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The Military history WikiProject Newsletter
Issue XXVII (May 2008)
Project news
  • Editors needed for Tag & Assess 2008. To coincide with the summer holidays, it will be gearing up from 15 June. As usual, barnstars galore!
  • Partner peer reviews: for a thirty-day trial period, we'll be running joint peer reviews with Wikiproject Video Games. The idea is simple: we help with their reviews; they help with ours. This way both wikiprojects benefit from new reviewers and new ideas!
  • We're notable: A new book, Simon Fowler's 2007 Guide to Military History on the Internet (UK:Pen & Sword, ISBN 9781844156061) rates Wikipedia as "the best general resource" for military research (p. 7). Of the military pages, he says: "The results are largely accurate and generally free of bias" (he also suggests people join the wikiproject). When rating WP as the No. 1 military site (p. 201) he says "Wikipedia is often criticised for its inaccuracy and bias, but in my experience the military history articles are spot on."
  • A-Class reviews: the usual four-day review period may now be extended by up to three days (ie seven days in total) in the following circumstances:
  1. the article has no opposes but has insufficient support for promotion or
  2. the article's nominator requests more time to resolve matters arising during the review.
The full text is here.
Articles of note

New featured articles:

  1. Battle of Tassafaronga
  2. Funerary Monument to Sir John Hawkwood
  3. HMS Cardiff (D108)
  4. Krulak Mendenhall mission
  5. Le Quang Tung
  6. Operation Passage to Freedom
  7. Paul Nobuo Tatsuguchi

New featured lists:

  1. List of German World War II jet aces
  2. List of Texan survivors of the Battle of the Alamo
  3. List of Victoria Cross recipients of the Royal Navy
  4. List of Victoria Cross recipients of the Indian Army

New A-Class articles:

  1. Battle of the Kalka River
  2. Battle of Verrières Ridge
  3. Brian Horrocks
  4. Byzantine navy
  5. Erich Hartmann
  6. Montana class battleship
Current proposals and discussions
  • A discussion has been opened into the structuring of top level operational categories, starting with Category:World War II. All interested editors are invited to help establish a consensus.
Awards and honors

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