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Tag & Assess 2008 is now closed.

Please help improve the next Tag & Assess drive by joining the workshop

Drive coordinator/s: Roger Davies (talk) • Woody (talk)

Welcome to Tag & Assess 2008! Here's what it's all about. The Military history WikiProject has about 60,000 stub and start articles, built up over the last few years. The time has come for comprehensive housekeeping and that's what this drive is all about. The drive will run from 24 April to 4 July 2008, and its purpose is three-fold:

  1. to ensure that all the articles are within our scope;
  2. to ensure that they are all correctly tagged for task forces;
  3. and to ensure that they are all correctly assessed for class.

You join up by (i) adding your name to the participants' list and (ii) adopting one of the ranges of 200 articles in the worklists below. You then work through the range, tagging and assessing, following the instructions below. Each range is broken down into bite-sized sub-sections of ten articles each, so it's easy to keep track of where you are. At first, it will take a couple of minutes to check each article but – with a bit of practice and growing familiarity with the parameters – most people get faster than that. And please don't forget to tidy up as you go, removing any unused template parameters from the worklist and replacing long forms with short forms where appropriate.

If you have any queries about scope, class or task forces, please raise them in the doubts and questions section of the talk page. Alternatively, leave a message on the talk page of one of the drive coordinators.

As with the last drive, we'll be running a workshop immediately after this ends to seek improvement. The link will be posted on the drive closing notice.

The rewards[edit]

As a token of our appreciation for your efforts, we will be presenting service awards and barnstars based on the number of articles you work through. The awards are cumulative. For example, tagging 2000 articles entitles you to One Stripe, Two Stripe and Three Stripe service awards plus the Tireless Contributor Barnstar and the Chevrons. To add a bit of friendly competition, the three editors who tag and assess the most articles by 4 July 2008 will be awarded bronze, silver and gold wikis. The drive coordinators will administer awards and by default will post them on your talk page within a few days of the end of the drive. If you'd like yours earlier, please ask one of the drive coordinators.


C-Class: The consensus of the discussion on the military history project talkpage is to not adopt C-Class. Please do not assess any article under our scope with C-Class.

For each article:

  • Read the article. Then:
  1. Check that it's within the Milhist scope.
  2. Check that the class is correctly assessed.
  3. Add any missing Task Force parameters.
  • NB: Do not tag or assess redirects.
Completed ranges
  • After completing each 10-article range, either strike through the article name (with "<s>" and "</s>") or add "Done, ~~~~" at the foot of the section.
Scope questions
Assessment help
  • For general assessment help, see assessment FAQ.
  • For the formal Stub, Start-class and B-Class criteria, see the Milhist quality scale.
  • For specific B-class questions, see the B-class checklist FAQ.
  • The template nows accepts B-Class short forms – "b1=y" / "B2=N" etc – as well as the long form "B-Class-1=yes".
  • If all five B-class parameters are "Yes", the template automatically sets "class=B".
  • For Stubs, the template no longer displays the B-class checklist. To display the checklist (for instance, to reclassify a Stub as B-Class) just change to article class from "Stub" to "Start" or "B-Class" and press "Preview". The checklist will appear in the template ready for cutting and pasting into the article.
Task forces
  • For speed, and ease of cutting and pasting, open the complete list of task forces in a new tab. Select the task force/s you want and paste them into the article's talk page.
  • Task forces can be assigned using the long form ("Fooish-task-force=yes") or the short form ("Fooish=y"), completely interchangeably.
  • The template now accepts "Yes" / "yes" / "Y" / "y".
  • To avoid clutter, remove any unused template parameters from the talk page before saving.
Sample parameter strings
  • Before tagging and assessing: {{WPMILHIST|class=start|US-task-force=yes}}
  • After (short form): {{WPMILHIST|class=B|b1=y|b2=y|B3=Y|b4=yes|b5=y|US=y|WWII=y|Aviation=y}}
  • After (long form): {{WPMILHIST|class=B|B-class-1=yes |B-class-2=yes |B-class-3=yes |B-class-4=yes |B-class-5=yes |US-task-force=yes |WWII-task-force=yes |Aviation-task-force=yes}}


Please add your name below, in alphabetical order, using the {{User0|"Your name"}} template. Then add a running total (tally) of articles worked on. This tally should include articles that you have evaluated and needed no changes, as well as those that you have re-assessed. It will be the basis for awards. To make it easier to pick up where you leave off, and to avoid edit conflicts, please "adopt a range" in the Worklists below.


Range adopted Editor's name  50 100 150 200
1–200 Dashiellx  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
201–400 Buckshot06 (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
401–600 Gaia Octavia Agrippa (t c)  Done Doing...
601–800 Milk's Favorite Cookie  (t c)
801–1000 Epbr123  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
1001–1200 Canglesea  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
1201–1400 Fusionmix  (t c)  Done Doing...
1401–1600 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
1601–1800 Harland1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
1801–2000 Outdawg  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
2001–2200 Legotech (t c)
2201–2400 Stormtracker94 (t c)
2401–2600  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
2601–2800 Paragon12321 (t c) Doing...
2801–3000 Avocado (t c)  Done
3001–3200 Mifter (t c)
3201–3400 Green451 (t c) Doing...
3401–3600 Parsecboy  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
3601–3800 Ed!  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
3801–4000 belril (t c) Doing...
4001–4200 Hossen27  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4201–4400 Judgesurreal777  (t c)
4401–4600 Patar knight  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4601–4800 Rosiestep  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
4801–5000 Flubeca  (t c) Doing...
5001–5200 Cromdog  (t c)
5201–5400 Fleetflame (t c) Doing...
5401–5600 Maralia (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
5601–5800 Maralia (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
5801–6000 Basketball110 (t c) Doing...
6001–6200 JEB90 (t c)
6201–6400  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
6401–6600 Harland1  (t c)  Done  Done
6601–6800 Ultraexactzz (t c)  Done
6801–7000 Phoenix-wiki  (t c)
7001–7200 Bedford  (t c)  Done  Done  Done Doing...
7201–7400 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
7401–7600 Fattyjwoods  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
7601–7800 Naerii  (t c) Doing...
7801–8000 SFGiants  (t c) Doing...
8001–8200 MBK004 (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
8201–8400 Fattyjwoods  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
8401–8600 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
8601–8800 Burzmali (t c) Doing...
8801–9000 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9001–9200 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9201–9400 Fattyjwoods  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9401–9600 Fattyjwoods  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9601–9800 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
9801–10000 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
10001–10200 Luksuh  (t c) Doing...
10201–10400 Laurinavicius  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
10401–10600 Dashiellx  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
10601–10800 Skinny87  (t c)  Done Doing...
10801–11000  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
11001–11200 Jhfireboy  (t c)  Done
11201–11400 Pkkphysicist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
11401–11600 Dashiellx  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
11601–11800 Missjessica254  (t c) Doing...
11801–12000 Borg Sphere  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
12001–12200 Hossen27  (t c) Doing...
12201–12400 Laurinavicius  (t c) Doing...
12401–12600 Canglesea  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
12601–12800 Canglesea  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
12801–13000 Pkkphysicist (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
13001–13200 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
13201–13400 Thedagomar (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
13401–13600 Pkkphysicist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
13601–13800 UnknownForEver (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
13801–14000 Benedict of Constantinople (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
14001–14200 Suyogaerospace  (t c) Doing...
14201–14400 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
14401–14600 Thedagomar (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
14601–14800 MChew (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
14801–15000 MChew (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
15001–15200 MChew  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
15201–15400 Ed! (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
15401–15600 Rosiestep (t c)  Done Doing...
15601–15800 Catalan  (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
15801–16000 Dashiellx  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
16001–16200 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
16201–16400 MChew  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
16401–16600 Dashiellx  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
16601–16800 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
16801–17000  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
17001–17200 Jim Sweeney  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
17201–17400 Outdawg (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
17401–17600 Jim Sweeney  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
17601–17800 Jim Sweeney (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
17801–18000 Thedagomar  (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
18001–18200 Jim Sweeney (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
18201–18400 Jim Sweeney (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
18401–18600 Jim Sweeney (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
18601–18800 Dashiellx  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
18801–19000 Borg Sphere (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
19001–19200 Dashiellx (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
19201–19400 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
19401–19600 Redmarkviolinist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
19601–19800 Fattyjwoods  (t c) Doing...
19801–20000 Fattyjwoods  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
20001–20200 Jim Sweeney (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
20201–20400 MrPrada (t c) Doing...
20401–20600  (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
20601–20800 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
20801–21000 Pkkphysicist  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
21001–21200 WikiTraveller  (t c) Doing...
21201–21400 Geekamalloy (t c)  Done Doing...
21401–21600 Dashiellx (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
21601–21800 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
21801–22000 Abraham, B.S. (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
22001–22200 El Greco (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
22201–22400 Jim Sweeney  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
22401–22600 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Fan  (t c)
22601–22800 Kansas Bear (t c)
22801–23000 Abraham, B.S. (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
23001–23200 Abraham, B.S. (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
23201–23400 Jim Sweeney (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
23401–23600 Ejosse1  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
23601–23800 Patar knight (t c) Doing...
23801–24000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
24001–24200 Abraham, B.S. (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
24201–24400 Ed! (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
24401–24600 MChew  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
24601–24800 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
24801–25000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
25001–25200 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
25201–25400 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
25401–25600 El Greco (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
25601–25800 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
25801–26000 Abraham, B.S. (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
26001–26200 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
26201–26400 Abraham, B.S. (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
26401–26600 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
26601–26800 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
26801–27000 Jim Sweeney  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
27001–27200 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
27201–27400 Canglesea  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
27401–27600 Canglesea  (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
27601–27800 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
27801–28000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
28001–28200 Dashiellx (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
28201–28400 Dashiellx (t c)  Done  Done Doing...
28401–28600 Oldwildbill  (t c) Doing...
28601–28800 MBK004 (t c) Doing...
28801–29000 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
29001–29200 [[User: | ]] ([[User talk: |t]] c)
29201–29400 Ed! (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
29401–29600 Ed! (t c)  Done  Done  Done  Done
29601–29800 Borg Sphere (t c)  Done Doing...
29801–30000 TomStar81  (t c) Doing...