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Contest entries[edit]

The beginning class of the article is the classification at the beginning of the month. Please add entries in alphabetical order by user name in the following form:

| [[User:Username|]] || [[Talk:Article name]] || Entry class || End class || Points || Checked

Nominees should track their own entries, updating the table with the new classes and points claimed/earned as articles are reclassified (to avoid month-end congestion). This is self-scoring (but not self-assessing) so requests for assessments should be made through the normal channels (i.e. at WP:MHA). At month end, the closing coordinator will check the points claimed, sign the "checked" box, and tally each entrant's points up; and update the yearly scoreboard.

For the scoring period ending 31 October 2016[edit]

Nominee Article Entry class End class Points Checked
AustralianRupert Talk:Military of São Tomé and Príncipe stub C 3
AustralianRupert Talk:Battle of Isurava B
Arius1998 Talk:José Antonio Raón y Gutiérrez none B 6
Arius1998 Talk:Juan Alaminos y Vivar none C 3
Arius1998 Talk:Nunobiki Maru none C 3
Arius1998 Talk:Rafael María de Aguilar y Ponce de León none C 3
Catlemur Talk:L'Eplattenier helmet Stub C 3
Djmaschek Talk:Battle of Laubressel Stub B 6
Djmaschek Talk:VI Cavalry Corps (Grande Armée) Stub B 6
Iazyges Talk:Roman war elephants none Start 1
Iazyges Talk:Battle of Pometia none Start 1
Iazyges Talk:Navis actuaria Redirect Unassesed 1
Kges1901 Talk:31st Guards Airborne Division Start B 5
Kges1901 Talk:11th Guards Airborne Division Start B 5
Kges1901 Talk:Nikolai Vedeneyev None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:August Kork None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:Stepan Bondarev None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:Aleksandr Dvornikov (general) None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:315th Operations Group Start
Kges1901 Talk:Pyotr Mikhailovich Petrov None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:67th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union) None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:40th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union) None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:Yegor Solyankin None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:Andrey Serdyukov None B 6
Kges1901 Talk:Sergey Surovikin Start B 5
Kges1901 Talk:Divisional Cavalry Regiment (New Zealand) A FA 5
Kges1901 Talk:Vladimir Zarudnitsky None
Kges1901 Talk:Mikhail Petrovich Petrov (general) GA A 10
Krishna Chaitanya Velaga Talk:List of destroyers of India AL FL 5
Parsecboy Talk:SMS Erzherzog Albrecht stub GA 11
Parsecboy Talk:SMS Custoza stub GA 11
Parsecboy Talk:SMS Kaiser (1858) start GA 10
Parsecboy Talk:Kaiser Max-class ironclad (1875) stub GA 11
Peacemaker67 Talk:Jastrebarsko concentration camp B GA 5
Peacemaker67 Talk:Rogožarski IK-3 B GA 5
Peacemaker67 Talk:Royal Yugoslav Navy B GA 5
Peacemaker67 Talk:Hawker Hurricane in Yugoslav service GA A 10
TeriEmbrey Talk:Hubert Allison Allen Stub Start 1
TeriEmbrey Talk:Charles T. Menoher Stub Start 1
TeriEmbrey Talk:Edgar Jadwin Start C 2
TeriEmbrey Talk:George Herbert Harries Stub C 3
TeriEmbrey Talk:Henry W. Butner Start B 5
TeriEmbrey Talk:Hunter Liggett Start
TeriEmbrey Talk:Lucius Roy Holbrook Start
TeriEmbrey Talk:Peter Charles Harris Stub C 3
TeriEmbrey Talk:Charles G. Dawes Start C 2
TeriEmbrey Talk:Paul T. Gillcrist Stub Start 1
TeriEmbrey Talk:Jay Johnson Morrow Stub Start 1
TeriEmbrey Talk:Alfred Starbird Stub
TeriEmbrey Talk:John C. Speaks Stub
TeriEmbrey Talk:Oliver L. Spaulding Start
TeriEmbrey Talk:Reginald B. DeLacour Stub
Vami_IV Talk:List of castles in Germany List
Vami_IV Talk:Lists of castles in Ireland List
Zawed Talk:Eduard Crasemann Start
Zawed Talk:Ernst Feßmann Stub
Zawed Talk:Eduard Hauser (soldier) start C 2
Zawed Talk:Otto von Knobelsdorff start B 5
Zawed Talk:Vollrath Lübbe stub C 3
Zawed Talk:Hans Mikosch stub B 6
Zawed Talk:Hans Tröger start C 2
Zawed Talk:361st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) none C 3
Zawed Talk:362nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) none B 6
Zawed Talk:462nd Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht) none C 3
Zawed Talk:1st Luftwaffe Field Division start C 2