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New featured articles

British soldiers looking at Gibraltar from the north
North View of Gibraltar from Spanish Lines (1782)
Painting of Laura Secord warning British commander James FitzGibbon of an impending American attack at Beaver Dams
Laura Secord warns British commander James FitzGibbon of an impending American attack at Beaver Dams (Lorne Kidd Smith, c. 1920)
Rostislav anchored around 1901
Arthur W. Radford (Ed!
Radford was a United States Navy admiral and naval aviator, who held a variety of posts including Vice Chief of Naval Operations, commander of the United States Pacific Fleet, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Nominator Ed! put this through GA and A-Class reviews before nominating for FA.
Bob Feller (Zepppep & Wizardman
Nominator Wizardman noted that Feller, one of the most famous pitchers in baseball history, "was a star from the get-go. He missed the peak of his career due to World War II, then came back and pitched another decade." The article went through Peer and GA reviews before being nominated for FA.
British military intervention in the Sierra Leone Civil War (HJ Mitchell
An encore to nominator HJ Mitchell's Operation Barras, this article was the result of a microgrant from Wikimedia UK, who purchased most of the books used for research, and passed GA and A-Class reviews prior to FA.
H. C. McNeile (SchroCat
Nominator SchroCat described McNeile (better known perhaps as 'Sapper') as "one of the forgotten giants of the golden age of British detective fiction". The creator of proto-Bond hero Bulldog Drummond, McNeile saw action in World War I and wrote extensively of his experiences.
History of Gibraltar (Prioryman
Written in advance of the 300th anniversary this July of Gibraltar becoming a British possession, this article covers the 2,900-year history of this famously strategic territory at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea that one historian has called "one of the most densely fortified and fought-over places in Europe".
Fusō-class battleship (Dank & Sturmvogel 66
Cam took this article to A-Class review two years ago, but its current form is a substantial upgrade from that one. Sturmvogel 66 covered design and construction, and Dank condensed the service histories of the two ships that made up the class, which were sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in World War II.
Joaquim José Inácio, Viscount of Inhaúma (Lecen
Inácio was a naval officer, politician and monarchist of the Empire of Brazil, who led his county during the Paraguayan War of 1864–70.
Laura Secord (Curly Turkey
A little-known heroine of a little-understood war, Laura Secord was described by nominator Curly Turkey as "an important part of early Canadian mythology". The article underwent Peer and GA reviews before achieving Featured status.
Ranavalona I (Lemurbaby
Nominator Lemurbaby described the subject of this article as "the most notorious queen in the history of Madagascar", called the "Female Caligula" in one biography. He goes on to say that, when viewed in historical perspective, "her reign can be understood as an effort to extend the realm and preserve Malagasy traditions against encroaching European influence".
Russian battleship Rostislav (Sturmvogel 66
Rostislav was a pre-dreadnought battleship of the Imperial Russian Navy. Nominator Sturmvogel 66 put the article through GA and A-Class review before nominating for FA, and acknowledged the assistance of Dank as copyeditor.
United States v. The Progressive (Hawkeye7
This was a lawsuit brought against The Progressive magazine by the United States Department of Energy in 1979 over an article that purported to reveal the "secret" of the hydrogen bomb. Another in nominator Hawkeye7's ever-expanding series of articles related to the atom bomb, this successfully underwent GA and A-Class reviews before achieving FA.

New featured lists

A drawing of Greek soldiers wearing khaki uniforms in 1910
List of camouflage methods (Chiswick Chap
This innovative list describes and provides examples of the different types of camouflage methods used by animals and humans. In his nomination statement Chiswick Chap noted that this list complements the camouflage article by providing images and examples.

New featured pictures

The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries (nominator: Crisco 1492
Shot Down German Hannover CL.IIIa (nominator: Keraunoscopia

New A-Class articles

A surviving Inglis Bridge photographed in 2009
George Patton and Renault tank in France, 1918
A commemoration of Operation Storm in 2011
Alexander Godley (Zawed
This article covers the life of a British Army officer best known for leading New Zealand Forces in World War I. In his nomination statement Zawed commented that while Godley was a capable administrator and trainer "he was definitely not one of the great field commanders of WWI".
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (M) (MisterBee1966
The latest in this long-running series of lists from MisterBee1966, this article covers all the recipients of this medal whose last name starts with "M".
Vojislav Lukačević (Peacemaker67
This article covers the short life of a Serbian Chetnik commander of World War II who collaborated with the German occupation forces and was executed shortly after the end of the war. As part of the nomination statement Peacemaker67 noted that little is known about Lukačević's early life.
23rd Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Kama (2nd Croatian) (Peacemaker67
Also developed by Peacemaker67, this article describes the organisation and short history of the second Waffen SS division to be raised by German forces from Bosnian Muslims during World War II. This division never reached more than brigade size, and was disbanded after its members mutinied in October 1944.
Charles Inglis (engineer) (Dumelow
Inglis was a British civil engineer who developed an innovative bridge design while serving in the British Army during World War I and later became a senior academic at the University of Cambridge. Dumelow is hoping to develop this into the first featured article covering a civil engineer.
George S. Patton (Ed!
This article covers the life and at times controversial career of one of the best-known and most successful American generals of World War II. Ed! is planning on nominating it for featured article status.
Operation Storm (Tomobe03
Another high quality article on Balkan history, this article describes an engagement fought during August 1995 which was the last major battle of the Croatian War of Independence.
Thomas Farrell (general) (Hawkeye7
Part of Hawkeye's huge series of high-quality articles on the World War II-era Manhattan Project, this article covers the life of a high ranking officer involved in the project. When nominating the article Hawkeye commented that he wasn't sure if it made the grade, yet the nomination easily passed.
SMS Schleswig-Holstein (Parsecboy
This article describes the service history of the last of the Imperial German Navy's Deutschland-class battleships. While the ship was obsolete by the time she was commissioned in 1908, she remained in service after World War I and is often credited with firing the first shots of World War II in September 1939.
Enrico Fermi (Hawkeye7
Also part of Hawkeye's work on the Manhattan Project, this article describes the life of one of two men credited as being the "father of the atomic bomb". In the nomination statement Hawkeye noted that Fermi is among the most famous of all scientists.

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