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On this page, we provide an overview of stub-categories which are related to medicine. Another summary can be found here, with also a classification of child-parent relations for these categories. Some but not all templates relating to preclinical medicine (a.k.a. biomedical sciences) are mentioned on this page -more can be found here.

Put these templates on stubs, and not on non-stub articles. Use a subcategory where possible (e.g. {{Dermatology-stub}} instead of {{med-stub}}). Details on how to use these templates are given in the table below. Most stub categories explain themselves (e.g. Health-stub for articles related to health), for some more info is provided.

Please note that new stub categories should be proposed for debate prior to creation with the Stub-sorting WikiProject at WP:WSS/P.

How to help[edit]

  • Find an existing stub (very short) article. Category:Medicine stubs frequently lists more than 1,000 medicine-related stubs.
  • If the article is no longer a stub, please remove the stub-related templates from the bottom of the article.
  • If the article is a stub, see if you can replace generic stub templates with a more specific stub template (e.g., {{disease-stub}} rather than {{medicine-stub}}).
What to type What it's for
{{Health-stub}} The top category: use a subcategory where possible.
{{Med-stub}} The official Medicine stub: for medicine and medicine related articles. Please use a subcategory where possible.
{{anatomy-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to human anatomy.
{{circulatory-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to heart, blood, vessels etc.
{{med-org-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to medical organizations, hospitals, and associations. For hospitals, use the child {{hospital-stub}}.
{{med-sign-stub}} Note that there is generally a difference between the concepts of medical signs and medical symptoms. The two concepts do overlap considerably though, so some topics can correctly be considered as both.
{{microbiology-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, proteobacteria and protists. However, for each of these a subcategory exists (click the previous wikilinks to view them)!
{{muscle-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to muscles and muscle function.
{{neuroscience-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to the nervous system.
{{Orthopedics-stub}} For stub articles about orthopedics and trauma
{{Osteo-med-stub}} This is the parent stub articles related to osteopathic medicine: physicians, schools, social movements, history, etc.
{{pathology-stub}} This category includes stub articles referring to subdisciplines, tools, and techniques of pathology, as well as gross pathologic and histopathologic entities which are identifiable by an anatomical pathologist.
{{veterinary-med-stub}} This category is for stub articles relating to veterinary medicine, anatomy and science.