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The Military history WikiProject Newsletter
Issue XX (October 2007)
Project news
Articles of note

New featured articles:

  1. Arrest and assassination of Ngô Đình Diệm
  2. BAE Systems
  3. Battle of Barrosa
  4. Prince Louis of Battenberg
  5. Second Ostend Raid
  6. Thomas C. Hindman

New A-Class articles:

  1. Alexandru Averescu
  2. Battle of Dyrrhachium (1081)
  3. Fort Jackson (Virginia)
  4. Richard Williams (RAAF officer)
  5. Tet Offensive
  6. Wallachian Revolution of 1848
Current proposals and discussions
Awards and honors
  • JKBrooks85 has been awarded the WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves in recognition of his diligent efforts to improve our coverage of fortifications in the American Civil War, and, in particular, his creation of a substantial number of A-Class articles.
  • Tony the Marine has been awarded the WikiChevrons with Oak Leaves in recognition of his considerable efforts in raising Puerto Rican- and Hispanic-related military history articles to featured status.

What is Tag & Assess MMVII? We'd better explain. A month or so back, we ran a script to list all the articles in categories related to military history. This gave us about 165,000 articles. Some of these are already tagged and assessed as military history; some are military history but not yet tagged and assessed; some are not military history articles at all. This huge project — working thorough 165,000 articles — is called Tag & Assess 2007. To make it manageable, the list has been broken down into 330 ranges each of 500 articles. This is where you can help.

Just... adopt-a-range from the available worklists then keep track of your tally on participants' list. The tagging is easy, just follow the simple instructions. Afterwards, as our way of thanking you, you'll be presented with service awards and barnstars based on the number of articles you process. Remember... the ranges are broken down into sub-sections of ten articles, so you work through them at twenty or thirty articles a day if you wish. To make Tag & Assess 2007 a success, we need your help. Please sign up now. Thanks.

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