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Readership statistics for WPMS[edit]

I knocked this up using the Wikipedia 1.0 assessment list as of 17 May 2009 and an average of the readership stats Henrik's excellent gizmo for the first four months of 2009. I've tried to clean up the latter as far as I could, removing "obvious" spikes such as Sigtrygg Silkbeard getting WP:DYKed on 17 March. There's a couple of other spikes for which the reasons are less obvious - Robert I of Scotland spiking on his coronation day of 25 March suggests he got on the front page "On this day..." feature, I've not looked too hard for reasons behind spikes in James III of Scotland (20 February), Scotland (17 March), Macbeth of Scotland (18 and 26 March), Alexander of Islay, Earl of Ross (26 April) and a broader spike in Irish mythology in mid March.
I know it's not perfect, but I thought it might be a useful thing to have for working out priorities in the Project, as judged by what the readers "want". But what do they know? :-))) Cheers. Le Deluge (talk) 08:24, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

Class Importance Hits Article
GA Top 262446 Scotland
C Top 48003 Robert I of Scotland
GA Top 33716 Picts
C Top 25549 House of Stuart
Start High 17293 Irish mythology
C Top 14026 Columba
B Top 13078 Wars of Scottish Independence
Start Top 11181 James IV of Scotland
B Top 10666 Ogham
GA Top 10623 Macbeth of Scotland
C High 9129 Berwick-upon-Tweed
B Top 8039 James I of Scotland
C High 7908 Duns Scotus
B Top 7440 Robert II of Scotland
Start High 7178 John of Scotland
B Top 6870 Battle of Flodden Field
A Top 6776 Malcolm III of Scotland
FA Top 6556 David I of Scotland
GA Top 6446 Dál Riata
C Top 6204 James III of Scotland
Start High 6103 Duncan I of Scotland
C Top 6044 James II of Scotland
B High 5985 Andrew Moray
C Top 5914 Alexander III of Scotland
Start High 5606 Saint Margaret of Scotland
A Top 5376 Kenneth MacAlpin
Start High 5252 First War of Scottish Independence
Start High 5215 David II of Scotland
Start Top 4845 William I of Scotland
C High 4711 Robert III of Scotland
Start High 4453 Declaration of Arbroath
Start High 3610 Alexander II of Scotland
FA Top 3425 Scotland in the High Middle Ages
GA Top 3203 Malcolm II of Scotland
B High 3113 Clàrsach
Start High 3111 Donald III of Scotland
C High 2619 Kingdom of Alba
C High 2498 Alexander I of Scotland
Start High 2492 Norse-Gaels
Start High 2463 Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus
Start High 2420 James Douglas, Lord of Douglas
FA Top 2367 Constantine II of Scotland
B High 2337 Malcolm IV of Scotland
Start High 2314 Constantín mac Cináeda
Start High 2277 Clan Bruce
C High 2137 Kenneth II of Scotland
Start High 2112 Lulach of Scotland
Start High 2064 Donald II of Scotland
Start High 2039 Malcolm I of Scotland
Start Top 1983 Edward Bruce
Start High 1771 Edgar of Scotland
C High 1769 Melrose Abbey
Start High 1690 Somerled
B High 1648 John III Comyn, Lord of Badenoch
Start High 1643 Dunfermline Abbey
Start High 1628 Áed mac Cináeda
Start High 1627 Domnall mac Ailpín
Start High 1593 Dub of Scotland
Start High 1554 Kenneth III of Scotland
C High 1511 Adomnán
Start High 1476 Giric
C High 1467 Earl of Douglas
Start High 1449 Edward Balliol
Start High 1445 Cuilén of Scotland
Start High 1430 Constantine III of Scotland
Start High 1340 Indulf of Scotland
C Mid 1270 Earl of Angus
B High 1266 Alexander of Islay, Earl of Ross
B High 1243 Battle of the Standard
Start Mid 1240 Battle of Teba
Start High 1204 Roxburgh
C Top 1199 Scotland in the Late Middle Ages
Start Top 1160 Scotland in the Early Middle Ages
Start High 1150 Gaelic warfare
FA Top 1141 Áedán mac Gabráin
Start Top 1113 Fortriu
Start High 1065 Gruoch of Scotland
Stub High 1024 Battle of Dunnichen
Start High 1014 Archbishop of Glasgow
B High 957 Marjorie, Countess of Carrick
Start High 912 Scoto-Norman
B Mid 910 Sigtrygg Silkbeard
FA Top 903 Óengus I of the Picts
Start High 893 Arbroath Abbey
Start High 878 Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany
B High 868 Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan
Start Mid 859 House of Balliol
B High 815 Drest I of the Picts
C Mid 783 Cainnech of Aghaboe
Start High 754 Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland
Start Mid 720 Archbishop of St Andrews
C Low 668 William Douglas the Hardy
Start Mid 666 Alpín mac Echdach
B Top 664 Bridei I of the Picts
B Mid 662 Henry de Beaumont
Start Mid 643 Pictish Beast
A High 638 Elgin Cathedral
B Top 637 Fergus of Galloway
Start Mid 636 Paisley Abbey
Start High 631 Dervorguilla of Galloway
B Mid 622 Wimund
Start High 600 Óengus II of the Picts
Start High 595 William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas
B High 585 Archibald the Grim
Start High 583 John Barbour (poet)
B High 581 Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas
C Mid 580 Constantín mac Fergusa
Start High 569 Bridei III of the Picts
Start High 562 Murdoch Stewart, Duke of Albany
B High 553 John of Islay, Earl of Ross
B High 548 Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray
B Mid 548 Dryburgh Abbey
C Mid 540 Thorfinn Sigurdsson
Start High 528 Scotichronicon
B Mid 522 Sueno's Stone
List Mid 520 Lord Chancellor of Scotland
Start Mid 516 Sigurd the Stout
Start High 514 Eochaid of Strathclyde
FA High 514 Jocelin (Bishop of Glasgow)
Stub Mid 508 Sybilla of Normandy
B High 487 Davidian Revolution
B High 481 Eóganan mac Óengusa
B Mid 479 Nechtan mac Der-Ilei
C High 478 Christianity in Medieval Scotland
B Low 477 Agnes Dunbar, 4th Countess of Moray
C High 466 Alan, Lord of Galloway
B Mid 464 Drest X of the Picts
Stub Mid 464 Newbattle Abbey
Stub Low 463 Ceretic Guletic
B Mid 459 Uurad
B High 450 Galam Cennalath
Start Mid 448 John of Islay, Lord of the Isles
Start High 477 William Comyn, Lord of Badenoch
Start High 427 Chronicle of the Kings of Alba
Start Mid 423 Áed Find
B Mid 419 Gille Coemgáin of Moray
C Mid 417 John Comyn, Earl of Buchan
B Mid 416 Niall, Earl of Carrick
B High 416 Findláech of Moray
Start Mid 411 Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan
Start Mid 399 Colin Campbell, 1st Earl of Argyll
B High 398 James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas
B High 396 Bridei IV of the Picts
Start High 394 Bishop of Aberdeen
B High 393 Nechtan Morbet
C High 392 Cailean Mór
Start Mid 381 Duan Albanach
B Mid 379 Talorc I of the Picts
B Mid 370 Domhnall I, Earl of Mar
Start Mid 369 Domhnall of Islay, Lord of the Isles
Start High 368 John Stewart, Earl of Buchan
Stub Mid 367 Gille Críst, Earl of Angus
B Mid 362 Bridei VII of the Picts
B High 360 Conall mac Taidg
B Mid 359 Taran of the Picts
B Mid 357 Cinioch
Stub Mid 355 Domhnall II, Earl of Mar
B High 353 Echmarcach mac Ragnaill
B High 349 Lochlann, Lord of Galloway
B Mid 346 Drest IX of the Picts
Start High 341 Amlaíb of Scotland
Stub Mid 339 Patrick IV, Earl of March
B High 339 Cáin Adomnáin
Start Mid 337 Stow of Wedale
A Mid 336 Flann Sinna
Start High 336 James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas
Stub High 331 James the Fat
Stub Mid 330 Alex Woolf
B High 330 Talorgan I of the Picts
Start Low 327 Education Act 1496
B High 325 Nechtan nepos Uerb
B Mid 322 Bridei VI of the Picts
B Mid 317 Galan of the Picts
B High 315 Gille Brigte, Lord of Galloway
B High 314 Ciniod II of the Picts
GA Low 314 Battle of Barry
B Mid 308 Drest Gurthinmoch
GA High 308 Harald Maddadsson
Start High 308 Bishop of Dunkeld
B Mid 307 William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas
B High 305 William fitz Duncan
B High 303 Alpín II of the Picts
FA Mid 302 Clement of Dunblane
B Mid 300 Gartnait III of the Picts
Start High 299 Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas
B High 298 Óengus of Moray
Start Mid 297 Duncan Campbell, 1st Lord Campbell
B High 294 Donnchadh, Earl of Carrick
Start High 292 Bishop of Galloway
Stub Mid 289 Hostarius (Scotland)
Stub Mid 288 Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll
Start High 288 Isabella, Countess of Fife
B High 285 Fearchar, Earl of Ross
B Mid 284 Hugh, Earl of Ross
B Mid 282 Cailtram
Start Mid 282 Gille Brigte, Earl of Angus
Start High 278 Bishop of Ross (Scotland)
B Mid 278 Talorgan II of the Picts
B Mid 277 Amlaíb Conung
Start High 276 Donnchadh IV, Earl of Fife
B Mid 276 William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas
B High 276 Legal institutions of Scotland in the High Middle Ages
Start Mid 273 Alexander Óg
Start Mid 272 Aonghas Óg
B High 272 Uchtred, Lord of Galloway
FA Low 270 Walter de Coventre
B Mid 267 Gartnait I of the Picts
Start Mid 264 Nigg Stone
Stub Mid 264 Patrick V, Earl of March
C Mid 263 MacHeths
B Mid 262 Meic Uilleim
B Mid 261 Drest VIII of the Picts
B Mid 259 James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas
Stub Mid 257 Patrick III, Earl of Dunbar
Start Mid 256 Bridei V of the Picts
B Mid 255 Bridei II of the Picts
GA Mid 255 Dòmhnall mac Raghnaill
B Mid 255 Drest V of the Picts
Start Low 254 Owen I of Strathclyde
B Mid 254 Matilda, Countess of Angus
Start Low 252 Calchfynydd
Start Mid 250 Domhnall Dubh
B High 247 Ciniod I of the Picts
Stub Mid 246 Marianus Scotus
B Mid 244 Talorc II of the Picts
B High 242 Maol Íosa V, Earl of Strathearn
B Mid 241 Uilleam III, Earl of Ross
B Mid 240 Gartnait II of the Picts
B High 237 Máel Ísu I, Earl of Strathearn
Start High 235 James Kennedy (bishop)
Stub Mid 234 John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray
Start High 233 Bishop of Brechin
Start Low 232 Thomas de Kirkcudbright
List High 231 Abbot of Melrose
B Mid 231 Talorc III of the Picts
B High 231 Morggán, Earl of Mar
B Mid 231 Donnchadh III, Earl of Fife
B Mid 230 Drest VI of the Picts
Start Low 229 Trinity College Kirk
B High 229 Gille Brigte, Earl of Strathearn
B Mid 228 Gartnait IV of the Picts
Start Mid 228 Ethelred of Scotland
Stub Mid 224 William II de Soules
Start Mid 224 Margaret, Countess of Mar
Start Low 221 Fiachnae mac Báetáin
Start High 220 Bishop of Dunblane
B Mid 219 Drest III of the Picts
Start Mid 219 Gospatric II, Earl of Lothian
B Mid 218 Drest IV of the Picts
Start Mid 217 Robert Blackadder
Stub Mid 216 Thurgot
B High 216 William de Malveisin
Start Mid 215 Maol Choluim II, Earl of Fife
Start Mid 215 Lindores Abbey
Start Mid 213 Gospatric III, Earl of Lothian
B High 212 Causantín, Earl of Fife
Start High 211 Bishop of Orkney
B Mid 209 Euphemia I, Countess of Ross
Start Low 209 William Douglas of Nithsdale
B High 209 Uilleam, Earl of Mar
B Mid 207 Gilleasbaig of Menstrie
Start Mid 203 Patrick I, Earl of Dunbar
Stub High 202 De Situ Albanie
B Mid 202 Gartnait, Earl of Mar
Start Low 201 Amdarch
Start Mid 201 Patrick II, Earl of Dunbar
B Low 196 Andrew Forman
Start High 195 Bishop of the Isles
Start High 194 Bishop of Moray
Start High 194 Poppleton manuscript
Start High 193 Diocese of Dunkeld
B High 193 Isabella, Countess of Lennox
B Mid 190 Donnchad II, Earl of Fife
Start Low 188 Alexander of Argyll
Start High 188 Book of the Dean of Lismore
C Mid 187 Culture of Scotland in the High Middle Ages
C Mid 187 Blackfriars, Perth
Start Mid 185 Alan Durward
B Mid 184 Uilleam II, Earl of Ross
B High 183 Matad, Earl of Atholl
Stub Low 179 Ethelreda, daughter of Gospatric
Start High 179 John Capellanus
C Mid 178 John Dongan
Stub Mid 177 Steve Boardman
Start Low 177 Thomas de Lundin
Start Low 177 Ingram Lindsay
B Mid 176 Ada, Countess of Atholl
B Mid 175 Walter Leslie
B High 174 Donnchadh, Earl of Lennox
B Mid 174 Donnchad I, Earl of Fife
List Mid 173 Abbot of Scone
B Mid 173 Máel Coluim of Moray
Stub Mid 173 Pittenweem Priory
Start Mid 171 Waltheof, Earl of Dunbar
List Mid 171 Abbot of Paisley
B Mid 170 Ailín I, Earl of Lennox
B High 170 Roman de Fergus
Start Low 168 Harrying of Buchan
Stub High 168 Alexander Gordon, 1st Earl of Huntly
Stub Low 164 Mormaer of Mearns
Stub Mid 164 Roger de Beaumont (bishop)
Start High 163 Justiciar of Scotia
B High 163 Máel Snechtai of Moray
B Mid 163 Ailín II, Earl of Lennox
Start Mid 162 Baltar mac Amlaimh, Earl of Lennox
List Mid 161 Abbot of Dunfermline
B Mid 160 Thomas, Earl of Mar
Start Mid 158 Gofraid mac Arailt
Start Low 157 Einar Sigurdsson
Start Low 156 Malcolm Fleming, Earl of Wigtown
C Low 156 John of Argyll
Start High 156 Bishop of Argyll
Stub Mid 156 Colbán, Earl of Fife
B Mid 156 Dubacan of Angus
Stub Mid 155 William Wishart
List Low 152 Prior of Strath Fillan
Stub Mid 152 Máel Petair of Mearns
B Mid 151 Máel Coluim, Earl of Atholl
B Mid 151 Donnchadh of Argyll
Stub High 151 Lord of Badenoch
B Mid 150 Uilleam I, Earl of Ross
B Mid 148 Maol Choluim I, Earl of Lennox
GA Mid 148 Albin of Brechin
Start Mid 148 Andreas de Moravia
Stub Low 147 Isabel Douglas, Countess of Mar
Start High 147 Gille Ruadh
Start Low 146 Dúngal mac Selbaig
B Low 146 Bernard of Kilwinning
Start Low 145 John Bannerman (historian)
B High 144 Maol Íosa II, Earl of Strathearn
B Mid 143 Gille Míchéil, Earl of Fife
B High 142 Maol Domhnaich, Earl of Lennox
Start Low 139 Alexander de Kininmund (d. 1380)
Stub Mid 139 David I Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl
Stub High 138 Maol Choluim II, Earl of Lennox
List Mid 138 Archdeacon of Lothian
List Mid 137 Abbot of Inchaffray
B Mid 136 Donnchadh, Earl of Mar
Stub Mid 136 Suibne mac Cináeda
Start High 135 Kingdom of the Rhinns
Stub Mid 135 Jenny Wormald
Start High 133 Bishop of Caithness
B Mid 133 Maol Íosa IV, Earl of Strathearn
Start Mid 132 Ruaidhri mac Raghnaill
Start Mid 132 Maol Íosa III, Earl of Strathearn
Stub Mid 131 Thomas Randolph, 2nd Earl of Moray
Start Low 130 Abraham of Strathearn
Start Low 130 Neithon of Alt Clut
Start Mid 129 Abbot of Arbroath
Start Mid 129 Mary I, Countess of Menteith
Stub Mid 128 Maol Choluim I, Earl of Fife
Stub Low 128 Cinuit of Alt Clut
Start Mid 127 Ruadrí, Earl of Mar
Stub Mid 127 Thomas Spens
Start High 127 Cellach I of Cennrígmonaid
Start Low 125 Rögnvald Brusason
B Mid 124 Domhnall, Earl of Lennox
Stub Mid 123 Gilbert de Greenlaw
Start Low 122 Dúnchad Bec
List Low 122 Archdeacon of Dunblane
Stub Mid 121 Robert Croc
B Mid 120 Gille Chlerig, Earl of Mar
Start Mid 120 Muireadhach I, Earl of Menteith
B Low 119 David, Prince of the Cumbrians
GA Mid 119 Henry de Lichton
B Mid 119 Cuncar of Angus
List Mid 119 Abbot of Kelso
B High 118 Robert of Scone
Start Low 118 Brusi Sigurdsson
Start Mid 116 Hinba
Start Mid 116 Maccus mac Arailt
B Mid 114 Thomas de Rossy
B Mid 114 Henry, Earl of Atholl
Start Mid 113 Fergus, Earl of Buchan
B Mid 113 Isabella, Countess of Atholl
List Low 110 Prior of Fyvie
Start Low 109 Domnall mac Caustantín
Start Mid 109 Royal Mines Act 1424
Start Mid 108 Ferchar, Earl of Strathearn
List Mid 107 Prior of Loch Leven
Stub Mid 107 Donnchadh, Earl of Angus
Start Mid 106 Diocese of Galloway
Start Mid 106 Flann Mainistrech
List Mid 105 Archdeacon of St Andrews
Start Low 104 Der-Ilei
B Mid 104 Gille Críst, Earl of Mar
List High 104 Prior of St Andrews
Start Mid 104 Perth Charterhouse
Stub Mid 104 Adam, Earl of Angus
List Mid 104 Abbot of Inchcolm
GA Mid 102 Thomas de Buittle
Start Mid 101 John de Winchester
B Mid 100 Mormaer Beth
Stub Low 100 Michael Brown (historian)
List Mid 99 Abbot of Iona (Benedictine)
Stub Mid 99 Ernald
Start Mid 99 Gille Críst, Earl of Menteith
Start Mid 99 Justiciar of Lothian
Start Low 98 Elisaeus Adougan
Start Low 97 Thomas Fleming, Earl of Wigtown
Start Mid 97 Muireadhach II, Earl of Menteith
List Mid 96 Prior of Coldingham
List Mid 95 Abbot of Glenluce
B Mid 95 Robert, Earl of Strathearn
List Mid 93 Abbot of Saddell
Start Mid 93 Thor of Tranent
Start Low 92 Fergustus Pictus
List Mid 92 Abbot of Fearn
B Mid 92 Fothad II of Cennrígmonaid
C Low 92 Michael Ochiltree
B Mid 92 Forbhlaith, Countess of Atholl
Stub Low 92 Isle of May Priory
B Mid 91 Cailean mac Donnchaidh
List Mid 91 Archdeacon of Teviotdale
List Low 90 Prior of May (Pittenweem)
Start Low 90 Walter of Whithorn
Start Low 90 Conall mac Áedáin
Start Mid 89 Gillebríghde Albanach
List Mid 89 Abbot of Jedburgh
Start Low 88 Adam de Tyninghame
List Low 88 Archdeacon of Caithness
List Mid 88 Abbot of Kilwinning
Start Low 88 William (Bishop of Dunblane)
Stub Mid 87 Enguerrand (Bishop of Glasgow)
List Low 87 Prior of St Mary's Isle
Start Mid 87 Reinald Macer
Start Low 89 Malcolm Maclean, 3rd Chief
List Mid 85 Abbot of Holyrood
List Low 85 Prior of Beauly
List Mid 85 Abbot of Cambuskenneth
List Mid 85 Abbot of Dryburgh
Start Low 84 Bernard de Linton
Start Low 84 Matthew (d. 1274)
List Low 84 Prior of Pluscarden
List Mid 84 Abbot of Coupar Angus
Start Low 83 Alexander Vaus
List Mid 83 Abbot of Dercongal
Start Mid 82 Isabella, Countess of Menteith
Stub Mid 82 Richard the Chaplain
List Low 82 Prior of Inchmahome
List Mid 82 Abbot of Lindores
List Low 82 Prior of Blantyre
Start Low 81 Dean of Moray
Stub Mid 81 Hugh the Chaplain
Start Low 81 Adam de Lanark
GA Mid 80 Nicholas de Balmyle
B Mid 80 Padraig, Earl of Atholl
B Mid 79 Ingram de Ketenis
List Low 79 Archdeacon of Aberdeen
List Mid 78 Abbot of Dundrennan
List Low 77 Archdeacon of Moray
List Mid 77 Abbot of Balmerino
Start Low 76 William Russell (bishop)
Start Low 76 George Vaus
Stub Low 75 John of Whithorn
Start Mid 74 Radulf Novell
B Low 74 Gilbert Cavan
List Low 73 Archdeacon of Galloway
Start Low 73 Radulf (d. 1220)
B Low 73 Alexander Stewart (d. 1371)
Stub Low 72 Sumarlidi Sigurdsson
B Low 72 Henry of Holyrood
Stub Mid 71 Herbert of Selkirk
List Low 71 Prior of Ardchattan
Start Low 70 Nicholas of Arbroath
Start Low 70 Gofraid mac Domnaill
List Mid 69 Abbot of Soulseat
List Mid 68 Abbot of Tongland
List Mid 68 Prior of Whithorn
Start Low 68 Eugein II of Alt Clut
Start Low 67 Robert Capellanus
Start Low 67 Hugh of Brechin
List Mid 67 Prior of Perth
Start Mid 66 Relatio de Standardo
List Mid 66 Abbot of Culross
Stub Low 66 Thomas of Galloway
List Low 66 Archdeacon of Orkney
Stub Low 64 Scéla Cano meic Gartnáin
List Mid 63 Abbot of Newbattle
List Low 62 Prior of Fogo
B Low 62 Gilbert of Glenluce
List Low 61 Prior of Oronsay
List Low 61 Prior of Lesmahagow
List Low 60 Prior of Urquhart
List Mid 60 Abbot of Kinloss
List Mid 60 Abbot of Crossraguel
Start Low 59 Robert (d. 1271)
List Low 59 Prior of Restenneth
List Low 57 Archdeacon of Ross
List Mid 56 Archdeacon of Glasgow
List Low 56 Archdeacon of Shetland
List Mid 54 Abbot of Deer
List Mid 54 Archdeacon of Dunkeld
List Low 52 Prior of Monymusk
Start Low 51 Ninian Spot
List Mid 51 Abbot of Sweetheart
Start Low 51 Alpín of Strathearn
Start Mid 50 Michael of Glasgow
Start Low 50 Simon de Wedale
Start Mid 48 Jonathan of Dunblane
List Low 47 Prior of Canonbie
Start Low 44 Giolla Críost Brúilingeach
Start Low 40 Gospatric (sheriff of Roxburgh)
Stub Mid 27 Chronicle of Mann