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Welcome to the Fighting Family group, an initiative of the Military history WikiProject.

Purpose & scope[edit]

Flexible if needed!

I Do not remember where or when i heard this. It is my understanding, it is a fairly rare occasion (at least in America) for so many members of a family engaging in a single conflict. (inspiring such flexibility in drafting with other family already enlisted. (only child as an example)) This [cross post](#23 American Revolution) has more detail.


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Open tasks[edit]

  • Confirm which units individuals served in.


Seriously need confirmation of actual "Writing on a roster" Does this "Roster" even exist? Are the names of the two killed correct? Issac Davis is also the name of first person supposed to have been killed in Revolution. will not be a reliable reference. Two memorials created based on reference in article. Point of concern is Identification of Col Kiliaen as the seriously wounded... other accounts are saying son Henry was shot and carried the ball for over 30 years

Two killed[edit]

both have been confirmed HERE

3 of Killiaen's sons


Article Grade Editor(s) currently working Notes
Article 1 B
Article 2 Start

Other tasks[edit]

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