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From the editors

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Hello Bugle readers! As you may know, the annual coordinator elections have successfully concluded. Adamdaley, Buggie111, EyeSerene, Hawkeye7, Hchc2009, HJ Mitchell, Ian Rose, MisterBee1966, Nick-D, Nikkimaria, Sp33dyphil, Sturmvogel 66, and The ed17 have all been elected to serve until September 2012. In an exciting contest, Dank received the most votes and earned the position of lead coordinator.

We extend a special greeting to our first-time coords – Adamdaley, Buggie111, Hawkeye7, Hchc2009, HJ Mitchell, Nikkimaria, and Sp33dyphil – and welcome back to the fold two old hands (who should know better!), MisterBee1966 and Nick-D. Kirill Lokshin and Roger Davies continue in their roles as coordinators emeritus.

Grateful thanks to our outgoing lead coordinator, Parsecboy, who decided not to stand for election this year, and to AustralianRupert, Cam, Dana Boomer, Joe N, MBK004, Ranger Steve, Shimgray, TomStar81, and Woody, who also retired from coord duties (at least for now). Congratulations to Dank and all the new team, and cheers to everyone who took part in the election, whether standing or voting.

In other news, September was a bumper month for awards, a list of which may be found below. Elsewhere in this issue you'll find the usual vignettes of articles promoted to A-Class and FA-Class during the month, and book reviews from Nick-D and myself on two aspects of Australian military aviation, a double header that will surely do nothing to allay fears expressed during the coord elections of an antipodean takeover of this project... ;-)

Lastly, and most importantly, I commend to you Buggie111's editorial on WikiLife and WikiDeath, made all the more poignant by the recent passing of US Marine and fellow project member Bahamut0013, which touched us all.

On behalf of the XI coordinator tranche, your guest editor, Ian Rose.

Awards and honours

  • The WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves has been awarded to:
    • Bahamut0013: In recognition of his contributions to military history and our project (Posthumous)
    • Nikkimaria: In recognition of her dedicated, thorough, and good-humoured work as a delegate for the featured article review process and as a regular and conscientious reviewer of large numbers of Military history-related featured article candidates
    • SandyGeorgia: In recognition of her continued contributions to the effectiveness of the featured article process (Second award)
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Contest department

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  • The contest department has completed its fifty-second month of competition. A total of 43 articles were submitted by six editors. Parsecboy came first with 86 points from 17 entries, followed by Sturmvogel 66 with 70 points from 12 entries. They receive the Chevrons and the Writer's Barnstar, respectively. Honourable mentions go to Djmaschek and Ian Rose, equal third with 30 points each. Oldwildbill and LeonidasSpartan also fielded entries. Please submit any articles you are working on for the October contest now.