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Category:Medicine templates contains all templates used on medicine-related articles.

  • {{WPMED|class=|importance=}} - Placed on talk pages of medicine-related articles and used to assess articles.
  • {{reqphoto|medical subjects}} - Used on talk pages to request that photographs be added to the article.
  • {{med-stub}} - Used on stub articles (here is the complete list)
  • {{Medref}} - Used to indicate an article in need of adequate references.
    • {{Medref|section|{{subst:DATE}}}} - Used to indicate an section in need of adequate references.
  • {{Medicine}} - The bottom navbox template to be used on articles about broad disciplines of medicine.
  • {{medical advice}} - placed around requests for medical advice on talk pages (box ends with {{cob}}).
  • {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine/Navigation}} - transcludes the navigation template shown to the right.
  • {{Expanded reliable sources for medical content}} - updated template providing links to recent reviews, for use on Talk pages
  • {{PartofWPMedicine}} - The assertion of this tag does not mean ownership. It's merely a way to direct users to the broader project.

Inline with article text[edit]


WP:Infoboxes have been created for a number of article types including:


For other editors[edit]

the welcome video
  • Welcome messages (all of these should be substituted onto a user's talk page):
    • {{subst:WPMED welcome}} ~~~~ – Welcome message for new Wikipedians (with invitation to join us) – newish, with video
    • {{subst:Welcome medical student}} ~~~~ – For welcoming new editors who appear to be students associated with a course
    • {{subst:Student}}~~~~ – For welcoming new editors who appear to be students associated with a course, with more detailed advice
  • [[File:New medical editor.ogv|thumb|right|thumbtime=2:59|right|320px|Welcome to Wikipedia]] A video that can be transcluded onto the pages of new users.
  • {{subst:RSPlease}} ~~~~ – User Talk page request to use MEDRS sources
  • {{subst:EasyEn}} ~~~~ – User Talk page request to use easier to understand English

For WP:MED contributors[edit]

  • {{User WPMed}} – Userbox for members of this WikiProject.
  • {{WikiProject Medicine topicon}} – For members of this WikiProject. Adds a topicon to your user page.
  • {{User MedLat}} – Userbox for those who understand Medical Latin (Babel-compatible; just add |MedLat to your Babel template)


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