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Please add yourself to this list and then add {{User WikiProject Missouri}} to your user page, or if you prefer not to use a userbox you can add yourself to Category:Wikipedians in Missouri by inserting [[Category:Wikipedians in Missouri|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] on your userpage.

Administrators have a Admin mop.PNG by their username.


  1. Activist - Interests include government, geology and history
  2. - Independence native, Missouri interests include Government, Geology, Environment, Sociology
  3. Rt66lt - Head of WikiProject Missouri State Highways, southwest Missouri
  4. KHill-LTown
  5. Amalas Admin mop.PNG
  6. Elonka - Interests: Missouri history, St. Louis Arch, tech infrastructure, and biographies Admin mop.PNG
  7. Marcusscotus1 - Interests: place names, culture, and general geography
  8. TommyBoy - Interests: government, history, law, and politics
  9. The Deviant - Native Missourian.
  10. GuruBuckaroo - St. Louis Metro Resident since birth. Interests: St. Louis Metro, St. Louis History & urban legends, Cardinals Baseball
  11. Mobyrock - Native Missourian. Traveled the world. Decided there was no place like home. Back in Missouri.
  12. J\/\/estbrook - Missouri Businesses and anything St. Louis (GO CARDS!)
  13. Hellmark - Native, who is active in various organizations that help the area.
  14. Muspud2 - Native, now living in Philadelphia, MU-Columbia graduate (electrical engineering). Interests: places I've been in MO, things dear to my heart that have a lack of attention on Wikipedia (Marching Mizzou, for starters). Go Chiefs.
  15. Discordanian - Added St. Louis Walk of Fame and have been spending time on disambiguation of St. Louis.
  16. Christian Historybuff 15:25, 13 April 2006 (UTC) I was born and live in Florissant, Missouri and St. Charles, Missouri. On top of that my last name, Gentry, is the name of a county and town in Missouri.
  17. P.Shack Missouri native KC Area.
  18. Genius00345 - Native Missourian. Mid-MO area.
  19. Storm63640 - Native Missourian, Kirkwood High Class of 1991, Living in Farmington
  20. Geobeedude Belton native, wants to help with geography
  21. badbilltucker - Non-native Missourian, currently residing in St. Louis
  22. Abernaki - Warrensburg MO native
  23. Alakey2010 - Sedalia, MO native, currently residing in Blue Springs, MO.
  24. GangstaEB EA Missouri is cool
  25. Quartermaster - St. Louis area Reference Librarian
  26. OscartheOtter - Former Mascot for the Missouri River Otters Hockey Club
  27. Doyel - Native Missourian - St. Louis area.
  28. TMS63112 - St. Louis native, especially interested in Missouri politics related articles.
  29. DrummerguyYD07 - St. Charles native and Cardinals fanatic.
  30. GreyWanderer - Columbia native, MU student
  31. Cwd575 - Fair Grove Native, University of Idaho Graduate Student
  32. TubaHero - Lee's Summit native, University of Missouri-Columbia Student
  33. Joshua Friel - Webb City high school graduate, University of Missouri Alum, current resident of South Korea
  34. ChicagoPimp - UM-Rolla grad, longtime KC resident, current resident of Chicago
  35. 'J Klein my talk my contributions - St. Louis native
  36. North Shoreman - I'm a Cleveland Ohio resident with an interest in the Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi
  37. yawetag - Lived in St. Louis area since 2001. Interest in the casinos in the St. Louis area, as well as all of Missouri.
  38. vicjm (talk - contribs) I used to live in St. Louis, but now in Mid-MO. I'll try to help however I can.
  39. J. D. Redding in KCMo alot.
  40. Stoa - KCMO native
  41. Vishwin60 - Used to live in St. Louis, working mainly on transportation
  42. WTGDMan1986 - heard very much about St. Louis, reverts vandalism.
  43.  ThinkBlue  (Hit BLUE) - I edit a professional wrestlers' page and so happens to be from Missouri.
  44. Kabethme - Missouri resident, formerly of Southern Missouri but now living in St. Louis
  45. Seethaki 01:49, 21 July 2007 (UTC)
  46. djlangen - Odessa, MO resident
  47. raym0ndh0lmes - Resident of Raymore, traveller
  48. Arthur of Red - One of roughly ten people in county that know of Wikipedia
  49. bfelice - Missouri Humanities communications
  50. huntbk - St. Charles, MO
  51. User:Chiorman Born in Missouri and travels there often.
  52. User:Red Harvest - Grew up in Ozarks, and UMR grad. Interest in ACW history primarily.
  53. Cencere - Live in St.Charles
  54. SineQ - Columbia, MO
  55. UntiedShoes - Grew up in Liberty, MO and attends school in Kirksville, MO
  56. User:Ozarkhighlands - Native Missourian, lives in Massachusetts.
  57. Andy Finkenstadt - 11 year St Charles resident, amateur local history researcher.
  58. DiligentTerrier (and friends) 21:01, 28 April 2008 (UTC)
  59. Millbrooky --Millbrooky (talk) 20:45, 25 July 2008 (UTC)
  60. Vsmith (talk) 20:42, 27 July 2008 (UTC) Way back in the sticks, been here awhile. Admin mop.PNG
  61. Pepper Whipple - Cottey College enthusiast.
  62.  Chaz  Ste  Gen  - Native of Missouri with a historical interest in (and former resident of) Ste. Genevieve, MO
  63. Kbh3rd - Concentrating on: Maps & photos; parks & other protected areas; geology & physiography. Admin mop.PNG
  64. Alan A. Mick - Long time, but not current, resident of the metropolitan St. Louis area, with a long family history in the area. I am interested in local history that may have genealogical significance.
  65. fld300b
  66. Mechla - Ozarks resident
  67. Ryan the Web Guy - Branson Resident
  68. Brady Shea - Native resident. (University City, Missouri which is in → STL County)
  69. Kareem - City of St. Louis, Missouri native & resident; multimedia journalist and student at Saint Louis University.
  70. nroden - History major. Especially interested in Lexington MO, Lafayette County MO or any of the towns within, and former Missouri retail chains P.M. Place Stores and Mattingly/Matco. Currently a Springfield resident.
  71. Brem1964 - Resident of N.E. MO and interested in history and natural features.
  72. HornColumbia - KC native living in Columbia.
  73. Aselman (talk) 01:17, 12 October 2009 (UTC)
  74. kitschqueen - grew up near St. Louis, moved away 4 years ago, still visit frequently.
  75. Ackrueger09 - Grew up in St. James, Mo, currently residing in Springfield.
  76. MOHistorian - Professional historian with general interest in Missouri History.
  77.  fetchcomms Oh, why not?
  78. MetroFan2009 - Resident of St. Louis. I'm interested in Missouri public transportation.
  79. Malke2010 - lived in St. Louis for two years and loved every minute. I'm interested in the annual bookfair. Never saw anything like it. Also, interested in Missouri history (Gateway to the West) and the building of the Arch.
  80. Baronger - Resident Lake Saint Louis, Missouri. I'm interested in The Department of Conservation, Archaeology, Anthropology and the wildlife of Missouri
  81. Sector001 - Resident of Kirksville. Particular interests are wiki articles in northeast & northcentral Missouri. But I'm liable to be found throwing my two cents in to about any wiki I think I can be a help to.
  82. Renaissongsman - born in the Bootheel, now living near Joplin.
  83. intelati- SW Missouri, Please also help improve the Missouri Roads Task Force.
  84. DefyingGravityForGood Resident of Kansas City. Concentrating on Arts & Entertainment, Paticularly Starlight Theatre.
  85. MilitaryFan Resident of Waynesville; I live and work near Fort Leonard Wood so my interests are primarily Pulaski County and northern Texas County.
  86. Skier23 Resident of St. Louis County. Mostly interested in Missouri politics.
  87. User:Emkfchan Sorry that I probably know nothing about Missouri, but my primary school was in memory of Bishop Adolph John Paschang, a diligent, dedicated, low profile, faithful Maryknoll missionary from Missouri working in Southern China who had suffered a lot during Japanese occupation and early years of the Communist Rule. I felt compelled to dig out and report on his history which is now almost forgotten. Kindly pls help in writing about this probably not so notable but certainly nothing less than great Missouri citizen. Thank you.Emkfchan (talk) 06:15, 24 May 2011 (UTC)
  88. Parkwells (talk) 22:48, 11 July 2011 (UTC), recent resident, most interested in French/Spanish colonial and 19th c. US history, have written or added to articles about the some of the fur trading families and colonial towns; the Missouri Rhinestrasse and related; freedom suits and Marguerite Scypion; and other topics to which my curiosity leads.
  89. Shaverc - Native St. Louisan, spent four years in Kansas City, MO attending Rockhurst University
  90. Zzyxzaa26 (talk) 23:53, 1 August 2011 (UTC) Resident of the Cape Girardeau area
  91. Becky Brock Kiel - Librarian at Cottey College in Nevada, MO. January 2012 Interests: environment, creative writing
  92. Confession0791 - Native of Florissant, Missouri. Interested in geography and culture.
  93. Traveler7 - Small towns and villages of SW Missouri (history buff, native of Avilla, Missouri).
  94. Marcus Qwertyus Native St. Louisan. Still trying to find Missourah on a map.
  95. ruckermisikir2- From Huntsville, Randolph County, Missouri.
  96. Rjensen. taught history at Washington U; now living part-time in Canton; interest in historiography; state politics; social history
  97. mrmizoo KC, LOZ, hiking, camping, fishing
  98. Taram St Louis, KC, Small Town, and religious history (including Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet)
  99. stoslica St Louis native, Mizzou alum
  100. Pchull81 Northwest Missouri native, Mizzou alum, Colorado resident
  101. GuyBanks Southwest Missouri native
  102. DeadFire999 North Missouri native,
  103. ShannonSDavis Illinois native, Missouri resident for 12 years
  104. RM2KX - Webster Groves (St. Louis County) native, Columbia (MO) resident, Mizzou grad, Kansas City and Metro East (IL) contibutor
  105. Mandrews2018 - Centralia, MO

Inactive members[edit]