:Exercise-associated muscle cramps Talk:Exercise-induced nausea Talk:Exfoliation (cosmetology) Talk:Exhalation Talk:Exhaled nitric oxide Talk:Exisulind Talk:Exocytosis (dermatopathology) Talk:Exomedicine Talk:Exophthalmometer Talk:Exophthalmos Talk:Exoskeleton Talk:Exostosis Talk:Expanded access Talk:Experimental pathology Talk:Exploratory laparotomy Talk:Exploratory surgery Talk:Expressive aphasia Talk:Expressive language disorder Talk:Extended cycle combined hormonal contraceptive Talk:Extended-spectrum penicillin Talk:Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis Talk:External beam radiotherapy Talk:External fixation Talk:External urine collection device Talk:Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy Talk:Extracutaneous mastocytoma Talk:Extraesophageal reflux disease Talk:Extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type Talk:Extranuclear inheritance Talk:Extrapyramidal system Talk:Extraskeletal chondroma Talk:Exudate Talk:Exudative hyponychial dermatitis Talk:Eye disease Talk:Eye drop Talk:Eye injuries during general anaesthesia Talk:Eye injury Talk:Eye surgery Talk:Eyeglass prescription Talk:Eyelid dermatitis Talk:Eyepatch Talk:Ezetimibe Talk:FCM (chemotherapy) Talk:FLAG (chemotherapy) Talk:FM (chemotherapy) Talk:FODMAP Talk:FOLFOX Talk:FOSB Talk:Fabella sign Talk:Face transplant Talk:Facet joint injection Talk:Facet syndrome Talk:Facial cleft Talk:Facial feminization surgery Talk:Facial nerve nucleus Talk:Facial nerve paralysis Talk:Facial trauma Talk:Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy Talk:Factitial lymphedema Talk:Factitious dermatitis Talk:Factor VIII Talk:Faecalibacterium Talk:Failed back syndrome Talk:Fall prevention Talk:Falling (accident) Talk:Fallopian tube cancer Talk:Falls in older adults Talk:False memory syndrome Talk:False pregnancy Talk:Familial Mediterranean fever Talk:Familial adenomatous polyposis Talk:Familial atrial fibrillation Talk:Familial dysautonomia Talk:Familial dysbetalipoproteinemia Talk:Familial hypercholesterolemia Talk:Familial hypertriglyceridemia Talk:Familial myxovascular fibromas Talk:Familial partial lipodystrophy Talk:Familial progressive hyperpigmentation Talk:Family history (medicine) Talk:Family medicine Talk:Fanconi syndrome Talk:Farber disease Talk:Farmer's lung Talk:Farmyard pox Talk:Fascial hernia Talk:Fasciculation Talk:Fasciitis Talk:Fasciolopsiasis Talk:Fasciotomy Talk:Fatty liver Talk:Fatty-acid metabolism disorder Talk:Favid Talk:Favre–Racouchot syndrome Talk:Fear of falling Talk:Feather pillow dermatitis Talk:Febrile neutropenia Talk:Febrile neutrophilic dermatosis Talk:Febrile seizure Talk:Fecal bacteriotherapy Talk:Fecal coliform Talk:Fecal fat test Talk:Fecal impaction Talk:Fecal incontinence Talk:Fecal occult blood Talk:Fecal-oral route Talk:Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (Russia) Talk:Fee-for-service Talk:Feeding disorder Talk:Felbinac Talk:Female athlete triad Talk:Female condom Talk:Female genital mutilation Talk:Female genital prolapse Talk:Female infertility Talk:Female sexual arousal disorder Talk:Feminine essence concept of transsexuality Talk:Feminization (biology) Talk:Femoral acetabular impingement Talk:Femoral hernia Talk:Femtosecond laser for cataract surgery Talk:Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra Talk:Ferritin Talk:Fertility awareness Talk:Fertility medication Talk:Fertility preservation Talk:Fertility testing Talk:Fertility tourism Talk:Fertiloscope Talk:Fetal heartbeat bill Talk:Fetal hydantoin syndrome Talk:Fetal intervention Talk:Fetal movement Talk:Fetal scalp blood testing Talk:Fetal surgery Talk:Fetal viability Talk:Fetoscopy Talk:Fetus in fetu Talk:Fever of unknown origin Talk:Fiberscope Talk:Fibrate Talk:Fibrillary astrocytoma Talk:Fibrillation Talk:Fibrin ring granuloma Talk:Fibrinoid necrosis Talk:Fibrinolysis Talk:Fibrinolysis syndrome Talk:Fibroadenoma Talk:Fibrocalculous pancreatopathy Talk:Fibrochondrogenesis Talk:Fibrocystic breast changes Talk:Fibrofolliculoma Talk:Fibroma Talk:Fibroma of tendon sheath Talk:Fibromatosis Talk:Fibromatosis colli Talk:Fibromuscular dysplasia Talk:Fibrous hamartoma of infancy Talk:Fibrous papule of the nose Talk:Fibular hemimelia Talk:Fiddler's neck Talk:Field hospital Talk:Fields Virology Talk:Fifth disease Talk:Filgrastim Talk:Fine-needle aspiration Talk:Finnish heritage disease Talk:First Nations and diabetes Talk:First aid room Talk:First arch syndrome Talk:First pass effect Talk:Fissure of the nipple Talk:Fistula Talk:Fistulotomy Talk:Fitzpatrick scale Talk:Fixation (surgical) Talk:Fixed drug reaction Talk:Flail chest Talk:Flap (surgery) Talk:Flash pulmonary edema Talk:Flat feet Talk:Flatline Talk:Flatulence Talk:Flea-borne spotted fever Talk:Flexner Report Talk:Flinders Island spotted fever Talk:Floater Talk:Flocculonodular lobe Talk:Florid cutaneous papillomatosis Talk:Flu season Talk:Flu-like syndrome Talk:Fludarabine Talk:Fludrocortisone Talk:Fludroxycortide Talk:Fluid balance Talk:Fluid replacement Talk:Fluocinolone acetonide Talk:Fluorescein Talk:Fluorescent lamps and health Talk:Fluoride therapy Talk:Fluoride toxicity Talk:Fluoroscopy Talk:Flushing (physiology) Talk:Flying squirrel typhus Talk:Focal and diffuse brain injury Talk:Focal dermal hypoplasia Talk:Focal dystonia Talk:Focal fatty liver Talk:Focal neurologic signs Talk:Focal nodular hyperplasia Talk:Focal palmoplantar and gingival keratosis Talk:Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis Talk:Focus of infection Talk:Focused assessment with sonography for trauma Talk:Folate deficiency Talk:Folic acid Talk:Follicle-stimulating hormone Talk:Follicular atrophoderma Talk:Follicular cyst of ovary Talk:Follicular hybrid cyst Talk:Follicular lymphoma Talk:Follicular phase Talk:Follicular thyroid cancer Talk:Folliculitis Talk:Folliculitis decalvans Talk:Folliculitis nares perforans Talk:Folliculosebaceous cystic hamartoma Talk:Folliculosebaceous-apocrine hamartoma Talk:Fontan procedure Talk:Fontanelle Talk:Food contaminant Talk:Food fortification Talk:Food neophobia Talk:Food pyramid (nutrition) Talk:Foot care Talk:Foot deformity Talk:Footballer's ankle Talk:Footspeed Talk:Foramen ovale (heart) Talk:Forceps Talk:Forceps in childbirth Talk:Foreign body Talk:Forensic pathology Talk:Forensic psychiatry Talk:Forensic toxicology Talk:Forequarter amputation Talk:Forrest classification Talk:Four Big Pollution Diseases of Japan Talk:Four corner fusion Talk:Fourth ventricle Talk:Fox–Fordyce disease Talk:Fractional flow reserve Talk:Fractional sodium excretion Talk:Fracture blister Talk:Fragile X syndrome Talk:Fragility fracture Talk:Frailty syndrome Talk:Frances Tustin Talk:Franceschetti–Klein syndrome Talk:François-Joseph Double Talk:Free flap Talk:Free flap breast reconstruction Talk:Free market healthcare Talk:Free water clearance Talk:Free-living Amoebozoa infection Talk:Free-radical theory of aging Talk:Freiberg disease Talk:Fremitus Talk:Frenectomy Talk:Frequent urination Talk:Fresh frozen plasma Talk:Friction blister Talk:Friction burn Talk:Friedreich's ataxia Talk:Frontal fibrosing alopecia Talk:Frontal lobe disorder Talk:Frontal lobe epilepsy Talk:Frontal lobe injury Talk:Frontotemporal dementia Talk:Frozen section procedure Talk:Fructose malabsorption Talk:Fruit allergy Talk:Fuchs' dystrophy Talk:Fugue state Talk:Functional disorder Talk:Functional endoscopic sinus surgery Talk:Functional gastrointestinal disorder Talk:Functional magnetic resonance imaging Talk:Functional murmur Talk:Functional specialization (brain) Talk:Functional spinal unit Talk:Functional symptom Talk:Fungal folliculitis Talk:Fungal keratitis Talk:Fungal meningitis Talk:Fungal pneumonia Talk:Fungemia Talk:Funny current Talk:Fusariosis Talk:Fusion beat Talk:Futile medical care Talk:GVD (chemotherapy) Talk:Gabapentin Talk:Gait abnormality Talk:Galactocele Talk:Galactorrhea hyperprolactinemia Talk:Gallbladder cancer Talk:Gallbladder disease Talk:Gallbladder polyp Talk:Gallium 67 scan Talk:Galli–Galli disease Talk:Gallop rhythm Talk:Galvanic urticaria Talk:Gamasoidosis Talk:Gamekeeper's thumb Talk:Gamma camera Talk:Ganglioglioma Talk:Ganglion cyst Talk:Garlic allergy Talk:Garrod's pad Talk:Gas gangrene Talk:Gas mask Talk:Gastrectomy Talk:Gastric antral vascular ectasia Talk:Gastric distension Talk:Gastric dumping syndrome Talk:Gastric erosion Talk:Gastric lavage Talk:Gastric lymphoma Talk:Gastric outlet obstruction Talk:Gastric varices Talk:Gastrocolic reflex Talk:Gastrocutaneous syndrome Talk:Gastroenterology Talk:Gastroenterostomy Talk:Gastroesophageal reflux disease Talk:Gastrointestinal bleeding Talk:Gastrointestinal neuroectodermal tumor Talk:Gastrointestinal pathology Talk:Gastrointestinal perforation Talk:Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Talk:Gastrojejunocolic fistula Talk:Gastroparesis Talk:Gastropexy Talk:Gastrostomy Talk:Gate control theory of pain Talk:Gateway drug theory Talk:Gaucher's disease Talk:Gefarnate Talk:GemOx Talk:Gender dysphoria