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New featured articles

Miniature of Henry I of England from Matthew Paris's Historia Anglorum
McDonnell Douglas A-4G Skyhawk landing on HMAS Melbourne in 1980
Allan Walters (Ian Rose
Ian's first Featured Article in almost a year, focusing on a Duntroon graduate who joined the RAAF in 1928, became a top aerobatics pilot, led a fighter wing into combat during World War II at the age of 37, and twice missed out on becoming Chief of the Air Staff before his retirement in 1962.
Charles Inglis (engineer) (Dumelow
Inglis was a British civil engineer who developed an innovative bridge design while serving in the British Army during World War I and later became a senior academic at the University of Cambridge. We understand this to be the first Featured Article on a civil engineer.
Conte di Cavour-class battleship (Sturmvogel 66
Part of Sturmvogel's long-running series of warship articles, covering the careers of an ill-fated class of three Italian battleships. One was destroyed by a magazine explosion in 1916 and another badly damaged during the British raid on Taranto in 1940; the surviving ship was transferred to the Soviet Navy following Italy's surrender in 1943 and sank in 1955 after being struck by a mine in her home port.
Henry I of England (Hchc2009
Henry I was the ruler of England from 1100 to 1135 and fought several wars during his lengthy time on the throne. He was a stern ruler, and a recent historian has described Henry as being "in many respects highly unpleasant".
James Moore (Continental Army officer) (Cdtew
This is the biography of a little-known North Carolina general of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War.
Japanese battleship Musashi (Sturmvogel 66 and Dank
One of the largest and most powerful battleships ever built, Musashi was sunk by American aircraft during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944. Co-nominator Sturmvogel took the article through A-Class four years ago, but teamed up with Dank to "thoroughly overhaul" it prior to FAC.
McDonnell Douglas A-4G Skyhawk (Nick-D
Covering the Australian-specific variant of the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, this article discusses the features of the type's design and their service with the Royal Australian Navy and Royal New Zealand Air Force.
Paul Kagame {Amakuru
Kagame is the sixth and current President of Rwanda, having previously commanded the rebel force that ended the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and served as Vice President and Minister of Defence. The article recently featured on Wikipedia's front page.
SMS Oldenburg (Parsecboy
This article covers the career of the second vessel of the Helgoland class of battleships of the German Imperial Navy, which was operational from 1912 to 1919.
SMS Thüringen (Parsecboy
In nominator Parsecboy's own words, "Yet another one, this ship saw heavy action at Jutland and blew up HMS Black Prince at very close range in some ferocious night fighting".
Walter Krueger (Hawkeye7
Another in Hawkeye's series on commanders in the South West Pacific Area of World War II, this is the story of a German immigrant who became the first man to rise from private to four-star general in the United States Army.

New featured lists

Timeline of the Manhattan Project (Hawkeye7
Another of Hawkeye's articles on the project to develop the first nuclear weapons, this list provides a detailed timeline of the key developments in the history of the Manhattan Project and its related organisations.

New featured pictures

The Boeing YAL-1 in flight with the mirror to its laser exposed (nominator: Cowtowner
Blackness Castle (nominator: Nev1

New A-Class articles

Flight Lieutenant Ian Smith in 1943
HMS Warrior in 2009
A Croatian mine awareness billboard
USS Kentucky (BB-6) (Inkbug
This article covers one of the US Navy's pre-dreadnought battleships. The ship featured an unusual "double turret" armament, and had a lengthy but uneventful service history.
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III in Australian service (Nick-D
Forming part of the current series of articles on Australian military aircraft, the article covers the aquisition and service history of the Royal Australian Air Force's six Globemaster transports.
Military service of Ian Smith (Cliftonian
This innovative article covers the service of the future Rhodesian prime minister as a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force during World War II. In the nomination statement Cliftonian noted that "knowing about his wartime experiences helps one to fully understand his mindset as Rhodesian prime minister during the 1960s and 1970s".
No. 78 Wing RAAF (Ian Rose
Ian continued his series of articles on Royal Australian Air Force wings during June. This article covers the history of a wing which operated fighter aircraft during World War II and the Cold War, and is now responsible for training pilots to operate fast jet aircraft.
No. 84 Wing RAAF (Ian Rose
The second of Ian's three new A-class articles for June, this article describes a RAAF wing which began life in the army support role during World War II and is now responsible for VIP and medium-range transport operations.
SMS Pommern (Parsecboy
Another of Parsecboy's fine article on battleships, this article covers the short history of the only battleship to be lost during the Battle of Jutland. Tragically, her entire crew of 839 officers and enlisted men died in the battle.
Stanislaw Ulam (Hawkeye7 and Deer*lake
In the nomination statement Hawkeye noted that this is "another Polish ACR". It is also one of many high-quality recent articles on the development of nuclear weapons and Deer*lake's first A-class article.
Lockheed C-130 Hercules in Australian service (Ian Rose and Nick-D
A co-nomination by both the editors of The Bugle, the article covers the lengthy and highly successful service of Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft in the Royal Australian Air Force.
Helmuth Raithel (Peacemaker67
This article discusses the life of a senior German Waffen-SS officer who saw combat in the Greece, Finland, the Balkans and Germany during World War II.
William George Malone (Zawed
Malone was a New Zealand Army officer who was killed leading his battalion during the famous Battle of Chunuk Bair in 1915. This is the most recent in Zawed's series of high quality articles on New Zealand Army officers of the world wars.
HMS Warrior (1860) (Sturmvogel 66
One of the best-known ships to serve with the Royal Navy, Warrior was the first-ever iron-hulled armored warship, and is superbly preserved as a museum ship in Portsmouth.
Minefields in Croatia (Tomobe03
Another innovative article, this article discusses the 683.4 square kilometres of minefields which were laid in Croatia during the Croatian War of Independence. As of April 2013 a total of 509 people had been killed and 1,466 injured by these land mines.
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (R) (MisterBee1966
Another of MisterBee1966's long running series of articles, this article provides a comprehensive list of all the people awarded the German Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross whose last name begins with "R"
Tadeusz Kościuszko (Piotrus
Kościuszko is a national hero of Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and the United States as a result of his roles in the Polish uprising against Russia and in the American Revolution. The tallest mountain in Australia was also named in his honour. In the nomination statement, Piotrus noted that the article is "probably the most high visibility of my recent milhist projects"
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