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Please list requests for article creation here:


  • Phosphate mining
  • Shaft (Mining) as supposed to Shaft (Civil Engineering) at the moment the same page has to do double duty for shaft sinking (ie. the construction activity) and shaft (mining) (ie. the thing).
  • Mine safety - a summary-style article giving an overview of the various topics of mine safety, hazards, mine rescue, etc. There are a bunch of topics and articles, a topic category, and a section in the main mining article, but nothing to tie the smaller topics together.

Coal Town/Camp[edit]

Need to create a coal town article that states what a basic coal town is. Current article redirects to company town, which coal towns or camps could be a subset of BUT, do not fit the definitionCoal town guy (talk) 21:01, 16 July 2012 (UTC)


Individual mines[edit]

yellow tickY Half done

Lists of mines[edit]

Mining Companies[edit]

Mining methods[edit]



Organizations and Institutions[edit]