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The "Wikipedia 0.7" review is now closed. Please do not edit this page.

Coordinator: Roger Davies (talk)

What's it all about?

Wikipedia 0.7 is a release version of Wikipedia, to be published on CD/DVD and possibly on paper, coinciding with the end of year holiday period. The aim is to give the benefits of Wikipedia to those people who have access to a computer but not easy or fast access to the Internet.

Much preparation work has been done by the Wikipedia editorial team, who have used a bot to create a shortlist of articles for each wikiproject. The bot's criteria were based on factors like number of hits, and number of links, each article received. The list contains 1133 of the Military history WikiProject's most visited and most linked to articles. They range from featured to start-class and vary considerably in quality.

The purpose of our review is to check that the articles are of suitable quality and are free of templates. By default, the bot will take the latest version of the article but we can instead select better versions, as well as suggesting deletions and additions. The approach we have adopted varies, depending on the class of the article.

The Milhist master list has been divided up into forty-five worksheets each of twenty-five articles. We estimate a worklist will between one and three hours to complete. As time is off the essence, we are aiming to complete the review by Sunday, 28 September, and once it is over, it is likely we will try to work borderline articles up to the requisite quality.


NB: The W0.7 links master list has now been updated.

What to do with the checklists ...

The quality threshold for inclusion is low (the W1.0 team have selected by popularity/importance rating). Most tags (citations, cleanup etc) will be removed from the articles before release. Apparently, quality ratings will not appear in the release version.

Because of the limited time available, the Milhist criterion for inclusion is "can we live with this"? In practical terms, this translates to C-Class. This means any article which scores three "yesses" or more on the B-Class checklist. Articles achieving this level will not be opposed by Milhist. Please complete the B-Class checklist for any Start-class articles on which this hasn't been done to determine whether three yesses apply.

Please look at the quality class of the article and read the "Comments" column. Decide whether it meets the criterion for inclusion (in most cases it will) and update the "Action" column with the following tags:

  1. "KEEP" - this means we will not oppose inclusion.
  2. "USE LINK" - this means the link will be passed to W1.0 as the version to use. The links will be passed to W1.0 altogether once the checklists are finished.
  3. "IMPROVE (reason)" - reasons will mostly be "refs" or "review" (see "Other action" below).
  4. "REPLACE" - this is used only for articles which are below C-Classa[›] and covers two actions. The first is that it will trigger a removal recommedation (this cannot be guaranteed as the final decision is not ours). Suitable replacements will be recommended to the W1.0's review team as a separate exercise.

Other action: any FAs which no longer meet FA standards may be referred to Featured article review. Milhist A-class and GA can also be referred for review at WP:MHR#A-CLASS or Wikipedia:Good article reassessment. If you feel like doing this yourself, please do so, otherwise leave a note here. The reviews will often lead to the article being improved.

^ a: The article is better developed in style, structure and quality than Start-Class, but fails one or two of the criteria for B-Class. It may have some gaps or missing elements; need editing for clarity, balance or flow; or contain policy violations such as bias or trivia.

Range Reviewed by Done? Y?N
0001–0050 Wandalstouring (t c) done
0051–0100 Wandalstouring (t c) done
0101-0150 Wandalstouring (t c) done
0151-0200 Wandalstouring (t c) done
0301-0400 Wandalstouring (t c) done
0701-0750 (t c) done
0751-0800 (t c) Done
0801–0851 Harland1 (t c) doing
0851–0900 (t c) Done
0901-0950 Bedford (t c) doing
0951-1000 (t c) Doing
1001-1050 Roger Davies (t c) done
1051-1100 Roger Davies (t c) done
1101-1133 Roger Davies (t c) done


Range adopted Editor's name Done?
0001–0025 Cplakidas (t c) Yes
0026-0050 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0051-0075 Cplakidas (t c) Yes
0076-0100 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0101–0125 Cplakidas (t c) Yes
0126-0150 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0151-0175 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0176-0200 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0201–0225 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes
0226-0250 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes
0251-0275 Wandalstouring (t c) Yes
0276-0300 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes
0301–0325 Cplakidas (t c) Yes
0326-0350 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes
0351-0375 El Greco (t c) Yes
0376-0400 Harland1  (t c) Yes
0401–0425 Canglesea (t c) Yes
0426-0450 Harland1  (t c) Yes
0451-0475 Borg Sphere  (t c) Yes
0476-0500  (t c) Yes
0501–0525 Cplakidas (t c) Yes
0526-0550  (t c) Yes
0551-0575 Geoff Plourde (t c) Yes
0576-0600 Dashiellx  (t c) No
0601–0625 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0626-0650 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0651-0675 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0676-0700 Geoff Plourde (t c) Yes
0701–0725 El Greco (t c) Yes
0726-0750 Harland1  (t c) Yes
0751-0775 Kyriakos (t c) Yes
0776-0800 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0801–0825 Canglesea (t c) Yes
0826-0850 MChew  (t c) Yes
0851-0875 Jim Sweeney  (t c) Yes
0876-0900 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
0901–0925 Geoff Plourde  (t c) Yes
0926-0950 El Greco (t c) Yes
0951-0975 El Greco (t c) Yes
0976-1000 Ejosse1  (t c) Yes
1001–1025 Pkkphysicist  (t c) Yes
1026-1050 Harland1  (t c) Yes
1051-1075 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes
1076-1100 Borg Sphere  (t c) Yes
1101–1125 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes
1126-1133 Abraham, B.S. (t c) Yes