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New Featured Articles

A Vickers Viscount similar to the one shot down during Air Rhodesia Flight 825
Drawing of Fort Rosalie, destroyed in the Natchez revolt of 1729
Air Rhodesia Flight 825 (Cliftonian
This article covers the events surrounding the attack on a Rhodesian civilian airliner during the Rhodesian Bush War. It's the latest in a series of Featured Articles developed by Cliftonian covering key events in the military history of Rhodesia, and passed GA and A-Class reviews along the way.
Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (Hawkeye7
This article describes the United States military agency responsible for those aspects of nuclear weapons remaining under the military after the Manhattan Project was succeeded by the United States Atomic Energy Commission in January 1947. Hawkeye created the article in 2010 and it passed GAN and ACR the following year before patiently awaiting its turn at FAC.
Frank Headlam (Ian Rose
In the nomination statement Ian noted that while Headlam was "not in the first rank of Air Force personalities" he saw "service in three South-East Asian conflicts" and was promoted to two-star level. The article was successfully nominated for GA and A-Class prior to FAC.
Henry III of England (Hchc2009
According to nominator Hchc2009, Henry III was "one of England's longest reigning, but probably least successful, kings. Revolts, retreats, holy relics - his reign had it all". The article passed GAN and ACR before FAC.
James Hogun (Cdtew
Nominator Cdtew has stated that this is the last of the series of articles on American Revolutionary War generals from North Carolina that he's developed. Hogun was one of five Continental Army generals from North Carolina in the American Revolutionary War and died while being held in a British prisoner of war camp. The article went through GAN, PR and ACR before achieving FA.
Jin campaigns against the Song Dynasty (Khanate General
This article describes the series of conflicts between the Jurchen Jin Dynasty (1115–1234) and Chinese Song Dynasty (960–1279). Nominator Khanate General's first FA (following an earlier Featured List), it previously underwent GAN and PR.
McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II (Sp33dyphil
The AV-8B Harrier II is the American version of the second generation of the famous Harrier jump jet. While mainly operated by the United States Marine Corps, small numbers of these aircraft are also flown by the Italian and Spanish navies. In a great example of dedication, the article underwent three ACRs - the last achieving its objective - before being nominated for FAC.
Natchez revolt (Maunus
This article describes the 1729 revolt of the Natchez people against French colonists in North America. In another fine display of dedication, nominator Maunus saw the article through GAN, PR and two failed FACs before reworking it and attaining A-Class and Featured status in the same month.
Russian battleship Retvizan (Sturmvogel 66
This battleship had an eventful career: built in the US for the Imperial Russian Navy; torpedoed, repaired and then sunk during the Russo-Japanese War; raised and repaired by the Japanese to serve with their navy during World War I; and finally coming full circle to support Japanese intervention in the Russian Civil War. The article passed GAN and ACR before achieving FA.

New Featured Lists

List of light cruisers of Germany (Parsecboy
This list provides a summary of the features and service histories of the large number of light cruisers operated or designed for the various German navies between the 1890s and 1940s. The article passed through GA and A-Class nominations before being nominated for FL status, and Parsecboy noted in the nomination statement that it forms the capstone of a featured topic covering German light cruisers.

New Featured Pictures

An Afghan National Army soldier firing an RPG-7 in 2013 (nominator: Brandmeister
Civilians watching elements of the 2nd Armored Division pass through the Arc du Triomphe on August 26, 1944 (nominator: Yerevantsi

New A-Class articles

Painting of Æthelstan with Saint John of Beverley
A 16th Century painting of Æthelstan with Saint John of Beverley
Æthelstan (Dudley Miles
Dudley's first A-Class nomination is a biography of the King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924 to 927 and King of the English from 927 to 939. As well as expanding his domains in the modern day United Kingdom through a series of military campaigns, Æthelstan also intervened in European continental politics.
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Hawkeye7
This article covers what may be the best-known military actions of all time, and has been assessed as one of Wikipedia's vital articles. Hawkeye developed the article as part of his long-running series on the Manhattan Project.
Bijeljina massacre (PRODUCER
The Bijeljina massacre was committed against Bosnian Muslims by Chetnik and Serb Volunteer Guard forces on 1–2 April 1992 during the Bosnian War. While between 48 and 1000 people were killed, no-one had been prosecuted for the murders as of October 2013. This is one of a series of articles on the fighting in the former Yugoslavia to have been developed by PRODUCER.
Elwyn Roy King (Ian Rose
Ian decided to develop this article on the second-highest scoring ace of the Australian Flying Corps to A-Class by making use of additional sources that have become available in the lead-up to the centenary of World War I. Credited with 26 victories during the war, King was a successful commercial pilot and businessman during the 1920s and 30s and died suddenly while serving in the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II.
Japanese aircraft carrier Sōryū (Sturmvogel 66
Sōryū was the third fleet carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy and participated in the Second Sino-Japanese War and the early stages of the Pacific War before being sunk during the Battle of Midway. Sturmvogel 66 stated that he took the comments he has received for earlier A- and FA-Class nominations of articles covering Japanese aircraft carriers into account when developing this article.
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (Ba–Bm) (MisterBee1966)
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (Bn–Bz) (MisterBee1966
Forming part of MisterBee's very long running series, these two articles provide a summary of all the recipients of Nazi Germany's highest military award whose last name begins with "B". In the nomination statement MisterBee noted that "unique to this list is the fact that this list had to be split because of size".
Natchez revolt (Maunus)
SMS Mecklenburg (Parsecboy
Mecklenburg was a German pre-dreadnought battleship which had a fairly uneventful service history between 1903 and 1920. Unusually, the battleship was used as a floating prison from 1916 until early 1918.
SMS Schwaben (Parsecboy
This article covers one of Mecklenburg's sister ships, which was used as a guard and training ship during World War I. Following the war she served as a depot ship for minesweepers before being scrapped. Parsecboy noted in the nomination statement that he hadn't intended to develop any further articles on German battleships, but did so after he received a copy of the book Die Deutschen Kriegsschiffe from MisterBee.

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