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Featured articles

Charles I of England, from the studio of Anthony van Dyck, 1636
Charles I of England (DrKiernan
This article on the king who lost his head following the English Civil War was a Featured Article from 2004 until 2007, when it was demoted after a review. DrKiernan, one of Wikipedia's most experienced biographers of British royalty, has now guided it to regaining its previous status.
Japanese battleship Asahi (Sturmvogel 66
Another of Sturmvogel's high-quality articles on Japanese warships, this article covers a pre-dreadnought battleship that saw combat in the Russo-Japanese War and played a small role in the Japanese occupation of Siberia in 1918. She was converted to a repair ship after being retired from active service and was sunk by an American submarine in May 1942. The article passed GA and A-Class reviews prior to achieving Featured status.
Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūjō (Sturmvogel 66
In his nomination statement Sturmvogel described the subject of this article as being "another attempt by the Imperial Japanese Navy to squeeze a quart into a pint-sized pot during the 1930s by adding more weapons and aircraft than could be safely borne by the hull". After a troublesome early career in the 1930s, the carrier provided useful service during the invasion of China and the early months of the Pacific War, but was sunk in August 1942 during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. Sturmvogel took the article through GAN, ACR and FAC in short order, from September through December.
SMS Schleswig-Holstein (Parsecboy
This article describes the service history of the last of the Imperial German Navy's Deutschland-class battleships. While Schleswig-Holstein was obsolete by the time she was commissioned in 1908, she remained in service after World War I and is often credited with firing the first shots of World War II in September 1939. The article passed GA and A-Class reviews prior to achieving Featured status.

Featured lists

List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (C) (MisterBee1966
This comprehensive list of the 82 Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS soldiers whose last name starts with "C" who were awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross forms part of a long running series of articles by MisterBee1966. The list passed an A-class review in April 2013, and was promoted to featured status on its second attempt.

Featured pictures

The fortress of Guaita, the oldest and most famous of the The Three Towers of San Marino (nominator: Tomer T

A-Class articles

Paul Tibbets in 2003
Audie Murphy honors and awards (Maile66
This is second of three articles on the most decorated US soldier of World War II that Maile66 is planning to develop, and covers the huge number of military and civilian decorations presented to Audie Murphy during his life, as well as the many posthumous tributes he received.
HMS Iron Duke (1912) (Parsecboy
Iron Duke was one of the most famous British battleships of World War I, serving as the flagship of the Grand Fleet for much of the conflict. She also gave useful service in the humble role of a base ship during World War II before being scrapped. In his nomination statement Parsecboy indicated that this was the first in a series of articles on British battleships he's planning to develop.
Johann Mickl (Peacemaker67
The latest in Peacemaker's run of articles on World War II in the Balkans, this biography focuses on a German general who was killed while leading a Croatian division in April 1945.
List of World War I aces credited with 5 victories (Georgejdorner
This article presents a comprehensive list of the large number of airmen who were credited with exactly five victories during World War I. The lead section of the article was based on that developed for the featured list List of World War I aces credited with 20 or more victories.
No. 34 Squadron RAAF (Ian Rose
No. 34 Squadron is a Royal Australian Air Force unit raised for standard transport duties during World War II, subsequently re-formed to support weapons testing, and then re-raised in its current role of providing VIP transport. This is another of Ian's high-quality RAAF articles, and in the nomination statement he noted that he had expanded the article after becoming "happily caught up in the convoluted history and inside dope of this unit".
Paul Tibbets (Hawkeye7
A biography of one of the most famous airmen of all time, this article on the man who commanded plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and led the 509th Composite Group forms part of Hawkeye's series of articles on the early history of the American nuclear weapons program.
Russian battleship Retvizan (Sturmvogel 66
This battleship had an eventful career to say the least: built in the US for the Imperial Russian Navy; torpedoed, repaired and then sunk during the Russo-Japanese War; raised and repaired by the Japanese and serving with their navy during World War I; and finally coming full circle, as it were, to support Japanese intervention in the Russian Civil War.
Vitalian (general) (Constantine
Vitalian was a general of the Byzantine Empire who rebelled against the emperor, became a consul under his successor, and was finally murdered, most likely by the successor's heir-apparent who saw Vitalian as a potential threat. Nominator Constantine notes that the article passed GA in 2010 and was "expanded by a helpful IP editor in 2012 with info on Vitalian's ethnic background".
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