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Inactive members[edit]

This list includes those members of the project who have not edited for at least three months; it is manually updated on a periodic basis. If your name has been moved here, please feel free to move it back to the active members list upon your return. Note that some members listed here may not have edited because they have retired from the project or have chosen to leave Wikipedia altogether, in which case their names are listed only for recording purposes.

  1. User talk:068152 (I dabble in all of it.)
  2. User talk:13dble (20th century African wars and the Cold War in general)
  3. User talk:1kn0wtruth (American civil war)
  4. User talk:2112 rush (Primarily the American Civil War as it relates to my home state of Mississippi)
  5. User talk:21stCenturyGreenstuff (Cold War, WWII, Royal Observer Corps, RAF airfields and squadrons, UK Civil Defence)
  6. User talk:226Trident (Technical stuff and american military history)
  7. User talk:2Q (Soviet, Hungarian and ex-Yugoslavian air forces, Russian/Soviet aircraft and air-launched ordnance, and related.)
  8. User talk:32RB17 (Medieval to XVIII century)
  9. User talk:42° South (Australian and Commonwealth military history; colonial military history)
  10. User talk:440DartRacer (WWII North Africa, Western Europe and Mediteranian Theatre)
  11. User talk:489thCorsica (WWII Aviation History)
  12. User talk:4shizzal (Medieval and Pre-Colonial African conflicts)
  13. User talk:4twenty42o (US Army small arms WWII to present, US and Soviet/Russian armour.)
  14. User talk:7kdtnjxy (Spanish Civil War, specially the northern campaign; Comomwealth armed forces; and WWII)----
  15. User talk:8r455 (Small Arms, present and past, other misc.)
  16. User talk:8th Ohio Volunteers (American Civil War)
  17. User talk:Aalox (P-3 Orion, F/A-18 Hornet, EA-6B Prowler, SH-60 Seahawk, US Navy aircraft maintenance and refurbishment at FRCSE)
  18. User talk:Aaron1975 (Australian Military History)
  19. User talk:Abduncan4 (WWII-European and Pacific Theatres, Vietnam War, American Civil War, All American Conficts, also 30 Years War and War of Spanish Succession)
  20. User talk:Abel29a (World War II (mostly German stuff - Armor and Luftwaffe in particular), Roman Republic and Empire)
  21. User talk:ABNATW (US Military History, World War II - mostly Airborne Operations, post World War II nuclear policy, US Army Special Operations since 1983)
  22. User talk:Absar (Ottoman military history)
  23. User talk:AbuAmir (Soviet generals pre WWII)
  24. User talk:Abudefduf (Weaponry, Whatever else needs doing :))
  25. User talk:A. B. (Canadian military history)
  26. User talk:Ace2209 (United States military history)
  27. User talk:Ace354 (Airpower strategy, history, logistics)
  28. User talk:Aceituna (World War II, the crusades, the Russian Revolution during WWI)
  29. User talk:Ace of Spades (World War II Pacific Theater)
  30. User talk:Acepilot117 (German and american fighter aircraft WWI-WWII American aircraft 1940's-today)
  31. User talk:Acer32 (19th century Europe, pre- and early-Soviet Russia)
  32. User talk:Acetotyce (Modern Conflicts, Cold War, and other post WWII conflicts)
  33. User talk:Ackpriss (American Civil War, World Wars, and post-WW2 conflicts)
  34. User talk:ACP2011 (WWI, especially flying aces, monuments, and their sculptors)
  35. User talk:Acwbuff276 (American Civil War, World War II (Pacific/Western Europe))
  36. User talk:Admiral Kutusov (WWII-Present Naval History, Specialty in Pacific Theater Operations)
  37. User talk:Admiralross2400 (Air force Sq­rons/Aircraft/History)
  38. User talk:Admshiloh (Military memorials and cemeteries)
  39. User talk:adwo (WWII-Intelligence history, Specialty in Axis and Allied covert ops in the Middle East)
  40. User talk:Aecis (Bits and bobs of Dutch military history)
  41. User talk:Aeonx (World War II, US, Pacific and Australian Military Biographies)
  42. User talk:A.Garnet (Ottoman history, contemporary Turkey, Cyprus conflict)
  43. User talk:AgPyth (Canadian and Common Wealth military history, pre and early Islamic military history. Keep clean and updating pages as needed.)
  44. User talk:Ahmadhusseini
  45. User talk:Ahmadomar (Islamic conquests starting from year 632, Modern Combat weapons)
  46. User talk:Ahmedvonmuneeb (German defensive operations on the Eastern and Italian fronts in the Second World War)
  47. User talk:Aidan Adam
  48. User talk:Aimexeo (All military subjects)
  49. User talk:Airbornelawyer (Mainly: WWI; WWII; History of special operations; Military orders, decorations, and medals and their recipients)
  50. User talk:AirForce96 (Military history, current events, prisoners of war, awards and decorations, strategy)
  51. User talk:Airforceguy (World War II and Modern Combat)
  52. User talk:AirplanePro (Modern military aircraft)
  53. User talk:Ajay ijn (Indian military history)
  54. User talk:Ajaypp (WWI, WWII, Greco-Roman period, Weapons technology)
  55. User talk:Ajfernandez2001 (Spanish Civil War)
  56. User talk:Ajkr925 (US military related)
  57. User talk:Ajlemon (George Rogers Clark historian, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Napoleonic History)
  58. User talk:Akarambo (Chinese military related)
  59. User talk:Akaricloud (Ancient Greece and Persia, 600-400 BC. Darius/Xerxes invasions of Greece also internal pan Hellenic war)
  60. User talk:Akitora (You name it?)
  61. User talk:Alain08 (Lebanese military history, Middle Eastern military history)
  62. User talk:Alanlemagne (Jordanian and American military. T.E. Lawrence. WWI and WWII Levantine history)
  63. User talk:Alansmorrison (American Civil War regiments, genealogy, common soldiering)
  64. User talk:Alberg22 (Canadian military history, Maritime warfare)
  65. User talk:Alcibiades408 (Classical military history)
  66. User talk:Aldux (mainly Africa)
  67. User talk:Alex160thSOAR (mainly Vietnam War and modern war)
  68. User talk:Alexandru.demian (Napoleonic Period)
  69. User talk:Alexfortin17 (WW2, Napoleonic)
  70. User talk:Alkivar (World War II aircraft mostly B-26 Marauder related)
  71. User talk:Allmedia (Aircraft, AFVs)
  72. User talk:AloDuranium (Battle Tanks, armored warfare, primarily for NATO, Canada, Spain, and the United States. Also, bits on planes of WWII, Russian armor history, and battles of WWI and II)
  73. User talk:AlphaEta (Battles of New Spain, New England and New France)
  74. User talk:Alphageekpa (British naval history, American War for Independence)
  75. User talk:ALR (Intelligence)
  76. User talk:Alrich44 USAF 1976-83, U.K. last three years, F-111 avionics
  77. User talk:Amatheur (Ancient warfare, Caliphate military history, Middle Eastern history, cryptography)
  78. User talk:America69 (Mainly modern day conflicts, WW2)
  79. User talk:AmericanColumbia (Everything, with a focus on Early American Warfare)
  80. User talk:AmesJussellR (Landing Craft; Second World War. Mostly RN and USN)
  81. User talk:Amichel87 (American Civil War, WWI, WW2)
  82. User talk:Amir85 (Persian wars in general and Sassanid wars in particular)
  83. User talk:Amishjedi (American Civil War)
  84. User talk:Ammar shaker (Near history of Middle east, Ottoman Empire & Saudi Arabia)
  85. User talk:Amsterdamned (WWII, European History, Crusades, Colonial History)
  86. User talk:AnAbsolutelyOriginalUsername42 (17th Century English/Irish/European)
  87. User talk:Andber08(Norwegian Army)
  88. User talk:Andonic (Anywhere, any time.)
  89. User talk:Ando the Commando (Australia - History and Present)
  90. User talk:Andreas1968 (World War II, in particular eastern front and Normandy)
  91. User talk:Andrei nacu (Ancient Roman warfare, Dark Ages, Byzantine Empire, Renaissance's Spain, wars between England and France, Prussia, WWI&WWII, American military history etc.)
  92. User talk:Andres C. (WW1 & 2; South America)
  93. User talk:Andrew647 (Canadian military history)
  94. User talk:Andrew C. Bowman (Anything, really; preferrably War of Secession and Revolution)
  95. User talk:Andrewthehuman (20th Century American military conflicts)
  96. User talk:Andronicus92 (Battles of the Byzantine Empire)
  97. User talk:Andynomite (Napoleonic Wars)
  98. User talk:Andy Wade (WW1 Somme; & WW2 - Webmaster of Force Z and Burma)
  99. User talk:AndyZ
  100. User talk:Angelbo
  101. User talk:Angelsy1 (Naval architecture, strategy, technology, and ship classes ranging in era from late 1850s to the initial stages of WWII; political maneuvering and machinations of that period as well)
  102. User talk:Anir1uph (India, South Asia, modern weaponry)
  103. User talk:Anne-theater (Napoleonic wars, mainly Peninsular)
  104. User talk:Anon7mous (mostly WWII, especially Yugoslavian front)
  105. User talk:Anonymous Dissident (See my articles on Unterseeboots, please expand them if possible!)
  106. User talk:Ansbachdragoner (From War of Spanish Succession thru Napoleonic Wars - European, Also WWII ETO [in order of Pref. Eastern, Western and Mediterranean fronts] - Republican Roman c.Punic Wars thru Augustus.)
  107. User talk:Anthony aragorn (Chinese military history) (Chinese wars and the wars in 20th Century, esp. WW2)
  108. User talk:Antonioism (Modern military history, Italian Military History, the Italian Fascist period. Mind you, I like all military history.)
  109. User talk:Anurag2k12
  110. User talk:Appietas (Roman Republic and Hellenistic)
  111. User talk:AprilBlood
  112. User talk:APZachariah (French Revolution and Napoleonic Era (1789-1815))
  113. User talk:Aramis1250 (Greco-Persian Wars, Spartan military, Macedonian military, US Military History Civil War-present)
  114. User talk:Arbogastlw (American Civil War)
  115. User talk:Archangel1 (British Airborne and Special Forces history, Worldwide Airborne and Special Forces)
  116. User talk:Arcimpulse (United States military history)
  117. User talk:Arcoites (Interested in Viet Nam War, 1967 and 1968)
  118. User talk:Arenzael (Roman Republic, Empire, Modern USA)
  119. User talk:Arman Cagle (US history, Civil War, Virginian Theatre)
  120. User talk:ArmTheInsane (Dutch military history and European)
  121. User talk:ArmyLogOff (I have an interest in all military history; focus on WW1 and present day Africa.)
  122. User talk:ArmyPost (British Army's 20th Armoured Brigade)
  123. User talk:Arthur Roberts (Royal Navy Channel Fleet/frigates 1809 - 1811. Active in placing ships, commanders and movements therein.)
  124. User talk:Arunreginald (Anything regarding Pakistani military)
  125. User talk:Arun sharma 101 (Military Aviation)
  126. User talk:Arvand (Greco-Persian Wars, Roman-Persian Wars, Canadian Military)
  127. User talk:Aryaman13 (Ancient times, Western Europe 1500 to 1815)
  128. User talk:ASDFGHJKL (Nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Plus, some USA wars)
  129. User talk:Ashok Sharma Internet (Existence of Any thing WAR I feel to put my rarely available energy)
  130. User talk:ASIMOV51 (World War II combat aircraft; PTO naval battles, World War I Battle of Jutland)
  131. User talk:Askelly (General interest)
  132. User talk:Astroview120mm (Articles about World War I and World War II)
  133. User talk:Asturrulumbo (Mostly medieval warfare)
  134. User talk:Atcooo (both WWs and wars related to Turks)
  135. User talk:AtlasIII (Specifically WWII military operations as well as USSR military surveillance measures by US post WWII. General 2nd Japanese-Sino war [American indirect supplies])
  136. User talk:AtTheAbyss (Jack of all wars, master of none from WWI onward. General knowledge of weapons and vehicles in the timeframe as well.)
  137. User talk:Auror (American conflicts, European conflicts, American Civil War, War of 1812, Fighting Sail)
  138. User talk:Aus star1 (Australian military history)
  139. User talk:Aviator1512 (British history, WW2, Prisoners of War, Aviation, British Aircraft)
  140. User talk:Awesome5 (WW2 in Italy)
  141. User talk:Awotter (The Second World War)
  142. User talk:Ayceman (Small arms, various Romanian and Kalashnikov pattern especially)
  143. User talk:Azrielp (USMC history, History and membership of 1st Bn and 2nd Bn of the 25th Marine Regiment, GWOT history and info)
  144. User talk:B29bomber (330th Bomb Group, The Second World War, South Pacific, Marianas, B-29 Superfortress)
  145. User talk:bach dang (Southeast Asian + Chinese Military History)
  146. User talk:Backslash Forwardslash
  147. User talk:Ballista (general fascination)
  148. User talk:Baristarim (Ottoman Empire, Europe, Balkans, Middle East)
  149. User talk:Baronplantagenet (Early modern Europe, particularly from a British perspective but not exclusively)
  150. User talk:BarsofGold
  151. User talk:Bart133 (Anything, mostly European)
  152. User talk:Basketball110
  153. User talk:Bassammahdi (military equipment especially armored vehicles.)
  154. User talk:Battlehawk08
  155. User talk:Bbyyu (Roman military- late antiquity period, Thirty Year's War, Medieval/16th- 19th century Europe, religious wars in europe, Holy Roman Empire, Napoleonic Wars, Prussia and Austria during 16th- 19th century)
  156. User talk:Bcasterline (general interest all around, but antiquity in particular)
  157. User talk:Bchristo (WWII, interested in extending Wiki's Italian coverage)
  158. User talk:Bd84 (WW2, military equipment)
  159. User talk:Beach00 (Cold War Era)
  160. User talk:Bebop123 (Classical Greece, Alexander, the Hellenistic Age, and the Roman Republic)
  161. User talk:Bedford (American Revolution thru War Between The States)
  162. User talk:Beit Or
  163. User talk:Belasd (Fortifications)
  164. User talk:Belissarius (Military History of Poland, Napoleonic Wars) - Notable deceased Wikipedian
  165. User talk:Bellhalla (WW I and WW II maritime)
  166. User talk:Belril (Just about anything related to wars. Knows a bit about the "Eastern Front" of WWII, but very little.)
  167. User talk:Benedict of Constantinople (Greek, Roman, Byzantine Military History. Anything from Classical Antiquity to the Napoleonic Wars.)
  168. User talk:BenesHacha (Late medieval French and Italian wars, WWII, and the various 18th-century European succession conflicts)
  169. User talk:Benhpark (Focus on F-22, F-35 and other contemporary USAF aircraft)
  170. User talk:Benlights (varied intrests concentrating now on artilery of WW2)
  171. User talk:Bennmorland (General interest, way too much minutiae in his head. Loves to edit, and proofread. Is otherwise an odd person.)
  172. User talk:Bennyboyz3000 (I know a bit about Modern warfare and am happy to help referencing, researching or providing info about this subject.)
  173. User talk:Benphillips (Modern Russian military, especially Guards divisions, VDV and some naval elements. Also the Roman army of the late Republic onwards.)
  174. User talk:Beretta Face (WWII, practically all military aircraft esp. post 1930, post 1930 weapons & armoured vehicles)
  175. User talk:Bernstein2291 (Mainly adding templates, small fixes, and sometimes adding info.)
  176. User talk:Bewareofdog (World War II)
  177. User talk:BGinOC (World War Two, Cold War, 20th Century military equipment: Weapons, gear, uniforms, planes, trains, automobiles, ships, etc., military bases, operations, exercises, wargames - miniatures, and I love to research.)
  178. User talk:Bhamer (satellites - a hobby)
  179. User talk:Bharathprime (War films)
  180. User talk:Bigdaddy1204 (Medieval and Byzantine history, Byzantine Emperors)
  181. User talk:Bigroger27509 (American History, US Navy History)
  182. User talk:BigSlickMik (Mainly WWII, especially naval and aircraft topics; American Civil War)
  183. User talk:Billare (Roman History, Roman Warfare, possibly Medieval Warfare, really looking for collaborations)
  184. User talk:BillClinton1000 (Cold War Related Conflicts)
  185. User talk:Bill Woerlee (Australian Light Horse studies from 1899 to 1920.)
  186. User talk:BirgittaHo (Roman and Hellenistic Warfare, early modern warfare in Scotland)
  187. User talk:Bismark76 (European Military History)
  188. User talk:BizMgr (Medieval, French Revolution, US Revolution, US Civil War, US Hist (General), and Canadian History (General))
  189. User talk:BlackbeardSCBC (OSS-China, Burma, India Theater Operations, Gen. Survival/Indiginous Bushcraft, Gen. Interest)
  190. User talk:Blackcurrent (Modern warfare, tactics, weaponry and technology. Modern Swedish military technology.)
  191. User talk:BlackEagle17 (WWI, and WWII, and general history)
  192. User talk:BlackKnightoftheConfederacy (Civil War history with a Texas and Louisiana perspective, US Military history, Confederacy - All aspects, Sons of Confederate Veterans)
  193. User talk:Bluelake (Korean military history)
  194. User talk:Bluemarine (Hispanics in the Military, Marine Corps. Early Corps History.)
  195. User talk:Blueshirts (Second Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Civil Wars)
  196. User talk:Bobrayner (Balkan history, and the Ottomans; more recently, humanitarian interventions and military procurement)
  197. User talk:Bonaparte69 (Napoleonic era)
  198. User talk:Bonchygeez (Republic of Singapore Air Force, modern US military aircraft)
  199. User talk:Bondtsb (WWII Pacific)
  200. User talk:Boredwhytekid (Various concentrations;WWII;modern European military history)
  201. User talk:Boris Barowski (Infantry weapons and ammunition. Also interested in aviation. Mostly the technical aspects though)
  202. User talk:BradMajors (The colonial period in New York)
  203. User talk:BradTraylor (Japanese military history)
  204. User talk:Brandon.hargraves (mostly Australian military topics)
  205. User talk:BraverHeart ( New Zealand Armed force's - present and past , NZSAS and SAS )
  206. User talk:Bre_18_21 (Military Statistics)
  207. User talk:Brian0918 (American Civil War: Battleboxes, Categories, etc.)
  208. User talk:Briancam41356 (American Revolution: fort washington park cambridge ma, siege of boston ,etc.)
  209. User talk:Briandavies (American Civil War and interests in WWII)
  210. User talk:Briangotts (primarily battles involving Eurasian nomad armies; see, e.g., Battle of Marj Ardebil)
  211. User talk:Brihard (General interest, current equipment, Canadian Forces)
  212. User talk:British (Medieval warfare)
  213. User talk:Brnelson14 (European Military History, and Ancient Military History mainly)
  214. User talk:Bruce Condell (german land forces doctrine v.Moltke thrugh l.beck also WWII in east europe)
  215. User talk:Brucelipe
  216. User talk:Bruce Marvin (Iron Cross, German military awards 1870-1945)
  217. User talk:Bryson109 (French military history)
  218. User talk:Bstdenni (Specialized in Napoleonic, Civil War, WWII, Modern, but willing to help anywhere. Wargamer 35 years, I've found home.)
  219. User talk:Bstockus
  220. User talk:Bstockus (United States Military Equipment and Organization, and Space-related Military Topics.)
  221. User talk:Buffs Aviation-related matters; Feel free to ask me anything about the B-52 and/or T-43
  222. User talk:Bullzeye (ordnance, modern aircraft, modern armored vehicles, modern weapons)
  223. User talk:Burningview (Battles in general, Islamic expansion, Ancient weapons)
  224. User talk:BurtAlert (World War Two, American Civil War, other random modern topics)
  225. User talk:Buster40004 (World War II Naval and Aviation related history)
  226. User talk:Bwcajp (Wars of the French Revolution, other 18th Century conflicts)
  227. User talk:Byblios (Ancient, Medieval and Modern Warfare)
  228. User talk:C0N6R355 (most WWII and on, some earlier than that)
  229. User talk:Calendar5 (American Civil War, World War II, Armored Vehicle Design.)
  230. User talk:Caliga10 (ancient, US Civil War mostly)
  231. User talk:Camdo2 (I specialize in the American Revolution and Civil War. I also have knowledge on the crusades)
  232. User talk:Canadaman1 (Japanese Army, Navy, garrisons of the Pacific and China operations full Japanese reading ability)
  233. User talk:Canationalist (Anything I can, most probably anything Canada related)
  234. User talk:Canglesea (Military Aviation)
  235. User talk:Canpark (Vietnam War and Vietnamese history)
  236. User talk:Canutethegreat (Have much knowledge of wars of antiquity,the middle ages, religious wars, Napoleonic, and the early modern era wars.)
  237. User talk:Capitan_Obvio
  238. User talk:CaptainFugu (Romanian history, 20th century wars, especially the World Wars)
  239. User talk:Captain panda (WWII in Europe, Crusades, and other European wars.)
  240. User talk:Caranorn (from the Greek City States to the 1950's (AD))
  241. User talk:Carbonrodney (Australian military history)
  242. User talk:Carharttjimmy (American Civil War, WWII, American War of Independence, WWI, Vietnam, Korea, Cold War)
  243. User talk:Carl Gusler (All eras and continents, but focus of obsession shifts over time)
  244. User talk:Carl Logan (Regimental history)
  245. User talk:CarlosPatiño (Spanish history)
  246. User talk:Carom (WWI Western front, post WWI Britain, British Naval History, War Memorials)
  247. User talk:Castles99uk (Medieval Military Historian, M.Phil and author specialising in Britain 1000-1300)
  248. User talk:Causal01
  249. User talk:Cayman 5-1 (almost everything about World War II and Italian military history)
  250. User talk:Cdrikari (WWI, Submarine Force, Nuclear Systems}}
  251. User talk:CeeWhy2 (Australian military history, Weaponry)
  252. User talk:Cefaro (Military biography, military intelligence)
  253. User talk:Centaur815 (Lebanese military history)
  254. User talk:CenturionZ_1 (French Revolutionary and Napoleonic era)
  255. User talk:Ceradon {American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, World War II (Not so much WWI))
  256. User talk:Cerdic (Interested primarily in the development of arms and armour from early antiquity to the medieval period, currently seeking to increase my knowledge of castles and siege weapons.)
  257. User talk:Cerejota (Contemporary military hardware, 21st and 20th Century Military history, tactics/strategy/doctrine)
  258. User talk:CF101B
  259. User talk:CFP2016 (United States Civil War, World War I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, and War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq, Etc.).
  260. User talk:cfrye66 (ARW, particularly 3rd and 1st NH Regiments and the engagements they were involved in)
  261. User talk:C.g.2000 (German war crimes of WW 2, German military forces, Italian Campaign of WW 2)
  262. User talk:Cgingold (Mostly U.S. wars of 20th century (Vietnam; WW 1 & 2; etc.); Central American civil wars; Mexican-American & Spanish-American wars; U.S.-Indian wars/battles.)
  263. User talk:Cglassey (Wars of the Diadochi, Roman wars of the Republic, War of the Roses, 30 Years War, Napoleonic Era, World War I, World War II)
  264. User talk:Chad.hutchins (Military Meteorology)
  265. User talk:Chamal N (Mostly military equipment and Special Forces)
  266. User talk:ChardingLLNL (US Cold War C3 systems, US Air Force Space Systems, especially Meteorological)
  267. User talk:CharlieEchoTango (Canada, modern)
  268. User talk:Chaser676 (military tactics)
  269. User talk:Chat6 (world war two)
  270. User talk:Check-Six (Aviation and Userboxes)
  271. User talk:Cheif Captain (WWII Article Reveiw and Grading)
  272. User talk:ChewyLSB (World War II History, Firearms from World War II and on, Aircraft)
  273. User talk:ChewyLSB (World War II History, Firearms from World War II and on, Aircraft)
  274. User talk:Chiefhuggybear (Russian and Soviet military history)
  275. User talk:ChinaSecurityStudies (Chinese military affairs)
  276. User talk:Chinese3126 (Primarily weapons from WWI to modern day, also in modern military warfare)
  277. User talk:Choeki (Japan Ground Self Defense Force and general JSDF information)
  278. User talk:Chris141496 (English Mediaval Wars)
  279. User talk:Chrisbenson (British military history, World War II) (World War II - My father-in-law Eric Stanmore King was a British tank gunner throughout the Normandy Invasion, and I've been documenting his experiences during the campaign.)
  280. User talk:ChrisGeorge (American Revolution, War of 1812)
  281. User talk:Chrislk02 (American Civil War)
  282. User talk:Chrismer25
  283. User talk:Christian Historybuff (I am most interested in the American Civil War. Also a good deal of study on all American Wars up to the Spanish-American War and also World War II)
  284. User talk:Christian.nuccio (United States Army, Armor, Cavalry, Tanks, Heraldry)
  285. User talk:Christofurry {Any topic with military references from all periods.)
  286. User talk:Chronotron (United States Military, Specifically US Army units, US Army Military Police and War on Terrorism)
  287. User talk:Chubdub (Amateur (teenage) and aspiring Military Historian)
  288. User talk:Chuckmetro (reseaching the HMS Helverson formerly the HMS Hilversum 1665-1667)
  289. User talk:Chuckthemighty (Roman Military, Strategy, War Philosophy, Alterate History, and Aviation)
  290. User talk:Chwyatt (military aviation and naval warfare (WW2 to modern) also modern armed forces and peacekeeping)
  291. User talk:Cirt (interested in researching biological warfare)
  292. User talk:Civilaffairs (mainly peacekeeping and Balkan wars of the late 19th & 20th Centuries, also 20th century conflicts in Cambodia)
  293. User talk:CJ DUB (Fortifications)
  294. User talk:CJSC (US and Chinese military history, non-state actors, contemporary conflicts, military doctrine and theory, or anything that catches my interest)
  295. User talk:Cj tyche (19th-20th Century colonial)
  296. User talk:Ckristo2 (Dacian Wars 102-107 C.E.)
  297. User talk:Clach92 (History, Warfare, Islamic History, nuclear weapons, muslim military history, Arab-Israeli Wars, Egyptian Military)
  298. User talk:Clara Jestin-Thoraval (French history, all periods)
  299. User talk:clarkieni (World War 1 and World War 2)
  300. User talk:Claudalex103 (Early Modern Europe, French and Spanish colonial campaigns and indigenous forces, conventional war 1870-45, COIN and state repression in Latin America and Europe after 1945.)
  301. User talk:CLDWARHIST (US Army Air Forces and US Air Force History, especially units and installations; US Army NIKE Ajax/NIKE Hercules Missile Systems, and US Cold War-era C3I infrastructure. I am very new to Wikipedia and would appreciate someone contacting me about getting started successfully)
  302. User talk:cliffwalk (Coast Guard, Coast Guard Aviation and Naval Aviation)
  303. User talk:Climax Void
  304. User (World War II, Naval Aviation History, Modern Naval History)
  305. User talk:Clinkerbuilt (Roman warfare, America Revolution, Military Science, post-1980 conflicts, Terrorism, COIN, logistics, post-WW2 weapons, vehicles and tactics)
  306. User talk:CMPC-ISG (Middle East, Operation Iraqi Freedom, WMD Inteligence)
  307. User talk:CnrFallon (Mostly 20-21 century history)
  308. User talk:CNSW (Ancient Greece (around 4th century BC))
  309. User talk:Cocytus (Medieval, specifically Vikings, the Crusades, and the British Isles)
  310. User talk:Codeman177 ( Easy Company 506 PIR)
  311. User talk:Coffeekid (World War II, Historic and Present Aviation history, Modern and Historic Naval History,Modern and Historic Weaponary )
  312. User talk:Colgator (United States Air Force, Air National Guard, Army Air Corps, Desert Shield/Storm, Iraqi Freedom)
  313. User talk:colossus13 (strategy, tactics, logistics, cyberwar, politics, economics, From Kadesh to Stalingrad and after )
  314. User talk:Colputt (Pre WWII American Military Aircraft, and Engines)
  315. User talk:Commander Zulu (Small arms of the British Empire & Commonwealth, WWI & WWII small arms, Military & Police handguns)
  316. User talk:Comnavchaos (Electronic Warfare related US aircraft)
  317. User talk:Conudrum (Balkan Wars 1912-1913)
  318. User talk:Coredude30 (mainly medieval castle sieges in England, but really general info)
  319. User talk:Corporal Killigan (WWII, European military history, Asian military history)
  320. User talk:Corvus coronoides (Weaponry)
  321. User talk:Cowboy357 (Mongol Empire, tactics and battles, WWII Aircraft (Japan and Soviet), Cavalry tactics (horse cav), Plan to bring more detail to Mongol Empire battles and tactics mostly & clean up some articles)
  322. User talk:CO (Working on the Civil War Task Force)
  323. User talk:Cozy00 (World War 2)
  324. User talk:CP\M (Submarines, ballistic and guided missiles. Somewhat aircraft, but not as an expert, except aerodynamics.)
  325. User talk:Cpt Anon (Naval history - especially the "age of sail" and also modern naval warfare (especially submarines and ASW warfare. Also good knowledge of Medieval and Roman military history.)
  326. User talk:Cptbutt (VMI Cadets at New Market)
  327. User talk:CQ (American Civil War Taskforce; Interested in all things American Civil War especially operations around the confluences of the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland rivers and other Border state aspects)
  328. User talk:Creez34 (U.S. History)
  329. User talk:CrimsonScholar (Willing to lend my graphic design skills in providing high-quality illustrations of military unit insignia, shoulder insignia, medals and awards. Additionally, I am willing to create high-detail illustrations of military vehicles, warships, artillery, etcetera.)
  330. User talk:Cromdog (Whatever I have the time and inclination to do.)
  331. User talk:CsikosLo (American Civil War)
  332. User talk:Csorrel (USAF Tactical Air Control Sq­ron)
  333. User talk:Csprrr (Medieval warfare, Dutch history)
  334. User talk:Cstewwy
  335. User talk:Ctifumdope
  336. User talk:Cvalin (American Revolution, Royal Navy and naval warfare during the Age of Sail)
  337. User talk:Cybersquire79 (WW2, U.S Army, Cold War, Militay Aircraft 1935 to present)
  338. User talk:cybersquire (Civil War, Submarine Warfare, World War 2, Armored Vehicles)
  339. User talk:cyclistdude (US Air Force history, US Military History, weapon systems)
  340. User talk:CynicalMe (Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear weapons, as well as small arms & light weaponry)
  341. User talk:Czleniu (Eastern Front 1941-1945 especially Soviet forces)
  342. User talk:Dachspmg (Classical history, Wars of Frederick the Great, Napoleonic Wars, WWI, WWII, Wars of the Diadochi, Roman Republic, Roman Empire (to 1453))
  343. User talk:Dafranca (Military Aircrafts, Missiles)
  344. User talk:Damërung (Mostly interested in ballistic, firearms, personal weaponry, aerial, naval or land military vehicles as well as missiles, explosives and nuclear weapons.)
  345. User talk:Dan D. Ric (Aviation; U.S. Civil War; Vietnam War)
  346. User talk:Dan Man 3153 (WWII, American MH, German MH, Military Ground Vehicles)
  347. User talk:Dana boomer (Mainly GA reviews of military articles, some copyediting)
  348. User talk:Daneschumann
  349. User talk:DanielCar67 (American Military history, esp., USAR and NG, and some World military history. Stuff that is off the beaten path)
  350. User talk:Danmosqueda (American military history, US Air Force, adding important leaders (not just generals, but significant Airmen)
  351. User talk:!Darkfire!6'28'14 (Anything warfare, Nuclear weapons, missiles, Aircraft, R&D, concepts, Submarines, surface ships, specifically Battleships, past+present, foreign and U.S. militaries, Air Force, Army, Navy, World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Chemical, Bio, Radiological weapons, "Dirty Bombs" included, any weaponry from Handguns the the 18.1 inch(46.6 mm special) Yamoto-Class guns, Paris Gun, artillery. As you can see I'm effectively a Polymath in military (and others) and very militarily-minded person. If I specialize in anything, its Nuclear Weapons and the WWII and the WWI though I prefer WWII.)
  352. User talk:Darth Gladius (I specialize in spelling and I'm intrested in WWII battles, and the Cold War.)
  353. User talk:Dave1185 (Republic of Singapore Air Force, random interest of related pages.)
  354. User talk:Daveroo69 (WWI - Eastern Front; WWII - Bombing of London)
  355. User talk:Davidbober
  356. User talk:David Frommer (All aspects of WWII military equipment,units, and personnel)
  357. User talk:Davidgibbons111 (Tanks including Abbot spg, chieftaim mbt, scorpian light tank)
  358. User talk:DavidHay (I'm an amateur historian interested in the American Civil War, the War of 1812, the Crimean War and the Franco-Prussian War)
  359. User talk:David_schouten12345 (Roman Empire, Punic Wars, Napoleon, WW2 (especially German part))
  360. User talk:David Underdown (using resources such as the London Gazette and ODNB to improve referencing, this tends to limit my participation to British/Commonwealth individuals)
  361. User talk:Davidzuccaro (Ancient Rome)
  362. User talk:DaWarfare (I enjoy the theories of warfare, why the start, how to win a war. I also have no favorite war, but I will gladly hit Medieval warfare for that is my favorite age of warfare)
  363. User talk:Db48x
  364. User talk:Dc76
  365. User talk:DCB4W (Esp. interested in US/UK history.)
  366. User talk:DCGeist (tragic military history; m.h. in myth and legend; m.h. in art, cinema, and literature; guerillas and revolutionaries [like the U.S.' liberators])
  367. User talk:DCI2026 (I'm interested in almost all areas of military history, but am currently working on 17th-century articles)
  368. User talk:Dcollins52 (Mostly Civil war, or WWII, my grand pa served in WWII)
  369. User talk:DCOSAWC (Air Warfare Centre)
  370. User talk:DCTT (Second Sino-Japanese War)
  371. User talk:Deadbeef (US history, especially US Air Force)
  372. User talk:Deadkid dk
  373. User talk:Deagle_AP (Modern small arms, some WWII knowledge-mostly European Theatre)
  374. User talk:Decharney (mostly WWII, Eastern, African & Western Fronts; in that order)
  375. User talk:Declangraham (WWI, WWII, Napoleonic Wars, Naval Warfare)
  376. User talk:decopauge123 (Anything that interest me (just about anything))
  377. User talk:DefenseSupportParty (USAF Current Organizations, Nuclear Proliferation)
  378. User talk:Dell970 (Modern Army Helicopters, Snipers, THE Modern AirForce)
  379. User talk:DemonicInfluence (Medieval stuff)
  380. User talk:Denizz
  381. User talk:Deon Steyn (Modern weapons, firearms, Southern Africa)
  382. User talk:Der rikkk (History of Europe, the US and the Middle East)
  383. User talk:Derek Parnell (Australian actions from 1939, especially WWII Pacific and Viet Nam)
  384. User talk:Desert Center (US Naval History)
  385. User talk:Desert sapper (US Army, Combat Engineering, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Third Army, 4th Infantry Division, US Military Academy, Operation Lifeline - Pakistan)
  386. User talk:Desert_thndr01 (US Air Force, Special Operations, Current ops in Africa, Operation Iraqi Freedom, AFSOC, USSOCOM)
  387. User talk:Destructo 087 (War Picture man)
  388. User talk:Dhatfield (Military technology, tanks primarily)
  389. User talk:Dhpage (Military Aviation)
  390. User talk:Dht (mostly WWI and WWII)
  391. User talk:Diddy29 (Most things, but especially:Australian military history; World War 1 military history, especially on the Western Front)
  392. User talk:Dillonallen (Shipbuilding, nuclear propulsion, R&D, concepts, Submarines , surface ships - specifically Cruisers - present+future, United States Navy, and Navy personnel)
  393. User talk:DimaY2K
  394. User talk:Dinosaur puppy (Three Kingdoms articles, US Civil War, basically articles that overlap with other interests)
  395. User talk:Dirifer (WW1, WW2, Conflicts in the Balkans)
  396. User talk:Dirteater13 (Expanding the WLC article, need some input from an Active Duty Soldier.)
  397. User talk:Disciple of the Nuge (Ancient warfare, especially battles concerning the Carthaginian and Roman Empires)
  398. User talk:Divespluto
  399. User talk:DKalkin (U.S. history; 20th century low-level conflicts; uprooting bias)
  400. User talk:D.Kurdistani (American Prisoner of War and POW's in general)
  401. User talk:Dmanrock29 (Order of Battle graphics)
  402. User talk:DMeyering (20th century/ancient European conflicts, not so much medieval wars)
  403. User talk:DMorpheus (Weapons, tactics, WW2 Normandy campaign, WW2 Soviet-German front)
  404. User talk:Doc Darlin(Southern Confederacy, 1860-1865)
  405. User talk:Dominik92 (WWII)
  406. User talk:Dónall Dubh (Ancient Irish(& Celtic) Warfare, Ancient Greek & Roman Armies, how war affects individuals and society, how people can be manipulated into fighting)
  407. User talk:Donkeyswalk (ancient Roman military, ancient Celtic military)
  408. User talk:Donovank (The Impact of World War I on Children)
  409. User talk:Dott.Piergiorgio (Naval, Warships, Italian Naval&Military History, Pacific Conflict in WWII, Naval WWII)
  410. User talk:Dougsnow (General airborne combat, tactics, nuclear command and control systems, anti-air warfare)
  411. User talk:Doyle1876 (American Plains Indian War & 7th Cavalry)
  412. User talk:Dpilipis (Contemporary small arms, armory)
  413. User talk:Dreadnaught (WWII, ETO, weaponry, and US battleships)
  414. User talk:Dreamafter (WWII mostly and weapons on that)
  415. User talk:Drewbaloo513 (USAF, US Military/Military Technology WWII-present)
  416. User talk:Drieux (Medieval/Middle Ages, WWI Eastern Front, Vietnam, Infantry, Fourth Generation/Asymmetric, RMA)
  417. User talk:DrStrangelove64 (American Revolution)
  418. User talk:Drungarios (Ancient military history, specifically the Greeks, Macedonians, Romans, and Byzantines)
  419. User talk:Drva1226 (Revolutionary War [America], War of 1812, Mexican-American War, American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Korean War, Operation Desert Storm, Mogadishu, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and various other U.S. wars, and Military Technology and Info[tactics, weaponry from 1850 to today, aircraft from 1915 to today (military only), vehicles 1940 to today (military only), ships from 1500's to today (only European and American military), U.S. Navy History, USMC History, U.S. Thermonuclear weapons testing, among other things)
  420. User talk:Dryzen (Byzantine, Crusades, Franks and Roman)
  421. User talk:Duanedonecker (Naval History)
  422. User talk:Dukeford (WWII U.S. Navy operations & flag officers; USAF jet aircraft; U.S. Military small arms)
  423. User talk:Dureo (world military history/no specific area)
  424. User talk:Durova (primarily women's participation in warfare and the Hundred Years War, abundant trivia on other subjects)
  425. User talk:Dyaros
  426. User talk:Dysepsion (US Medal of Honor Recipients)
  427. User talk:EagerToddler39 (Spain and Latin-American history)
  428. User talk:EarthCom1000 (Mainly Roman interest, Greek too but also modern warfare a little. Special interest on ancient warfare i.e. before 500AD)
  429. User talk:Earthworm Makarov (WWII, small arms, aircraft)
  430. User talk:Easternknight (Korean military history)
  431. User talk:Ebaben3 (Military weather)
  432. User talk:Ebglider91 (Australian military history and units)
  433. User talk:Eclecticology (suggested a wikiproject battles)
  434. User talk:ed4linda (Northeast Asia before 1650 CE)
  435. User talk:EddieBCool (US Army and military history; American Civil War)
  436. User talk:EditorDB
  437. User talk:EfsunAskeri (Turkish military history and weaponary)
  438. User talk:Egadams (US Naval history)
  439. User talk:EH101 (Roman military history and Italian military history and military aviation history)
  440. User talk:Eisenmond (Indian Wars, Current Warfare, Civil War)
  441. User talk:Ejosse1 (US Army between ACW and WWI)
  442. User talk:Ektherio (American Civil War; Napoleonic; Irish)
  443. User talk:Ekubischta (North Dakota military history)
  444. User talk:Eleland (recent & current military history)
  445. User talk:Elf-friend (Mainly South and Southern Africa, or whatever else takes my fancy)
  446. User talk:El Greco (General Military stuff)
  447. User talk:El Jorge (Vietnam war, Korean War, World War II and Ancient Greek military history. Specific knowledge on Special Forces and American military firearms.)
  448. User talk:el_ligonito (Early-modern Europe)
  449. User talk:Elloza (Spanish military, fixing stubs)
  450. User talk:Elluminate (Anything)
  451. User talk:EMBaldwin (Interested in gereral Australian Military stuff)
  452. User talk:Emoscopes (British 20th C. naval history and weaponry)
  453. User talk:Emt147 (aviation, especially pre-WW2 and early Cold War era)
  454. User talk:Ender78 (Napoleonic, Colonial American, and US Naval history)
  455. User talk:Endrick Shellycoat (RAF, ROC)
  456. User talk:Eoag (Military history especially relating to creation of permanent standing armed forces, equipment, special forces, abuses)
  457. User talk:Eoin Flanagan (Categories: Irish Military, Irish Military History, Modern Weapons, Tactics, Military Training, WW2, The Wehrmacht)
  458. User talk:Epeeist smudge (British swords in particular, Wide interest in other British Military topics.)
  459. User talk:Eplack (Modern US Army Reserve stuff and ROTC.)
  460. User talk:EricSRodrigues154 (US & Portugese military history, Holocaust & Genocide, Dictators, etc.)
  461. User talk:erictidmore (current war in iraq and afganistan and modern army rules regulations and procedures currently enlisted.)
  462. User talk:Erik L'Ensle ( American Civil War, WWII, and a little Korean War)
  463. User talk:ErikTheBikeMan (Anything I can help out with.)
  464. User talk:Erik the Red 2 (Primarily Ancient Greco-Roman, also 20th Century)
  465. User talk:Erikupoeg (Military history of the Baltic States)
  466. User talk:E_rik (Norwegian military history, ww2++)
  467. User talk:Erinhayden (Current and former US Army installations and operations. I'll just try to plug in information where I can.)
  468. User talk:Ethers (Napoleonic Wars)
  469. User talk:EuroHistoryTeacher ( everything and anything , but primarily european military history)
  470. User talk:EvertoExcel
  471. User talk:Evets70 (U.S. military material culture 1750s-1990s, U.S. special operations 1941-present, 1980s-1990s U.S. military operations, Missing in Action/MIA concerns)
  472. User talk:EvitoSol (Religous War - good with the Crusades, continuing to learn more about early Muslim history and Jihad)
  473. User talk:EvOSU (German military history, WW2, Cold War)
  474. User talk:e.w.bullock (Modern (US Army Reserve, Army Medical Department)
  475. User talk:ExplorerCY (airpower, WWII, and the like)
  476. User talk:EyeSerene (various eras & disciplines inc copy editing - feel free to ask)
  477. User talk:EyeTruth (WWII Eastern Front and military history in general)
  478. User talk:EZ1234 (World War 2, List of battles)
  479. User talk:F-451 (WWII, artillery, armored vehicles, navel, classical warfare, anything else that intrests me)
  480. User talk:F McGady (French and Indian War, American Revolution, American Civil War, First World War, Second World War)
  481. User talk:F4wkez (Nordic military, WWI, and WWII)
  482. User talk:Facepalming (WWI:Western Front, WWII, Cold War:Proxy Wars ...)
  483. User talk:Factuarius (20th Century)
  484. User talk:Fadookie (Operation Urgent Fury)
  485. User talk:Fail Deadly (US Marine Corps, Iraq War)
  486. User talk:False Prophet (Ancient wars)
  487. User talk:Farawayman (WWI: Western Front and WW2: Mediterranean)
  488. User talk:Fastbean (US Navy, Cold War era)
  489. User talk:Fattyjwoods (Chinese Revolution, New Zealand Wars. Grandfather served with the Chinese Kuomintang NRA Army)
  490. User talk:FatumInvictus (Ancient Greek militaries, the Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great, the Roman Republic military, the Roman Empire, Roman generals, naval warfare during the Napoleonic Wars, WWII)
  491. User talk:Faynbret
  492. User talk:FayssalF (African military history, Baltic states military history, Early Muslim military history, Fortifications, Ottoman military history, Romanian military history, Spanish military history)
  493. User talk:Fedoroff (Soviet and Russian Navies)
  494. User talk:Feitlebaum (Backlog, World Wars)
  495. User talk:Feldmaus (Waffen-SS, german military doctrine, Eastern Front 1939-45)
  496. User talk:Ferbess (Strategy, Airborne, and Armour)
  497. User talk:FeZzYwEzZy (Celtic/Roman Wars, most Post-Medieval British involved conflicts, WW1 & WW2. Like a disease I am consumed by War)
  498. User talk:fightinchickin (South Carolina units from the Revolution-Civil Wars)
  499. User talk:FightingFalcon (Roman Republic; Middle Eastern warfare, e.g. Byzantine, Crusades, Ottoman Turks; Napoleonic Wars and general European warfare, specifically Christian-Moslem European conflicts)
  500. User talk:filipino_dragon21 (Mostly ancient/medieval history all around the world. Also in more modern warfare of WWII and Cold War conflicts. Very eager to learn more about anything related to war and the cause of them)
  501. User talk:FinrodFelagund9 (range of interests, focus on Punic wars and steppe peoples, esp. the Mongol expansion)
  502. User talk:Firelion++
  503. User talk:Fix Bayonets! (All conflicts in 'greater Europe' and USA, but especially 19th century through WWI, as well as any and every thing Deutsch/Deutsche! Ich spreche sehr grundlegendes Deutsches.)
  504. User talk:Flajemming (U.S. foreign policy, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI and II, Vietnam War)
  505. User talk:FletcherJ (WWII Eastern Front: Waffen SS, Medieval Europe: Crusades)
  506. User talk:FLJuJitsu (Fmr Air Force Staff Sargent & Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran)
  507. User talk:Flubeca (Modern and WWII Weapons)
  508. User talk:Flyer333555 (Interested in United States World War II Coast Artillery and Anti aircraft Artillery)
  509. User talk:FockeWulf FW 190 ( WW2 aviation and Uboats.)
  510. User talk:Focusoninfinity (Col Gilbert Christian Russell Sr, 1782-1861, 1815 3rd US Infantry, Russell County, Alabama honors; 1730's Battles of Ackia, Tupelo, Mississippi Military District, Maj Pierre Gabriel de Juzan, Capt Antoine de Tonty, Maj. Charles Pierre de Liette)
  511. User talk:fogle45 (World War I & II, Cold War)
  512. User talk:Folic Acid (Naval warfare, intelligence, WW2)
  513. User talk:Folks at 137 (Maritime warfare)
  514. User talk:FortitudineVincimus (Broad interests with special interest in U.S. Civil War, American Revolution, American Indian Wars)
  515. User talk:Foster2008
  516. User talk:Foxsch (World War II)
  517. User talk:FPPA (Popski's Private Army, World War II Western Desert Special Forces)
  518. User talk:FrankDynan (Napoleonic and First World War)
  519. User talk:Franklin_Researcher (Military polar exploration history, specializing in Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin, RN research and historical offshoots; early Victorian military equipment and uniforms; military medicine)
  520. User talk:Fra Paolo (Warfare in Ancient Greece, tactical effects of technological interactions on warfare since c. 1850)
  521. User talk:Frattytown10 (World War II, D-Day Invasion, Normandy Campaign, Easy Company history, Pacific Theater, USS Eaton DD-510 history)
  522. User talk:Free smyrnan (Ottoman history, economic history)
  523. User talk:FrigidNinja (Aviation, Electronic Warfare, Strategy. Will help out with anything though.)
  524. User talk:Frodowilson (Ancient Rome, Medieval England,France,and Scotland,)
  525. User talk:Fromamongthebooksof
  526. User talk:Fryslan0109 (General military history)
  527. User talk:FTC Gerry (Old retired Fire Control Technician)
  528. User talk:Fveltri (range of interests, NATO)
  529. User talk:FwdObserver (NZ, NWF India, Belgium, North Russia 1918-9, Roman Britain, medals, heraldry)
  530. User talk:Gabr-el (Mostly Byzantium empire - Long live the ROMAN EMPIRE!)
  531. User talk:Gaby T. ABBOUD (Lebanese military history)
  532. User talk:Gaius Claudius Nero (Military history of antiquity and Albanian military history)
  533. User talk:Gala.martin (classical warfare, post-middle age battles)
  534. User talk:Gallen01
  535. User talk:Gcal1971 (American Civil War, U.S. Navy)
  536. User talk:GDD1000 (former cavalryman)
  537. User talk:Geekamalloy (classical warfare)
  538. User talk:Gelston (USMC related articles.)
  539. User talk:GemmaHist (18th century military history, Napoleonic wars, Redcoat soldiers)
  540. User talk:Gen.Bob (WWII)
  541. User talk:General Eisenhower (My name is from a famous general)
  542. User talk:Generalhannible (world war 1 , world war two , milatary aviation,special forces,anything milatary)
  543. User talk:Gensanders (American Civil War, Civil War Generals)
  544. User talk:Geo.plrd
  545. User talk:George11Williams (Revolutionary War - historical map animations)
  546. User talk:George4405 (modern military orbats and force structures, particular interest in Scottish topics)
  547. User talk:GeorgeAlden (Ancient Sparta, World War II in general, and new advancements in military technology)
  548. User talk:Georgequizbowl08
  549. User talk:Geraldk
  550. User talk:Ginsengbomb (Primarily anything related to the Punic Wars or the American Civil War)
  551. User talk:GISNut
  552. User talk:Gizzakk (pre-19th century arms + armor)
  553. User talk:Gketcham (American Revolution, Seven Year's War in North America)
  554. User talk:Glemte hage (Middle ages, at the moment focusing on the Abbasid Caliphate)
  555. User talk:Gligan (Military history of Bulgaria since 7th century)
  556. User talk:Gloryify
  557. User talk:GM250 (World War II, Army, Navy, Airforce, Whatever else touches my interests)
  558. User talk:GMan552 (Small arms, primarily WW2 and later)
  559. User talk:Gomm (mostly just Napoleonic right now)
  560. User talk:Good friend100 (Korean military history, ancient wars)
  561. User talk:Goon Noot
  562. User talk:Gordythomas (US Army 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, especially during my tour of duty in The Republic of Vietnam, February 1972 to August 1972; World War II, Pacific Theater as recorded in the published and private papers of my father, United Press Correspondent Edward L. Thomas)
  563. User talk:Gormenghastly (British Army)
  564. User talk:Gorptree (American Civil War 1863, simulation games, other military history)
  565. User talk:Gowallabies (Australian military history)
  566. User talk:Gparshal (Air war, carrier war)
  567. User talk:GPS73 (Military medicine, Australian Army)
  568. User talk:Grafikm fr (WWII Eastern front and a bit of other things... :)
  569. User talk:Grandiose (Random bits)
  570. User talk:Grandpa Ducky (Planned history major so I'll try and contribute to everything.)
  571. User talk:Grayghost01 (American Civil War Southern battles, raids and specialty topics; military History of Virginia)
  572. User talk:Great Legacy (I love history! I'll see what I can do to contribute.)
  573. User talk:Greatpalestine (Planned Near/Middle East history major, knowledge on Ottoman and Persian empires.)
  574. User talk:Greeky (US Army, current & history, focus on Signal)
  575. User talk:Green-Halcyon (Irish Army, Irish War of Independence, Irish Civil War, WW2, Vietnam War)
  576. User talk:Grimhelm (My interests are mostly in ancient and medieval history, and I have already written several articles on those topics; I may also be able to contribute on Vauban fortifications)
  577. User talk:Grizanthropy (Security Dilemma)
  578. User talk:Grossdeutschland (World War Two Third Reich)
  579. User talk:Gstitz (Submarine history (worldwide), US Naval History)
  580. User talk:Guapovia (Fighter aircraft, 1910-1994)
  581. User talk:Guidence (Main areas of contribution will include US history, US Special Forces, and especially the United States Navy SEALs)
  582. User talk:Guitarhero98 (I Enjoy covering World War I, Vietnam War, And The East Germans Of The 1980's)
  583. User talk:Gunner357 (Specific Interests: British Army in NW Europe, Normandy Campaign, Airborne Warfare. Period Interests: World War 2, American Civil War, American War of Independence)
  584. User talk:Gunny847 (Early American history, Guilded, Amer. Civil War through Reconstruction)
  585. User talk:Gunshot123(warfare from World War One and onward)
  586. User talk:Guru42 (Cold War,Persian Gulf War,Armored warfare)
  587. User talk:Gusbenz (American generals/war heros, WWII in general & Cold War Proxy Wars)
  588. User talk:Gustnado (Vietnam War, ASW, P-3 Orion)
  589. User talk:GVilKa (Armed forces of Caucasian countries and armed conflicts of the region)
  590. User talk:Gw099 (Equipment, Weapons, Cold War-Present era, Strategy)
  591. User talk:Gwinva (Medieval; Napoleonic)
  592. User talk:Gwopy (Modern US; Special Forces; Operation Gothic Serpent; Battle of Mogadishu; Randy Shughart; Gary Gordon)
  593. User talk:H1nkles (Civil War, WW II - European Theatre and Russian Involvement, Cold War)
  594. User talk:Hadrian Penn (Military law)
  595. User talk:Half Life
  596. User talk:Halifax l9500 (WW2, RAF Bomber Command)
  597. User talk:Hamish59 (currently WW1 and orbats)
  598. User talk:Hammon27 (Military heraldry)
  599. User talk:Hamster Lover 96 (Nazi Weaponry)
  600. User talk:Hanchi (Chinese military history)
  601. User talk:Hans Pumpernikel (I am primarily knowledgeable about WWII and Korea.)
  602. User talk:Haphar (mostly Indian Army)
  603. User talk:Harding-95
  604. User talk:Harland1 (WWII esp. North Africa)
  605. User talk:Harm (WWI, the Great War, Western Front)
  606. User talk:Harryema (WWII, Canadian involvement)
  607. User talk:haskinner (American Civil War - Union, Great War, WWII, )
  608. User talk:Hayaman (WWI, Australian, New Zealand and British Involvement - mainly Gallipoli & Middle East; WW2 Australian and Japanese involvement)
  609. User talk:Hcberkowitz (Intelligence & security, WMD, 20th century on, C3I)
  610. User talk:Hdtychse (U.S. Marine Corps History)
  611. User talk:Hectorautry (Cold War: September 1945 to December 1991, American Cold War Veterans, Cold War Victory Medal)
  612. User talk:Hellfire Preacherman (Civil War Enthusiast)
  613. User talk:Hello32020 (Middle East conflicts, plan to contribute to American modern military history)
  614. User talk:Heltzen (All military history in general, military treaties and alliances in particular)
  615. User talk:Hera52 (Medieval and Classical warfare)
  616. User talk:Hiens (WWII History - Armament Industry)
  617. User talk:Highvoltagebat (WWI, WWII)
  618. User talk:Hiiraan (New to contributing on Military matters but I am quite Intrested in this area)
  619. User talk:hipv2289 (general European military history)
  620. User talk:Hirohisat (Fortifications)
  621. User talk:Hispanicultur (Spanish and Portuguese Military History)
  622. User talk:HistorianBell (British Military, Military Operations 1856 to 1914, U.S. Military)
  623. User talk:Historical Perspective (Mostly American Civil War)
  624. User talk:Historiographer (Korean military history)
  625. User talk:History6969 (Spanish military history)
  626. User talk:historybuff483s (American Revolution, 17th, 18th Century European Wars)
  627. User talk:HJ32 (Aerial combat, Air-to-air missiles, aerial refuelling, DACT, ejection seats)
  628. User talk:HkBeast (WWII History, Americans in the Barbaric Wars)
  629. User talk:HKFlash (Land Combat, General European Military History, Portuguese Armed Forces)
  630. User talk:H.L.S. Blair (Battle of Tours; Carolinian Empire)
  631. User talk:Hoboron (Lebanese military history)
  632. User talk:hospitallier (Chinese military figures)
  633. User talk:Hossen27 (Australian Military History and World War 1 & 2)
  634. User talk:Hschlottman (Russian Military WW2-Modern)
  635. User talk:Hudavendigar (Ottoman and Turkish military and history, WWI, Middle East, Caucus and Palestine fronts, Balkan Wars, Crimean War, Cyprus conflicts, WWI and WWII aircraft and aces, Gallipoli and Turkish War of Independence)
  636. User talk:Huigh4444
  637. User talk:Hulk16 (All American and European wars)
  638. User talk:Humbleradio (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, Aviation, Weaponry, the human condition)
  639. User talk:Humus sapiens (Eurasian mil. history from ancient to modern times)
  640. User talk:Hurrmic (My father served aboard the HMS Bluebell (K80), but was ashore when she was sunk. I will be contributing to this page.)
  641. User talk:Hypeer
  642. User talk:Hypnosadist (Interested in Propaganda, Web based conflicts and Information War)
  643. User talk:IAmDifferentThenYOU
  644. User talk:Ian Pitchford (Generalist, colonialism)
  645. User talk:Ias2008
  646. User talk:Ibericus Lusitanus (General history, WWII history and Portugese military history)
  647. User talk:Ibm1130 (Linear tactics, Age of Sail)
  648. User talk:Ice cold blizzard (German armed forces of World war II)
  649. User talk:I, Englishman (Military aircraft, all forms of military tactics and modern man-portable weapons)
  650. User talk:IGuNny (Russian and Soviet military history)
  651. User talk:Ikokki (Greek history from all times)
  652. User talk:ILoveFuturama (General interest)
  653. User talk:Imaginos (General history, WWII, nuclear testing in detail)
  654. User talk:Inbody (American Revolution, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Cold War conflicts, U. S. Navy, Amphibious Operations)
  655. User talk:Incognito1980 (Bangladesh Army)
  656. User talk:Indoles (I'll try to help out as best as I can, on a variety of topics.)
  657. User talk:Ineffable3000 (Mostly Russian conflicts)
  658. User talk:Infantryman06 (I specialize in current US military information and US military history)
  659. User talk:Inge (Mostly Norwegian naval history)
  660. User talk:Insane99
  661. User talk:Intocharm (American Revolution, American Civil War, World War II, and Vietnam)
  662. User talk:isenhand
  663. User talk:Ismaelbobo (Primarily American Civil War, American Revolution)
  664. User talk:Itamar (Military history of Israel)
  665. User talk:Itaqallah (Primarily early Muslim history, Islamic expansion era)
  666. User talk:ItemCo16527 (World War I & II, Vietnam, medals, ribbons, uniforms, and insignia)
  667. User talk:Itsfullofstars (Wikipedia:WikiProject Aircraft; 20th century history (emphasis on aviation), but also cleanup, copyediting, links, etc.)
  668. User talk:J175
  669. User talk:Jack Bethune (American swords and related items: their designs, variations, and service histories)
  670. User talk:Jackyd101 (British military history, particulaly naval)
  671. User talk:Jacob Haller (Roman Military Equipment; Late Antiquity in Europe and the Med; Russian Civil War)
  672. User talk:Jaguitar
  673. User talk:Jaiiaf (Indian armed forces military history)
  674. User talk:JakeH07 (Ancient military and U.S. military)
  675. User talk:Jakew (Nuclear weapons/Cold War related material)
  676. User talk:Jam000qaz (WWII, Batles of the Roman Empire)
  677. User talk:Jameschipmunk (general history buff)
  678. User talk:JamesESJ (Airborne, air mobile, the three Indochina Wars, Rhodesian Brush War, Revolution in Military Affairs)
  679. User talk:JamesL85 (Modern small arms, Modern Warfare, Battle of Hong Kong)
  680. User talk:Jamessavik (naval history, US history, modern)
  681. User talk:James Warburton (The military history of Modern Britain and the Ancient World; primarily Greece and Rome)
  682. User talk:Janet1983
  683. User talk:jannisdevisser (military aviation & other western military stuff & Cold War history from 1960's)
  684. User talk:Jarovid (artillery, military law)
  685. User talk:Jason97m (World War II)
  686. User talk:Jasonp019
  687. User talk:Jason subsea (Military History)
  688. User talk:JavierMC
  689. User talk:JayLeno175 (World War II, Cold War)
  690. User talk:JAYMEDINC (Contribute mostly to articles pertaining to my former US Navy and Army National Guard background)
  691. User talk:JBickley00
  692. User talk:Jbstorey
  693. User talk:Jcagney (animations of historical battles - Civil War and WWII Pacific War)
  694. User talk:JCAla
  695. User talk:Jcbarry (Roman miitary, World War II, US Navy)
  696. User talk:Jcforge (Historical editing and tweaking across a broad range)
  697. User talk:Jclingerman (General military history, with some specialization in German history and World War II)
  698. User talk:J Costello (Canadian mil history, Signal Corps history)
  699. User talk:JCPH (Modern miitary aircraft and technology)
  700. User talk:Jc-S0CO
  701. User talk:JCSeer (getting my feet wet)
  702. User talk:JDAddelston (Modern U.S. Military)
  703. User talk:jdbeatty (American military history, origins of warfare)
  704. User talk:Jeannassar5 (Lebanese military history)
  705. User talk:Jerrch (Fortifications)
  706. User talk:Jerryconners (LRRP Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols Vietnam)
  707. User talk:JetLover (Mainly know info on fighter pilots and battles)
  708. User talk:Jettparmer (United States military history)
  709. User talk:Jezarnold (British Army - especially the Royal Artillery)
  710. User talk:Jezstar (Australian military history)
  711. User talk:jfdunphy (strategy, signal technology, Irish history)
  712. User talk:JFores (Strategy, German military history, Helmuth von Moltke, 19th century European wars, some medieval and Rennaisance. Plenty more.)
  713. User talk:JFPerry (Medieval warfare)
  714. User talk:Jhbuk (Modern naval history, particularly Royal navy and US navy)
  715. User talk:Jim Hardie (Ancient Greece, Napoleonic Wars, WWII)
  716. User talk:JimmyTheOne (Naval history, mostly 18th and 20th centuries)
  717. User talk:Jirisys (Pre-Hellenistic and Hellenistic history, from Europe to North Africa to Central Asia. Equipment, soldiers and armies.)
  718. User talk:Jj137 (Good with navigation and tedious tasks)
  719. User talk:JKBrooks85 (Focusing on Wikiproject College Football now)
  720. User talk:Jmcgowan2
  721. User talk:Jmlk17 (World War Two, United States, Ancient Rome, American Civil War)
  722. User talk:Jniemenmaa (Finnish military history. Also ancient and byzantine warfare.)
  723. User talk:Jno (Russian and Soviet military history)
  724. User talk:Joe.abiraad (Lebanese Military topics)
  725. User talk:Joe N (Mostly World War II, some WWI, modern (Napoleonic on) in general)
  726. User talk:John1951 (primarily western military history; including Roman, especially Eastern Roman, Carolingian, and American, primarily the Indian Wars)
  727. User talk:Johncwelch (Early (1987-1993) history and info on the B-1B)
  728. User talk:Johnfmh (U.S. Military)
  729. User talk:JohninMaryland (Native American history, (Indian wars), Rome, Carolingian, Mongols)
  730. User talk:John Moore 309 (Planning to work mainly on Maritime Warfare Task Group)
  731. User talk:JohnnyCalifornia (Mostly western stuff- American wars, Ancient Greeks and Romans)
  732. User talk:JohnnyRush10
  733. User talk:John N. (Imperialism, World War I and II, Third Reich; from german Wikipedia)
  734. User talk:JohnOnTheWeb
  735. User talk:Johntex (Valiant Shield and participating units, US Armed Forces in Southern California)
  736. User talk:John Wallace Rich (Military Terminology)
  737. User talk:Jonathan Oldenbuck (Fortifications, mainly castles in Scotland and the UK)
  738. User talk:JonathonSimister
  739. User talk:Jonesygop (US Foreign relations leading into WWII, Birth of modern warfare and WWI)
  740. User talk:Jon Holly (All Military Subjects, Also Currently Enlisted)
  741. User talk:JorgonQ (Aircraft, esp. WWII, esp. the B-17. Also special forces units.)
  742. User talk:Joshbaumgartner (Categorization, article cleanup, and reference tools)
  743. User talk:Josh Hooch (Canadian Military History)
  744. User talk:Joshuaingram (Ancient Greek Warfare, WWII, Civil War, battle strategy)
  745. User talk:JoshuaKuo (World War I,II, Medieval war, battle strategy)
  746. User talk:joshuashearn (Military History in general)
  747. User talk:Jova (Serbia and its neighbours in 19th & early 20th century)
  748. User talk:Jpbrenna (Anciented, medieval & modern military history; esp. WWII & history of the U.S, Greek, Polish & UK militaries)
  749. User talk:jrberlet (Jet aircraft of WWII, Luftwaffe jet aircraft/pilots, Alexander the Great, General Military History/Strategy/Tactics)
  750. User talk:JRWalko
  751. User talk:Jschager (French military history)
  752. User talk:jserrat (Spanish military history)
  753. User talk:Jstalin
  754. User talk:Judge373 (American history, Classical history, Modern European history, Scottish history, German history, general interest)
  755. User talk:judunn16 (Mostly Middle Age warfare and modern day conflicts)
  756. User talk:Juinexia (The War of Resistance. The Chinese Communists guerilla tactics. The early Blitzkrieg campaigns, and the last offensive of the Third Reich-The Battle of the Bulge.)
  757. User talk:Junglerot56 (Mostly American Civil War artillery and naval, earler and later artillery and naval also)
  758. User talk:Justin Herbert
  759. User talk:JVader (Ancient Asian Warfare (China, Japan) Roman Empire, Greece (Alexander))
  760. User talk:JVkamp (Military Equipment esp. Soviet, WWII, and Cold War)
  761. User talk:JWAbrams (Interested in ancient and classical warfare and history)
  762. User talk:Jwbroadwater (Roman Military History, Naval History, Navy Propulsion and Engineering, WWI, WWII)
  763. User talk:JWilliamCupp (Cold War (I'm a U.S. Naval Officer who retired in 1997), also interest in WWII period)
  764. User talk:k_46r_a
  765. User talk:Kallemax (pretty much everything from WWI and onwards, especially maritime warfare)
  766. User talk:KalusK9 (anything from 1989 up i can work on)
  767. User talk:Kamarademarx (WWI, WWII, Canadian History)
  768. User talk:Kampfers
  769. User talk:Kardon2 (World War II Eastern Front, Russo-Turkish War )
  770. User talk:Karimi (Mainly Islamic/Muslim history)
  771. User talk:Karl Vonn (Black powder firearms, early Indian wars in the North American continent, 1600-1850)
  772. User talk:Kbachman (current events, mainly United States)
  773. User talk:Kbuddha420 (American History: Civil War , World War II and more)
  774. User talk:Keallu (WWI, WWII, especially U-boats, and modern military history)
  775. User talk:Kehool (small arms and armored vehicle technologies)
  776. User talk:Kenghoe (WWII, Chinese History)
  777. User talk:Kikkobang (WWII, Canadian Military History)
  778. User talk:Killioughtta (Mostly military vehicles ranging from WWI to the Future.)
  779. User talk:Kim Dent-Brown (British military history, Yeomanry and TA units)
  780. User talk:KinderSpiel (European & North American equipment of WWII, government construction, & military campaigns)
  781. User talk:King Alaric (The Punic wars especially Battles of the Second Punic war.)
  782. User talk:Kingjoe9 (IRAQ, long range marskmanship, PSD, Military History, VA, (OIF VET 11B-Army)
  783. User talk:KingPenguin (any Italian history)
  784. User talk:Knerlo (Medieval war, battle strategy)
  785. User talk:Knight579 (WWII)
  786. User talk:KnightHospitaller (WWII, Most Roman Campaigns, Tactics)
  787. User talk:Kriegaffe (US military in WWII, Czechoslovak airmen in the RAF)
  788. User talk:Kristosinas (US Military History)
  789. User talk:Kross (no specific era, really)
  790. User talk:Krynnish Conspiracy (Generalist)
  791. User talk:Kukar (20th and 21st Century Serbian and Balkan Military History)
  792. User talk:Kuuzo (Japanese Sengoku period)
  793. User talk:Kyuusei (Naval Aviation/Military Aviation)
  794. User talk:L3eater (World War I & II, Trench Warfare, Canadian Military, WWII War Machines)
  795. User talk:Lamp coin ( all Sovet history and nazi german history)
  796. User talk:Landnámsmann (Icelandic and early norse history, World Wars I and II, specifically European theater)
  797. User talk:Laserbeamcrossfire (Ancient Greece, Alexander's Campaigns, Roman Warfare, Castles, Naval history, Napolenic Warfare)
  798. User talk:Last_warrior_1981 (US Navy, Gunner's Mate History)
  799. User talk:Leathernecks (Mainly Marine Corps in the Pacific and events after D-Day in the European Theatre of Operationsin World War II, and Marine Corps helicopter operations in Vietnam)
  800. User talk:Legio VI Victrix (Classical, particularly Roman, warfare)
  801. User talk:Legotech (US and UK Navy, Naval Aviation)
  802. User talk:LightOx (18th Century Military History)
  803. User talk:Llamallama (Anything that I find I'll try and add as much info as I can)
  804. User talk:Lmessenger (War for Independence, Civil War)
  805. User talk:Lonelydarksky (Chinese military history)
  806. User talk:Loopy (British military history mostly - battles in 19th and early 20th a main interest)
  807. User talk:Lordevilvenom (WW2 mainly Russian and German histroy, and all aspects of WW1)
  808. User talk:Lordkinbote (odds and ends as relate to my other WP work)
  809. User talk:LordPerson (Mainly WWII History, but some American History as well)
  810. User talk:LordSkane (Japanese History, American History, Nazism)
  811. User talk:Lpat47
  812. User talk:LRRPatroller (General interest, US Army Rangers, Special Operations, Military Intelligence, Samurai, LRRP units and operations, US Army history, 4th Generation Warfare)
  813. User talk:Ltitus (American Military History, Civil War, 122nd NY Volunteer Regiment)
  814. User talk:LuciusValens (Korean military history)
  815. User talk:LuckyThracian (General interest)
  816. User talk:Luxomni (United States military history)
  817. User talk:Lz_brit (First World War, Anglo Boer Wars, Napoleonic Wars)
  818. User talk:Macaroni0811 (20th Century Wars, European Wars(Hundred Years War - Present), All American Wars)
  819. User talk:Macbethy (British Army in World war 1 and World War 2)
  820. User talk:Mackabean (Smaller U.S. conflicts, Iraq, Afghanistan)
  821. User talk:MacroDaemon (WWII and all warfare and equipment after)
  822. User talk:MahbubAli88 (major British battles, general knowledge since 1815)
  823. User talk:Major Confusion (World War I, World War I - Eastern Front, Royal Navy, World War II)
  824. User talk:MajorHazard (Siege of Troy, debunking myths)
  825. User talk:Malastare (Classical Warfare)
  826. User talk:Malbrook (17th to 19th Century, but concentrating on 18th C)
  827. User talk:Manchjurshi (XIX-XX c. battles)
  828. User talk:MandaraxDragon (US armor)
  829. User talk:Mangogirl2 (Post WWII Weapon technology)
  830. User talk:Manwithbrisk (anything really, mostly siege related though)
  831. User talk:MarcellusTheExile (Wars of Antiquity, esp. Roman warfare; World War II)
  832. User talk:Marijke2 (anything of military)
  833. User talk:Mariya Oktyabrskaya (History generally)
  834. User talk:Mark1800 (Medieval History, & WWII)
  835. User talk:Mark_C_M (American Civil War, Eurpoean from late Middle Ages, can try and help anywhere)
  836. User talk:Mark Hickman (World War 2 in general, especially Airborne Forces, some ancient warfare)
  837. User talk:Martorius (Mostly work on WWII articles.)
  838. User talk:Marwatt (Completed the List of Nishan-e-Haider “the Recipients of Highest Gallantry Award of Pakistan” and some other articles)
  839. User talk:Matt107bghs (WWII)
  840. User talk:MattDP (European military history from Rome onwards, emphasis on middle ages and WWII)
  841. User talk:MatthewMitchell (very solid knowledge on American Civil War, WWII, American involvement in Latin America, some post-Cold War conflicts, with helpful general knowledge on causes, practices and effects of WWI, Korean Conflict, Desert Storm, Vietnam, American Independence, Mexican Revolution, and others)
  842. User talk:MatthewSMaynard (Medal of Honor and United States conflicts)
  843. User talk:Matt. P (20th century warfare, particularly World War two)
  844. User talk:Maverick423 (WWI WWII and medevil warfare tactics and weapons. up to date on most issues)
  845. User talk:Mav (mostly helping to organize things - I wish I had time for more)
  846. User talk:Maximilli (Chiefly, Imperial British naval and army history, but also classical Greek military history, causes of the First World War, Norman conquest of England)
  847. User talk:Mcgrath50 (Modern Australia, Cold War, Middle Ages)
  848. User talk:Mcmasterstb (Romanian military, all aspects)
  849. User talk:Mel Sharkskin (Aircraft, aviation, airborne weapons, Cold War, space, Vietnam air war)
  850. User talk:Messhermit (Soviet-Afghan War - Currently working in several bio's of the main characters involved. Will detail more about the war itself later)
  851. User talk:MHatlie (Russian and Soviet military history)
  852. User talk:MHFfromanothermother
  853. User talk:Michael Toler (Retired Professor US Military Academy - US Military History, especially in the 20th Century)
  854. User talk:Midwestmax (Interested in improving the quality of text and citations in articles about current conflicts.)
  855. User talk:Mike f (U.S. Military history, organization, units, & equipment; primarily U.S. Army)
  856. User talk:Mike Whiskey Tango (Naval Warfare, Aegis, Surface Combatants, Ballistic Missile Defense)
  857. User talk:MiniEntente (20th Century British Military History focusing mostly on WW1, WW2, Inter-War periods and the Cold War.)
  858. User talk:Minipup (I'm busy at university now, but I will re-activate when the opportunity arises)
  859. User talk:MirrorStage (Military History of South Eastern Europe - Balkans from medieval history till 1918)
  860. User talk:Mister sachmo
  861. User talk:Mjcompgeek (Current USAF Aviation, some recent aviation history)
  862. User talk:Mjjohansen (The Russian Liberation Army, ROA)
  863. User talk:MJKent (Roman warfare, Medieval Warfare, Blackpowder, and modern)
  864. User talk:Mlbeggs (U.S.M.C., OIF and OEF, Marine Corp Aviation)
  865. User talk:MLWilson (Primarily the structure and organization of United States military organizations, particularly combatant commands, and the theory of network-centric warfare/operations)
  866. User talk:Mmx1 (U.S. naval and Marine aviation, late 20th century conflicts with a focus on low-intensity conflicts)
  867. User talk:Mooseberry (Mostly interested in WWII and modern warfare. General knowledge of weapons both WWII and Modern. Also interested in fighter planes and dark ages Europe.)
  868. User talk:Mortis2112 (Generally aviation (both military and commercial) but a vast interest in military history throughout all eras and the strategic implications of warfare)
  869. User talk:Mothmolevna (Post-war jet planes, protoypes of all kinds)
  870. User talk:Motorfix (Canadian Military and WW2)
  871. User talk:Mountainman91 (classical period, modern era)
  872. User talk:MouringReign (Psychological warfare, comparitive tactics, military history, pacifism, ballistics)
  873. User talk:Mpleahy (US Civil War and Mexican-American War)
  874. User talk:MrDell (WW2, both Allied and Axis forces, Warships of WW2 time period)
  875. User talk:Mr. Killigan (WWII, military technology, military history)
  876. User talk:Mryerse (Modern Marine training and combat in Iraq)
  877. User talk:Msrbl49 (Small arms)
  878. User talk:Mstimson (European History, Napoleonic, Colonial Wars)
  879. User talk:Mtsnkob (Second World War (General Knowledge), Modern Royal Navy Submarine Service (SSBN's))
  880. User talk:Munro84 (British military history, British Army Training)
  881. User talk:Murphy321 (Wide span of kinowledge ranging from anicnet warefare of Europe, Asia ann Latin America aswell as some knowledge of Warfare in WW1 onwards.)
  882. User talk:MVMosin (Former member of Osnaz unit Delfin, and former officer in Soviet armed forces. Expert on military small arms, particularly those of Soviet and US origin, with fourteen years' experience.)
  883. User talk:N328KF (Primarily aviation and naval, but often other things)
  884. User talk:N85 (The Punic Wars)
  885. User talk:Nankte (US Navy, naval warfare, any/all American wars, maritime history, seapower, ships, shipyards, naval officers, Navy enlisted, Chief Petty Officers, naval tactics, naval weapon systems, naval aircraft, battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers)
  886. User talk:NapoleonAlanparte (Almost anything about Napoleon Bonaparte.)
  887. User talk:Nathan-7723 (Homeric and Classical Warfare)
  888. User talk:Nathaniel13 (Anything about World War 2. From unkown to anything known about World War 2)
  889. User talk:Navychop2 (Naval & Commercial Aviation)
  890. User talk:Ncohistory (US Army Noncommissioned Officers and Specialists)
  891. User talk:Ndnguy
  892. User talk:NeoFreak (US Marine Corps, German division's stubs and starts)
  893. User talk:NeverBetTheFettMan (military child, some history)
  894. User talk:Nicholas.tan (World War II, Military Aircraft)
  895. User talk:Nickhk
  896. User talk:Nick King (Ancient Warfare, Lost civilizations, World War I)
  897. User talk:Nik Sage (Classical warfare, Medieval warfare, cold weapons, horse archer warriors, Medieval Muslim weapons and battles, Tactics, Medieval logistics, Naval warfare of all periods)
  898. User talk:Ninety3rd (Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812, Texas Revolution, Indian Mutiny, Crimean War, Scottish History, Highland Regiments)
  899. User talk:Noah03
  900. User talk:Noam04 (world war II)
  901. User talk:Nobs01 (19th Century Central European; 20th Century global; diplomatic & espionage)
  902. User talk:Nobunaga24 (Sengoku-jidai, modern warfare, military logistics)
  903. User talk:Noshpit (post WWI to present military history (mainly aircraft and helicopter development))
  904. User talk:Nuclearmound (European, World War II, Weapons)
  905. User talk:Number2two2 (European and American military evolution, Weapons [from muskets to Tavors], weapon design [mainly German WWII weapons], WWII campaigns [mainly on the German Front], military equipment[mostly German], military vehicles, aircraft [again, mainly German], bullets, RPgs/launchers, pretty much everything except naval stuff- and as you can tell I hold the Germans as the guys that made most military advances during WWII)
  906. User talk:Oberiko (World War II, military equipment, categorization)
  907. User talk:Okkar (Military of Myanmar)
  908. User talk:oldwindybear (Early Islamic History; Battle of Tours, Carolinian Empire; Roman Empire, Mongols)
  909. User talk:Olorin28 (Chinese, Mongols, World Wars, European)
  910. User talk:Omnicog (North American conflicts)
  911. User talk:Opiniastrous (Genarally Australian military units and history)
  912. User talk:OrbitR (USAF Transportation and Logistics units)
  913. User talk:Orthus (Small arms and equipment, WWII-modern times. Especially Russian/Soviet arms and special purpose weaponry.)
  914. User talk:Ospreyluvr (Modern Weapons, Aircraft, V-22 Osprey, World War II weapons)
  915. User talk:Paco Palomo (Well versed in Western Military History, with a special interest in the French Revolutionary/Napoleonic Wars and ACW.)
  916. User talk:Pádraic MacUidhir (mostly copyedits, fact checking, adding citations/references)
  917. User talk:Panthdaman (World War I aviation)
  918. User talk:Pan Wikipedia (mostly Invasion of Poland (1939); infoboxes)
  919. User talk:Parsival74
  920. User talk:Patricknoddy
  921. User talk:Patriot6644 (General Military History)
  922. User talk:Pepe la pepper
  923. User talk:Periklis* (Mostly World War II and Korean War but a little of everything)
  924. User talk:Petermilescalamy (American Civil War, 20th Century Naval History, Napoleonic Wars, Modern U.S. Navy)
  925. User talk:Peter Raftos (Byzantine Empire)
  926. User talk:PGCooper (Modern Military History from Louis XIV to the Present)
  927. User talk:Phaedriel (generally, Military History of the U.S., currently with a strong focus on Indian Wars)
  928. User talk:Philx (Roman empire , Byzantine empire, wars joined by Italy, Italian army and other related topics)
  929. User talk:Phoenix-wiki (everything eespecially biographies)
  930. User talk:Pict07 (UK, artillery, mortars, support weapons, Wiking division)
  931. User talk:Pjlambert (WWI, Mesopotamian Campaign, Ottoman military, British Colonial Forces)
  932. User talk:Pjones (African conflicts post WWII - Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia and South Africa)
  933. User talk:Plange (Civil War - Confederate States Navy)
  934. User talk:PloProfFactor (American and British SOF, Modern Era; Iraq and Afghanistan)
  935. User talk:PMHauge
  936. User talk:PocklingtonDan (Roman warfare)
  937. User talk:Pogiest (Anything Navy related)
  938. User talk:Polisheagle1939 (World War 2 British/Polish Firearms)
  939. User talk:Polish Winged Hussar (Ancient and Medieval warfare, renaissance warfare, weapons, tatics, strategy, cavalry, and battleships.)
  940. User talk:Posthoc (U.S. military history, weaponry, military studies)
  941. User talk:Praiyachat (20th century warfare, Infantry, Firearms)
  942. User talk:ProfChuck (Retired NASA scientist and college professor. Background includes electronic intelligence (ELINT), Missile guidance system design, space craft design, nuclear weapon design, radio astronomy and high performance jet aircraft flight operations and pilot in command.)
  943. User talk:PRSturm (General military history with an eye for ancient/antiquity)
  944. User talk:Psdubow (Most interested in the American Civil War and American history in general)
  945. User talk:Pupster21 (WW2 Vietnam, basicly all major firearm conflicts.)
  946. User talk:Qarnos (World War II)
  947. User talk:Qj­ (Focus on the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.)
  948. User talk:R9tgokunks (German military history)
  949. User talk:RadioC1ash (USMC OIF Veteran, Military Aviation, General Aviation)
  950. User talk:Ranger Jim (Pre-75th Ranger Rgt history, 29th Inf Div in WW II, USS Nevada in WW II (and afterwards), the 9th Inf Div in Vietnam (esp. the 1st Bde and the Mobile Riverine Force), USMA Preparatory School circa mid '60s, explosive ordnance and E.O.D. operations from WW I to the present day, Army Image/All Source Analyst '71-'75 MOS 6A9309, "Stolen Valor Act")
  951. User talk:Ranjeet98 (India - Pakistan war)
  952. User talk:RashBold (WWII, Espionage)
  953. User talk:Rastov (military oddities and Small Wars)
  954. User talk:Rbk_bat (WW2,crusades,Many many diverse interests)
  955. User talk:Rcpaterson (Medieval Warfare in the British Isles, with particular reference to the Anglo-Scots wars; the British Civil Wars; the Covenanters; Highland warfare)
  956. User talk:Reanef (WWI, WWII, Modern Era, Revolutionary War)
  957. User talk:Red4tribe (American Revolution, WWI, WWII)
  958. User talk:Red7 (British Napoleonic, World War 2 -> Present Day)
  959. User talk:Red Harvest (ACW primarily.)
  960. User talk:Redstarsldr
  961. User talk:Removebeforeflight (Military biography)
  962. User talk:Renjie7
  963. User talk:Res05e (Modern era, living veterans)
  964. User talk:Restepc (Pre and early Anglo-Saxon-Scotii Britain)
  965. User talk:Reuben (Korean military history)
  966. User talk:Rgdem999 (General Naval History current focus 1890s to present)
  967. User talk:Rhion (Roman and Welsh mediaeval)
  968. User talk:RHKINC (African History, American Civil War, Asian Dynasties, Indian Subcontinent, Silk Road Conflicts)
  969. User talk:Richard D. O. Parker (Early modern era: Tudor England 1585 - 1603, Holy Roman Empire 1517 - 1556, Spainsh Empire 1556 - 1598, Dutch Revolt)
  970. User talk:RichardM (British Yeomanry and Cavalry History)
  971. User talk:Richiar (Modern era, Indian wars, tactics and strategy)
  972. User talk:Ricky Shaw (British Army 20th Century especially logistics)
  973. User talk:Ricmatt
  974. User talk:RJASE1 (Eclectic, from classical warfare to modern military aviation.)
  975. User talk:Rjray (WWII, Military museums, Field Artillery and armored vehicles)
  976. User talk:RLoughins (WWII and some aspects of WWI; Good knowledge of ships of all era's; Ancient warfare; Irish Regiments within the British army; some knowledge of medieval and Napoleonic era's)
  977. User talk:RM Gillespie (Vietnam Conflict; American Civil War; Covert Military Operations)
  978. User talk:Rmonre (British Army, US Army)
  979. User talk:Rmoyes (Explosive violence, international humanitarian law re weapons, weapons development)
  980. User talk:Robbiesqp (American Civil War, generally, although not exclusive to, topics relating to the war in Louisiana)
  981. User talk:Robbskey
  982. User talk:Robin63 (WWII, to modern with some intrest in dark age Europe.)
  983. User talk:Robopeter (Aircraft mainly, also munitions)
  984. User talk:Robth (Classical antiquity, 5th and 4th century Greece in particular)
  985. User talk:Rockfall (American Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Seven Years War)
  986. User talk:Roke (maps, general interest)
  987. User talk:Roman Babylon (Medieval Warfare mostly, modern day combat as well)
  988. User talk:Rose Palmer
  989. User talk:RoslynSKP (WWI Egypt and the Levant)
  990. User talk:RRyan (General military history, most background on ancient, 19th C. and modern)
  991. User talk:Rshu (Self proclaimed new member/worked much on Military history of Germany/enjoys correcting stubs on Roman/Medieval/Enlightenment Age-Modern Day)
  992. User talk:RT21Marine (Marine Corps, Vietnam, Cold War, World War 2 Modern Warfare)
  993. User talk:RTO Trainer (US Military History)
  994. User talk:Rufjbn (British 6th Airborne Division, World War II, Normandy Invasion)
  995. User talk:Rusty2005 (General Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries, focusing on Africa, China, India, and Europe)
  996. User talk:Sacomalo
  997. User talk:Saltysailor (Collect Verbal History From Participants)
  998. User talk:Samrsharma (General land army history, especially Greeks/Romans 500BC-500AD)
  999. User talk:Sanket_912
  1000. User talk:Saustrabeck (grandson of General Ludwig Beck)
  1001. User talk:Sc147
  1002. User talk:Scoo (No particular interest)
  1003. User talk:Scout1026 (Military history, but specifically WW2)
  1004. User talk:Sdguy (19th Century Europe and America; Regimental histories and lineages; Orders of battle, elite units)
  1005. User talk:Sealteam (Interest in Prince Edward Island regiments in Italy, WW2.)
  1006. User talk:SEDieter (Great War/First World War, Second World War, Canadian Military History, Aviation History, Naval History)
  1007. User talk:Semprini (WWI, WWII, Dutch history)
  1008. User talk:Service rifle (shooting service rifles, collecting and restoring)
  1009. User talk:Shadrach 1066 (Modern Naval & Air Warfare/Weaponry/Equipment/Images, Australian Military History)
  1010. User talk:Sheikh Chase (War in Iraq)
  1011. User talk:Sherbethead (100 Years, Napoleonic, Franco-Prussian, WWI & WWII)
  1012. User talk:Shoe1127 (Modern warfare/weaponry)
  1013. User talk:shorts41 (Early Ottoman Empire. Expansion into Byzantium, Balkans and Eastern Europe.)
  1014. User talk:Siafu (Mongle Empire, Islamic Empire, Timurid Empire, Ottoman Empire, China, Japan, Korea, etc.)
  1015. User talk:Sirchurchill (Modern Warfare, 1860-2015 wars)
  1016. User talk:Skapur (United States military with emphasis on US Coast Guard)
  1017. User talk:Skunkmaster (Russian history, mostly pre-Soviet)
  1018. User talk:Smokizzy
  1019. User talk:SMUC History (amphibious warfare/naval history, happy to help)
  1020. User talk:Snapper_RW (Military Law, History of the United States Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, History of military discipline)
  1021. User talk:Snozzer (IEDD, Bomb disposal, EOD, IED, Army School of Ammunition)
  1022. User talk:SOCL (Punic Wars, Hannibal Barca, post-Marius Roman army, U.S. Army...)
  1023. User talk:Soldan (Ancient, Civil, WWII)
  1024. User talk:Something Wicked (World Wars, modern combat, naval combat)
  1025. User talk:Sorca1701 (New to WP; adding in whatever I can)
  1026. User talk:Southern Texas (small battles in Texas)
  1027. User talk:Spectre377 (Anything)
  1028. User talk:Spiegbb32 (World War 2/American Military History)
  1029. User talk:SpookyMulder (Mainly now conc. on the more obscure fleets of the 1630-1860 period, but anywhere from 1400-1945)
  1030. User talk:Spot87 (Mainly US Navy Ships)
  1031. User talk:Sprek (World War 1 and 2 history, and Canadian Miliatary history)
  1032. User talk:Squalla (Mainly small arms, as well as general style/formatting of other military articles)
  1033. User talk:Squigian (WWII, British Military History, American Civil War, Strategies/Tactics)
  1034. User talk:SSG1960 (American Military History since WWII. Infantry weapons and tactical applications)
  1035. User talk:Standing 4 (WWI, WWII, other stuff)
  1036. User talk:Stefan Timothy (world war 2, primarly the german side, as well as the vietnam war)
  1037. User talk:Stephen.bennett876 (Winter War)
  1038. User talk:Stephendcalhoun (St. Mary's County, Maryland; Fairfax County, Maryland; Civil War; Confederate Secret Service; Contributed research to April '65, by William A. Tidwell; author of a book; writing second book about Asbury Park, NJ and James A. Bradley; Special Intelligence Service of the FBI; OSS; Russian intelligence organizations; CIA; relationship of politics to military action; China People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398 of Shanghai, aka "Comment Crew", countermeasures against 61398; special project studying the effect of repeated nictations given to beautiful women; owner of K Organization)
  1039. User talk:Stevemsmith3
  1040. User talk:Stilgar135 (interested in the American Civil War, ancient Greece, Imperial Russia and a bunch of other stuff, none of which I'm anything close to an expert on)
  1041. User talk:Stinger2009 ( the p-51 Mustang)
  1042. User talk:Stingrayswimmer (german weapons of WWII)
  1043. User talk:Strongsouth (Civil War sites in Virginia, can minorly contribute to in-depth WWII chats. Still takes World Civ II in high school.)
  1044. User talk:superjewboy (US Army unites. Mostly units in which I'm in =P)
  1045. User talk:Superknijn (The Dutch armed forces, as well as some bits concerning weapons, mostly modern stuff, like the mission to Uruzgan)
  1046. User talk:Superpenguin21 (American Civil War Info)
  1047. User talk:Supersheep (Pretty much anything I know about, especially mediaeval and 20th century warfare)
  1048. User talk:SuperTank17 (AFVs of World War II, Cold War and beyond.)
  1049. User talk:Suryoye (United States military history)
  1050. User talk:Tadakuni (Japanese military history ca. 1000-1945, emphasis on 1500-1868. Can contribute cited material from Japanese print resources)
  1051. User talk:Takedashingen620 (Japanese Military History ca. 1100-present and future, specialize on 1400-1700.)
  1052. User talk:Tanzburg (Generalist with primary interest in WW1 and a growing interest in Central & Eastern Europe)
  1053. User talk:Tawporn (Army Reserve Force Students)
  1054. User talk:TchussBitc (American Military History, World War 2, military technology. I am also living in Europe and can contribute original photos for military equipment and battlefields.)
  1055. User talk:Tecarr (Naval History in general, American military history WWI-present)
  1056. User talk:TehGus (US Army, CBRNE)
  1057. User talk:Temple1865 (The American Civil War, and pretty much everything else from western civilization from Marathon to WWII)
  1058. User talk:Teutonic Tamer (Royal Air Force, 1970s to present date)
  1059. User talk:Tevus (Primarily classical warfare, although I'll try to help wherever I can)
  1060. User talk:The contributer (pretty much anything after WWII)
  1061. User talk:thecufflinkguy (Operation Overcast, WWII)
  1062. User talk:The Half Gauntlet (World War II and Holy Wars)
  1063. User talk:Thehumph (WW1 Western Front, WW2 European theatre, General English/British military history)
  1064. User talk:The Libo (ORBats,history,minor powers of ww2,african militaries,wars since 1970)
  1065. User talk:The Mid (Naval History from Nelson to 1919)
  1066. User talk:The Minister of War (Generalist, though main interest lies in medieval Europe or Asia. I'd be happy to help do some editing)
  1067. User talk:Theoctopusking (I have a broad general knowledge of the American Civil War, but my specialities lie in: Neutral Military Observers in the 19th Century, British involvement in the American Civil War, European relations with the USA during wartime)
  1068. User talk:The Sanctuary Sparrow (WWII ballistics, armour technology, weapon technology)
  1069. User talk:TheStarwolf (UAVs, Air Launched Weapons, USN Aircraft, Middle East Conflicts)
  1070. User talk:Thesurveyor (World War II in Europe, and particularly bios of Omar Bradley, Douglas MacArthur, and Dwight Eisenhower; also U.S. aftermath of WW-II)
  1071. User talk:TheWoody (Senior history major; WWII/Cold War concentration)
  1072. User talk:TheXenocide (World War II in Europe, specifically the Eastern Front)
  1073. User talk:This.machinery (Vietnam, World War I, World War II, The Iraq War, The American Civil War)
  1074. User talk:Thmars10 (Edit with what knowledge I have. Willing to do some research and some cleaning upping)
  1075. User talk:Thumper47 (Canadian military history)
  1076. User talk:Tiger Khan (interested in all military history (thus willing to do style edits on anything), but most knowledgeable about WWII)
  1077. User talk:Timbojf1985 (Doing WWII at Uni, have heaps of resources on ships and aircraft, happy to help with RAAF and RAF, RAN and RN history)
  1078. User talk:Timotheus4 (Extensive study on the Hussite Wars, knows how to spell, knows how to write well, interested extremely in military history)
  1079. User talk:Tmaull (interested in current technology, equipment, and tactics)
  1080. User talk:Tnkr111 (primarily intersted in 20th century U.S. Army History- units, people and equipment)
  1081. User talk:TnoWatanabe (Many many diverse interests)
  1082. User talk:Toad_rules (Intrested in Medival Warfare, Roman tactics, and kind of intrested in WW1 and WW2)
  1083. User talk:Tocheb73
  1084. User talk:Toller99 (American Revolution, U.S. Civil War, Naval History of all ages, Byzantine Empire, WWI & II)
  1085. User talk:Tomc300 (I concentrate on WWII, specifically on the Eastern Front, including ALL combatants)
  1086. User talk:Tomdidiot (Newbie who will mostly be helping with the articles on Greek/Macedonian/ Roman /Napoleonic/World War I/World War II)
  1087. User talk:Torbert (Mostly American Civil War, but all military history is open and fair game)
  1088. User talk:Tpower
  1089. User talk:Tr1290 (WWII to Modern Day)
  1090. User talk:Tree Biting Conspiracy (US military history, currently working on US military food ration-related articles)
  1091. User talk:TrevelyanL85A2 (US military history, World military history, particularly Europe, India, Israel, Japan, China, Australia, and Canada)
  1092. User talk:Trevorbrooks (Medal of Honor Recipients)
  1093. User talk:Tridungvo (interested in military history of Vietnam)
  1094. User talk:Trimbojd (Military history of the Australian Army - specifically Victorian Militia units)
  1095. User talk:Trinjac (Interested in editing articles about the US Military and it's engagements in the Middle East.Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, Fallujah, Red Wings, etc.
  1096. User talk:Trippingpara (WW2 - primarily British, Russian and US forces)
  1097. User talk:tristanjay (Anything Military related. major historian of major conflicts)
  1098. User talk:ts91 (Canadian military history, and anything Canadian Armed Forces related)
  1099. User talk:TSO1D (intersted in European/Western Conflicts throughout history)
  1100. User talk:Tswold (WWII Eurorpean Theatre, Eastern Front)
  1101. User talk:T Vieth (Napoleonic warfare)
  1102. User talk:Twelsht (American and European conflicts of any period)
  1103. User talk:Tzar (WW2 Eastern Front and Post-WW2 Cold War)
  1104. User talk:tzhu (some ancient Chinese battles)
  1105. User talk:UberCryxic (Napoleonic warfare)
  1106. User talk:Uberlieder (WW2 mainly, as well as 20+21 century Africa and some random stuff)
  1107. User talk:Ugen64 (WWII, Civil War, and anything European since the 19th century)
  1108. User talk:Ulises Heureaux (Latin American, European)
  1109. User talk:Undead1 (Interested in maritime warfare)
  1110. User talk:UnDeadGoat (Ancient Rome, especially the later Republic but also major events of the Principate)
  1111. User talk:Underneath-it-All (WWII, Submarine warfare)
  1112. User talk:UNHchabo (Weaponry, World War II)
  1113. User talk:UnknownForEver (South Asian military battles, particularly naval.)
  1114. User talk:Unreconstructed (Anywhere I think I can do some good, but especially The War for Southern Independence)
  1115. User talk:USN1996 (WWII Naval Battles, ship classes of WWII to modern times,and Cold War European strategy stuff)# User talk:Typhoon9410 (WW1-Present, specialise in NATO and Russian military technology)
  1116. User talk:Valentinian (Danish / Scandinavian history)
  1117. User talk:Vanished user 90345uifj983j4toi234k (All major US wars, especially WWII, I love proofreading, making sure info is correct)
  1118. User talk:Venemon (World War II - All Areas)
  1119. User talk:Veritas Panther (Early 20th Century Small Arms)
  1120. User talk:Veritiel (Paraguayan Wars, specially the Triple Alliance)
  1121. User talk:Vezu (Classical History , Early medieval history , Bulgarian history , WW2)
  1122. User talk:Victor falk (French military history)
  1123. User talk:Vikas duhan (Indian military history)
  1124. User talk:vikranth02
  1125. User talk:Vinodalways (Search and update on Military Aircraft Procurements.)
  1126. User talk:Vinsfan368 (Especcialy interested in Greece and Roman wars)
  1127. User talk:Virginia Confederate (anything to do with the C.S.A. (Confederate States of America) and the War Between The States)
  1128. User talk:VirusCW (Weaponary, tatics, strategy)
  1129. User talk:Viv Hamilton (Nautical archaeology and UK protected wrecks)
  1130. User talk:Vock
  1131. User talk:Vule91
  1132. User talk:VX (World War II)
  1133. User talk:Vyasa O'Neill (Australian Air Force Cadets)
  1134. User talk:Waffen (WW2, Operation Market Garden,Weapons especially armour Panzer series, Airforces, Modern Conflicts and low intensity conflicts)
  1135. User talk:Wally1227 (American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and War Between the States)
  1136. User talk:Wandalstouring (focus on Punic history)
  1137. User talk:WarFreak (20th Century Warfare)
  1138. User talk:Warfreak (Names says it all)
  1139. User talk:Warheit1975 (WWII - mostly Pacific Theater and naval history)
  1140. User talk:Warlordjohncarter (specialty is military history of Barsoom, also have some interest in early Muslim era, etc.)
  1141. User talk:Warlord (United States Special Operations Command, Weapons)
  1142. User talk:Warrior4Christ (Civil War & WWII)
  1143. User talk:Wavesteel
  1144. User talk:wbfergus (Mainly the Joint Security Area and related topics)
  1145. User talk:W.B.Murray (World War II - Pacific Theater of Operations)
  1146. User talk:Wdrenth (British military history and lineages of British regiments and corps)
  1147. User talk:Weatherguy1033 (South American Wars of Independence - Swiss military - Venezuelan military)
  1148. User talk:Webby139 (Intelligence)
  1149. User talk:Weggie (biogs mostly)
  1150. User talk:Weirdjrc (pre-gun powder, and styles)
  1151. User talk:Wendell (Plan to peer review articles. Likes to organize.)
  1152. User talk:Wexlax20
  1153. User talk:Whiskey_Blues123 (Bulgarian and Welsh military history)
  1154. User talk:WhyNotFreedom (Category:Decisive Victories, I seek to create a database of all decisive military victories)
  1155. User talk:WikieWikieWikie (Medieval warfare)
  1156. User talk:Wikimachine
  1157. User talk:Wikist
  1158. User talk:WikiTraveller (US Armed Forces, particularly Air Force; Aviation; WW II, particulary Pacifc Theater)
  1159. User talk:Wikiwakawiz (U.S. soldier, thrice-deployed to Iraq! And originally French!)
  1160. User talk:Wildfire1961 (Wind powered naval warfare)
  1161. User talk:William andy ( American pre-saxon british and the British Empire)
  1162. User talk:Wilsbadkarma (Mostly US Naval History, Bases, Sq­rons, Staff, and Fleet. WWI - Present)
  1163. User talk:WilsonjrWikipedia (Intelligence)
  1164. User talk:Winstonwolfe (New Zealand, Aviation, Ancient Greece)
  1165. User talk:Wisconsinfoamer
  1166. User talk:Wmrazavi
  1167. User talk:Wolawol (British army in India)
  1168. User talk:wolfhounds69 (will try to help as i can.... in the Army and deployed)
  1169. User talk:Womera (Britain in the Middle East - Post Suez, Modern Middle Eastern Conflicts)
  1170. User talk:WonRyong (Korean military history)
  1171. User talk:WSoxfan86 (Intrested in all American wars, particually Naval battles)
  1172. User talk:Wurkwurk
  1173. User talk:Wushu222 (Ancient (5000BC - 200 AD) and Modern (1750 AD - 2009 AD))
  1174. User talk:Xatsmann (Military` history or any military-political-diplomaitic)
  1175. User talk:Xcalizorz (World War II to present day information on weapons, battles, people, etc.)
  1176. User talk:Xiliquiern (Western Medieval and Renaissance weaponry and warfare)
  1177. User talk:Xue hanyu (British military history)
  1178. User talk:Xuxalliope
  1179. User talk:Yaanch (Ancient Conflicts, WWII)
  1180. User talk:Yannismarou (mostly ancient Greek military history)
  1181. User talk:Yelir55 (Portal:Military of ancient Rome-I love Rome therefore I will help upkeep this portal)
  1182. User talk:Yelloone (american revolution to present)
  1183. User talk:YellowMonkey (Vietnam)
  1184. User talk:Yoenit (naval warfare and ancient military tactics and history)
  1185. User talk:Yojimbo501 (Fixing minor editing flaws.)
  1186. User talk:Yorkshire Phoenix (current British operations and units)
  1187. User (history of islam, history of israel, history of babylon, persia, greece, rome, and modern history of military conflict since the coronation of charlemagne.)
  1188. User talk:Young Lucky
  1189. User talk:Zaher1988 (Lebanese Military topics)
  1190. User talk:Zaldax (Military History of the Western World, American Civil War, general military history topics)
  1191. User talk:Zanorath (Ancient History, including Roman, Norse, and Eygptian, as well as Medieval Times, And Modern Wars - In short, just about everything.)
  1192. User talk:Zarrrt (WW2 in general, specifally: heer(german army), waffen SS and all German Military vehicles. Also modern British army.)
  1193. User talk:Zeetoboy
  1194. User talk:Zephyr817 (American conflicts from WWII on up, especially WWII and Operation Desert Storm, military vehicles, especially tanks, Ancient Roman military history, Age of Sail naval combat... just about everything)
  1195. User talk:Zephyrus67 (Western Military History, especially WWII.)
  1196. User talk:Zharmad (Michigan Army National Guard and Armor subjects)
  1197. User talk:Zidel333 (Military Academy Preparatory School, and US Military History)
  1198. User talk:Zinedine777 (Canadian History)
  1199. User talk:Zmartguy10136 (United States Marine Corps)
  1200. User talk:Z.mcf (modern)
  1201. User talk:Zoe Brain (Post-WWII Submarines, Australian history)
  1202. User talk:Zondezee (Dutch Resistance)
  1203. User talk:Zt692 (Battle of the Bulge)