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New Featured Articles

USS Michigan, a South Carolina-class battleship, in 1912
Andrea Doria-class battleship (Parsecboy and Sturmvogel 66
This collaboration between two of our most prolific Featured Article writers describes the characteristics and careers of a class of two Italian dreadnought battleships. The ships entered service during World War I, saw some combat in World War II, and soldiered on in the Italian Navy until 1953.
South Carolina-class battleship (Ed
A welcome return to FAC's ranks for Ed, this article describes the first class of US Navy dreadnoughts. According to Ed's nomination statement, "Congressionally mandated weight restrictions ... were the impetus for some of the class' many innovations, but they also led to their uselessness during the First World War—their comparatively slow speed limited them to convoy escorting and home defense, tasks also assigned to completely obsolete battleships. Their ignominious careers were ended alongside dozens of other warships by the Washington Naval Treaty."

New Featured Lists

The unprotected cruiser SMS Gefion
List of unprotected cruisers of Germany (Parsecboy
This article provides a comprehensive listing of the features of "the handful of unprotected cruisers built by the German Navy in the 1880s-90s". Developing the list to featured status was Parsecboy's last step to prepare a featured topic on the cruisers of Germany.

New Featured Pictures

New A-Class articles

Edward II (third from the left) hunting with Philip IV of France
The Roman west curtain wall of Pevensey Castle
Edward II of England (Hchc2009
In the nomination statement Hchc2009 described Edward II as "one of those English kings whom "everyone knows something about"", and noted that he had "mixed fortunes in war; he did well during the Despenser Wars, fighting an excellent campaign, but on the other hand, when his wife and her lover invaded England in 1326, he put up a pretty miserable defence"
SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse (Parsecboy
Another of Parsecboy's impressive series on German battleships, this article covers the career of a pre-dreadnought that formed part of the frontline fleet for only seven years before being relegated to the reserve force. She saw limited action during the first months of World War I before being converted into a depot ship to free up her crew to serve on more modern warships.
Russian battleship Pobeda (Sturmvogel 66
The second new A-class article on a pre-dreadnought for the month, and another of Sturmvogel 66's series on battleships of the Imperial Russian Navy. Pobeda was one of five Russian battleships captured during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05, having first been sunk by Japanese Army artillery. She subsequently served with the Imperial Japanese Navy, including during the opening months of World War I, before being scrapped in the 1920s.
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (Sa–Schr) (MisterBee1966
This article is the second last entry in MisterBee1966's remarkable series of articles summarising the recipients of Nazi Germany's highest military awards to be nominated for A-class.
James Chadwick (Hawkeye7 and Nobeljeff
This latest entry in the series of early nuclear weapons scientists that Hawkeye7 is working on was jointly developed to A-class with Nobeljeff, and is Jeff's first military history article to reach this status. It provides a biography of a British Nobel Prize in physics recipient who was interned in Germany during World War I and worked on Britain's nuclear program and the Manhattan Project during World War II.
Pevensey Castle (Prioryman
Pevensey Castle in the English county of East Sussex was built in around 290 AD by the Roman military, was subsequently rebuilt into a castle during the medieval period, and remained an active military installation until the 1400s. It was partially reactivated as part of British preparations to repel potential invasions by the Spanish Armada in 1588 and Nazi Germany in 1940, and hosted a US military installation for the last years of World War II.

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