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Medical Genetics Participants' list!

Please list yourself here, if you want to participate in the work.

Templates for userboxes[edit]

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Medical genetics task force

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Medical genetics task force

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Medical genetics task force


If you don't want a userbox just put the following category on your user page: Category:Medical genetics task force members

Om.Tem Every and any mutation.
Drsoumyadeepb Clinician-Researcher
Shinryuu General, particularly autoimmune diseases and other immunological diseases
Adam2307 Any genetic disorders...I suffer from X-linked Icthyosis.
NCurse Genetic disorders, cytogenetics
Ombudsman environmental vulnerabilities deriving from Malthusian & coevolutionary effects
pproctor Etiology of Genetic Disease
Jennyure Genes and schizophrenia
apers0n Polymorphism
nmg20 General, but particularly interested in asymmetry eg PCD, situs inversus.
nkayesmith General, particularly Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
InvictaHOG General, pretty much everything
LeeVanJackson Role of genetics in the central-nervous system and cognitive function
MooreSvn General UnseemlyWeasel Prime interest is in genetic disorders, recent discoveries on molecular mechanics in disease causation and therapy
Patch Inheritance, genetic counselling
FloNight General
Colin TSC
Biznatch11 ATR-X
PCampeau Inborn errors of metabolism
George moorey gene Therapy Gene library
Thuringowacityrep General..Marfans Syndrome
Dantheu2man General, if anything special, it would be Nostalgia.
Juthani1 Disorders
Tyciol Both Med/Gen are interesting, and in combination, how to predict or treat disease with gene knowledge
PB666 HLA genetics, general interest in molecular evolution, owner-molecular anthropology-Yahoo
Skittleys General; advanced knowledge of the genetics of pain and pain-related disorders, schizophrenia and depression, and the related fields of neuro- and pharmacogenetics.
Medical geneticist Practicing geneticist, would like to see (and help with) improvements in this project
Zzaffuto118 Behavioral genetics and application to psychiatric and drug therapy
Al-Qubtan DNA
Universal Life General, Polymorphism and genetic disorders