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Medical Translation Project / Translation Task Force

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  • We are currently working on bringing 1,000 articles into 100 different languages.

Tracking of progress[edit]

We have moved the tracking of the translation progress to Google docs HERE.
Please update as you complete translations!

A description of the color coding is below.

Access to the Translators Without Borders platform:

Account: Jmh649
Password: Wikipedia
Is anything missing? The old tables can be found here [1]


Get translating[edit]

  • We are always looking for more translators, especially into African, Indian South-east Asian & South American languages. Any translator is invited to help out with our short articles. We are also very happy for any help from medical professionals such as doctors or nurses.
  • Please get in touch through e-mail (CFCF or Doc James, and we can offer our free translation platform operated by Translators without Borders!)

Write short articles[edit]

Writing short articles about diseases involves improving the lead of English articles so that they are sufficient in scope and easy to read and understand

  • Content is ordered within the lead, the same as the recommended section ordering in the manual of style.
    • 1st paragraph is a brief definition and signs/symptoms.
    • 2nd paragraph is cause, mechanism of disease, and diagnosis.
    • 3rd paragraph is prevention and treatment.
    • 4th paragraph is epidemiology, prognosis, society and culture, and history.
  • The lead needs to be written in English that is as simple as possible while the content remains medically correct.

Add translations[edit]

Integrate the article into the target language Wikipedia Instructions on what you can do to help integrate content can be found on the main page: here)

Complete list of ready articles[edit]

To view the short articles click on the date beside the article in question. If you are going to translate an article please do so with the Media Wiki markup in place so that references work in the target language. We are happy to send you color coded copies that are easier to work with.

Short articles[edit]


  • Date: This is the date for the version of the main English article on which the translations are based
  • Sourcing    : Looking for translators in the TwB Translation Workspace
  • Translating: Being translated in the TwB Translation Workspace
  • Translating*: Being translated in workforces other then TwB.
  • Complete   : Translation completed in the TwB Translation Workspace where no further actions will take place
  • Live/Done  : Translated, integrated and edited or already exists in Wikipedia
  • GA/FA        : Only for articles that achieved Good Article (GA) or Featured Article (FA) status as a result of translation the English version created from this project
  • To evaluate: Article needs to be evaluated by a Wikipedian in that language to determine if translation is needed. Once this determination is made, please mark the table as:
    DO translate
    DON'T translate
  • Failed        : No available volunteer translators were found; article needs to be re-posted

List of all currently short articles
List of Wikipedias by language