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This is an article index for the Middle-earth series for use in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Middle-earth. Please help by:

  • adding any missing articles to the list
  • changing the entry to its actual article if it is a redirect page
  • renaming any article entry on the list if incorrect
  • deleting any article no longer in existence
  • keeping the list in alphabetical order
  • not adding any semi- or non-related articles because they simply mention Middle-earth.

Important statistics[edit]


  1. Stub-Class article = Stub-class article
  2. Start-Class article = Start-class article
  3. C-Class article = C-class article
  4. B-Class article = B-class article
  5. = GA-class article
  6. A-Class article = A-class article (this project uses this grade after a review)
  7. Featured article = Featured-class article or list

To do[edit]

  • Put start and stub class articles in proper article category, like movies, television, books, etc
  • alphabetize
  • compile numbers at top, and how many are in each section







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