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Welcome to the Roman and Byzantine military history task force of the Military history WikiProject! If you have any questions about articles or are generally seeking advice, you're encouraged to ask at the main military history talk page, or you can directly approach one of the task force participants below.

The coordinators of the Military history WikiProject can be contacted here.


The scope of this task force includes Roman and Byzantine military history, from the founding of Rome in 753 BC to the fall of Byzantine Empire and its remnants in 1453/60 AD. The task force covers anything related to the Roman military, including wars and campaigns, weapons and tactics, individual units, and the generals and soldiers that fought in them.

Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding |Roman-task-force=yes to the {{WPMILHIST}} project banner at the top of its talk page (see the project banner instructions for more details on the exact syntax). This will automatically place it into Category:Roman and Byzantine military history task force articles.


If you approach anyone from this list for advice or help, please check their contributions first to check if they've edited recently. This list may contain people who have not edited Wikipedia in a long time.

If you wish to identify yourself as a participant of this task force, simply copy and paste this userbox to your user page: {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Members/User WPMILHIST Roman and Byzantine military history task force}}


Our award.

Mailing list[edit]

Our mailing list is located here.

Article statistics[edit]

The table to the right shows the current article assessment statistics for this task force.

A list of the top 500 most popular articles within our scope, as well as the number of page views each article received over the past month, can be found here.

With most of our articles assessed as Stub- or Start-Class, there's a lot of work to be done. However, we also have a number of good, A-Class, and featured articles, which have been assessed as amongst the best Wikipedia has to offer. These article serve as a yardstick for what can be achieved and should be aimed for, and can provide ideas about how to write an article and what sources to consult; they are listed below:

Featured articles
A-Class articles
Good articles
Roman and Byzantine military history task force assessment statistics logcategory

Open tasks[edit]

Attention needed referencing and citation (557) • coverage and accuracy (427) • structure (228) • grammar (31) • supporting materials (309)
Popular pages
Full list
Cleanup needed  
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Requested articles 
Legio XXX Classica, I Flavia Pacis, III Flavia Salutis, I Asturum, I Batavorum, I Bosporanorum, I Hispanorum Campagonum, I Gallorum et Bosporanorum, II Gallorum et Pannoniorum, I Hispanorum, II Pannoniorum, II Pannoniorum veterana, I Tungrorum Frontoniana, I Flavia Commagenorum sagitt, numerus equitum Illyricorum, I Afrorum c.R. eq, II Flavia Bessorum, I Britannica c.R. eq, II Britannorum c.R., I Flavia Brittonum eq, I Ulpia Brittonum, I Augusta Brittonum Nerviana, II Augusta Brittonum Nerviana, II Flavia Commagenorum, II Gallorum, cohors II Gallorum Macedonica, II Gallorum Macedonica eq, II Gallorum Pannonica, III Gallorum, I Hispanorum veterana eq, I Flavia Ulpia Hispanorum c.R. eq, II Hispanorum scutata c.R., IV Hispanorum eq, V Lingonum, II Flavia Numidarum, Ubiorum eq, I Augusta Ituraerorum sagitt, I Thracum sagitt, I Tyriorum sagitt, Ala I Flavia singularium, equites Maurorum, Ligurian War, Second Battle of Mount Venus, Battle of Tribola, Siege of Erisone, First Battle of Mount Venus, Istrian War, Battle of Cirta (104 BC), Battle of Mulucha, Second Battle of Avignon, First Battle of Avignon, praetores classici, Naevian Gate
Expansion needed  
Legio II Isaura, Battle of Beroe, Ballistarii, socii navales, Duumviri navales, Battle of Pometia Siege of Chandax.
Images needed  
Battle of Tyana
Merging needed  
Quintus Metellus Celer into Quintus Caecilius Metellus Celer
Citations needed  
Battle of Tyana
Translation needed 
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Article Grade Editor(s) currently working Notes
Castellum Start Tagged.
Cohors I Aelia Gaesatorum milliaria sagitt Stub Tagged.
Castra Praetoria Start Tagged.
Ala Gallorum Indiana Stub Tagged.
Ala I Pannoniorum Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Aurelia Antonina Hemesenorum milliaria Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Hispanorum pia fidelis Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Cananefatium Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Cretum sagittaria Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Cypria c.R. Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Brittonum milliaria Stub Tagged.
Cohors I Vangionum Milliaria Equitata Stub Tagged.
Ala Start Tagged.
Battle of Beroe Stub Iazyges (talk · contribs) Tagged.
Battle of Tyana Stub Tagged.
Ballistarii Stub Tagged.
Legio I Macriana liberatrix Stub Tagged.
Legio XVI Gallica Start Tagged.
Legio VII Claudia Stub Tagged.
Legio II Herculia Stub Tagged.
Legio XVI Flavia Firma Stub Tagged.
Cohors II Hispanorum peditata Stub
Cohors I Flavia Ulpia Hispanorum miliaria eq c.R. Stub
Cohors I Bracaraugustanorum eq c.R. Stub
Cohors I Batavorum milliaria eq c.R. pf Stub
Cohors I Antiochensium equitata Stub
Cohors I Alpinorum equitata Start
Cohors II Gallorum veterana equitata Start
Cohors II Gallorum Dacica equitata Start
Cohors II Aquitanorum equitata c.R. Start
Cohors II Alpinorum equitata Start
Cohors I Raetorum equitata Start
Cohors I Flavia Commagenorum equitata Stub
Cohors I Delmatarum milliaria equitata Start
Cohors III Alpinorum equitata Start
Cohors III Aquitanorum equitata c.R. Start
Cohors III Delmatarum equitata c.R. pf Start
Cohors IV Aquitanorum equitata c.R. Start
Cohors IV Gallorum equitata Start
Cohors VI Delmatarum equitata Start
Cohors VI Thracum quingenaria equitata Stub
Cohors VII Delmatarum equitata Start
Cohors XX Palmyrenorum Start
Legio III Cyrenaica Start
Legio I Adiutrix Start
List of Roman legions List
Legio I Germanica C
Legio I Italica Start
List of Roman wars and battles List
Roman army of the late Republic Stub
Cohors I Ulpia Dacorum Start
Cohors I Raetorum Start
Legio I Armeniaca Stub
Cohors I Aelia Dacorum Start
Cohors I Alpinorum peditata Start
Cohors I Aquitanorum Start
Legio I Iovia Stub
Legio I Isaura Sagittaria Stub
Legio I Maximiana Stub
Legio I Minervia Start
Legio I Parthica Stub
Legio II Adiutrix Start
Classis Ravennas Start
Classis Misenensis Start
Legio IV Italica Stub
Legio IV Flavia Felix Start
Legio III Parthica C
Legio III Italica Start
Legio III Isaura Stub
Legio III Gallica Start
Legio III Diocletiana Stub
Legio II Traiana Fortis Start
Legio II Parthica C
Legio II Armeniaca Stub
Legio II Italica Stub
Legio IV Macedonica Start
Legio IV Martia Stub
Legio IV Scythica C
Legio V Alaudae Start
Legio V Iovia Start
Legio V Macedonica Start
Legio VI Ferrata C
Legio VI Herculia Start
Legio VI Hispana Start
Legio VI Victrix Start
Legio VII Gemina Start
Legio VIII Augusta Start
Legio IX Hispana Start
Legio X Equestris C
Legio X Fretensis B Tagged.
Legio X Gemina C
Legio XI Stub
Legio XI Claudia Start
Legio XII Fulminata Start
Legio XIII Gemina Start
Legio XIV Gemina Start
Legio XV Apollinaris C
Legio XV Primigenia Start
Legio XVII Start
Legio XVIII Start
Legio XIX Stub
Legio XX Valeria Victrix Start
Legio XXI Rapax Start
Legio XXII Deiotariana Start
Legio XXII Primigenia Start
Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix Start
Legio II Armeniaca Stub
Legio II Flavia Constantia Start
Legio II Flavia Virtutis Stub
Legio II Gallica Stub
Legio II Isaura Stub Iazyges (talk · contribs)

Article alerts[edit]


If you know of valuable resources other than the ones already listed here, please add them.