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New featured articles

Scene from the Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings and death of King Harold
Kaga, planned as a Tosa-class battleship, after her reconstruction as an aircraft carrier
Battle of Hastings (Ealdgyth
Nominator Ealdgyth continues her series on the Norman conquest with this article on the decisive battle that resulted in the Normans taking control of England.
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III in Australian service (Nick-D
Forming part of a series on modern Australian military aircraft, this article covers the acquisition and service history of the Royal Australian Air Force's six Globemaster transports. The article passed GA and A-Class reviews before being nominated for FA.
Burger's Daughter (Bruce1ee
Nominator Bruce1ee's first-ever FA, this article focuses on an historical novel about white anti-apartheid activists in South Africa. It underwent GAN and Peer Review before being nominated at FAC.
HMS Warrior (1860) (Sturmvogel 66
One of the best-known ships to serve with the Royal Navy, Warrior was the first-ever iron-hulled armored warship, and is superbly preserved as a museum ship in Portsmouth. Having earlier passed GA and A-Class reviews, the article underwent a long and challenging FA nomination before emerging with the bronze star.
No. 2 Operational Conversion Unit RAAF (Ian Rose
This article describes the history and current role of the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF's) jet fighter training unit. Formed in World War II, it was disbanded following the end of hostilities but reformed when the Korean War revealed serious problems with the combat readiness of Australian fighter pilots. The article passed GA and A-Class reviews before being nominated for FA.
Peasants' Revolt (Hchc2009
In the nomination statement Hchc2009 described the subject as "a turning point in English history, complete with a cast of thousands, dramatic events, bureaucratic incompetence and revenge". The revolt was a major uprising across large parts of England in 1381 which ended in the deaths of at least 1,500 people, including many of the rebel leaders. The article passed GA and A-Class reviews before being nominated for FA.
Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (Cliftonian
In his nomination statement, Cliftonian noted that "The white government ministers who signed it saw themselves as emulating the Americans' Continental Congress in Philadelphia; most of the world, however, saw the Rhodesian UDI as a dreadful, racist, illegal parody of 1776... Whatever one's opinion on the Rhodesians' motivations, to paraphrase a journalist of the time, one must acknowledge the guts this tiny and obscure country had to pit itself against almost the entire world."
Robert Howe (Continental Army officer) (Cdtew
In Cdtew's words, this article covers the life of "a relatively controversial commander, a failed tactician, a duelist, and possibly an attempted spy for the British" during the American War of Independence. It passed GA and A-Class reviews before being nominated for FA.
Tosa-class battleship (Sturmvogel 66, Parsecboy and The ed17
While this class of two Japanese battleships was cancelled before completion, one of the hulls was completed as the aircraft carrier Kaga and participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the first air raids on Darwin, Australia, before being sunk at the Battle of Midway in 1942. The article underwent GA and A-Class reviews in 2009, but was significantly reworked before nominating for FA.

New featured lists

Painting of SMS Hagen in 1902
List of coastal defense ships of Germany (Parsecboy
This article covers the series of coastal defense ships built by Germany in the 1880s to 1890s. The construction of these eight ships in the late 1800s formed part of a short-lived move away from building up Germany's ocean-going fleet in the decades before World War I.

New featured pictures

Proster for an American production of Franz von Suppé's comic opera Fatinitza (nominator: Adam Cuerden
A British World War I recruitment poster featuring the imagery of Saint George and the Dragon (nominator: Adam Cuerden
Map of the Battle of the Somme (nominator: Grandiose
Official portrait of Admiral Michael G. Mullen, the 17th Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff (nominator Nikhil

New A-Class articles

Australian 15th Battalion veterans march through Brisbane on Anzac Day 1954
Casimir Pulaski at Częstochowa
The Jethro Sumner Monument at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
15th Battalion (Australia) (AustralianRupert
The 15th Battalion was an Australian Army unit which saw heavy combat in Gallipoli and France during World War I, and less intensive fighting in the difficult terrain and climate of the islands north of Australia during World War II. The article discusses the unit's history in detail, and is an excellent example of the types of articles which can be developed on Australian infantry units of the World Wars.
24th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Karstjäger (Peacemaker67
Another of Peacemaker's long-running series of high quality articles on German units that saw combat in the Balkans during World War II, this article covers the history of a formation which was originally raised as a company and later expanded to a nominal division while never being more than brigade sized.
Axis order of battle for the invasion of Yugoslavia (Peacemaker67
This order of battle provides a comprehensive list of the German, Italian and Hungarian forces involved in the April 1941 invasion of Yugoslavia.
Bobby Gibbes (Ian Rose
Another of Ian's articles on members of the Royal Australian Air Force, Gibbes was one of the leading Australian fighter aces of World War II, and the longest-serving wartime commanding officer of No. 3 Squadron RAAF. Ian has slowly developed the article since starting it in 2007, and noted Gibbes' colourful career in the nomination statement.
Casimir Pulaski (Piotrus
Pulaski was a Polish nobleman, soldier and military commander who has been called "the father of the American cavalry". Piotrus nominated this article for A-class status as a follow up to developing the Tadeusz Kościuszko article to this status.
James Hogun (Cdtew
In the nomination, Cdtew stated that this is the last of the series of articles on American Revolutionary War generals from North Carolina they have developed to A-class status. Hogun was one of five Continental Army generals from North Carolina in the American Revolutionary War and died while being held in a British prisoner of war camp.
Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryū (Sturmvogel 66
This article covers the service history of a Japanese aircraft carrier which saw extensive service in the first months of the Pacific War before being sunk at the Battle of Midway.
Jethro Sumner (Cdtew
The second-last of Cdtew's articles on generals from North Carolina, this article covers the life and military service of an officer who served with distinction in the battles of Stono Ferry and Eutaw Springs but was sidelined for periods of the Revolutionary War due to poor health.
Operation Copperhead (ErrantX
Operation Copperhead was an unusual Allied deception plan of World War II. It's hard to better ErrantX's summary of the plan as "A drunk Australian actor parades through Gibraltar and North Africa pretending to be Montgomery"!
Yugoslav order of battle for the invasion of Yugoslavia (Peacemaker67
The converse to the order of battle noted earlier, this article lists all the Yugoslav forces active at the time of the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia. The article uses colour coding to indicate the combat readiness of the Army formations during the fighting.
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