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The Military history WikiProject Newsletter
Issue XXXI (September 2008)
Project news
Articles of note

New featured articles:

  1. AMX-30E
  2. Battle of Goliad
  3. Guadalcanal Campaign
  4. Harry Murray
  5. Morotai Mutiny
  6. Phan Xich Long

New featured lists:

  1. List of Indian Mutiny Victoria Cross recipients
  2. List of Zulu War Victoria Cross recipients‎

New featured topics:

  1. Guadalcanal Campaign

New A-Class articles:

  1. 2nd Canadian Infantry Division
  2. Air Combat Group RAAF
  3. Battle of Berlin
  4. Blair Anderson Wark
  5. Late Roman army
  6. Operation Lüttich
  7. SMS Von der Tann
  8. SS Minnesotan
  9. SS Montanan
  10. SS Ohioan (1914)
  11. SS Panaman
  12. SS Washingtonian
  13. USS Iowa (BB-61)
  14. USS West Bridge (ID-2888)
Current proposals and discussions
  • The W1.0 Editorial Team have selected 1133 Military history articles for inclusion in the W0.7 test release. For convenience, these are broken by task force and you'll find a list on each task force headed "Wikipedia 0.7 articles have been selected for [task force name]" on the task force talk page. You may nominate extra articles for inclusion or existing ones for removal. If you can improve any of the articles on the list, by adding references, or copy-editing, or cleaning up generally, please do so.
  • A new discussion has started about naming articles on Soviet WWII operations. All contributions are welcome as we hope to resolve this longstanding issue once and for all.
  • The debate over whether Milhist should adopt C-Class is continuing. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
Awards and honors

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