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Featured articles

Fighter ace Bobby Gibbes
Bobby Gibbes (Ian Rose
Another of Ian's articles on members of the Royal Australian Air Force, Gibbes was one of the best-known Australian fighter aces of World War II, and the longest-serving wartime commanding officer of No. 3 Squadron RAAF. Created in 2007, this article passed GA and A-Class reviews on its way to FA.
D-Day naval deceptions (ErrantX
This innovative article describes the naval deception operations undertaken by the Allies to confuse the Germans prior to the D-Day landings in June 1944. It forms part of a series of high-quality articles on World War II deceptions to be developed by Errant, and passed GA and A-Class reviews before being nominated for FA.
George S. Patton (Ed!
This article covers the life and controversial career of one of the best-known and most successful American generals of World War II. It passed GA and A-Class reviews prior to its FAC nomination.
No. 38 Squadron RAAF (Nick-D
This unit has the longest period of continual operation of any of the service's flying squadrons, and operated the remarkable de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou tactical transport for 45 of its 70 years of service. Nick took the article through GA and A-Class reviews prior to its successful FAC.
Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI (Crisco 1492
Nominator Crisco noted that this propaganda piece on the rise and fall of the 30 September Movement was "compulsory viewing for much of the 80s and 90s, and broadcast yearly on Indonesian TV channels to, shall we say, remind the populace why the New Order and President Suharto were truly for the nation".
SMS Posen (Parsecboy
Parsecboy described this as "the final German dreadnought to appear at FAC" and thus "the end of an era of sorts". Since 2010 it has passed GA and A-Class reviews on its way to FA.
Southern Rhodesia in World War I (Cliftonian
Another in Cliftonian's series on Rhodesian military and political history, this article notes how participation in World War I influenced the UK government's decision to grant self-government to the colony, yet how little this participation remains in the cultural memory of modern Zimbabwe.
Stanley Bruce (Unus Multorum
This article on the eighth Prime Minister of Australia, who had served as a soldier at Gallipoli, marks nominator Unus Multorum's first Featured Article, and we congratulate him on the achievement.
Whaam! (TonyTheTiger
This is one of the articles in Tony's series on the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein, many of which feature war themes.

Featured lists

Timeline of the Jurchen campaigns against the Song Dynasty (Typing General
This article provides a timeline of the main developments in the Jurchen campaigns against the Song Dynasty, which were fought between 1125 and 1234.

A-Class articles

Wing Commander Gordon Steege (centre) with two other RAAF officers in Korea during 1951
Italian battleship Roma in 1940
Werner Voss' Fokker Triplane
373rd (Croatian) Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) (Peacemaker67
The latest in Peacemaker67's series of articles on German military units of World War II which were raised in the Balkans, this article covers the history of a division which was raised for combat on Eastern Front but employed in anti-partisan operations in the former Yugoslavia instead.
Frank Headlam (Ian Rose
In the nomination statement Ian noted that while Headlam was "not in the first rank of Air Force personalities" he saw "service in three South-East Asian conflicts" and was promoted to two-star level.
Frank Worsley (Zawed
Zawed introduced the subject of this article by noting that "Frank Worsley was a merchant seaman, a sailor, a polar explorer alongside Ernest Shackleton, a lecturer and he did a bit of treasure hunting on the side". If that's not enough, Worsley also achieved one of the few Q ship victories against a German submarine, won the Distinguished Service Order for transporting supplies to forces fighting the Bolsheviks and repeatedly attempted to volunteer for service in World War II despite being in his late 60s at the time.
Gordon Steege (Ian Rose
Another of Ian's biographies of RAAF personalities, this article covers the life of an "Australian fighter ace and squadron commander of the North African campaign during WWII, who subsequently rose to lead two wings in the South West Pacific" as well as fighter squadron in the Korean War. The article passed a GA review in 2010, and Ian further developed it to A-class following Steege's recent death.
Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano (Sturmvogel 66
Initially intended as the third of the Yamato-class battleships, Shinano was instead built as an aircraft carrier. She was torpedoed by an American submarine nine days after being commissioned and before she was completed, and remains the "largest warship ever sunk".
List of battleships of Italy (Parsecboy
This article provides a comprehensive listing of the battleships built or designed for the Italian Navy. The development of the article formed one of the last stages in completing the Italian section of Wikipedia's "Operation Majestic Titan".
List of Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipients (W) (MisterBee1966
The latest in MisterBee1966's long running series on this topic, this article lists all 446 recipients of Nazi Germany's highest military awards whose last name began with "W".
No. 36 Squadron RAAF (Ian Rose
Ian developed this article as a follow up to his work on No. 33 Squadron RAAF, and it covers one of the main units in the RAAF's air transport force.
Operation Tungsten (Nick-D
This article covers a large, but only partially successful, British carrier airstrike on the German battleship Tirpitz during World War II. Nick redeveloped the article between January and August, and it represents a significant change from his recent focus on Australian military aviation!
Werner Voss (Georgejdorner‎
Voss was a Germany flying ace of World War I who downed as many as 48 aircraft before being shot down and killed in one of the most famous aerial engagements of the war. As part of the article's development George increased its length by 50% over an eight day period.
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