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This list of high schools and cities is part of WikiProject Missing Articles.

  1. Heritage SchoolFredericksburg, Texas
  2. Abilene Christian High SchoolAbilene, Texas
  3. Patton Springs SchoolAfton, Texas
  4. Alpine High SchoolAlpine, Texas
  5. Rice High School (Altair, Texas)Altair, Texas
  6. Alvarado High SchoolAlvarado, Texas
  7. Alvord High SchoolAlvord, Texas
  8. Alamo Catholic High SchoolAmarillo, Texas
  9. River Road High SchoolAmarillo, Texas
  10. Anthony High SchoolAnthony, Texas
  11. Christ Community Christian SchoolAustin, Texas
  12. Crockett High SchoolAustin, Texas
  13. Garza Independence High SchoolAustin, Texas
  14. Azle High SchoolAzle, Texas
  15. Banquete High SchoolBanquete, Texas
  16. Nueces Canyon High SchoolBarksdale, Texas
  17. Beaumont Christian High SchoolBeaumont, Texas
  18. Cathedral Christain High SchoolBeaumont, Texas
  19. Central Medical Magnet High SchoolBeaumont, Texas
  20. Monsignor Kelly High SchoolBeaumont, Texas
  21. Ozen High SchoolBeaumont, Texas
  22. Beckville High SchoolBeckville, Texas
  23. Bellevue High School (Texas)Bellevue, Texas
  24. Bells High SchoolBells, Texas
  25. Reagan High School (Big Lake, Texas)Big Lake, Texas
  26. Big Spring Special EducationBig Spring, Texas
  27. Bishop High SchoolBishop, Texas
  28. Blackwell High SchoolBlackwell, Texas
  29. Bloomington High School (Texas)Bloomington, Texas
  30. Boling High SchoolBoling, Texas
  31. Bonham High SchoolBonham, Texas
  32. Borger High SchoolBorger, Texas
  33. Bowie High School (Bowie, Texas)Bowie, Texas
  34. Brackett High SchoolBrackettville, Texas
  35. Bremond High SchoolBremond, Texas
  36. Bridge City High SchoolBridge City, Texas
  37. Pace High School (Texas)Brownsville, Texas
  38. Buffalo High School (Texas)Buffalo, Texas
  39. Bullard High School (Texas)Bullard, Texas
  40. Burkeville Junior-Senior High SchoolBurkeville, Texas
  41. Burton High SchoolBurton, Texas
  42. Canadian High SchoolCanadian, Texas
  43. Medina Valley High SchoolCastroville, Texas
  44. Center High SchoolCenter, Texas
  45. Center Point High SchoolCenter Point, Texas
  46. Centerville Junior-Senior High SchoolCenterville, Texas
  47. Channelview High SchoolChannelview, Texas
  48. Chester High School (Texas)Chester, Texas
  49. Chico High School (Texas)Chico, Texas
  50. Christoval High SchoolChristoval, Texas
  51. Cleburne High SchoolCleburne, Texas
  52. Tarkington High SchoolCleveland, Texas
  53. Alternative ProgramCollege Station, Texas
  54. Colmesneil High SchoolColmesneil, Texas
  55. Colorado High SchoolColorado City, Texas
  56. Comfort High SchoolComfort, Texas
  57. Como-Pickton High SchoolComo, Texas
  58. Covenant Christian SchoolConroe, Texas
  59. Lifestyle Christian SchoolConroe, Texas
  60. Copperas Cove High SchoolCopperas Cove, Texas
  61. Carroll High School (Corpus Christi, Texas)Corpus Christi, Texas
  62. Corpus Christi AcademyCorpus Christi, Texas
  63. King High School (Corpus Christi, Texas)Corpus Christi, Texas
  64. Corrigan-Camden High SchoolCorrigan, Texas
  65. Corsicana High SchoolCorsicana, Texas
  66. Cotulla High SchoolCotulla, Texas
  67. Covington SchoolCovington, Texas
  68. Crosbyton High SchoolCrosbyton, Texas
  69. Cross Plains High SchoolCross Plains, Texas
  70. Crowley High SchoolCrowley, Texas
  71. Crystal City High SchoolCrystal City, Texas
  72. Cushing High SchoolCushing, Texas
  73. Bending Oaks High SchoolDallas, Texas
  74. Business and Management CenterDallas, Texas
  75. Carter High SchoolDallas, Texas
  76. Education and Social Services MagnetDallas, Texas
  77. Law Magnet High SchoolDallas, Texas
  78. Middle College High School (Dallas)Dallas, Texas
  79. Roosevelt High School (Dallas, Texas)Dallas, Texas
  80. Walden Preparatory SchoolDallas, Texas
  81. Dawson High SchoolDawson, Texas
  82. De Leon High SchoolDe Leon, Texas
  83. DeKalb High School (Texas)DeKalb, Texas
  84. Del Rio High SchoolDel Rio, Texas
  85. Fred Moore Learn CenterDenton, Texas
  86. Liberty Christian SchoolDenton, Texas
  87. Deweyville High SchoolDeweyville, Texas
  88. Dripping Springs High SchoolDripping Springs, Texas
  89. Alternative Learning CenterDuncanville, Texas
  90. Eagle Pass High SchoolEagle Pass, Texas
  91. Teacher AcademyEdinburg, Texas
  92. El Campo High SchoolEl Campo, Texas
  93. Tidehaven High SchoolEl Maton, Texas
  94. Academy Science / Tech Dropout RecoveryEl Paso, Texas
  95. Loretto Academy High SchoolEl Paso, Texas
  96. Radford SchoolEl Paso, Texas
  97. Socorro High SchoolEl Paso, Texas
  98. Rains High SchoolEmory, Texas
  99. Fabens High SchoolFabens, Texas
  100. Ferris High School (Ferris, Texas)Ferris, Texas
  101. Flatonia High SchoolFlatonia, Texas
  102. Florence High School (Texas)Florence, Texas
  103. Floydada High SchoolFloydada, Texas
  104. W. E. Boswell High SchoolFort Worth, Texas
  105. Castleberry High SchoolFort Worth, Texas
  106. Dunbar High School (Texas)Fort Worth, Texas
  107. Masonic Home and School of TexasFort Worth, Texas, defunct, practically one and the same with the defunct Masonic Home Independent School District
  108. North Crowley High SchoolFort Worth, Texas
  109. Fredericksburg High SchoolFredericksburg, Texas
  110. Friona High SchoolFriona, Texas
  111. Sanford-Fritch High SchoolFritch, Texas
  112. Callisburg High SchoolGainesville, Texas
  113. O'Connell High School (Texas)Galveston, Texas
  114. Garland Christian AcademyGarland, Texas
  115. Gatesville High SchoolGatesville, Texas
  116. George West High SchoolGeorge West, Texas
  117. Navarro High SchoolGeronimo, Texas
  118. Gilmer High SchoolGilmer, Texas
  119. Harmony High SchoolGilmer, Texas
  120. Union Hill High School (Texas)Gilmer, Texas
  121. Union Grove High SchoolGladewater, Texas
  122. Glen Rose High SchoolGlen Rose, Texas
  123. Godley High SchoolGodley, Texas
  124. Goliad High SchoolGoliad, Texas
  125. Gordon High School (Texas)Gordon, Texas
  126. Evangel Temple Christian SchoolGrand Prairie, Texas
  127. Grandview High School (Texas)Grandview, Texas
  128. Greenville High SchoolGreenville, Texas
  129. Groesbeck High SchoolGroesbeck, Texas
  130. Gunter High SchoolGunter, Texas
  131. Hallettsville High SchoolHallettsville, Texas
  132. Hardin High SchoolHardin, Texas
  133. Harlingen High School - SouthHarlingen, Texas
  134. Harrold High SchoolHarrold, Texas
  135. Haskell High SchoolHaskell, Texas
  136. Hawkins High SchoolHawkins, Texas
  137. Hawley High SchoolHawley, Texas
  138. Hearne High SchoolHearne, Texas
  139. Hebbronville High SchoolHebbronville, Texas
  140. Hemphill High SchoolHemphill, Texas
  141. Henderson High School (Texas)Henderson, Texas
  142. Henrietta High SchoolHenrietta, Texas
  143. Hico High SchoolHico, Texas
  144. High Island High SchoolHigh Island, Texas
  145. Hitchcock High SchoolHitchcock, Texas
  146. Hooks High SchoolHooks, Texas
  147. Health Professions High SchoolHouston, Texas
  148. High School for the Engineering ProfessionsHouston, Texas
  149. Lutheran High School - NorthHouston, Texas
  150. Lutheran High School - SouthHouston, Texas
  151. YES College Preparatory SchoolHouston, Texas
  152. Huntsville High School (Texas)Huntsville, Texas
  153. Ingleside High SchoolIngleside, Texas
  154. Jarrell High SchoolJarrell, Texas
  155. Jefferson High School (Jefferson, Texas)Jefferson, Texas
  156. Leon High School (Texas)Jewett, Texas
  157. Joaquin High SchoolJoaquin, Texas
  158. Joshua High SchoolJoshua, Texas
  159. Karnes City High SchoolKarnes City, Texas
  160. Kemp High SchoolKemp, Texas
  161. Kenedy High SchoolKenedy, Texas
  162. Kerens High SchoolKerens, Texas
  163. Tivy High SchoolKerrville, Texas
  164. King High School (Kingsville, Texas)Kingsville, Texas
  165. Knippa High SchoolKnippa, Texas
  166. Kountze High SchoolKountze, Texas
  167. La Feria High SchoolLa Feria, Texas
  168. Lago Vista High SchoolLago Vista, Texas
  169. Dr. Leo Cigarroa High SchoolLaredo, Texas
  170. Latexo High SchoolLatexo, Texas
  171. Bay Area Christian SchoolLeague City, Texas
  172. Clear View AlternativeLeague City, Texas
  173. Leakey High SchoolLeakey, Texas
  174. Lefors High SchoolLefors, Texas
  175. Leonard High SchoolLeonard, Texas
  176. Temple Christian AcademyLewisville, Texas
  177. Liberty High School (Liberty, Texas)Liberty, Texas
  178. Liberty Hill High SchoolLiberty Hill, Texas
  179. Linden-Kildare High SchoolLinden, Texas
  180. Lipan High SchoolLipan, Texas
  181. Livingston High School (Texas)Livingston, Texas
  182. Lone Oak High School (Texas)Lone Oak, Texas
  183. Spring Hill High SchoolLongview, Texas
  184. Los Fresnos High SchoolLos Fresnos, Texas
  185. Louise High SchoolLouise, Texas
  186. Cooper High School (Lubbock, Texas)Lubbock, Texas
  187. Lubbock Christian High SchoolLubbock, Texas
  188. Lyford High SchoolLyford, Texas
  189. Madisonville High SchoolMadisonville, Texas
  190. Manor High School (Texas)Manor, Texas
  191. Marfa High SchoolMarfa, Texas
  192. Mathis High SchoolMathis, Texas
  193. Maud High SchoolMaud, Texas
  194. Bland High SchoolMerit, Texas
  195. Merkel High SchoolMerkel, Texas
  196. Miami SchoolMiami, Texas
  197. Greenwood High SchoolMidland, Texas
  198. Midland Christian SchoolMidland, Texas
  199. Milano High SchoolMilano, Texas
  200. Miles High SchoolMiles, Texas
  201. Veterans Memorial High SchoolMission, Texas
  202. Montgomery High School (Texas)Montgomery, Texas
  203. Moulton High SchoolMoulton, Texas
  204. Chapel Hill High School (Mount Pleasant, Texas)Mount Pleasant, Texas
  205. Central Heights SchoolNacogdoches, Texas
  206. Natalia High SchoolNatalia, Texas
  207. New Deal High SchoolNew Deal, Texas
  208. New Home High SchoolNew Home, Texas
  209. New Waverly High SchoolNew Waverly, Texas
  210. Nixon-Smiley High SchoolNixon, Texas
  211. Nocona High SchoolNocona, Texas
  212. Prairie Valley High School (Texas)Nocona, Texas
  213. Oakwood High School (Texas)Oakwood, Texas
  214. Odem High SchoolOdem, Texas
  215. Little Cypress-Mauriceville High SchoolOrange, Texas
  216. Orange Grove High SchoolOrange Grove, Texas
  217. Orangefield High School (Texas)Orangefield, Texas
  218. Ore City High SchoolOre City, Texas
  219. Palacios High SchoolPalacios, Texas
  220. Palmer High School (Texas)Palmer, Texas
  221. Pampa High SchoolPampa, Texas
  222. Paradise High SchoolParadise, Texas
  223. Chisum High SchoolParis, Texas
  224. North Lamar High SchoolParis, Texas
  225. Paris High SchoolParis, Texas
  226. Royal High School (Texas)Pattison, Texas
  227. Pearsall High SchoolPearsall, Texas
  228. Pecos High SchoolPecos, Texas
  229. Perrin High SchoolPerrin, Texas
  230. Valley View High School (Pharr, Texas)Pharr, Texas
  231. Alternative CenterPlano, Texas
  232. Port Aransas High SchoolPort Aransas, Texas
  233. Port Isabel High SchoolPort Isabel, Texas
  234. Pottsboro High SchoolPottsboro, Texas
  235. Lapoynor High SchoolPoynor, Texas
  236. Presidio High SchoolPresidio, Texas
  237. Progreso High SchoolProgreso, Texas
  238. Boles High SchoolQuinlan, Texas
  239. Ford High SchoolQuinlan, Texas
  240. Raymondville High SchoolRaymondville, Texas
  241. Redwater High SchoolRedwater, Texas
  242. Canyon Creek Christian AcademyRichardson, Texas
  243. Alexander SchoolRichardson, Texas
  244. Rio Grande City High SchoolRio Grande City, Texas
  245. Rio Hondo High SchoolRio Hondo, Texas
  246. Rio Vista High SchoolRio Vista, Texas
  247. Kaufer High SchoolRiviera, Texas
  248. Rockdale High SchoolRockdale, Texas
  249. Roma High SchoolRoma, Texas
  250. Ropes High SchoolRopesville, Texas
  251. Rusk High SchoolRusk, Texas
  252. Sabinal High SchoolSabinal, Texas
  253. Sabine Pass SchoolSabine Pass, Texas
  254. S & S High SchoolSadler, Texas
  255. Saint Jo High SchoolSaint Jo, Texas
  256. Lake View High SchoolSan Angelo, Texas
  257. Alternative SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  258. Antonian College PreparatorySan Antonio, Texas
  259. Brackenridge High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  260. Burbank High School (Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  261. Castle Hills First BaptistSan Antonio, Texas
  262. Cornerstone Christian SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  263. Douglas MacArthur High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  264. Edgewood Fine Arts AcademySan Antonio, Texas
  265. Fox Technical High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  266. Highlands High School (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  267. Virginia Allred Stacey Junior/Senior High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  268. Douglas MacArthur High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  269. Marshall High School (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  270. Memorial High School (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  271. Peacock Military AcademySan Antonio, Texas
  272. Roosevelt High School (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  273. Sam Houston High School (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  274. South San Antonio High School - WestSan Antonio, Texas
  275. South San Antonio High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  276. St. Gerard's Regional High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  277. Ursuline AcademySan Antonio, Texas
  278. San Augustine High SchoolSan Augustine, Texas
  279. San Elizario High SchoolSan Elizario, Texas
  280. Pride High SchoolSan Marcos, Texas
  281. San Marcos CenterSan Marcos, Texas
  282. Santa Fe High School (Texas)Santa Fe, Texas
  283. Santa Maria High SchoolSanta Maria, Texas
  284. Santa Rosa High School (Texas)Santa Rosa, Texas
  285. Santo High SchoolSanto, Texas
  286. West Hardin High SchoolSaratoga, Texas
  287. Savoy High SchoolSavoy, Texas
  288. Scurry-Rosser High SchoolScurry, Texas
  289. Seguin High School (Seguin, Texas)Seguin, Texas
  290. Shallowater High SchoolShallowater, Texas
  291. Sidney High School (Texas)Sidney, Texas
  292. James Bowie High SchoolSimms, Texas
  293. Sinton High SchoolSinton, Texas
  294. Slaton High SchoolSlaton, Texas
  295. Smyer High SchoolSmyer, Texas
  296. Somerset High School (Texas)Somerset, Texas
  297. Somerville High School (Texas)Somerville, Texas
  298. Hardin-Jefferson High SchoolSour Lake, Texas
  299. Splendora High SchoolSplendora, Texas
  300. Springtown High SchoolSpringtown, Texas
  301. Spur Junior-Senior High SchoolSpur, Texas
  302. Spurger High SchoolSpurger, Texas
  303. Stafford High SchoolStafford, Texas
  304. Strawn High SchoolStrawn, Texas
  305. Tahoka High SchoolTahoka, Texas
  306. Tatum High SchoolTatum, Texas
  307. Teague High SchoolTeague, Texas
  308. Pleasant Grove High SchoolTexarkana, Texas
  309. Texas City High SchoolTexas City, Texas
  310. Tolar High SchoolTolar, Texas
  311. Trinity High School (Trinity, Texas)Trinity, Texas
  312. Bishop Thomas K. Gorman High SchoolTyler, Texas
  313. Uvalde High SchoolUvalde, Texas
  314. Venus High SchoolVenus, Texas
  315. St. Joseph High School (Texas)Victoria, Texas
  316. Victoria Career Development SchoolVictoria, Texas
  317. Wells High School (Texas)Wells, Texas
  318. Wharton High SchoolWharton, Texas
  319. Whitesboro High SchoolWhitesboro, Texas
  320. Whitharral High SchoolWhitharral, Texas
  321. Whitney High School (Texas)Whitney, Texas
  322. Notre Dame Catholic School (Texas)Wichita Falls, Texas
  323. Willis High SchoolWillis, Texas
  324. Wilson School (Texas)Wilson, Texas
  325. East Chambers High SchoolWinnie, Texas
  326. Winona High SchoolWinona, Texas
  327. Winters High School (Texas)Winters, Texas
  328. Wolfe City High SchoolWolfe City, Texas

  1. Lake Country Christian SchoolFort Worth, Texas
  2. St. Augustine High School (Texas)Laredo, Texas
  3. Trinity School (Texas)Midland, Texas
  4. Austin Waldorf SchoolAustin, Texas
  5. Trinity Christian Academy (San Antonio, Texas)San Antonio, Texas
  6. St. Stephen Christian AcademyHouston, Texas
  7. North East School of the ArtsSan Antonio, Texas
  8. Albert Einstein Center for Uberbrilliant YoungstersHouston, Texas
  9. Yavneh Academy of DallasDallas, Texas
  10. All Saints Episcopal School (Tyler, Texas)Tyler, Texas
  11. Grace Community SchoolTyler, Texas
  12. Southwest Christian AcademyHouston, Texas
  13. Saint Michael's Academy (Texas)Bryan, Texas
  14. Concordia LutheranTomball, Texas
  15. Canterbury Episcopal SchoolDesoto, Texas
  16. June Shelton schoolRichardson, Texas
  17. San Antonio Christian High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas
  18. North Hills SchoolIrving, Texas
  19. Legacy Christian AcademyFrisco, Texas
  20. Cambridge School of DallasDallas, Texas
  21. Fort Bend Baptist AcademySugar Land, Texas
  22. Hill Country Christian School of AustinAustin, Texas
  23. Brentwood ChristianAustin, Texas
  24. Alexander Smith AcadmeyHouston, Texas
  25. Carrollton Christian AcademyCarrollton, Texas
  26. Heritage Christian AcademyRockwall, Texas
  27. Metropolitan Christian SchoolDallas, Texas
  28. American Heritage AcademyCarrollton, Texas
  29. Kirby Hall SchoolAustin, Texas
  30. Greenville Christian School (Texas)Greenville, Texas
  31. Covenant School of DallasDallas, Texas
  32. Academy High SchoolKingsville, Texas
  33. All Saints' Episcopal School (Fort Worth, Texas)Fort Worth, Texas