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Gene Wiki – Project

Welcome edit

Welcome to the Gene Wiki project - dedicated to applying community intelligence to the annotation of gene and protein function. The Gene Wiki is an informal collection of pages on human genes and proteins, and this effort to develop these pages is tightly coordinated with the Genetics taskforce of Molecular Biology. Its specific aims are:

  • To ensure each notable human gene has at least a stub Wikipedia page
  • To make those articles as well written and informative as possible
  • To invite participation by interested lay editors, students, professionals, and academics from around the world
  • To make sure that Gene Wiki articles are linked from existing Wikipedia content, increasing the value of both

The Gene Wiki, in aggregate, comprises over 10,000 distinct gene pages, spanning 2.07 million words and 82 megabytes of data. These pages are viewed over 50 million times per year and edited over 15,000 times per year.

Please browse around the Gene Wiki, make an edit to your favorite gene page, and feel free to ask questions!

Quick Links edit
Top Gene Wiki articles (as of May. 1, 2016)
Rank by size (word count) by page views in Apr., 2016
1 Reelin Insulin
2 BRCA1 Titin
3 P53 Vasopressin
4 Beta-catenin Prolactin
5 Leptin C-reactive protein
6 MiR-155 Erythropoietin
7 GRB2 Parathyroid hormone
8 Insulin Leptin
9 Perlecan Glucagon
10 Mechanistic target of rapamycin Calcitonin
For up-to-date data, try using toollabs:massviews for page views.

FAQ edit
Remember, go ahead and be bold with your edits. You can't do any irrevocable harm, and any mistakes can be fixed by other editors. You can always ask questions on the talk page.
How do I start editing the gene articles on wikipedia?
Will my manual changes be overwritten by automated edits?

Generally speaking, no, your manual changes will not be overwritten. Most edits that you will want to do will be in the "free text" section of the page, and those sections are ignored by our bot. The information in {{GNF_Protein_box}} may be overwritten when new information is propagated by ProteinBoxBot, but fields in that template that are often edited by humans (such as the image and image_caption fields) are not changed unless they're blank. If you want to prevent the bot from overwriting anything, just include the {{nobots}} flag. For more specific questions, please post on the talk page.

How you can help edit
Contribute expertise on your favorite genes:

Acknowledgements edit
The Gene Wiki is sustained through the efforts of many enthusiastic Wikipedia users and editors, many of whom are also affiliated with the Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject. In addition, the Gene Wiki effort is partially supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (1R01GM083924-01).

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